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on 2011/8/25 13:00:59

‘Roja’ movie hero turns a bad man

Mani Ratnam’s ‘Roja’ and ‘Bombay’ movies handsome hero Aravind Swamy was not seen since a long time. He did some Tamil films later but they couldn’t meet his previous film standards. So, he simply bid good bye to film industry and settled as a Businessman. Ever since, he didn’t tried to give a re entry like others do in the industry. But, he has agreed to act in Vishal and Trisha starrer Tamil movie. He said, although I am not interested to act in the movies again, it is Vishal and Tiru who made me act in their film. This decent looking businessman Aravind will play negative role in this movie. Tiru will direct this movie.

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    Roja adds spice to Kadapa campaign

    2011/4/23 11:48:21

    Roja is now a star campaigner for the YSR Congress party. Roja is campaigning for Jagan and Vijayamma and she is drawing huge crowds everywhere.

    Roja tried to move around in a tractor to become more visible but the police asked her to step down as there is no permission for it. The police later seized the tractor.

    Telugu Cinema News : Roja adds spice to Kadapa campaign

    Roja creates division along caste lines!

    2007/11/27 9:51:10 Roja has once again shown her highhanded ways and loose talk at a meeting of the women’s wing of the Telugu Desam party. Roja shouted at Madhavi, a senior party leader and abused her in foul language. She is also stat to have warned other workers that if they do not come around, she will have them thrown out of the party.

    Roja said that if she says one word against them to Babu, then they would be expelled from the party within minutes. The senior leaders were aghast at the comments and the language used by Roja. The Telugu Mahila is now divided along caste lines and each group is trying to outwit the other in their struggle for power.

    Andhra News : Roja creates division along caste lines!

    TRS activists warn Roja

    2007/10/27 15:54:27

    The TRS activists have now intensified their agitation against TDP leader Roja. They are protesting against her comments against their leader K Chandrashekar Rao. Roja had said “KCR runs a bar at night and a Darbar during the day.”

    The angry activists led by Nayani Narasimha Reddy took out rallies in several parts of the city. The party members also burnt effigies of Roja at several places. The activists have also warned that Roja would not be allowed to attend any meeting or make any speeches anywhere in Telangana till she tendered a unconditional apology. Meanwhile, the police have stepped security outside Roja’s residence in Hyderabad.

    Andhra News : TRS activists warn Roja

    Roja is behaving like Ganga Bhavani

    2007/10/26 20:35:56 After today’s incident at Basheerbagh, people are commenting that Roja is fast emerging as the Ganga Bhavani of the TDP. Roja made some scathing remarks against TRS chief K Chandrashekar Rao. The personal and vicious remarks angered the TRS party workers who are now demanding an unconditional apology from her.
    Roja is said to have commented about the TRS leaders habits and his personal life. Roja is now defending her remarks saying the KCR had also made similar personal attacks against Chandra Babu Naidu, Y S Rajashekar Reddy and Sonia Gandhi.
    Roja is now the Telugu Mahila chief and it is such a responsible position that her comments are likely to be treated as the party’s official stand. The way she is speaking, she is being compared to Ganga Bhavani of the Congress. And this should worry Babu a lot as Roja might do more harm than good to the party in the long run if she continues to behave like a loose cannon.

    Andhra News : Roja is behaving like Ganga Bhavani

    Roja on Chiru

    2007/9/18 16:35:22

    The newly appointed Telugu Mahila chief is touring the state. As part of her programme, she was at Rajamundry yesterday. Speaking to the gathering, Roja made some sensational remarks. She said that Chiranjeevi may be a big hero but when it comes to politics, his charisma will not work. She says that film stars will not be able to convince the people any more. The late NT Rama Rao and MGR were an exception.

    This left some people remarking what Roja is then doing in politics. Did she not get the post only due to her glamour as an actress? Roja may be trying to bag a few headlines by talking about Chiranjeevi, is what the people finally concluded.

    Telugu Cinema News : Roja on Chiru

    'Roja' turns to mother's roles

    2007/1/22 8:25:17

    Roja distanced herself from the acting after her love marriage with director Selvamani. She had also become busy in politics for some time.

    Last year, she gave birth to a baby boy. However, she could not hide herself long from acting as she had a passion for it. Like her colleagues Revathi, Aiswarya and Khushboo, she also started playing character roles now.

    As part of it, she played the role of the heroine's mother in Kiladi, a Tamil film in which Neela played heroine. The film is being produced by Chandrasekhar and directed by Venkatesh with Bharat in the lead.

    Roja says, 'I am ready to act in Telugu films also if I get good roles.'

    Telugu Cinema News : 'Roja' turns to mother's roles

    Roja to be rewarded?

    2007/6/2 12:30:40

    Actress Roja’s graph seems to be on the ascendant. Not if films, which she has quit some time back but in the TDP. Roja has been appreciated by many for her deft handling of the Mahanadu by her compeering and also her highly active role at the venue. Chandra Babu is reportedly very happy with the work put up by Roja at the Mahanadu in Tirupathi.

    And he is said to have made up his mind to promote her in the party. By all indications, Roja is likely to be taken into the executive committee of the party. Babu is also reported to have decided to take his brother-in-law Harikrishna into the new executive committee.

    Telugu Cinema News : Roja to be rewarded?

    Roja angers Chiru fans

    2007/12/25 14:36:33
    Film actress and Telugu Mahila chief Roja has done it gain. After making some uncalled for comments in her capacity as the Telugu Mahila chief before, Roja was silent for some time. She opened her mouth once again recently. She said that it would be better if Chiranjeevi did not enter politics. Chiranjeevi should rather sit at home than star a party. She also said that Chiranjeevi was starting a caste-based party.

    This has angered the Chiranjeevi fans immensely. They are now up in arms against Roja. They want Roja to withdraw hr remarks. Nowhere has Chiranjeevi said that he was starting a caste-based party. If at all Chiranjeevi enters politics, he would like to lead a party that will include people from all castes. Chiranjeevi is aiming to be an ‘Andarivaadu’ in politics. He does not want to be seen as representing just one caste on community.

    Andhra News : Roja angers Chiru fans

    TRS leaders Ghearo Roja

    2007/10/26 16:22:50

    The Telugu Mahila chief actress Roja has angered the TRS leaders with her comments. She was taking part in a anti-liquor seminar conducted at the press club in Basheerbagh in Hyderabad. Roja made some scathing remarks against the TRS chief K Chandrashekar Rao. Angered over this, some TRS activists including party senior leader Nayani Narasimha Reddy ghearaoed hr and created a big ruckus. They demanded an unconditional apology from Roja and asked her to withdraw her remarks.

    Andhra News : TRS leaders Ghearo Roja

    Roja in a negative role

    2007/3/19 10:29:23

    Remember Roja.

    Yes, we are talking about the same actress who quit films after marriage. She dabbled in politics briefly and even contested the Assembly polls, albeit unsuccessfully.

    Now Roja is making a comeback films. She has signed a film titled ‘Kiladi’. Roja has essayed the roles of heroine in all her films. However, in ‘Kiladi’ she is donning a negative role. She plays the role of a villain in the film. With her looks, the ‘villain’ is sure to give the heroine a run for her money.

    Telugu Cinema News : Roja in a negative role

    Roja busy, busy at Mahanadu

    2007/5/31 8:12:41

    Actor Roja was one of the most active and busy activists at the Mahanadu in Tirupathi. Roja stole the show literally with her deft handling of the events on the dais and the way she welcomed the party leaders onto the stage.

    She was also seen busy at the meeting all the time moving from one place to another and talking with party men. She was also seen spending most of the time on the dais interacting with party supremo Chandra Babu Naidu and other senior leaders. Roja who had a successful career in films later joined the TDP and even contested unsuccessfully for the Assembly.

    Telugu Cinema News : Roja busy, busy at Mahanadu

    Roja's husband starts new movie

    2011/3/24 16:05:38 Veteran actress Roja husband Selvamani after taking a long interval has started a new film Akhila in his own direction. The formal shooting of the film has begun on Wednesday at Chennai. Earlier he has directed films like Chamanti, Captain Prabhakar in Tamil and dubbed them into Telugu. Later, this film also will be dubbed into Telugu. He is introducing new stars Anandan and Hudasa as hero heroines with his film. It is a film about how the innocent people become victims between Naxals and Police fight.

    Telugu Cinema News : Roja's husband starts new movie

    Roja back in Tollywood

    2007/4/18 9:36:31

    The charming and dusky actor Roja is still fresh in the memory of cinegoers. She made her mark in Tollywood with her charm and glamour. She acted in a number of films opposite all the leading heroes in Telugu.

    Roja later married Tamil director Selvmani and settled down in matrimony. Roja also had a brief stint in politics. She joined the Telugu Desam party and even campaigned extensively for the party during the last Assembly elections. She even contested for the Assembly from Nagari but lost to her rival who also happened to be a producer in whose films she had earlier acted.

    She even produced a couple of films like 'Samaram' and 'Lathi' which bombed at the box-office. Roja is now reportedly trying to make a come back in films with the backing of her husband Selvamani. Selvamani's film on Rajiv Gandhi is also finally set for release after nearly six years.

    Roja is playing the role of a Villain in a film titled 'Khiladi'. The film could well mark her re-entry into films. It however remains to be seen whether she would get offers as before as the industry is now flooded with girls from the North.

    Telugu Cinema News : Roja back in Tollywood

    Roja takes on belt shops

    2007/9/19 16:15:03

    The Telugu Mahila chied actress Roja is hogging the media headlines for the past one wek. She has been toruing the state for about a week now. As part of her programme, she has aluched n ttack on the illegal belt shops in the state. The Lok Satta party has also announced that it wil lauch an agitation for the closure of all belt shops.

    Aspart of her agitation, Roja and other Telugu Mahila activists targeted belt shops located on highway number 7 near Ananthapur. The activists rounded off the shop and destroyed the liquor bottles stored sat the place. Roja later said that she would continue ith her agitation against belt shops in a big way.

    Telugu Cinema News : Roja takes on belt shops

    Jeevitha threat to Nannapaneni and Roja

    2008/1/30 19:50:19

    The latest incident involving the fans of Chiranjeevi and Rajashekar attracted the widest possible media attention. Many politicians came out in the open and express their views on the issue.

    The media is however surprised at the complete silence of Nannapaneni Rajakumari and even Telugu Mahila chief Roja. The two never let go of an opportunity to come before the media on any subject under the sun.

    It is believed that Nannapaneni is silent because the TDP chief had clearly instructed her and Roja not to go out in the open on any issue without permission. The ugly fracas between Nannapaneni and Ganga Bhavani is still fresh in the minds of the people. Chandra Babu does not want another such issue to crop up between Nannapaneni and Jeevitha and Roja.

    It has now been proved that Jeevitha is very articulate and is also very familiar with the politics in Andhra Pradesh. So it is better not to provoke her by saying something. Therefore Babu chose to remain neutral on the issue.

    Analysts feel that if Jeevitha choose to join the Congress, then she would be more than a match for the loudmouth Nannapaneni. Jeevitha, being an ex-actress herself, she can also match Roja in terms of glamour and popularity.

    Telugu Cinema News : Jeevitha threat to Nannapaneni and Roja

    Roja as villain

    2007/4/19 16:25:16

    Remember Roja? The actor who made a mark with her charming presence on screen went on to successfully act with all the major Tollywood heroes. She later married director Selvamani and settled down.

    Roja even dabbled in politics briefly by campaigning for the Telugu Desam and even contested the elections, albeit unsuccessfully. The actor is now making a comeback in film. According to reliable information she is playing the role of a villain in ‘Kiladi’ which could mark her comeback to films.

    Telugu Cinema News : Roja as villain

    Roja to be made Telugu Mahila chief

    2007/8/5 7:27:45 Former actress Roja is being considerd for the post of the President of the Telugu Mahila wing of the Telugu Desam party. Chandara Babu is going through an exercise to reorganize the state committee and also shake up the politburo. The changes are likely to be announced next week.

    Andhra News : Roja to be made Telugu Mahila chief

    Roja a thorn in the flesh for CBN

    2007/10/8 16:21:13 Actress Roja has been appointed s the Telugu Mahila chief recently. And now she is in a high profile mode, touring each and every distinct as part of the TDP’s mass contact programme. But the real problem is her comments and her actions.
    She is making mote enemies than friends with her comments. And this is turning into a huge embarrassment for the party chief Chandra Babu Naidu.
    Roja called the chief minister ‘Shani’. She said that Shani was ruling the state, so the people are suffering. The TDP leaders urged her to be a little careful while making comments on top leaders of the opposition. But she is in no mood to listen to anyone. Se repeated her comments once aging yesterday

    Andhra News : Roja a thorn in the flesh for CBN

    Roja puts Babu in a soup

    2007/9/28 8:08:57

    The Telugu Mahila chief Roja announced that the TDP would give 33% seats in the ensuing polls for women candidates. She was trying to drive home the point that the TDP was the only party hat was committed to providing 33% reservation for women.

    It is not clear if she has kept the party informed about her statement. While Babu is known to profess about gender equality and other issues, it is however highly unlikely that the TDP would actually come forward and reserve 33% seats in the elections for women. Roja appears to have exceeded her brief and caused much embarrassment to Babu by her speech.

    Andhra News : Roja puts Babu in a soup

    Roja blooms!

    2007/9/10 13:42:57 Actress Roja is taking over as Telugu Mahila chief today. She answered a volley of questions with conviction in a phone-in progamme on a private TV channel. When a caller asked her as to who was it that motivated her to join TDP, NTR or Chandra Babu Naidu, she gave a very tactful reply. She said that it was NTR’s concern for the poor and his sincerity plus Chandra Babu’s vision and passion to do some good for the society that attracted her to the TDP.
    About the sensitive Telangana issue too, she gave a vague and evasive answer. She aid that all people from AP should live together like brothers ands sister and Telangana will benefit more by sticking together.
    Roja also said that she has made a big name, fame and money from films and now she is only in politics to serve the people. She sure is talking like a seasoned politician.

    Andhra News : Roja blooms!

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