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on 2008/6/4 10:04:33

Simran happy playing mom on screen

After giving three back-to-back flops there are no takers for Tamil cinema's former glamour girl Simran. She is only getting offers to play mother, but she isn't complaining.

"I don't mind playing mom roles if they have something special. Gautham Menon offered me a good role as Surya's mother in 'Vaaranam Aayiram' and I am also doing Hari-directed 'Seval' with Bharat in the lead. Both the roles appealed to me," Simran, who took a short break from acting after tying the knot with Deepak Bagga in 2003, said.

Success eluded Simran when she tried to make a comeback after her son's birth in 2005. She featured in Tamil film 'Kicha, Vayasu 16', Malayalam movie 'Heart Beats' and two Telugu films - 'Okka Magadu' and 'John Apparao 40+' opposite Jai Akash, Indrajith and Balakrishna and newcomer Krishna Bhagwan respectively, but none of them fared well.

When she experimented with TV as the anchor of a Tamil reality show, it backfired because she had crossed the wrong side of the saleable threshold. Young actress Namitha replaces her.

A section of southern filmdom opines that Simran lost the golden opportunity to reign when she refused a role opposite Rajnikanth in "Chandramukhi" three years ago and allowed producers of "Heart Beat" to get away with it when they downsized her role.

But the actress has no regrets.

She said: "I dropped out of 'Chandramukhi' due to my pregnancy. 'Heart Beats' was like a cardiac arrest and I would like to forget it. Some people say I made a mistake, but I have no regrets. My son Adheep is a better compensation."

The actress takes her son along for the shooting and says after working for more than a decade, she can't resist the arclights.

"I have been working since 1996 so now I cannot stay away from the camera. My son is present during shootings. My mother-in-law too chips in to help me with Adheep."

Simran owes her career to Bollywood actress and politician Jaya Bachchan, who spotted her in the 'Superhit Muqabla' on Doordarshan and offered her the leading role in her home production 'Tere Mere Sapne'.

The film did well, but Simran didn't benefit much from the movie.

After futile attempts to make it big in Bollywood, Simran entered southern filmdom with Malayalam movie 'Indraprastham'. Despite the presence of leading stars Mammooty and Vikram, it didn't score well at the box office.

She tasted success with her Tamil debut "VIP" opposite Prabhu Deva and Abbas. The film brought her much-desired success and after that there was no looking back for the actress who went on to win four state awards and five Filmfare awards.

Despite stupendous success in the Tamil industry, she temporarily bowed out following the suicide of her sister, actress Monal. Her brief dalliance with the AIADMK prior to the 2006 Tamil Nadu assembly elections didn't help either.

Now she is comfortable with playing mom to actors who are much older to her.

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    Catch Simran on MAA TV

    2008/5/23 23:48:23

    The sexy Simran is back. Not on the big screen but on the small screen. Simran’s ‘Simran Marapurani Kathalu’ is a daily serial that will run on MAA TV weekdays Monday to Thursday from 8.30 to 9.00 p.m.
    The serial will hit the screens from 26 May. The serial replaces the popular serial that came to an end last Thursday.

    Unlike the usually long drawn out soaps on many channels, this one is going to be short and sweet. Each story will be of just 20 episodes and will be directed by a different director.

    Pyramid Saimira Production International Services Ltd. is the producer of this serial.

    Telugu Cinema News : Catch Simran on MAA TV

    Simran HIV+!

    2007/8/21 11:05:27

    Now don’t come to any conclusions. We are talking about a Malayalam film. Simran acted in a Malayalam film titled Heartbeats. Mid-way through the film, Simran found that the director was deviating from the script and as she was not happy with this, she decided to drop out of the film.

    The director, Vinu Anand went ahead with the movie after Simran dropped pout. Now to her shock, Simran has learnt that she has been depicted as a HIV+ patient in the film. And not only just that, she is shown as succumbing to the dreaded disease in the end. This has infuriated Simran and she is now getting ready to take legal action against the producer and director.

    Telugu Cinema News : Simran HIV+!

    Producer makes Simran angry and upset

    2010/11/18 13:38:06

    The one time hot and sexy siren Simran is now happily married. She tried to make a comeback in what she termed as her second innings but filed miserably.

    Simran tried her hand on the small screen as well but with little success. Simran is now planning to once again try her luck in films. When she landed in Chennai recently she was offered a role in a film.

    What shocked and upset Simran was that the producer wanted Simran to play mother to a hero. She bluntly refused the offer.

    Telugu Cinema News : Producer makes Simran angry and upset

    Simran sheds 25 kilos

    2008/3/7 10:29:49

    The sexy Simran has cut down weight drastically. She has lost as much as 25 kilos. She failed to make any impact in her second innings and has now turned her attention to the small screen She is tarring in a TV serial titled 'Simran Tharai'. She plays the title role in the serial. Pyramid Saimira is producing the serial.

    Simran says that she would balance both her TV assignments as well as films. She does not have any films at present on hand but she wants to make another comeback shortly. Her film in Telugu John Appa Rao 40 + is ready to hit the screen later this month. Simran is also committed to working in a film for Gautam Menon.

    Telugu Cinema News : Simran sheds 25 kilos

    Simran is unrecognizable!

    2008/3/6 16:32:32 Simran did not exactly set the box office on fire in her second innings. She had great expectations but none of her films made an impact at the box office. She has now gone back to Chennai.

    Simran has now turned her attention to the small screen. She is acting in a Tamil serial titled ‘Simran Tharai’. The film is bout the all round development of women and how they are now making strides in all walks of life.
    Simran has lost about 25 kilos in the last couple of months. She is now looking slim and sexy like she was some five years back.

    People are wondering s to how she managed to shed so many kilos. She looks as if she has entered into some sort of a Time machine. She now looks almost ten years younger.
    Simran is still confident that she would be able to bag many film offers. She wants to juggle her TV serial and films.

    Andhra News : Simran is unrecognizable!

    Simran gives birth to second child

    2011/3/18 9:00:07

    The one time hot and seductive beauty Simran delivered a baby boy. Simran married Deepak and the two have a six year old son.

    Simran failed to make it in her second innings and is now setting up a hotel business in Chennai.

    Telugu Cinema News : Simran gives birth to second child

    Simran means…

    2008/4/10 11:52:28 Simran is indisputably one of the most glamorous heroines to work in Tollywood. However, very few of us know the real meaning of the word ‘Simran’. It means Unforgettable. It also means someone who comes back to our memory time and again.

    How true. How can anyone ever forget the sexy Simran? She may not have had a great time during her second innings, but her glamour has not diminished on bit even after her marriage. Simran will always be an ‘unforgettable face’ for her countless fans.

    Andhra News : Simran means…

    K Bhagvan is fantastic - Simran

    2007/10/20 15:28:04 Over 80 per cent shooting of 'John Apparao 40 Plus' directed and produced by Kuchipudi Venkat on the banner of Black and Eight Act with Krishna Bhagawan and Simran in the lead was completed so far. A part of the film was shot in Bangkok and Vizag and it is presently shooting at Ramoji Film City in Hyderabad. Director Venkat says, "The film has cent per cent entertainment and the story will have a good suspense. Simran is playing a key role in the movie.

    The script would remind the audiences of K Bhagyaraja's kind of subject. We have almost finished the talkie part. Simran who is making comeback with 'John Apparao 40 Plus' and Balakrishna's 'Okka Magadu' spoke to the media first time in her second innings. Simran says, 'I liked the story very much. Moreover, Krishna Bhagavan is a fantastic artiste and his comic timing is perfect.' Director Venkat is also stylish director.' Krishna Bhagawan says, 'I turned a hero only on the persistence and conviction of the director. He prepared a script keeping me in mind. Simran is a big star and I am lucky to work with her.'

    The film is likely to hit the screen on January 14, 2008

    Telugu Cinema News : K Bhagvan is fantastic - Simran

    Simran's big test

    2008/3/14 22:01:53

    Simran will face her biggest test in her second innings later this week. She did not have a great run during her scone innings. All the films failed to generate much interest among her fans. Simran has now set all her hopes on her last film in her second innings 'John Appa Rao 40+'.

    John Appa Rao is finally coning on March 20. Krishna Bhagavan plays the title role. Simran plays the love interest in the 40 plus hero. If the film becomes a bit hit, then Simran may get some more offers from Tollywood. Otherwise she will have to pursue her career with her serials on the small screen.

    Telugu Cinema News : Simran's big test

    Simran in a Malayalam remake.

    2007/12/3 8:58:57

    Simran has long ago expressed her desire to make a comeback in Kollywood. The once most sought-after heroine in Kollywood is now ready and raring to go.

    When she started her second innings in the tinsel world, it was buzzed that Simran would play the ladylove of Vadivelu in 'Indiralohathil Na Azhagappan'. Rumours were abuzz that Simran would share the screen with Parthiban.

    However, reports now suggest that Simran would act opposite Karunas. The film would be a remake of 'Vadakku Nokki Yanthram', a Malayalam blockbuster of 1980s. It had Sreenivasan and Parvathi in the lead roles. The film is an out and out comedy entertainer, which revolves around a man who marries a beautiful woman.

    Malayalam Cinema News : Simran in a Malayalam remake.

    Simran fails to set screen on fire

    2007/9/21 19:25:07

    In the film Vijayadasami, Simran who is starting her second innings after her marriage, is shown doing a dance number. The item number is supposed to se the screen on fire. But far from it, the audience simply failed to connect or even enjoy it like they did before.

    There was some interest when she first appeared on screen, but later it was like any other song. Many were seen commenting that Simran looked just a shade of her former self.

    She even is shown sitting at the back of a cycle with Kalyanram riding the bicycle. The cycle is the symbol of the TDP, so it was an indirect reference to the party, but the hero riding on a cycle with a hot item girl surely should have raised many catcalls. But there was no such thing.

    Telugu Cinema News : Simran fails to set screen on fire

    Simran expecting her second child

    2011/1/29 14:41:55

    The one time sexy beauty Simran is now happily married and settled down in life. Simran tried to make a comeback into films after her marriage but all her efforts proved futile.

    Simran gave birth to a child some time back. She is now expecting her second child. Simran is enjoying the bliss of motherhood and family life.

    Telugu Cinema News : Simran expecting her second child

    Simran stages a comeback through a Malayalam film

    2007/5/2 11:58:34

    The stunner from North who sizzled on the southern silver screen is back – with a bang as it were. Yes, the news is that Simran , the heroine with an hourglass figure is staging a comeback to the big screen. The only difference is that the comeback, four years after marriage, is in a Malayalam film and not in Kollywood, according to the grapevine.

    The film titled ‘Heartbeats’, will be directed by Vinoo Anand. It will have two heroes, Indrajit and Manikkuttan who hit the limelight with his role on the small screen. Of course, Simran is no stranger to Malayalam cinema. Way back in 1997, she acted in a movie titled ‘Indraprastham’ in which megastar Mammootty played the hero.

    Hopefully, the second coming will be as successful as her initial innings on the silver screen.

    Malayalam Cinema News : Simran stages a comeback through a Malayalam film

    Anushka in Simran’s footsteps

    2008/3/27 7:09:35 The sexy Yoga teacher turned heroine Anushka will soon regale her fans by appearing on the small screen. She seems to following Simran in this regard. Simran tried her best to make a comeback n her second innings but failed to make an impact and is now doing a serial and also hosting a show on television.

    Anushka does not have any offers on hand and she readily agreed to appear in a TV serial when Nagarjuna mooted the idea. Nagarjuna is producing the popular TV serial ‘Yuva’ that is being aired on MAA TV. Anushka will appear in a guest role in the serial.

    Andhra News : Anushka in Simran’s footsteps

    Simran as Surya's mother!!

    2008/2/27 14:02:31

    It is really unbelievable! Simran, the former dream angel of lakhs of fans, become as 'mother' to her first hero on screen, in her re-entry film!! The talented actress finally settled with a mother role against Surya in Vaaranam Ayiram, who was her debutant hero in her first film Nerukku Ner, directed by Vasanth.

    In this film, Surya is appearing in four different get ups including the roles of father – son. Simran is going to play as the wife of father Surya. But director Goutham Menon has been keeping this as one of the top secrets of the film so far.

    According to the sources, the director is shooting the scenes related with father Surya-Mother Simran and son Surya, the sensational episode of the film.

    Sameera Reddy, Divya and Antria are the other heroines who are sharing the lead roles with Simran.

    Tamil Cinema News : Simran as Surya's mother!!

    Simran joins BBC!

    2008/3/20 22:15:59 The sexy Simran is now a journalist. She has joined the BBC as a correspondent. Simran has not actually joined the BBC but she plays the role of a BBC correspondent in the film John Appa Rao 40+. Simran looks a shade of her former self. It is obvious why she did not bag many roles as heroine in her second innings. However, Simran can make a good mark as a character actor.

    Her role in the film is that of a journalist who wants to take the interview of a dreaded ISI agent at any cost. She even gets ready to sacrifice a lookalike of the villain, in order to bag an exclusive interview with the dreaded John alias Mushtaq . Both the roles have been played by Krishna Bhagavan.

    Andhra News : Simran joins BBC!

    John Appa Rao’s romance

    2007/12/26 17:41:50
    The film John Appa Rao 40+ has shaped up better than expected. Krishna Bhagavan plays the title role. The sexy Simran gives him able company in the film. Bhagavan plays the role of a fashion designer and Simran is a businesswoman who backs the hero.

    The story is very interesting and director Kuchipudi Venkat is all praise for Bhagavan and Simran for giving a great performance. Bhagavan’s comedy and Simran’s glamour are the highlights of the film. Bhagavan romances the sexy Simran and their love affair has been shot at exotic locations in Bangkok.

    Telugu Cinema News : John Appa Rao’s romance

    Simran’s second innings

    2007/6/11 15:57:35

    Simran is happily married and the mother of a two year old kid. She is happily settled with her husband Deepak Bagga in New Delhi. The charming actress who has made a mark in both Tollywood and Kollywood is now staging a come back. The actor is starring in a new movie titled ‘Okka Mogadu’ with Balakrishna as hero.

    This is their third film together. Simran says that she never planned a return to films but was offered a role by YVS Choudhary and she readily accepted. Simran is also doing a Malayalam film titled Heart beats. Simran was in the city to promote a masala brand. Simran says that she has no inhibitions about doing item numbers and she was game for any role as long as it interests her.

    Telugu Cinema News : Simran’s second innings

    Simran ready to act - But no chances ??

    2007/6/28 11:35:07

    Kollywood’s dream girl Simran who took a short sabbatical after matrimony and motherhood was recently in Chennai to shoot for a commercial. While discussing her future plan in the tinsel town, the gorgeous and talented actress revealed that she is all geared up take on the mantle in the filmdom once again.

    Currently she is busy with Heart Beats in Malayalam and Vakkamangadu in Telugu with Indrajeet and Balakrishna respectively. As the scripts in Tamil narrated to her did not excite her, she is not doing any Tamil film right now but would certainly jump at the opportunity for a good project where she can showcase her acting talent. Reacting to a poser which mentioned that she demands more salary, Simran rubbished it as a rumor and said that she needs to be compensated according to the work that she does.

    She also adds, “I am not old and can act as heroines for actors like Karthi and Arya. My character in the film should give me enough scope for performance. That is the only criterion”. About her Delhi life and her son, Simran says that she is very busy in Delhi looking after her two year old son and family and is very happy and contended.

    Tamil Cinema News : Simran ready to act - But no chances ??

    I liked the character very much, says Simran

    2007/7/31 13:53:41

    Simran, who was off the screen after her marriage, made her re-entry through 'Okka Magaadu'. Simran says, 'Several producers approached me with several roles, but I have decided to be very selective and choosy. I wanted to do roles which would give me satisfaction as an artiste.

    My character in 'John Appa Rao, 40 Plus' is primary and has a lot of importance. It is a different role unlike the regular hero, heroine kind of character. As the character is very important in that film, I agreed to do that role. My first film is 'Okka Magaadu' in my second innings and this is the second one.

    Never in my career had I done such a good role.' The shooting of 'John Appa Rao, 40 Plus' was launched at Thailand recently without any huge formalities. 'Some important scenes involving Krishna Bhagawan and Simran would be shot during this schedule,' says director-cum-producer of the film Kuchipudi Venkat.

    Telugu Cinema News : I liked the character very much, says Simran

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