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on 2011/2/23 15:43:44

Chandamama heroine becomes mother

Remember Sindhu Menon? The bubbly heroine made a good mark with her role in the Krishna Vamsi film Chandamama.

Sindhu quit films after her marriage with Prabhu, a UK based businessman. Sindhu has now delivered a baby girl. Both mother and baby are doing fine.

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    Chandamama pulls along comfortably

    2007/9/29 13:38:02

    The release of Hello Premistara and Vijayadasami has not affected the film of Krishna Vamsy one bit. Even after three weeks after its release, the film is running to nearly 70 per cent capacity all over the state.

    The films that were released after Chandamama have bitten the dust but Chandamama continues to sail smoothly. The film is a complete family entertainer and despite not having any big names, the film is doing reasonably well.

    Telugu Cinema News : Chandamama pulls along comfortably

    Big B too loved Chandamama in childhood days

    2008/4/18 15:47:30

    A self-confessed fan of 'Chandamama' during his growing up years, Bollywood actor Amitabh Bachchan said that the comic had been his constant childhood companion.

    "During my childhood, I was influenced by western comics. But, when my parents introduced me to Chandamama, there was no looking back. I don't think there is any home in India, where the fabled tales in 'Chandamama have not been a hit among children," Amitabh said while launching the 60th anniversary book of Chandamama here last night.

    "Of course, I don't get time to read Chandamama now, but I am going to introduce my grandchildren to it. The group's initiative to venture into internet and radio to reaching out to the children is exemplary," he added. Bachchan also paid rich tributes to the professionalism of the founders of the group.

    "Not many know that the founder of Chandamama Nagi Reddi started the most prestigious film studios in Chennai. Reddi was a visionary and philantrophist. Whenever, we from the Mumbai film industry, visited the studio in Chennai for our film related work, we were taken aback at the professional manner in which film shootings, post production work was carried out," he added.

    Commenting on the launch of the anniversary book, Chandamama CEO L Subramanyam said, "Amitabh Bachchan was invited to be a part of the anniversary book launch because he reinvented himself after the age of 60, just like Chandamama has done."

    He said present day children consume more content which includes mobile, radio, internet and television. It is not just print content.

    Bollywood News : Big B too loved Chandamama in childhood days

    Abhinayasri infatuated with this director

    2008/4/15 17:37:53

    Abhinayasri is the hot little item girl in Tollywood. She literally ruled the roost before Mumaith Khan entered the scene and stole the thunder from her. Abhinayasri continues to woo the youngsters with her item numbers no and then.

    Abhinayasri acted in the film ‘Chandamama’. It is being rumoured that she fell in love with the director of the film. The gentleman in question is also popularly known as a creative director. This director is married to a gorgeous heroine from Tollywood.

    The director is not serious about the affair but Abhinayasri seems to be very serious bout it. She is even pestering him to marry her. The director had a hot affair with another hot and happening heroine some time back. He has also been romantically linked with another actress form ‘Chandamama’.

    Andhra News : Abhinayasri infatuated with this director

    Satire on Bachchans in Chandamama

    2007/9/6 21:20:47 The film Chandamama that hit the screen today has a lot of subtle humour and satire.
    Ahuthi Prasad plays a rich landlord. His role has shades of late Ravugopala Rao.
    In one scene, Ahuthi Prasad answers a query of one of his friends this way – “these days the Bachchans are minting money like anything. And after Aishwaya’s Rai’s marriage with Abhishek, it has gone up further. They now appear for ads for anything under the sun and are minting truckloads of money."

    Telugu Cinema News : Satire on Bachchans in Chandamama

    Chiru watches Chandamama

    2007/9/19 9:35:03

    Chiranjeevi is known to watch the movies of his co-artists in Tollywood whenever he gets the time. Chiranjeevi who returned from the US and the UK after a month long holiday watched Chandamama the other day. A special screening of the film was arranged for Chiranjeevi and family at Pradas in Hyderabad. Krsinavamsy is the director.

    The news gathers significance as there is talk that Krishnavamsy might Chiranjeevi for his 149 th film. Chiranjeevi later told the media that Chandamama was very good. He complimented Krishnavamsy for making a good family entertainer.

    Telugu Cinema News : Chiru watches Chandamama

    Meena to act as Samantha’s mother?

    2011/5/30 14:33:01 Tollywood glamour doll Meena’s last film ‘Tarigonda Vengamamba’ just made before her marriage was a disaster. There was buzz that even her marriage went on rocks, but later it is proved as a mere rumor.

    Like any heroine who obsess with her film career, but obliged bid good bye to it after marriage, one day or the other surely start second innings. Meena also quit acting in films, but she also now ready to star her second innings.

    The latest buzz is she is making her re-entry with Ram Charan Tej’s movie, not as his heroine but as his mother-in-law and Kerala beauty Samantha’s mother. Earlier, she has paired with all most all the big heroes in Tollywood and Kollywood, including Chiranjeevi. But, now her marriage has automatically upgraded her to mother and mother-in-law roles. Since, the obsession for acting in the films can’t be avoided, she has to accept whatever comes in her way.

    VV.Vinayak is the director and Ganesh babu will produce this movie under his home banner Parameswra Arts.

    Telugu Cinema News : Meena to act as Samantha’s mother?

    Asha Bhosle sings for Chandamama

    2007/8/7 15:55:49

    Noted playback singer Asha Bhosale is singing a song for a Telugu movie after a long time. She was in Hyderabad the other day to record a song for the film Chandamama.

    Greative director Krishna Vamsi is directing the film for C Kalyna on the Teja films banner. Navdeep, Siva Balajai, Kajal and Sindhu Menon are the leading actors. KM Rdhakrishnan is the music director. Radhakrishnan scored the music for films like Anand and Godavari.

    Telugu Cinema News : Asha Bhosle sings for Chandamama

    Bhanu Priya as NTR's mother

    2011/10/28 7:15:17

    Veteran actress Bhanu Priya is all set to play the role of the mother of Jr. NTR in the film Dammu. The film is produced by Alexander Vallabha and directed by Boyapati Seenu.

    Trisha has been finalized as the new heroine. She comes in the place of Shruthi Haasan after she opted out of the film due to date problems. Karthika, daughter of yesteryear actress Radha has been finalized to play the second heroine in the film.

    Ice 'n' Spice - Movies :  Bhanu Priya as NTR's mother

    Sumanth’s new Heroine

    2007/7/11 9:45:34

    Hero Sumanth is starring in a film being produced by Annapoorna Pictures and directed by Raj. The film will be launched in Hyderabad on July 12. Regular shooting will commence from August. Actor Kajol has been signed up to play opposite Sumanth in this film. She is currently busy with Keishnavamsi’s Chandamama.

    Telugu Cinema News : Sumanth’s new Heroine

    Rambha gives birth to baby girl

    2011/1/19 11:46:22

    The one time hit heroine Ramha who wooed an entire generation with her body and looks is now a proud mother. Rambha gave birth to a baby girl in Toronto on January 14. Both the mother and child are doing fine.

    Rambha married businessman Indra Kumar last year.

    Telugu Cinema News : Rambha gives birth to baby girl

    Simran’s outcry over film offers

    2010/11/21 9:11:48
    It is hard for anyone to realize that it is time to retire from the film industry, either for heroines or heroes. Fortunately, heroes of the film industry were privileged to act in the films as long as they shake their legs with the heroines, though they turn 60s or 70s. But, a heroine has to retire from the industry once she got married to someone. There are some exceptional cases like Aishwarya Bachchan. But, everyone is not so fortunate to enjoy that privilege.

    For veteran actress Simran, film industry uses the same yard stick applied to measure her glamour. That she was married and mother of a child, industry automatically promotes her to elder sister, sister-in-law of her heroes. Some even dare to ask her to play mother role for her previous heroes.

    Simran was shocked for a while and terribly upset, when a Kollywood producer approached her asking her to play mother character of Dhanush (Son-in-law of super star Rajanikanth) in which Hansika is acting as heroine. However, she has refused the offer. Later, speaking to media Simran has said “If, I become mother of a child it doesn’t mean that I have to act as a mother of hero? I am still young and in perfect shape. Then, why should I remain underprivileged? I strongly believe that, I still have a lengthy career for myself. Its prejudice to brand me with such roles.”

    If, Simran strongly believes that she is still young and beautiful, then what about the fresh faces like Tapsi, Kajal Agarwal and many others who enters the industry nowadays?

    Telugu Cinema News : Simran’s outcry over film offers

    'Roja' turns to mother's roles

    2007/1/22 8:25:17

    Roja distanced herself from the acting after her love marriage with director Selvamani. She had also become busy in politics for some time.

    Last year, she gave birth to a baby boy. However, she could not hide herself long from acting as she had a passion for it. Like her colleagues Revathi, Aiswarya and Khushboo, she also started playing character roles now.

    As part of it, she played the role of the heroine's mother in Kiladi, a Tamil film in which Neela played heroine. The film is being produced by Chandrasekhar and directed by Venkatesh with Bharat in the lead.

    Roja says, 'I am ready to act in Telugu films also if I get good roles.'

    Telugu Cinema News : 'Roja' turns to mother's roles

    Kajal doing special song for Krishna Vamsi

    2011/5/31 17:33:48

    Krishna Vamsi is now making the film ‘Mogudu’ with Gopichand as hero. Tapsee is the heroine.

    Krishna Vamsi is reportedly planning to include a special song with Kajal Agarwal for the film. Kajal had acted in the Krishna Vamsi film Chandamama.

    While there is no official confirmation the unit members say that Kajal Agarwal has agreed to do the special song.

    Telugu Cinema News : Kajal doing special song for Krishna Vamsi

    'Chandamama' to hit screen on Sept 6

    2007/8/17 10:23:38

    Directed by Krishnavamsi and produced by C Kalyan and S Vijayanand on the banner of Teja Cinema, 'Chandamama' is slated to hit screen on September 6. Disclosing this, one of the producers Kalyan says, 'We are making efforts to launch the audio on August 19 through Supreme Music.

    Music scored by KM Radhakrishan is quite melodious and would definitely attract all classes of audiences. It is basically a love story that runs between two pairs. Krisnnavamsi moulded the film in his own inimitable style. Each scene in this film would be like a painting.

    Likewise the songs were also choreographed well and would remain a feast to the eyes of audiences.' Co-producer Patsa Nagaraju says, 'Presently the film is busy in post-production works. We will complete all the works by the end of August.' Navadeep and Sivabalaji played the heroes while Kaajal and Sindhu Menon are playing the heroines. Story, screenplay and direction are by Krishnavamsi.

    Telugu Cinema News : 'Chandamama' to hit screen on Sept 6

    Trisha’s Mother has no Objection!

    2007/2/9 7:43:23

    Heroine Trisha is one lucky girl. Contrary to what mothers’ generally fear when it comes to their daughters love life, her mother is very open and forward looking. She said that Trisha is a mature girl and is capable of taking decision about her life and career.

    She would like her daughter to marry a guy of her choice and settle down. She has no objection what so ever about the choice of her daughter, be it caste, religion, profession or other things. She says that who ever Trisha chooses to marry, she would wholeheartedly support her decision.

    Now if only ever mother was like her.

    Telugu Cinema News : Trisha’s Mother has no Objection!

    Raasi to play mother

    2007/6/29 9:06:13

    The buxom actor Raasi who quit films to marry her beau is now turning into a mother. Not in real life but in a film. She has been approached by a young director to act in his film as a mother. Raasi is seriously considering the offer and if everything goes rights we can se her in a mother’s role soon.

    Telugu Cinema News : Raasi to play mother

    Is Chiru’s heroine a mother of two?

    2007/6/8 17:02:44

    This is the question that is doing the rounds of the industry today. The heroine for Shankar Dada Zindabad Karishma Kotak was selected after going through a bulky portfolio of artists and models. She was touted to be the next face of the industry for the coming years. If the news about her is true, then it would come as a big disappointment for all his fans. It is also likely to hit the chances of the film at the box office

    Telugu Cinema News : Is Chiru’s heroine a mother of two?

    Mom on a roll

    2008/1/12 20:43:00

    Vikram slipped his daddy in, then actor Srikanth got his father to act in a movie too. Now, actor Prithviraj’s mother is making her debut in Kollywood. Although she has acted in a number of Malayalam movies, this is the first time Mallika Sukumaran is doing a Tamil film — Vazhthukkal, where she plays Madhavan’s mother. “It’s a pivotal role,” says the ecstatic actress.

    “But more than that, I get to play Maddy’s mother. Maddy’s mother! MADDY’S MOTHER!! It’s my dream role. I’m his biggest fan. I’ve seen all his movies, and some of them more than once. When they asked me if I would play his mother, I said yes, yes, yes.” The 56-year-old says the only thing that will get her as excited is a chance to act with Rajnikanth. “That’s the ultimate, I’ll even play his grandmother if they ask me to.”

    Tamil Cinema News : Mom on a roll

    Sindhu Tolani or Menon?

    2007/5/29 9:35:20

    There is utter confusion over the heroine of Krishna Vamsi's film 'Chandamama'. Navadeep and Shiva Balaji are the heroes and the film got underway some time back. Madhu Shalini and Andraitha were the heroines but after shooting for some time Krishna Vamsi decided to drop them from his film.

    It is said that they did not perform up to his expectations and there was no alternative but to drop them. It was then said that Sindhu Tolani would star in the film. However, it now comes to light that it is not Sindhu Tolani but another Sindhu i.e. Sindhu Menon who will act in the film.

    Sindhu Menon who was born and brought up in Bangalore has experience in working for Malayalam films as well as TV channels. So another new face is getting ready to make her debut in Tollywood.

    Telugu Cinema News : Sindhu Tolani or Menon?

    Will Ram Charan set up banner in mother's name?

    2010/9/13 13:03:29

    Hero Ram Charan has announced that he will produce his father Chiranjeevi’s 150th film.
    The Kondiela family already has a successful banner - Anjana productions, which has been named after the mother of the Kondiela heroes.

    So Charan is expected to follow the tradition and set p a banner in the name of his mother Surekha. We have to wait for some more time to know more about this.

    Telugu Cinema News : Will Ram Charan set up banner in mother's name?

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