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on 2011/2/7 9:17:01

Bollywood actress in panty controversy!

It seems the fading Bollywood heroines’ leaves no stone unturned to get back into the top slot, let it be a top less pose to a play boy magazine or attracting the media with their shameless ‘no-panty-shows’ in the public functions. While, Bollywood actress Yana Gupta was very happy to endorse her panty-less-show, another star made it a big issue going to media against movie web site, which published her ‘special show.’

The same is repeated now by Bollywood actress Sonali Bendre who is gradually fading away with the arrival of the fresh faces in the industry. Bollywood media which caught her off with panty in a party thrown by Bollywood film producer Karan Johar, instantly uploaded her ‘special show’ into their concerned media net works from where it has naturally finds it way into internet.

As usually, this actress Sonali Bindre also spitting venom on the media people warned to file case against those who published the images and videos of her ‘special show’. So, Bollywood seems to be catching with this new trend of expose-fire media-get publicity. But, is this not the worst that ever happened in the Indian film industry?

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    Neetu panty case concluded

    2011/1/21 13:49:24 Hot babe Neetu Chandra hit the headlines for wrong reasons these days. A popular movie web site published her hot still and wrote that she seems to be following Yana Gupta’s style who recently attends a public function without wearing a panty beneath. The media and the net catching up this sensational news have widely circulated the revealing still of Neetu Chandra. Therefore, Neetu Chandra has threatened the concerned web site management of lodging a complaint against it with National Commission of Women, unless the web site management tenders an unconditional apology to her and it was obliged immediately. After, her panty controversy comes to an end Neetu Chandra’s personal assistant told the media “Our madam Neetu who is enjoying stardom in the south and northern film industry doesn’t need to play such cheap tricks to get film chances. She has posed like that for a Tamil movie ‘Aadhi Bhagavan’ and somehow it was leaked to media.”

    This statement conforms that, Neetu’s pose is true but given it for a film and not in any public function.

    Telugu Cinema News : Neetu panty case concluded

    Neetu Chandra denies going panty less!

    2011/1/19 12:21:03

    Denying reports published by a popular website, claiming that Bollywood actress Neetu Chandra did a Yana Gupta and went commando at an event this week, her publicist Dale Bhagwagar said, “Neetu Chandra is a girl with dignity and there has been no slip like this.”

    The website had claimed that Neetu replicated Yana Gupta’s panty-less act and said that it seemed to be “intentional and she might have followed it, after seeing what Yana Gupta has achieved doing the same.”

    But her publicist dismissed the report as a case of misreporting. “Neetu does not need to resort to any such thing for publicity. In fact, she was planning to initiate legal action on the website and was in the process of approaching the National Commission of Women (NCW) in New Delhi, when the site tendered an unconditional apology for the news. So the matter stands closed.”

    What can we say but… all is well that ends well.

    Bollywood News : Neetu Chandra denies going panty less!

    Yana Gupta top-less show

    2011/5/30 6:36:51
    Here is another hot still of Bollywood sex bomb Yana Gupta who recently goes top-less for FHM Magazine cover page. Whether, her films offers her any name and fame to her not, definitely her panty-less show at a public function makes her a popular figure in Bollywood overnight. Ever since, there was great demand for her top-less poses from Men’s Magazines. Hence, she is cleverly utilizing this unexpected popularity to make ease money. Apart from this hot job, she is also doing item songs in Hindi films.

    Bollywood News : Yana Gupta top-less show

    Meera Jasmine: Setting off chimes of controversy

    2006/7/5 18:29:31

    Some actresses are prone to controversy, at the drop of a hat it seems. If it is Khushboo in Kollywood, in Malayalam cinema, Meera Jasmine takes the cake for being most vulnerable to controversy.

    The raging controversy Meera finds herself embroiled in is over her visit to Raja Rajeswari temple, which is out of bounds for non-Hindus.

    However, Meera, a Christian by birth, managed to offer prayers and a special pooja to ward off evil, at the temple on June 29 night.

    Needless to say, the visit became known and touched off a raging controversy with Hindu organisations and temple authorities screaming blue murder over the issue.

    An unfazed Meera however defended her visit to the temple, saying that she has done no wrong by visiting the temple. She also added that she believes in worshipping all gods.

    Under pressure to do something, the temple authorities conducted purificatory pujas and slapped a fine of Rs 10, 000 on Meera.

    Now that the actress has quietly paid the fine, one hopes the gale of controversy would blow over. Or will it?


    Telugu Cinema News : Meera Jasmine: Setting off chimes of controversy

    Yana Gupta goes top less for FHM

    2011/5/18 19:13:34
    Bollywood sexy siren Yana Gupta who few months ago creates sensation with her panty-less show in a public function is now once again hits the news head lines with her top less show given for a popular Mumbai based magazine FHM. She decorates the cover page of the FHM magazine of its May 2011 edition.

    Bollywood News : Yana Gupta goes top less for FHM

    The Dirty Picture controversy

    2011/8/31 8:10:17

    Bollywood beauty Vidya Balan and Imran Hashmi’s upcoming movie ‘Dirty Picture’ based upon the real life story of yesteryear actress late Silk Smitha has already surrounded with many controversies. Its posters, scenes, concept and the title everything leads to a controversy.

    Now, this film may soon land in legal problems also, as some of the close relatives of late actress Silk Smitha have found this film projecting her in a very bad light. They said to be objecting to the recently released poster and the intimate scenes between Viday Balana and Imran Hasmi that projects Silk more as a prostitute than as an actress in the film industry. It came to know they wrote a letter to the film makers in this regard and warned them to drag to court if they try to defame their relative Silk Smitha.

    So far, there is reaction comes out from the film makers. Dirty Picture is directed by Milan Ludria and produced by Ekta Kapoor and Shobha Kapoor.

    Bollywood News : The Dirty Picture controversy

    Controversy over Rakta Charitra

    2010/10/13 17:25:06

    If, maverick director Ram Gopal Varma makes or releases any of his films without any controversy, then it would be a big surprise to all. His latest movie Rakta Charitra is no exception to this case. First, there was controversy over the name Anantapurm which he mentioned is a place of factionism. But, when he received some warnings from certain groups of that district, he was obliged to change the name from Anantapuram to Anadapuram.

    Now, the latest controversy is for quoting, “Revenge is the ultimate goal-Mahabaratham.” Some Hindu religion followers has asked RGV, whether he ever read Mahabaratha before making such quotations. If so, in which chapter and page it was quoted so? They have asked him to remove the phrase or else be ready to face the consequences. It’s learnt that, RGV is least bothered about their warnings and proceeds ahead without making any changes in it.

    Few days ago, RGV told the media that, though he doesn’t want to attract any controversy, but all his films often being dragged into controversies without his knowledge. However, he believes that, a controversy will certainly gives good openings for any film. So, he said that he never worries about them at all because he becomes habituated to live among controversies.

    Telugu Cinema News : Controversy over Rakta Charitra

    The controversy gal Riya Sen's behavior hurts Bollywood's Bobby Darling

    2006/6/23 14:24:26

    The controversy gal Riya Sen's behavior hurts Bollywood's Bobby Darling. Riya and Bobby knew each other socially, long before they actually became good friends. Bobby claims that Riya actually 'drugged' him to sleep without his consent or knowledge. In Bobby's own words, "Riya once took me to Indore as her companion, as I wanted to do some sightseeing. There was a sightseeing tour, but she didn't want to go out or let me go either. When she saw that I was keen to go, she offered me a vitamin tablet and said it was for good health." Ask Bobby if this was the reason behind their spat, and he says, "I don't want to drag out the past. Some things are better left unspoken."


    Bollywood News : The controversy gal Riya Sen's behavior hurts Bollywood's Bobby Darling

    Asin upset with Bollywood remarks

    2011/8/19 10:48:44

    It is a tragic story of Kerala beauty Asin, who get bad remarks despite giving two super hits out of her three Hindi movies. Her movies ‘Gajini’ and ‘Ready’ both proved to be block busters in Bollywood and her ‘Bollywood Dreams’ movie turned a dud.

    She is quite upset with the remarks made by some Bollywood directors and producers. Asin said “I know some of them are stating that I am no where a match to Bollywood actress Kareena Kapoor even my two films collects hundreds of crores just like her films do. They may be saying that I am an upcoming actress, but when they start comparing me with Kareena, that itself proves what my level in Bollywood is. My films itself will give a fitting reply to those who says I am an upcoming actress. I need not argue with them about my level in Bollywood or about my films. All this happens only because I am very selective with my Hindi movies and it creates enough enemies for me in Bollywood. But, I am not afraid of such statements. I know what I am and my talent,” said Asin with furious tone.

    Bollywood News : Asin upset with Bollywood remarks

    Sania Mirza in yet another controversy!

    2008/2/6 14:46:00

    Tennis sensation Sania Mirza and controversy seems to go hand in hand. Sania Mirza has now landed herself in yet another controversy. She has just decided to pull out of the Bangalore Open. She said that playing in India was a very risky proposition. She does not want to enter into some sort of controversy, so she will not play in Bangalore open.

    Sania's refusal to play in India has come as a shock to many sports enthusiasts and also to her fans.

    A section of the media has reported that the real reason for Sania Mirza pulling out of the tournament is that she was not offered the amount demanded by her as 'appearance fees'.

    Sania's father has however denied this and said that the reasons are quite different.

    Andhra News : Sania Mirza in yet another controversy!

    Priyanka doesn’t want any `Salman` controversy

    2011/6/27 11:59:25

    Priyanka Chopra and Salman Khan’s animosity dates back to the days of ‘Mujhse Shaadi Karogi’.

    In a recent interview Sallu referred his ‘Bodyguard’ co-star Kareena Kapoor as the `the original Desi Girl`, leaving all wonder if he was taking a dig at Priyanka Chopra who has been given the ‘Desi Girl’ tag after the sexy track in Karan Johar`s ‘Dostana’. However, PC is trying her best to steer clear of any controversy involving Salman and has cleared her stand that she won’t talk about Bollywood’s enfant terrible.

    Sources confirm that not only Chopra and Salman don’t talk to each other; the two have also decided that they won’t act in any movie together too.

    “She doesn’t want to talk about anything related to Salman,” said a press conference organiser. Further adding, the organizer said, “Priyanka is not happy with the fact that Salman is taking jibes at her and this is not the first time that he has done that. She wants to stay clear of that. Also she has already clarified to the media in her last interaction that she doesn’t wish to be dragged into any Salman controversy.

    Interestingly, Salman’s arch-rival Shah Rukh has come in support of Priyanka and has expressed his wish to work with the ‘desi girl’ of ‘Dostana’.

    Bollywood News : Priyanka doesn’t want any `Salman` controversy

    Bipasha-Cristiano strike back!

    2007/7/25 11:10:00

    Amul hits at Bollywood in its latest print ad. The ad highlights the latest Bipasha Basu controversy which had created front page news few days back. Bipasha had gone to Lisbon to announce the Seven Wonders of the World. But a big controversy was created when the pictures of Bipasha getting intimate with footballer Cristiano Ronaldo in a club were splashed all over the media.

    Amul’s ad shows Bipasha and Cristiano sharing a slice of bread with Amul butter spread on it. ‘Bips Smacking!’ says the ad which is very smartly put.

    Bollywood News :  Bipasha-Cristiano strike back!

    Nayan brings good publicity!

    2010/11/22 14:02:15

    Now a new controversy is raging in some circles that a Christian like Nayanatara should not be allowed to play the role of Sita!

    The film makers are not at all bothered with the controversy or for that matter her high profile affair with Prabhu Deva.

    Director Bapu is firm that he will not replace her in the film. For the film makers the controversy is welcome as any publicity is good publicity for a film.

    Nyan with her recent acts has brought in free publicity worth lakhs for Sri Ramarajyam even before the shooting actually begins.

    Telugu Cinema News : Nayan brings good publicity!

    Bachchans against girl child?

    2011/7/1 16:03:11

    Are the Bachchans against a baby girl? Are they only interested in a male child and not in a girl child?

    This is an allegation made by a small time actress from Bengaluru Bhairavi Goswami. She alleged that Aishwarya went to Bangkok and took treatment at a fertility centre that guarantees that only a male child will be born.

    While one may have to take the talk of the actress with a pinch of salt, this is one controversy the Bachchans would do well without at this happy moment!

    Telugu Cinema News : Bachchans against girl child?

    Got it!

    2006/7/21 18:50:44

    Yasmin Khan has proved that publicity, good or bad, can do wonders to your career. After being in the news for all the wrong reasons – she filed a police complaint against Mahendra Dhariwal for sexual harassment – Yasmin has landed herself the lead role in a film.

    The film titled Ek Sach is directed by A. Ahmed, starring newcomer Sujit Punjabi and deals with a similar situation which Yasmin went through recently. Incidentally, before the controversy, Yasmin had done inconsequential roles in films like No Entry, Chetna and an item number in Siyasat.

    “The film has a similar theme but there is much more to the storyline. The film revolves around the life of a girl, Priya who comes from a small town to make it big in films. In spite of not meeting the right people, she continues to strive to fulfill her dreams in the ethical way,” says Yasmin.

    However, Yasmin denies that it was the controversy that landed her the film, “When A. Ahmed called me, I went and met him. I loved the script and I immediately agreed. It is just a co-incidence that this controversy happened around the same time. It's unfair to draw a parallel between my problems with Mahendra Dhariwal and the plot of this film,” she argues.

    Speaking about the controversy, Yasmin says, “Some people raise their voice against injustice while some don't. I chose to expose Mahendra Dhariwal. It is because of people like him that people have such a bad impression of Bollywood. But there are very few people like Mahendra Dhariwal, the rest are good people. I came from Gwalior five years ago and have never faced a problem like this before.”


    Bollywood News : Got it!

    Akshay's Playboy dreams!

    2011/9/26 18:00:57 Bollywood star Akshay Kumar, who had once stirred up controversy by asking his wife to unbutton his jeans at a fashion show, hopes to feature on the cover of Playboy magazine someday.

    When actress Preity Zinta asked Akshay on her chat show "Up, Close and Personal with PZ" whether he would be ready to pose for a magazine like Playboy, Akshay said: "I will only pose for Playboy when they have men on the cover."

    The international magazine is famous for its semi-nude and nude contents.

    Bollywood News : Akshay's Playboy dreams!

    RGV and Controversy go parallel

    2011/5/25 6:44:41
    Whether his films will run for a week or not, maverick director Ram Gopal Varma certainly assures controversy with his every film. Now, the controversy is about his latest film ‘Bejawada Rowddilu’ which has started on Tuesday in the crowded streets of Vijayawada city. People who were unaware of the shooting were terribly shocked to see some persons chasing a man holding knifes and cycle chains in their hands.

    It was reported that, there was havoc among the public with this unpredicted incident. It virtually makes the people run with fear. However, they got relaxed only after they came to know that it is a chasing scene being filmed for the movie. It came to know, some lawyers and people representing civic societies have lodged a complaint with city police commissioner against Ram Gopal Varma and demanded to stop the shooting of the film in the city.

    Telugu Cinema News : RGV and Controversy go parallel

    Dashaavataram in controversy

    2006/9/14 17:48:48 Kamal Hassan's latest flick 'Dashaavataram' directed by KS Ravikumar and produced by V Ravichandran on the banner of Oscar Films (Pvt) Ltd. was entangled in a controversy. This is not for the first time, Kamal Hassan's film fall under controversy. However, this time, the hullabaloo is over the 'storyline'.

    An upcoming writer, S. Senthil Kumar, belonging to Chennai, alleged that the popular hero had resorted to plagiarism. Senthil Kumar says that he approached the versatile artiste with a script few months ago. Then, Kamal Hassan complimented him that the storyline is good and also promised him a job of assistant director, while moulding the subject on the celluloid.

    Senthil met the press recently and claimed that he was shocked to find out that the same script is being used now for 'Dashaavataram'. The entire story was totally copied without my knowledge and permission. He further says he has an amble evidence to prove all his charges.

    'Dashaavataram' has the musical support by Himesh Reshammiya and the action episodes are being choreographed by Kanal Kannan.

    Telugu Cinema News : Dashaavataram in controversy

    Ontario Premier realizes impact of Bollywood thanks to Celina Jaitly!

    2011/7/5 21:51:37

    Ontario Premier Dalton McGuinty feels Bollywood is pure magic and he apparently realized this when he was caught in a paparazzi frenzy over glamorous actress Celina Jaitly!

    The Premier speaking recently to reporters recalled the moment wherein he realized how impactful and magical Bollywood was, when people were going crazy over the beautiful actress.

    "I found myself surrounded by dozens of photographers in the cool night air. The cameras flashed in my face and it was mesmerizing, overwhelming, intoxicating until one of the photographers distinctly told me, ''Sir, you’re ruining my shot of Celina Jaitly''. I was zapped. I have never been able to recover from that...but that gave me a good sense of how crazy people are for Bollywood" McGuinty said.

    Well, looks like after Egypt, the gorgeous actress is taking Canada by storm!

    Bollywood News : Ontario Premier realizes impact of Bollywood thanks to Celina Jaitly!

    Show skin, create row & get famous!

    2008/5/14 10:50:23

    Miss India 2004, Tanushree Dutta, surely made a rollicking start in Bollywood with films like Chocolate and Aasique Banaya Apne.

    The dusky girl made it clear with her first film itself that she is going to give tough competitions to Bolly-gals like Mallaika Sherawat, Riya Sen, Mallaika Arora et al who are known for their bindaas exposure.

    The model-turned actress has surely made a name for herself in the short career of hers.

    But the charming girl doesn’t look satisfied with her career growth and hopes to act in better films in the future. “I want to work with big banners and settle down properly in Bollywood by doing some good films,” nags Tanushree.

    Now, it’s really an insult that someone is a part of Bollywood and is not honoured with any controversy. Recently, the young actress was all over the news after she blamed senior actor Nana Patekar of getting too close to her comfort while shooting for an item number in Horn Ok Pleassss.

    But as it always happens in Bollywood, the truth behind the incident never got clarified and was been dumped after few days.

    Tanushree calls herself a lazy girl, especially when she isn’t shooting. When at home, she pampers herself with a prolonged bath, treats herself to a 7 course meal, enjoys a siesta and wakes up only to have dinner or to hit the multiplexes.

    The glam-doll would next be seen in Warner bros. Saas Bahu Aur Sensex. Whatever be the future of the film, Tanushree’s fan would at least be happy seeing few more skin shows of this gorgeous babe.

    Hope, she doesn’t move lazy in showing her skin also, as it may lead her to lose few fans!

    Bollywood News : Show skin, create row & get famous!

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