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on 2011/8/28 18:43:43

Chiranjeevi announces his comeback to movies

After donning the tag of politician for two years, Chiranjeevi will soon be back on the silver screen as Megastar.

Chiranjeevi on Sunday announced his comeback in movies. The Megastar said his son Ramcharan Teja would produce his upcoming 150th movie soon.

Chiranjeevi, who came to his constituency to participate in Rangam’s 100 days programme, told reporters that he took the decision of comeback following his brother and actor Naga Babu’s request to act in films.

It may be mentioned that almost two years ago that it was in Tirupati that Chiranjeevi announced his political party saying goodbye to his film career. Having failed to make an impact in the state politics, Chiranjeevi merged his party with the Congress and took a U turn to return to Tollywood.

Chiranjeevi hailed the Centre’s move of accepting all demands of civil activist Anna Hazare, who launched crusade against corruption. He expressed confidence that the Jan Lokpal bill would prevent corruption at higher echelons at all levels.

Responding to village level workers of his erstwhile party PRP allegations of facing discrimination from Congress leaders, Chiranjeevi said that Pradesh Congress Party president Botsa Satyanarayana would make efforts to remove gap between workers. He said that he would officially participate in many programmes in his constituency on Sept 2. (INN)

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    Mega Dasara in 2011

    2010/10/22 11:01:56

    Megastar Chiranjeevi has finally drawn the curtains over the speculation over his comeback into films.

    Chiranjeevi had confirmed that he is set to don the grease paint soon. Chiranjeevi confirmed this in clear terms at a function the other day.

    Chiranjeevi aid that the shooting for his comeback film will commence soon. The film will hit the screens during Dasara 2011. So it will be a MegaDasara for all Chiru fans.

    Telugu Cinema News : Mega Dasara in 2011

    Three lakh active workers for Chiru party

    2008/5/20 12:29:26 Chiranjeevi’s train is now all decked up and ready to roll out. June 10 is the big day. Chiranjeevi has already set into motion the process of enrolling party workers on a large scale.

    According to information, the brother of megastar Chiranjeevi, Nagababu has done the groundwork for this. A record three lakh active workers will be enrolled by the time Chiranjeevi announces the launch of his political party. A majority of them are expectedly staunch Chiranjeevi fans.

    Andhra News : Three lakh active workers for Chiru party

    Good News for Chiranjeevi

    2011/4/14 14:46:04

    Here is some good news for all megastar fans as well as the actor-turned politician himself. According to a survey done by the prestigious NDTV, Chiranjeevi continues charismatic and influential, as charismatic and as influential as he was before coming to politics.

    The survey rates Chiranjeevi on par with the likes of Rajnikanth, Amitabh Bachchan, Aamir Khan, Shah Rukh Khan etc.

    So, Chiranjeevi can now make a confident comeback in films.

    Telugu Cinema News : Good News for Chiranjeevi

    Chiru’s new look exposed!

    2010/10/18 10:13:25

    Chiranjeevi put on a lot of weight after he quit films and entered politics. He is now making a comeback into films.

    Therefore it is only natural that he sheds weight and looks trim and fit. For this purpose Chiranjeevi went to the US recently.

    Chiru is now back from the US and he is indeed very slim and fit. His new looks are being appreciated by everyone.

    Telugu Cinema News : Chiru’s new look exposed!

    Producer demands Chiru for compensation?

    2010/12/18 18:30:24
    Producer Natti Kumar of Visakha Talkies, severely criticizing the Mega family and its heroes, demanded Chiranjeevi to pay the compensation to the Distributors and Exhibitors for the heavy losses occurred because of them. Speaking to media at Visakhapatnam, he said that, if Chiranjeevi could demand compensation for farmers, distributors and exhibitors too can ask Chiranjeevi for a compensation, who lost with the release of his family films, Pawan Kalyan’s K.Puli and Ram Charan’s mega flop Orange. He said unless, Chiranjeevi announces some compensation to heavily lost distributors and exhibitors, he is going to sit for an indefinite hunger strike very soon.

    Telugu Cinema News : Producer demands Chiru for compensation?

    Pawan confirms Chiru Party

    2008/5/29 12:42:39 If there was any doubt in anybody’s mind about Chiranjeevi’s political entry, it has now been cleared. It was none other than megastar’s bother Pawan Kalyan who let the cat out of the bag when he said that he will vote for Chiranjeevi’s party in the next elections.

    Meanwhile work on Pawan Kalyan’s new film Puli is being seeded up as there would be some break in shooting, once megastar announces the launch of his political party. Puli will be ready in time for the next assembly elections.

    Andhra News : Pawan confirms Chiru Party

    Uday still adores Chiru

    2007/6/25 14:50:54

    Uday Kiran came close to becoming the son-in-law of Chiranjeevi. But the marriage was called off even though the engagement ceremony was over. Uday lost all offers in Tollywood and went to Kollywood in search of work. He did not so well thee and is now trying to make a comeback in Telugu.

    He has one project in hand. Uday says that he is a big fan of Chiranjeevi and still admires him very much. He also watches all his films regularly even now. Looks like Uday is desperately trying to get back into the good books of Chiranjeevi. No producer or director would dare to offer work to Uday Kiran as long as he is in the bad books of Chiranjeevi.

    Telugu Cinema News : Uday still adores Chiru

    Chiranjeevi needs sympathy

    2011/5/12 23:01:48

    Poor Chiranjeevi. He was a mega star in movies and the undisputed number one in the Telugu film industry.

    His troubles started the moment he entered politics. Chiranjeevi does not have the qualities required for a politician. Therefore, he failed miserably and finally decided to merge his Praja Rajyam Party in the congress.

    Chiranjeevi expected a big post and huge respect in the congress party. Sadly, for him, no congressman is even bothered to acknowledge his presence in the party. However, Chiranjeevi continues to dream that he is a ‘senior congressman’ and that all congressmen will flock to him for darshan and favours.

    The congress party has slowly but surely cut Chiranjeevi to size. Chiranjeevi now is a pale shadow on himself – he has lost whatever little respect he had and there is nothing he can do now.

    Chiranjeevi needs sympathy, lots and lots of it but even this has become hard to come by.

    Andhra News : Chiranjeevi needs sympathy

    PRP faces Jagan threat

    2010/12/22 0:25:01 The air of uncertainty in the state's political space is giving tense moments to Prajarajyam Party president K Chiranjeevi, as speculation is rife that a group of legislators are likely to part ways with it.

    The presence of two PRP legislators A Maheshwar Reddy and Katasani Rami Reddy at Jagan's public meeting in Vijayawada on Tuesday lends credence to the fact that the party president had lost control on at least two of his legislators.

    Though there is nothing anti-party activity in their presence at Jagan's meeting, political analysts hint at the possibility of a split in the PRP turning into reality once Jagan announces his party.

    Party sources admitted that since Jagan's meeting was in support of distressed farmers, they could not view the presence of the legislators in the meeting as an act of indiscipline. "We have learnt from media that some of our MLAs were present at the meeting. But we cannot take cognizance of it as they have attended a programme in support of distressed farmers and not a party meeting. Though we are monitoring developments closely, we cannot do anything as of now. We will have to wait for some more time before thinking of any move," PRP sources said.

    The sources however discounted the theory of exodus by PRP MLAs saying, "All MLAs are with us and have reposed their faith in the leadership of Chiranjeevi. The recent Assembly session is testimony to our unity."

    Meanwhile, some of the party MLAs confided in private that there was every possibility of a split in PRP soon after Jagan announces his party, where the PRP president could be left with only six (including himself) of the party's 18 legislators.

    source: TOI

    Andhra News : PRP faces Jagan threat

    Chiru takes lesson from Babu and YSR

    2008/4/19 13:02:43 Megastar Chiranjeevi has been literally flying high ever since the talk about his political entry hit the media headlines last year. He is now busy giving shape to his proposed political party. An official announcement is expected to be made in June.

    However, Chiranjeevi and his close were shocked with some media reports that appeared recently. The reports throw light on the stat of affairs in his hometown Mogalthur. The villagers are not at all happy with Chiranjeevi. Even though he has made it big in Tollywood and earned millions of rupees, he has hardly done anything for Mogalthur.

    He has also not visited the place for many years now. The villagers are saying that if Chiranjeevi could not do anything for them, what will he do for the state? In a bid to cub the adverse media publicity, Chiru is now chalking out a damage control exercise.

    He has decided to take up development works in Mogalthur in a big way. He will also unveil many welfare measures in his village through his charitable trust. Chiru wants to complete all this before he announces the launch of his poetical party. So right now, the top priority at Chiru headquarters is 'Opearation Mogalthur'.

    This way Chiranjeevi is taking a lesson form TDP chief Chandra Babu Naidu and chief minister YS Rajshekar Reddy. Babu pumped in crores of rupess to develop his hometown Kuppam. YS is now doing the same in Pulivendula.

    Andhra News : Chiru takes lesson from Babu and YSR

    Dasari planning a political film

    2008/4/14 16:09:02 Dasari Narayana Rao who was dropped from the union cabinet recently is now planning to make a comeback in Tollywood in a big way. Dasari holds the credit for making a record number of hit films in Tollywood with almost all the top heroes including the late NT Rama Rao.

    Dasari is now busy working on a story for his comeback film in Telugu film industry. He is planning to make a film on the present political situation in the state. The film will be a satire on the present crop of politicians and also on Chiranjeevi, who is planning to launch a political party shortly.

    Andhra News : Dasari planning a political film

    Karisma Kapoor on a comeback trail?

    2007/8/7 10:54:19

    Grapevine has it that Karisma Kapoor is planning to make a comeback and is in touch with many filmmakers.

    After Govinda, another actor who is readying to make a mega comeback, we hear is Karisma. The buzz about her comeback plans is getting stronger by the day.

    If the rumours are to be believed, she has already started the process by touching base with some of her old loyal filmmakers who are more than happy to welcome her back.

    We wonder what’s stopping her from making her comeback with her once Hero No 1, Govinda ?

    Or is she waiting for a call from SRK, Aamir, Salman or Akshay?

    And if that’s the case, her wait will get longer as they are busy romancing the Priyankas, Deepikas and Laras of the world, so for her, Govinda remains her best bet!

    Bollywood News : Karisma Kapoor on a comeback trail?

    Chiranjeevi With RGV?

    2007/4/5 12:20:39

    The latest rumor doing the rounds in film city is the next film by megastar Chiranjeevi. Chiranjeevi has maintained his number one position in the industry for more than two decades.

    Ram Gopal Varma has made it big in Bollywood with a string of big budget movies with all the top stars. It is now rumored that Ram Gopal Varma and Chiranjeevi are coming together for a new film. The film is likely to be made in Hindi. Wait for more updates on this.

    Telugu Cinema News : Chiranjeevi With RGV?

    Chiranjeevi change his mind again

    2011/7/1 8:10:11 Even before 48 hours of his statement about retiring from his acting profession, Chiranjeevi has changed his mind and stated that he will act in his 150th movie under Puri Jagannath’s direction. He said he has decided so, because of the immense pressure from fans and all others. Yesterday, some of his fans have made a picket before his house demanding to reconsider his retirement decision and start acting in the movies again. They have warned that, if he didn’t reconsider his decision they will start agitations in a big way all over the state. Nagababu has assured them that he will convince his brother Chiranjeevi to obey their demands and act in the movies. Then the fans stopped picketing and returned.

    Yesterday, Chiranjeevi met Bollywood No.1 hero Amitabh Bachchan during premiere show of his ‘Bbuddah’ hoga tere baap,’ where he also met its director Puri Jagannath. Amitabh suggested him to do his 150th film and Chiranjeevi has agreed. Puri Jagannath said he will direct the movie. Amitabh Bachchan also has agreed to play a guest role in that movie.

    Andhra News : Chiranjeevi change his mind again

    Why Chiranjeevi loves Srija so much

    2007/10/26 19:28:26 After the birth of Chiranjeevi’s second daughter Srija, Chiranjeevi’s career went to unheard heights and made him a megastsar. Chiranjeevi never looked back after that. Chiranjeevi has managed to retain his number one status in the industry for more than two decades.

    Chiranjeevi has this sentiment that his second daughter brought him luck and hence he has a special bonding with her and being the youngest also made Chiranjeevi love her more than her two other siblings. It is siad that among all his three cheildren, Chiranjeevi loves Srija the most and the way she breached his trust, Chiranjeevi is a heartbtoken man. He never imagined even in his wildest dreams that she would walk out of the house one day and even file a case against him. If the marriage has hurt him, the case against him in the high court has made him even more heart broken.

    Andhra News : Why Chiranjeevi loves Srija so much

    RGV desperate to make film with Chiranjeevi

    2011/7/1 11:42:47

    Maverick director Ram Gopal Varma has several times mentioned that he is crazy about Chiranjeevi and his ambition is to make at least one film with him in his life time. He even announced a title ‘Dhora-The Lord’ for it. But, there was no response from the other end. He even pinched Chiranjeevi by mentioning about the differences arise between them during yesteryears. Yet, Chiranjeevi preferred to keep silent.

    When Chiranjeevi has suddenly announced his retirement from film industry, RGV is the one who first sharply reacted. He said “The people of the state love to watch his movies but did not come forward to vote him. It is people who are unfortunate to loose the golden opportunity of electing him as their leader and certainly not Chiranjeevi. If, he ever reconsiders his decision of his retirement, I am ready to direct his film”

    Yesterday, once again Chiranjeevi has changed his mind and announced that he is ready to act in his 150th movie in Puri Jagannath’s direction. He made this announcement in the presence of Big B Amitabh Bachchan, director Puri Jagannath, Ram Gopal Varma and some others. Immediately, RGV said that he is ready to direct Chiranjeevi’s 151st film, if he agrees. But, none of the present has responded to his announcement including Chiranjeevi. After all what makes him become so desperate to beg Chiranjeevi to give a chance to direct him? If, he really thinks that he is genius and a cut above the rest, then why doesn’t he make a great film with any other actors in the Indian film industry?

    Telugu Cinema News : RGV desperate to make film with Chiranjeevi

    PCC chief offers ‘Central Minister’ post to Chiranjeevi!

    2008/2/13 15:01:49 The PCC chief G Surya Rao made a sensational announcement today. GS Rao said that the congress party is ready to welcome Chiranjeevi with open arms if he joins it. Chiranjeevi will be given a prominent position both in the party as well s the government.

    He went on to add that Chiranjeevi would be made a minister in the Manmohan Singh cabinet. As a central minister, Chiranjeevi can serve the people in an effective way. GS Rao said that he made such a proposal to Chiranjeevi earlier too. The congress party in neither afraid of Chiranjeevi nor is it trying to besmirch his reputation in any way.

    Andhra News : PCC chief offers ‘Central Minister’ post to Chiranjeevi!

    Chiru watches Chandamama

    2007/9/19 9:35:03

    Chiranjeevi is known to watch the movies of his co-artists in Tollywood whenever he gets the time. Chiranjeevi who returned from the US and the UK after a month long holiday watched Chandamama the other day. A special screening of the film was arranged for Chiranjeevi and family at Pradas in Hyderabad. Krsinavamsy is the director.

    The news gathers significance as there is talk that Krishnavamsy might Chiranjeevi for his 149 th film. Chiranjeevi later told the media that Chandamama was very good. He complimented Krishnavamsy for making a good family entertainer.

    Telugu Cinema News : Chiru watches Chandamama

    Governor calls on Chiru

    2007/12/30 18:50:51 The Andhra Pradesh Governor N D Tiwari called on Chiranjeevi at his residence today. The Governor drove to Chiranjeevi’s residence to offer his condolences to Chiranjeevi. Chiranjeevi’s father K Venkat Rao passed away recently.

    Chiranjeevi received the Governor at the entrance of his residence and took him inside. N D Tiwari offered floral tributes to the portrait of Venkat Rao. The Governor offered his deepest condolences to Chiranjeevi and his family. The Governor spent about half an hour at Chiranjeevi’s residence.

    Andhra News : Governor calls on Chiru

    Srija’s double blow shames Chiranjeevi

    2007/10/22 14:52:16 Srija has embarrassed Chiranjeevi by walking out of her home and marrying her boyfriend secretly. Just when Chiranjeevi’s family was coming to terms with the incident, Srija has gone ahead and embarrassed him once again by filing a complaint in the Delhi high court.

    Srija said that she and her husband faced serious threat to her and her husband’s life from her father Chiranjeevi and his family. This has come as a bigger shock to Chiranjeevi than her secret marriage.

    Now reports say that Chiranjeevi has once again gone into a shell after leaning bout this. Chiranjeevi’s wife has not been well ever since she heard about this. She is now very depressed and the doctors treating her at home are reported to have advised that she should be admitted to a hospital.

    Andhra News : Srija’s double blow shames Chiranjeevi

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