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on 2011/4/10 17:55:46

Balakrishna, CBN v/s Hari Krishna, Jr.NTR?

During the last few days, the cold war between Nara Chandrababu Naidu and Nandamuri clan has been providing spicy stuff to the gossipmongers. The cold war seems to be reached to flash point when Balakrishna and Harikrishna wrote public letters to the party workers and their fans. Both the letters were considered as solid proofs for the ongoing cold war inside the TDP and Nandamuri clan.

BK has mentioned in his letter that, he will be always with party and its president Chandrababu Naidu, which makes Jr.NTR to believe that, he is against his father Harikrishna and standing on the other side with Chandrababu Naidu. Hence, some movie web sites and a section of media have published gossips about Jr.NTR flaying his uncle Balakrishna for releasing a public letter without consulting inside the party.

Then the letter signed by Hari Krishna which has been distributed in Chandrababu meeting at Hyderabad on Saturday has created havoc inside the party circles.

When, Jr.NTR came to know about all this mess, he said I don’t need to speak on anyone’s behalf. If, some thing goes wrong at all, then there is my father Harikrishna and all others to handle the matter. Let the elders solve the problem. I don’t want to put my nose in this issue.”

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    Harikrishna to act in Jr. NTR’s Churakatti

    2011/5/18 16:13:30 Young tiger Jr.NTR and Shruthi Hassan’s latest film which is tentatively titled as ‘Churakatti’ recently begins at Hyderabad. Boyapati Srinu who delivered a super hit ‘Simha’ in the last year is directing this movie. K.S.Rama Rao is producing this movie under Creative Commercials Pvt. Ltd. banner.

    Earlier, it was reported that, Nandamuri Balakrishna is going to play important role in this movie. But, with the latest political developments in TDP that creates rift between Nandamuri clan and because of the improved bonding between father and son during the marriage, makes Jr.NTR to insist the director to replace Balakrishna with his father Hari Krishna. It is learnt that, both the director and Hari Krishna has agreed for his proposal.

    So, we are going to watch father and the son sharing the screen space in Nandamuri clan after a long time.

    Telugu Cinema News : Harikrishna to act in Jr. NTR’s Churakatti

    Hari Krishna letter creates havoc

    2011/4/9 13:34:47 It all begins with Hari Krishna’s visit to Krishna district. The internal cold war going on between the two strong groups Deveneni Uma and Vallabhaneni Vamsi in Krishna district TDP wing all of sudden reached to its flash point that leads to resignations of both leaders. Then, Harikrishna and Balakrishna were blamed for all this mess which is said to be intended to destabilize Nara Chandrababu Naidu.

    Balakrishna responding to the allegations wrote a public letter to his fans and party workers. In it, he expressed his grief over the gossips and assured them that he will never go against party. He also asked them not to drag him into the controversies.

    Then, senior Congress leader and union minister D.Purandeswari bangs TDP with her statement. She states that, Jr.NTR is the legitimate heir of late NTR, in terms of acting and politics. She suggested him that, he should much more careful with his political career. She also stated that, she is not attempting to create any split in Nandamuri clan to destabilize TDP.

    But, it is some what different story with Hari Krishna. Today (Saturday) while Chandrababu Naidu is holding a meeting with his party workers and leaders to express his party support to Anna Hazare’s agitation, some un identified persons have distributed the copies of a letter signed by Nandamuri Hari Krishna.

    It was written on his letter head (Member of Parliament, Rajya Sabha) addressing the party workers. The letter which is believed to be written by Hari Krishna states that, he is supporting the fight against corruption started by Anna Hazare and demands a Jan Lok Pal bill at the earliest. Then he blames politicians who come into politics and earns crores of rupees and hundreds and thousands of acres of lands in illegal means. Finally, he assures that soon he will be coming into people to directly interact with them. There was no mention about the party, its leadership (Chandrababu) or anything else like that.

    The letter is now creating havoc in the party circles.

    Andhra News : Hari Krishna letter creates havoc

    Ramya Krishna and Tabu with Balakrishna

    2007/12/11 16:28:05 The film Ranga Panduranga with Balakrishna in the lead is progressing briskly. K Raghavedar Rao is the director. Balakrishna will play a dual role in the film. He will play Pundareekaksha and lord Krishna. Now comes news that Raghavendar Rao has signed up both Ramya Krishna and Tabu to play special roles in the film. Raghavendar Rao made many films with Ramya Krisha in the past.

    Telugu Cinema News : Ramya Krishna and Tabu with Balakrishna

    He is Jr. NTR’s son!

    2010/9/14 10:11:47

    Noted actor Sri Hari said that while Jr. NTR may appear rude and rugged in films, he is extremely soft in nature in real life.

    Jr. NTR reminds him of my father, says Sri Hari. So Sri Hari always reverentially addresses Jr. NTR as ‘Ayya’ and ‘Nanna’.

    That makes Sri Hari the son of Jr. NTR, isn't it?!

    Telugu Cinema News : He is Jr. NTR’s son!

    Jr.NTR and his Dad met Chandrababu

    2011/4/17 19:29:57

    We are aware that, since last few weeks a cold war between Nandamuri Hari Krishna, Jr.NTR and Nara Chandrababu Naidu is going on over the disputes of Krishna district party leaders and about the successor of the party president post. However, the dust seems to be settled for time being with Babu taking class to Vallabaneni Vamsi, who apologize him for going to media about party internal affairs.

    Today, that is on Sunday morning Hari Krishna accompanied by his son Jr.NTR, went to Chandrababu’s house to invite his family for Jr.NTR’s wedding with Lakshmi Pranathi. All of they have confined to discuss about marriage plans and nothing else. Hari Krishna and Jr.NTR are going to meet Daggubati Venkateswara Rao and his wife Purandeswari with the same reason.

    Jr.NTR’s marriage will be performed on 5th of May at Hitex city in Hyderabad. Both Nandamuri family and Narne family are making elaborate arrangements to make it a grand event of the year.

    Andhra News : Jr.NTR and his Dad met Chandrababu

    Balakrishna vs. Nagarjuna

    2007/12/11 16:32:29 It is going to be an interesting duel - Krisha vs. Krisha. And the final judges will be the audience. The two top heroes in Tollywood Nagarjuna and Balakrishna are playing the roles of lord Krishna in their new films.

    It is well known that Nagarjuna is acting in the film ‘Krishnarjuna’ and Balakrishna in ‘Ranga Panduranga’. Both are playing the role of lord Krishna in their respective films. We will have to wait for some more time to know as to who will come out on top.

    Telugu Cinema News : Balakrishna vs. Nagarjuna

    Is Lokesh Marrying Balayya’s Daughter?

    2007/3/27 8:08:05

    The grapevine has it that ex-CM Chandrababu and his brother-in-law Balakrishna may soon turn into fathers-in-law. Chandrababu and Naidu met on many occasions in the recent past.

    The people started speculating that Balakrishna was joining politics. He was even rumoured to don a big role in the affairs in the TDP. However, nothing seems to have come out of it yet.

    Then Hari Krishna who was a bitter critic of Chandrababu Naidu when he was in power, once again started moving closely with Babu. Now all this points to some major event in the NTR family. If the rumours are to be believed, it is just a matter of time before there is an official announcement.

    Andhra News : Is Lokesh Marrying Balayya’s Daughter?

    Balayaya in Sri Krishna getup

    2007/10/27 18:05:05 Hero Balakrishna has now donned the get up of lord Krishna for his new film. Balayya is acting in the film Pandurangadu. Raghavendra Rao is directing the film.
    The unit is currently busy at the Ramakrishna Cine Studios in Hyderabad. Some key scene involving Balakrishna in the role of lord Krishna is being filmed there. The film will see Balayya playing a dual role. Sneha and several other lading ladies will star in the movie. Noted director and actor K Vishwanath is playing a special role in the film.

    Telugu Cinema News : Balayaya in Sri Krishna getup

    Balakrishna signs new film

    2011/8/21 17:34:56

    The latest news is Nandamuri Balakrishna has signed a new movie probably titled as ‘Ugra Narasimha.’ It is learnt that Nara Rohit and Balakrishna may act together in this film and it will be produced by Vizag based industrialist Vamsi Krishna who is now producing Rohit’s ‘Solo’ movie under SVK cinema banner.

    Balakrishna is currently working on his film directed by Paruchuri Murali. He also has to complete his another movie ‘Hara Hara Mahadeva’ to be produced by Bellamkonda Suresh/ He may take-up this movie soon after he completes the present one. So, it may take 4-5 months for Balakrishna to spare his time for this multi starrer movie.

    Telugu Cinema News : Balakrishna signs new film

    Balaiah to follow in father’s footsteps

    2007/6/11 15:31:40

    Balakrishna celebrated his birthday amidst his fans and unit members of the film ‘Okka Modgadu’ at Rajamundry on Sunday. Speaking on the occasion Balakrishna said that he would follow the ideals of his father the late NT Rama Rao and would walk in his foot steps. Ambika Krishna and Butchaih Choudhary said that his 48 birthday would be a turning point in the career of Balakrishna.

    There is intense speculation that Balakrishna would enter politics soon. T is even said that Chandra Babu Naidu is considering sending Balakrishna to the Rajya Sabha as an MP next year.

    Telugu Cinema News : Balaiah to follow in father’s footsteps

    Big fight between Devineni and Vallabhaneni

    2011/4/1 15:41:10
    Sitting in opposition party for years and years is disgusting for any political party. TDP has been passing through all odds ever since it has shifted to opposition benches. Few weeks back, its senior leader Nagam Janardhan Reddy had a head on collision with his party president Chandrababu Naidu. But, some how the matter was hushed up and it was described as a storm in tea cup.

    Now, again another storm takes the party at its strong fort in Krishna district. An in-fight between the strong TDP groups leads to resignation of Devineni Uma-president of TDP Krishna district, Vallabhaneni Vamsi, the president of TDP Vijayawada city. Both of they accusing the other have sent their resignation letters to party office.

    While, Vallabhaneni Vamsi and Kodali Nani forms one group, Devineni Uma alone runs another strong group of his own in the party and the city.

    The spark ignited during the recent visit by Hari Krishna in Krishna district. Vamsi and Nani blames that, being the president of Krishna district Devineni Uma would have welcomed Hari Krishna in a big way, but with his ignorance or negligence turned it into a simple program.

    Devineni Uma retarding to the allegations, stated that he has high regards for Hari Krishna and NTR clan. Yet, he is resigning to his post only because he was hurt with the allegations made against him.

    Indeed, it will be critical test for Chandrababu to resolve the problem amicably, otherwise he will loose a very strong party cadre in Krishna district to YS.Jagan Mohan Reddy.

    Andhra News : Big fight between Devineni and Vallabhaneni

    Balakrishna beats Ravi Teja by one day!

    2008/4/10 18:21:13

    Balakrishna’s Okkamogadu hit the screens on January 11. Ravi Teja and Trisha starrer Krishna was released on January 12. Okkamogadu has completed 100 days. By beating ‘Krishna’ to the 100 days mark by one day, Balakrishna’s Okkamogadu’ bagged the distinction of becoming the first film in 2008 to complete the 100 days mark.

    Krishna was directed by VV Vinayak and the film was a complete entertainer. Brahmanandam’s comedy and the picturesque surroundings of Vijayawada were the big draw fro Krishna.

    Andhra News : Balakrishna beats Ravi Teja by one day!

    Babu to pit Nandamuri family against Konidela family

    2008/4/12 15:56:27

    The TDP chief Chandara Babu Niadu surprised everyone by inviting Jr. NTR, Balakrishna, Kalyan Ram and Harikrishna for an urgent meeting today. While some TDP leaders tried to make it look as some family affair saying Babu invited them over for lunch, no one could miss the significance of the meeting and also the timing.

    With the prospect of Chiranjeevi entering politics now more or less a certainty, Babu is getting nervous. He has decided to line up the stars in his armour – Hari Krishna, Balakrishna, Jr NTR and Kalyan Ram. He wants to utilize their services in a big way to counter the Konidela family.

    The Konidela family is also quite formidable – Chiranjeevi, Pawan Kalyan, Naga Babu, Ram Charan and Allu Arjun. So will it now be a Nandamuri vs. Konidela battle at the ballot box?

    Andhra News : Babu to pit Nandamuri family against Konidela family

    Sri Hari in Adi Sankaracharya

    2011/11/21 1:09:29

    The well known character artist Sri Hari is a multi-talented personality. He brings special attraction to the films with his unique dialogue delivery and action. Sri Hari is always an asset to all the films in which he acts.

    Sri Hari is now acting in a special role in the film Adi Sankaracharya. JK Bharavi is the director. Nagarjuna and Upendra are doing special roles in the film.

    Ice 'n' Spice - Movies : Sri Hari in Adi Sankaracharya

    ‘Pandurangadu’ answers Balayya’s prayers

    2008/5/30 14:52:02

    Hero Balakrishna finally manages to come up with a hit. He plays a dual role in ‘Pandurangadu’. Balayya is really convincing in his role of lord Krishna. He looks cute and reminds us on his father who mesmerized an entire generation of the audience with his portrayal of lord Krishna.

    Balayya also gives a good account of himself in his role as Ranga. The film is a Balayya show all the way. Pandurangadu seems to have heard Balakrishna’s prayers and gave him the much needed hit.

    Telugu Cinema News :  ‘Pandurangadu’ answers Balayya’s prayers

    Babu birthday an event for differences

    2011/4/20 13:49:27 Nara Chandrababu Naidu turns 62 today. In fact, it should be a happy occasion for all his family members and for his cadres. But, his birthday brings out the cold war going on between Nara family and Nandamuri clan to surface. Both Chandrababu followers and Nandamuri followers have placed huge banners around the party office to greet Chandrababu on his birthday.

    While one set of banners displays only Chandrababu, Lokesh and Balakrishna images, the other set displays only Jr.NTR and his father Hari Krishna’s images. Earlier, it was used to put the entire Nandamuri clan images along with Chandrababu image on the banners. But, the banners clearly highlight the differences between Nandamuri clan and Nara family. However, Balakrishna ruled out that, there are any differences between both families.

    Andhra News : Babu birthday an event for differences

    Sri Hari with Nagarjuna in 'King'

    2008/5/7 14:52:32

    Rebel star Sri Hari has been signed up to play a special role in Srinu Vytla's new film starring Nagarjuna in the lead. Trish is the heroine.

    Sri Hari is acting with a big hero for the first time after he himself turned hero. Sri Hari acted in the film 'Dhee' directed by Srinu Vytla. Devi Sree Prasad is the music director. The regular shooting of the film will commence from May 20.

    Telugu Cinema News : Sri Hari with Nagarjuna in 'King'

    BK to act in Srevas direction

    2011/3/15 13:21:34 Balakrishna who is now busy with two films ‘Sri Rama Rajyam’ and Paruchuri Murali directed film, is said to be agreed for another film under Srevas direction. (Director of Gopichand and Aushka’s film Lakshyam.) This film will be produced by Sivalenka Krishna Prasad who have produced film ‘Mitrudu’ with Balakrishna. When, it was failed Balakrishna has promised to do another film for him in the near future and so is this film. Right now, the film is under story discussions and soon we can expect an official statement from the film makers about the star cast of their film.

    Telugu Cinema News : BK to act in Srevas direction

    Patnaik’s brother debuts as music director

    2007/12/8 13:29:48 Ajay Patnaik, brother of music director R P Patnaik will soon turn music director with the film ‘Hari Om’. The new film will star a newcomer in the lead. Sekhar is a well-known face in the theatre circles and he is making his debut in films with ‘Hari Om’. Ramanlok Varma, a senior ad professional will wield the baton for the film while veteran actor Krishna is doing a special guest role in the movie.

    Telugu Cinema News : Patnaik’s brother debuts as music director

    Constable held for molesting housewife

    2011/9/15 4:20:22 A police constable attached to Shamirpet police station was arrested on Wednesday for allegedly trying to molest a housewife.

    According to police, the constable Hari Krishna along with his friend Raju went to one Shiva Reddy's house in Indramma Colony on Tuesday night. Hearing a knock, a woman opened the door. Without saying anything, the constable and his friend held the woman's hand and dragged her outside asking her to come along with them. On hearing her shouting for help, her husband and neighbours came outside and rescued the woman.

    However, the constable and his friend managed to escape from the scene. Later, the woman filed a complaint with the Shamirpet Police Station. After preliminary enquiry, the police registered a case and arrested the constable Hari Krishna along with his friend Raju. Further investigations are on. (INN)

    Andhra News : Constable held for molesting housewife

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