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on 2008/3/16 17:37:50

Anushka charged with murder

Heroine Anushka has been charged with the murder of a small time actor. The murder case against her was registered at the Purushottampatnam police station in east Godavari district.

Anushka, Sunil and Ravi Teja were shooting for a film on the Suresh Productions banner. Anushka pushed the dupes of Ravi Teja and Sunil into the river. Ravi Teja’s dupe, Mahendra was drowned in the river. After 24 hours of search, his body was finally recovered this afternoon.

The unit member left the shooting spot immediately after Mahendra drowned in the river. They did not inform his relatives nor did they make any attempt to rescue him or trace his body. After a lot of effort, the relatives managed to register a case against the unit members and Anushka. D Rama Naidu is the producer of the film.

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    KCR’s nephew charged with murder

    2008/6/4 17:44:27 Troubles seem to be coming from all directions for the TRS chief K Chandrashekar Rao. The Medak police today arrested the son of KCR’s brother on charges of murder.

    Kalwankuntla Kanna Rao is accused of killing one Tanda Ramesh on May 12 by pouring petrol on him and setting him on fire.

    The police rounded up Kanna Rao in connection with a theft. During interrogation, the police learned that he was the one of the main accomplices in the murder of Ramesh.

    Andhra News : KCR’s nephew charged with murder

    Is Nag Anushka’s shadow?

    2010/12/3 14:50:38

    The recent developments indicate that there is something brewing between Nagarjuna and Anushka.

    Firstly Nagarjuna and Anushka have done as many as six films together. This is no coincidence but show how much love and special affection Nagarjuna has for Anushka.

    Nagarjuna these days is seen following Anushka wherever she goes. Observers say that Nagarjuna has become like a shadow of Anushka.

    Telugu Cinema News : Is Nag Anushka’s shadow?

    Anushka’s fifth time with hero!

    2010/9/16 14:57:56

    The sexy Anushka is going to appear opposite Nagarjuna for a record fifth time. Anushka first debuted opposite Nagarjuna in Super. She later acted with him in Don.

    Anushka did guest roles in King and Kedi. Anushka has now been paired with Nagarjuna in the film Ragada.

    The pic shows Nag embracing Anushka tightly. This pic may cause Ragada as the title suggests.

    Telugu Cinema News : Anushka’s fifth time with hero!

    Anushka hates one thing

    2007/11/19 14:03:05 Anushka is not like the conventional woman. She is quite opposite in one aspect from many women. While women like to gossip and talk about others for hours together. Anushka says that she does not like gossip. She always keeps to herself even in the midst of friends.

    Anushka says that she hates to make comments on others. Some people take this a arrogance but Anushka is quite happy at the way she is.
    But she is now the target of gossipmongers. She has been romantically linked with many actors, in particular, with the son and grandson of a veteran actor.

    Telugu Cinema News : Anushka hates one thing

    Has Nagarjuna married Anushka secretly?

    2011/3/30 17:44:07

    Has Nagarjuna married Anushka secretly? Well one gets this doubt after the income tax raid on Nag and Anushka.

    The IT sleuths are reported to have unearthed uncounted money that was held jointly by Nagarjuna and Anushka.

    An apartment in a foreign country is said to be registered in the name of Nagarjuna and his ‘wife’ Anushka.

    Sources claim that Nag and Anushka jointly hold more than 200 crore worth property, jewellery and cash.

    Telugu Cinema News : Has Nagarjuna married Anushka secretly?

    Anushka is Nag’s benami!

    2011/3/28 8:29:39

    Is Anushka a benami of hero Nagarjuna. The recent IT raids on the residences of Nagarjuna and Anushka have given credence to this doubt.

    The IT officials have found that Nagarjuna was involved in several land dealings and some of these were jointly with Anushka while some were in their individual names.

    The cash transactions too were done from some joint accounts. All this led the IT officials to raid Anushka’s house as well.

    So Nagarjuna may have used his close relationship with Anushka to do some benami transactions and avoid tax.

    Telugu Cinema News : Anushka is Nag’s benami!

    Actress Huma Khan faces kidnap, murder charges

    2008/2/28 11:21:25

    Small-time Bollywood actress Huma Khan, of Maine Pyaar Kiya and Hum Saath Saath Hain fame, and a male acquaintance have been arrested on allegations of kidnapping, rape and criminal intimidation of a minor girl, police said today.

    The 12-year-old victim was working as a maid servant in the actress' household at Bhayendar in the neighbouring district of Thane, police said.

    Khan and her male acquaintance had taken the victim to Pune, where the latter allegedly raped her, they said.

    Both the accused were arrested yesterday, police said, adding that the actress has been charged with kidnapping and attempt to murder while the acquaintance has been booked for rape.

    Khan featured in a string of C-grade films in the late 80s and 90s. She was seen in many horror films made by the Ramsay brothers.

    The starlet, who has not been there in the Bollywood scene for sometime now, has been sent to five days of judicial custody after being charged by the Mira Road police.

    Bollywood News : Actress Huma Khan faces kidnap, murder charges

    Businessman proposes Anushka?

    2010/9/26 17:57:07
    It’s learnt that a well settled Bangalore based businessman, who got attracted with amazing beauty Anushka is said to be proposed her for marriage. It’s learnt that he has sent his elders to meet Anushka’s parents for this purpose. But, Anushka is not willing to marry anyone right now, because she is keen to concentrate on her film career. However, it’s learnt that, the businessman is willing to wait for her few more months. If, Anushka ever changes her mind he said he is ready to marry her at any given time.

    Telugu Cinema News : Businessman proposes Anushka?

    Ranveer and I are thickest of friends, not lovers: Anushka Sharma

    2011/4/7 12:35:46

    Band Baaja Baaraat co-stars Ranveer Singh and Anushka Sharma were always hinted to be a couple. But in a recent interview to a fashion magazine, Anushka said that Ranveer is her close friend with whom she shares nothing romantic. The actress confirmed that they regularly visit malls, cinemas and parties, but have never moved together as a couple. Anushka added that they are opposites who could only get along as friends. Asking about the widely held belief that they are a couple, Anushka said that she and Ranveer were never hush-hush about their companionship as there was nothing in it to hide.

    Anushka also said that she is very protective of Ranveer, who had always relentlessly protected her from pestering fans. Ranveer once fought a passenger at the Delhi airport as he tried to click pictures of Anushka with his mobile phone. Anushka concluded that she and Ranveer are not interested in romance with anyone and wanted to concentrate on their careers.

    Bollywood News : Ranveer and I are thickest of friends, not lovers: Anushka Sharma

    Anushka sizzles in ‘Rendu’

    2007/3/23 7:57:54

    Anushka is playing the led role along with Reema Sen in the Tamil film ‘Rendu’ which is also being made in Telugu.

    The film stars Madhavan in the lead role. Initial reports and the promotional trailers show that Anushka is sizzling hot in the film.

    It is believed that Anushka will be seen in a different role in the film and she has used her glamour for maximum effect. It sure looks like Anushka has rolled out a visual treat for all her fans in her new film.

    Telugu Cinema News : Anushka sizzles in ‘Rendu’

    Young hero bites Anushka’s lips

    2010/11/23 10:07:54

    The young action hero Gopichand has paired successfully with yoga beauty Anushka Shetty. The two share a wonderful chemistry – both on and off the screen.

    There were several hot and intimate scenes between Gopichand and Anushka in their earlier films.

    There was a talk in film circles that Gopichand and Anushka were head over heels in love. However with the passage of time the news faded away.

    Now Gopichand is insisting that Anushka should pair up with him in Wanted.

    Telugu Cinema News : Young hero bites Anushka’s lips

    Anushka needs help urgently!

    2011/1/20 9:00:43

    The sexy yoga beauty Anushka is not only growing older but she also seems to have lost concentration and the judgment to select the right kind of films.

    Anushka made a big splash with Arundathi but came up with a big disaster with Panchakshari.

    Anushka does not seem to have learnt the lesson as she is now getting ready to act in another period film. This time it is ‘Rani Rudramadevi’.

    Director Gunashkear who gave the flop film Varudu to Allu Arjun will direct this film. With her flip-flop from glamorous roles to period roles Anushka is only jeopardizing her wobbling career.

    Anushka needs help urgently in the form of good advice.

    Telugu Cinema News : Anushka needs help urgently!

    What is Anushka doing in Bengaluru?

    2011/3/30 16:47:59

    Anushka who was upset with the recent income tax raid on her premises has gone away to Bengaluru. There is noting much heard about her in the past week.

    So, naturally everyone wants to know what Anushka is doing in Bengaluru. The news is that Anushka is now in talks with a producer for doing a straight Kannada film. This will be her first film in her mother tongue.

    Shivaraj Kumar is the hero and he is reported to have insisted on signing up for the film. The producer is reported to have shelled out 1.5 crore to Anushka for signing on the dotted line.

    Telugu Cinema News : What is Anushka doing in Bengaluru?

    Anushka’s double dhamaka!

    2010/11/1 8:33:51

    The sexy Anushka did not have a good year in 2010. Her two big films, Panchakashari and Mahesh Khaleja flopped miserably at the box office.

    Anushka will try her luck once again in December. She is coming up with two films – the first one is Nagavalli with Venkatesh in the lead.

    The second film is Ragada with Nagarjuna as hero. Anushka hopes to end the year on a high with these two films.

    Telugu Cinema News : Anushka’s double dhamaka!

    'Rendu' coming on March 2

    2007/2/16 13:53:42

    It is well known that AK Ramana and P Vijaykumar are dubbing the successful Tamil film directed by C Sundar. The Tamil film also bears the same name. 'Rendu' is being released on the banner of SVR Media with Madhavan, Anushka and Rima Sen in the lead. The producers say that 'Madhavan has been seen n a different role in the film and has now acquired a new image. The story is of Madhavan coming to the city from his native ilage in search of employment. He stays with his relative vadivelu. EWven though he does not find employment, he manges to fall in love with Rima Sen.

    Rima doesn't reciprocate his love in th beginning, but after learning about his gentle nature she also starts loving him. At this stage, Madhavan is implicated in a murder case. The dtory of why and how Madhavan was implicated in a murder case and how he manages to come out clean has all been beautifully depicted in the film. Anushka plays the role of a glamorous heroine in the film. The audio of the film has received a good response. The film's tuned hav been penned by D Imaam. The film is all set for release on March 2.


    Telugu Cinema News : 'Rendu' coming on March 2

    Anushka ki ‘Kovvu Perigindi’

    2011/1/28 16:08:18

    Yes, you read it right. Anushka ki kovvu perigindi. She now looks plump and her new out of shape figure has not gone unnoticed. Her fans are none too happy with Anushka.

    As a former yoga teacher her fans expect Anushka to keep her body in shape. However of late it is obvious that fat has formed around her waist. She is reportedly planning to cut the flab as fast as possible.

    If she continues the way she is now then it will not be long before she is referred to as Namitha 2.

    Telugu Cinema News : Anushka ki ‘Kovvu Perigindi’

    Anushka failed this time!

    2010/10/7 14:07:07

    The long legged yoga beauty Anushka is one of the hottest heroines around in Tollywood. She has paired up successfully with some of the top heroes in Telugu.

    Anushka is the leading lady in Mahesh Khaleja. The tall beauty however seems to have not got it right this time.

    There are some comments that she is not the right choice opposite Mahesh. While Anushka did sizzle she did not exactly gel with Mahesh and the two did not make a fabulous pair on screen.

    Telugu Cinema News : Anushka failed this time!

    Anushka scores a hit!

    2011/1/18 12:41:08

    The sexy hour glass baby and yoga beauty Anushka may have lost out in terms of hits but she is still quite popular. Keeping this in mind the makers of the shampoo brand Head and Shoulders have made an ad film with Anushka.

    The ad has come out quite well and Ansuhka looks ravishing in the ad. The success of the ad may spur many more advertisers to rope in Anushla to endorse their brands. So Anushka has finally found some success with an ad if not with her film.

    Telugu Cinema News : Anushka scores a hit!

    I am not that Anushka says Anushka

    2011/7/24 10:43:47 Tollywood sensuous beauty nowadays is facing a different kind of problem at Kollywood. Bollywood heroine Anushka Sharma’s skin shows especially her bikini photos that were circulating in the in internet turns a big headache to Anushka.

    Kollywood media persons despite knowing that she is Bollywood actress Anushka Sharma, they simply prefer to ignore it and keep poking the Tollywood beauty Anushka Shetty about her bikini photos in the internet as if they want to get something spicy news from her. Anushka, who is also aware of their idea has politely and repeatedly told them that they are not her photos but Bollywood Anushka’s photos. Yet, when they once again repeat the same question to her, Anushka who normally talks very friendlier with the media persons has burst with anger.

    She said, “I have told you several times, that it is not me. But, still you are keep asking me the same question again and again. When, I am not concerned with those photos, I need not to give any explanation to you about those photos. After all, don’t you media people know that there is another girl with same name in Bollywood? Can’t you see the difference between Anushka Shetty and Anushka Sharma? Before asking me a question you better know it first.”

    Media people were quite shocked with her strong reply. Hope, they won’t repeat the question again.

    Telugu Cinema News : I am not that Anushka says Anushka

    Moving on to Murder 3

    2011/7/12 11:53:46

    Even flops breed sequels in Bollywood now. The Bhatts have already announced Murder 3 as their next project. Though Murder 2 got panned by the critics, the Bhatts seem to have decided to stick to the lethal

    combination of sex, violence and horror for many more films to come. Says co-producer Mukesh Bhatt, “This is an original franchise owned by Vishesh films and we are not going to let go of it. There will most certainly be a Murder 3 and we will soon be announcing the cast for the same.”

    Murder 3 is expected to go on the floors next year.

    Predictably enough, the homespun affair will have Emraan Hashmi essaying the lead again. “Yes, I have already been informed about the film by Bhatt saab,” confirms the actor.

    However, we will have to wait a while longer to know who will be stepping into Jacqueline Fernandes’ shoes.

    A source reveals, “The Bhatts have already started getting feelers from those who want to be a part of the franchise. But they are in no hurry. However, one thing’s for sure: There won’t be a seven-year-long wait, as was the case with Murder 2.”

    Bollywood News : Moving on to Murder 3

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