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on 2010/11/4 9:09:41

Hrishant Goswami and Veena Malik brewing new story in Big Boss house

Ashmit Patel probably wanted to have the cake and eat it too, but just when he was too sure of his adventures, they turned into misadventures as the icing of the cake went to Hrishant Goswami. Surprised? Veena probably played Ashmit’s game better by going a step ahead and declaring her love for Hrishant Goswami who is the 2004 Gladrags Manhunt, winner. To add to Ashmit’s injuries, Veena gave him the head massages and then asked him to play the messenger for her by conveying her feelings to Hrishant.

Previously, Ashmit was ruling the love game by playing around with Sara and then shifting his interests to Veena, the minute Sara turned her back. But Veena’s declaration of her love for Hrishant probably hit Ashmit as bad as being hit by a major catastrophe. Suddenly, it was Hrishant sharing the limelight in the show, thanks to Veena. Heishant, the hunk was initially maintaining a low profile in Big Boss other than some usual fights that took place between him and Veena. Hrishant was totally plunged into limelight after Veena’s new confession. Surprisingly enough he has turned down the cross border romantic offer.

However, the question to ponder with is, whether Veena really has feelings for Hrishant or is this, a fresh strategy to survive in Big Boss. After Begum Nawazish Ali, Veena is the only cross border contestant who has survived till date. Veena has currently confided in Dolly Bindra, who has advised her to speak her heart out to the man she loves. However, Hrishant, wants to be left alone as he doesn’t want to be punched and slapped by any other contestant. If you remember the squabbling events of Big Boss, you will surely remember that Sakshi Pradhan has already fulfilled the ambition of Hrishant of getting punched and slapped.

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    Veena Malik attacks Neetu Chandra from Indian turf!

    2010/10/6 9:34:37

    As if tossing baseless allegations and falsely claiming that actress Neetu Chandra is involved in the international match-fixing scandal wasn’t enough, Veena Malik, a starlet based in Pakistan, is now hurling more accusations at the Bollywood actress, this time from Indian turf.

    Veena recently made headlines by claiming that her ex-boyfriend; Pakistani cricketer Mohammad Asif and his team-mates Salman Butt and Mohammed Aamer were involved in spot-fixing in the series against England. While the Interpol and Scotland Yard are reported to be investigating the matter, Veena came up with fresh allegations that Bollywood actress Neetu Chandra had a relationship with the tainted Asif. She further declared that Neetu had a hand in the match-fixing scandal which has taken the cricketing world by storm.

    “I saw her number flash on Asif’s cellphone many times; that’s what I told the investigators,” mentioned Veena in an interview to a newspaper just before entering the Bigg Boss House in Lonavala.

    Neetu Chandra’s publicist Dale Bhagwagar, who has repeatedly denied and rubbished all of Veena Malik’s claims, was quick to react, “Neetu has no connection with either match-fixing, Mohammad Asif or any Pakistani cricketer. She is not even a cricket fan and has never ever watched a complete cricket match.”

    Meanwhile, Veena’s speculatory claims about Neetu are putting a big question mark on the credibility of her scandalous statements. “Whatever Veena Malik says in Bigg Boss too should be taken with a pinch of salt. It seems, she says things for effect and to attract attention of gullible audiences,” remarked the celebrity publicist.

    When asked why Veena could be continuously dragging Neetu’s name in the cricket scandal, Bhagwagar said, “It remains a mystery we’d ourselves like to solve. Veena has earlier stated that she has Bollywood dreams. Media mileage in India is the only reason we can suspect as of now. What we don’t understand is why Veena has without cause picked Neetu for it!”

    Bollywood News : Veena Malik attacks Neetu Chandra from Indian turf!

    Veena Malik plays sex worker

    2011/10/21 9:59:46

    Mumbai, Oct 21 (IANS) After all the controversies in "Bigg Boss 4" and shooting an item song, Pakistani model Veena Malik has bagged the biographical role of a sex worker.

    Veena will be playing the role of sex worker Madhuri, who has been moonlighting for years to support her family.

    The actress has been very quietly meeting sex workers here, particularly Madhuri, for the film "Zindagi 50-50".

    "This film has changed my life and my attitude to women and sex workers in particular.

    "I insisted on playing Madhuri. Koi connect hai (some connection is there)... I don't know what it was. But I instantly empathized with Madhuri's responsibilities towards her large family," Veena said.

    "Maybe because I come from a family of five daughters and one son. But I understand what it feels like to be a woman in a male-dominated society. I've always supported myself, been on my own since adulthood," she noted.

    Veena spent hours with Madhuri to know about her dual life.

    "In the daytime she's a normal middle-class girl. In the night she puts on her burqa and goes to work in the red-light area, just like any normal working girl," Veena added.

    "I loved the dignity that Madhuri brings to her life and her work. I hope I am able to convey the same dignity in my performance," Veena stated.

    "Who cares about sex workers? I am appalled by the way they live in the red-light areas, not just in India but across Asia. These women deserve a much better life," felt Veena.

    Bollywood News : Veena Malik plays sex worker

    Veena Malik to star in 3D horror film

    2011/11/19 17:24:12

    Mumbai, Nov 19 (IANS) Pakistani actress Veena Malik is busy shooting a 3D horror movie in a jungle in southern India. Though the destination is being kept a secret for security reasons, Veena says she is having a lot of fun and adventure shooting the film.

    Disclosing a few details about the project, Veena said: "It's a 3D horror film with Telugu filmmaker Hemant Madhukar, and it's really hard to shoot."

    "For one, we are shooting in the wilderness. There are no luxury hotels, no daily comforts. Then it's a 3D film, not like the other 3D films in Hindi where the 2D format is converted into 3D. We are shooting in 3D which means every shot takes hours sometimes. It's really time consuming because I am playing both the 'thriller' and 'horror' element of the film," she added.

    Veena performs all her stunts on her own in the film.

    "(There's) lots of wirework and flips and somersaults and bruises and cuts. I am roughing it out here in the jungles and enjoying every bit of it!" she added.

    Veena, who became a known name in India after her stint in the fourth season of reality show "Bigg Boss", is happy she is shooting for an actual 3D film.

    Perhaps not aware of Vikram Bhatt's stereoscopic 3D film "Haunted", Veena said: "This is the first Hindi film to be actually shot in the 3D format. Otherwise films like 'RA.One' were shot in 2D and transferred to the 3D format."

    The actress is also set to have her 'swayamvar' on India's national television, through Imagine TV, which has earlier hosted 'swayamvars' of Rakhi Sawant, Rahul Mahajan and Ratan Rajput.

    Bollywood News : Veena Malik to star in 3D horror film

    Neetu Chandra questions authenticity of Veena Malik’s claims!

    2010/9/15 15:43:41

    Rubbishing all of Pakistani actress Veena Malik's statements on Bollywood actress Neetu Chandra’s involvement in the match fixing scandal that has taken international cricket by storm, the latter’s publicist Dale Bhagwagar said, “Veena Malik seems to be a very good actress and the media seems to love the drama. But for Neetu Chandra, Veena’s speculatory claims have put a big question mark on the credibility of her scandalous statements.”

    “It seems Veena Malik is doing all this to get back at her ex-boyfriend Mohammad Asif. If that is the case, it is unfair to drag Neetu’s name in the match fixing scandal, especially when Neetu has no connection with either Mohammd Asif or any Pakistani cricketer,” added the celebrity publicist.

    “Does Veena have any proof that Neetu ever knew Mohammad Asif? Does she have any evidence that the Indian actress who Veena claims, spoke to Asif, was indeed Neetu Chandra? If not, what is the purpose behind dragging the Bollywood actress into the cricket scandal? It seems like a big conspiracy. Is it because Veena has Bollywood ambitions? Is this a ploy to get famous in Bollywood?” asked Bhagwagar.

    The publicist also questioned the authenticity of the so-called ‘document’, which supposedly states that Neetu had two conversations from her mobile phone with Mohammed Asif in 2009.

    If reports in a section of the media are to be believed, the document, said to have been prepared by the Interpol and Scotland Yard on match fixing, got leaked from the Pakistan Cricket Board. “This seems to be another frivolous story. Has any Indian agency verified the authenticity of this document? Neetu has completely denied knowing Mohammad Asif. So why is Veena Malik harping on Neetu Chandra’s name? What is her interest and intention? Is she making a scapegoat out of Neetu Chandra? Does Veena Malik have any substantial evidence whatsoever to prove her claims about Neetu Chandra? Is it possible that the Pakistani actress has been creating these stories all along for publicity? Is she using the Indian media for free mileage?” questioned the publicist.

    Going by the intricacies of the allegations on Neetu Chandra, these are just a few of the many questions Veena Malik needs to stand up and answer.

    Meanwhile, Bhagwagar reiterated that Neetu does not know Mohammad Asif personally, and all allegations of links with the Pakistani bowler are untrue. “Neetu is nowhere connected to cricket or the scandal,” he stated. He added that she has not been interrogated by the Anti-Corruption Security Unit (ACSU) of International Cricket Council (ICC), as reported by a section of the media. “Just like Veena Malik’s speculatory claims about Neetu, that too was an incorrect report. The actress is very much in Mumbai and amused at all these false and fake allegations,” he stated.

    Furthermore, Bhagwagar pointed out that Neetu was a basketball enthusiast and a Black Belt 2nd Dan in Taekwondo, having represented India at the international level, but not a cricket fan. “She hardly watches cricket and it doesn’t interest her much. In fact, she has never ever watched a single cricket match in its entirety,” he said.

    Bollywood News : Neetu Chandra questions authenticity of Veena Malik’s claims!

    Taliban warnings to hot babe?

    2011/3/11 12:43:23

    There were number of Pakistani singers, actors and people from other crafts of the film making who considers Bollywood as their second home. Hot babe Veena Malik is one such actress who hails from Pakistan. She now turns the most sought sex bomb in the Bollywood as well in the modeling industry. Ever since she lands in Mumbai she feels a free bird herself and turns the sexiest bomb in Bollywood. She has posed for number of film magazines and Men’s magazines in semi nude. This is where the radical Islamic organization enters the scene giving her stern warnings. They have warned her if she continues her nude exhibitions anymore in Bollywood they are going to kill her family members who are now living in Pakistan.

    Veena Malik speaking to the media has said “I am not doing anything wrong that was forbidden by the society. Its my profession and I have to work according to my director’s direction and not in the Taliban or somebody else’s direction. I do not understand how I can save my family members from the ruthless terrorists. Even, our Government is also not in stage to protect its people and their properties.”

    However, she made it clear that she is not ready to quit her hot job.

    Telugu Cinema News : Taliban warnings to hot babe?

    Shutdown in Lonavala against 'Bigg Boss'

    2010/10/11 9:28:06

    Life remained peaceful in this Maharashtra hill station snuggling in the Western Ghats despite a Shiv Sena-sponsored shutdown against two Pakistanis participating in reality TV show "Bigg Boss", police said Monday.

    Road and rail traffic on the Mumbai-Pune sector remained unaffected as the shutdown was restricted to the hill station that has a population of around 40,000, a police official from the Lonavala control room said.

    Tight security was in place in the entire hill station, the main town square, Bhushi Dam, the approach-exit roads to the Mumbai-Pune Expressway and the old Mumbai-Pune highway, besides other important locations in the town whose economy is fuelled by tourism.

    The Shiv Sena has called for a shutdown to protest the inclusion of two Pakistani participants in the ongoing "Bigg Boss 4" show on Colors television channel, a party official said.

    Party spokesperson and legislator Neelam Gorhe said that despite demands by the party, Colors channel has not removed the two Pakistani participants - actress Veena Malik and TV show host Ali Saleem who dons the persona of Begum Nawazish Ali - from "Bigg Boss - 4".

    "Even the Pune district collector has served a show cause notice to Colors channel, asking why the show should not be stopped since it is creating law and order issues in the famous hill station," Gorhe said.

    Gorhe said her party workers would stage demonstrations in the town and take out a procession to the "Bigg Boss" bungalow, around 20 km on the outskirts of the hill station, later in the day.

    "Bigg Boss 4" hosted by Bollywood star Salman Khan, has been at the receiving end of the ire of the Shiv Sena and Maharashtra Navnirman Sena from the Day One of its telecast.

    The show involves 14 participants locked up for 91 day in a house near Lonavla that has multiple cameras installed. They have no contact with the outside world and the one to stay longest is the winner. Two contestants have already been evicted.

    Besides the two Pakistanis, other prominent participants in "Big Boss 4" include model-actor Sameer Soni, actress Shweta Tiwari, Bhojpuri star Manoj Tiwari, Mahesh Bhatt's son Rahul and Seema Parihar, a former dacoit who has several cases pending against her.

    Bollywood News : Shutdown in Lonavala against 'Bigg Boss'

    Who Gets the Boss ?

    2006/9/20 14:54:12

    Nagarjuna as Construction Company Owner, Nayanatara as his secretary, Poonam Bajwa in another role Boss is all set for release with 300 prints. The move is a family entertainer with lots of comedy scenes and will attract the Mass & Class audience. The fun & glamour filled Boss is all set to release on 27th of this month. The main Story revolves around the four heroines trying to trap the “Boss”. Let’s see who gets the “Boss”

    Telugu Cinema News : Who Gets the Boss ?

    Ranbir to enter 'Bigg Boss 5' as guest?

    2011/10/25 13:59:40

    New Delhi, Oct 25 (IANS) The "Bigg Boss 5" house, which has mainly women inmates, might see actor Ranbir Kapoor and singer Mohit Chauhan making a special entry this week.

    They will visit the sets of "Bigg Boss 5 - Aapka Farman" to promote their forthcoming movie "Rockstar". But it is still not confirmed if they will enter the house and speak to the contestants in person.

    However, if sources are to be believed, Ranbir is very keen to have a conversation with the ladies, and will try and get host, Sanjay Dutt, to help him do so.

    The "Rockstar" special episode will be on air on Colors Saturday.

    Bollywood News : Ranbir to enter 'Bigg Boss 5' as guest?

    BOSS audio launch

    2006/9/4 10:20:12

    Boss I Love You audio was launched at Taj Krishna,Banjarahills, on 3rd September evening around 3.30 pm. Akkineni Nageswara Rao released the cassete and handedover the first cassette to ace director K.Raghavendra Rao.

    Nagarjuna, Heroine Poonam, Music director Kalyan Malik, Lyrist Chandra Bose, producer D.ShivaPrasedReddy and the director VN Aditya attended the audio release function.

    Telugu Cinema News : BOSS audio launch

    Catchy Audio "Boss"

    2006/9/8 11:15:15 Umesh Gupta the of Aditya Music was glad to announce that the audio of 'Boss' from our unit has gained good name and fame from all viewers not only in our state but also from Karnataka, Tamilnadu also audio got success. I will be thankful to Hero Nag and producer D.Shiva Prasad Reddy for this musical hit through us. The good response for Boss which was released recently and in the press meet he said 'Auto driver, Sitaramaraju, Eduruleni Manishi, Nenunnanu films made by Kamakshi movies has released their audio through us and the sales touching all time high. In the same manner Boss freshly released with Kalyan Malik who has given good music with a difference has made a mark in the film fraternity.
    Along with this the tunes by Hyari Anand has been liked by one and all. We are confident that after releasing the film audio sales will increase multifold. The CD's of this film will be released in four to five days in the market. D.Sivaprasad Reddy said - Only one part is left and will be completed by next Monday and this will be made on Nagarjuna and others. After completing the film will hit the theatres on 27th of this month.

    Telugu Cinema News : Catchy Audio "Boss"

    Blues in 'Bigg Boss' by Sony

    2006/11/14 7:36:54 Bigg Boss is the desi version of internationally acclaimed show 'Big Brother' which is likely to be aired through Sony television channel. As per the programme chalked out by the Sony technicians, 'Bigg Boss' will rule the lives of 13 handpicked celebrities from various fields. He will get them to do things that you could never imagine and show you a side of them that you have not seen before. 'Bigg Boss' will show you the live drama as it happens.

    According to information the format of the programme is as follows:

    Bigg Boss has built a house on the Mumbai outskirts where he will house 13 celebrities for three months. The house is large enough for them, but small enough to ensure that they are always in each other's space. Around 30 cameras will capture each and every move of those celebrities and they do not have any privacy. Of course, they have the privacy in bathrooms. The house will not have any kind of entertainment or sources of communication with outside word, which means there won't be any television, radio, music player, books, Internet, phones.

    The celebrities, who enter the house once, cannot come out of it unless they are evicted through a public vote. Those who enter the house will have to satisfy themselves that they have brought everything that are needed for a living for three months. Nothing would be provided at a later date and the celebrities have to cook, clean, sweep the floor, etc. without any help from maids or cooks. Not even a make-up artiste to help them look better and they have to fend themselves. Think of all the fun while watching them do the household chores.

    Bigg Boss will give the celebrities some tasks on a weekly or a daily basis, through which they will earn their weekly budget. The group will use the budget to buy food items to survive in the house.

    Each housemate nominates two celebrities for eviction, while the Bigg Boss chooses two celebrities with the maximum number of nominations to be put up for public vote. Voting lines open and the viewers vote to throw out the celebrity they hate the most from the Bigg Boss's house. The celebrity with the maximum votes is evicted from the Bigg Boss's house.

    This extreme reality show has a whopping Rs 50-lakh prize money. The challenge is to survive a popularity SMS poll, while co-living for 84 days under constant camera surveillance. However, the celebrities who were handpicked by the organizers were asked to go for a HIV test to avoid any kind of embarrassment in the future as they have to stay together for three months, of course under camera surveillance. But a majority of them had refused to undergo the HIV test as it sounds like suspecting their chastity. One had to wait and watch how the programme would go on air after coming out of all such blues.

    Telugu Cinema News : Blues in 'Bigg Boss' by Sony

    'Splitsvilla' winner Siddharth to enter 'Bigg Boss 5'

    2011/10/15 9:14:06

    New Delhi, Oct 15 (IANS) Former MTV "Splitsvilla" winner Siddharth Bhardwaj is quite a master at wooing girls, and that is exactly what he plans to do as he enters the "Bigg Boss 5" house in Saturday night's episode of the show.

    The 24-year-old, who will be the third male contestant -- after actors Shakti Kapoor and Amar Upadhyay -- to enter the female-dominated fifth season of the controversial show, promises to add what's missing -- "flirting with the beautiful girls".

    "I think women and I have some special connection! First it was 'Splitsvilla', now it is 'Bigg Boss'... there are women everywhere. I don't know about past seasons of 'Bigg Boss', but this time you are definitely going to see some serious flirting from me," Siddharth told IANS before entering the show.

    The handsome young VJ already has his eyes set on Afghan beauty Vida Samadzai, actress Mahek Chahal and model Shonali Nagrani.

    "There are a whole lot of good women in the house... all are beautiful, and I think I will be able to strike a good conversation with them. Raageshwari is a former VJ... so I think I will gel well with her too because she would be able to connect with what I do, and I could even learn from her," he said.

    Ask him if he feels lucky to enter the "Bigg Boss" house mid-way, he said: "Yes, I am lucky in the sense that I am entering days after the show began. But I think it has a flipside too. My mid-way entry could prove unlucky because I'll be the new one in the house... disconnected with the people already living there. But let's see what's in store."

    Siddharth, who feels Pooja Bedi is the strongest contender so far, says he would add a "modern day touch" to the show.

    "There are a lot of people who are pretty old in the show. I think the youth will feel drawn in with my entry because I am a part of them."

    "Bigg Boss" has various celebrities locked inside a secluded house, with no connect with the outside world, and they are under 24X7 camera surveillance.

    Bollywood News : 'Splitsvilla' winner Siddharth to enter 'Bigg Boss 5'

    Raageshwari Loomba out of 'Bigg Boss 5'

    2011/10/22 21:15:54

    Mumbai, Oct 22 (IANS) Singer Raageshwari Loomba became the latest contestant Saturday to get evicted from the fifth season of reality show "Bigg Boss".

    She was nominated for elimination along with Pooja Missra, Amar Upadhyay, Mahek Chahal, Juhi Parmar and Shonali Nagrani.

    The singer, who was quite popular among the contestants and stayed away from controversies, was nominated by Bigg Boss after she failed to complete her secret task, where she had to spy on the other inmates.

    "Bigg Boss 5", which started Oct 2, has celebrity participants locked inside an isolated house without any communication with the outside world.

    Bollywood News : Raageshwari Loomba out of 'Bigg Boss 5'

    I'm nervous about my TV debut: Sanjay Dutt

    2011/7/30 7:19:16

    Sanjay Dutt is excited about his TV debut with reality show ''Bigg Boss 5'', but admits he is nervous too!

    "I'm pretty nervous doing it. I've never done it, I don't know what it will be but I know one thing that it will be very different," Sanjay, who turned 52, told IANS.

    The actor, who is said to be teaming up with Salman Khan for the controversial show, reveals Salman won't be with him throughout the season. Nevertheless, he promises to try to make it fun.

    "Salman will introduce me in the show and will do two episodes with me and then I'll be on my own. Salman asked me to do it and I thought I should do it. It's something new for me. It's a good platform. I'm going to have fun. That is the way I am. I will not make it serious," he added.

    "Bigg Boss" is a reality show where celebrity contestants stay in a single house for about three months, with no connection to the outside world. They are overseen by a mysterious person known as "Bigg Boss", whose only presence in the house is through his voice.

    Bollywood News : I'm nervous about my TV debut: Sanjay Dutt

    Film ‘Ala Modhalaindhi’ completes 50days

    2011/3/9 13:43:44

    Film ‘Ala Modhalaindhi’ directed by Nandini Reddy has successfully completed 50 days in 54 theatres across the state. The film also got a great offer from Kollywood for its remake rights. A leading film production company has obtained the Tamil remake rights for Rs.50 lakhs, which makes the film producer KL Dhamodhar is the happiest person on the earth.

    Nani and Nitya Menon have played the lead roles in this film

    Story, Screen Play and Direction: BV Nandini Reddy.

    Music: K.Kalyani Malik; Editing: Marthand K Venkatesh; Lyrics: Sirivennela, Sahiti, Ananth Sriram, Lakshmi Bhupal, and Veena Sahiti; Camera: Arjun; Fights: Satish; Choreography: Poni Varma (Prakash Raj’s second wife) Ashok Raj and Ajay Sai.

    Telugu Cinema News : Film ‘Ala Modhalaindhi’ completes 50days

    Gulabo Sapera's 'Bigg Boss' journey ends

    2011/10/15 17:55:38

    Mumbai, Oct 15 (IANS) She came packed well with three suitcases for three months, but Kalbeliya dancer Gulabo Sapera's stay in "Bigg Boss 5" came to an end Saturday night within just two weeks of her entry in the reality show.

    The Jaipur-based dancer, who came to the show with a motive to build face value, competed for votes against VJ Pooja Misrra, who has been indulging in several cat fights within the "Bigg Boss" house.

    Gulabo, who stuck to her traditional ghaghra choli attire and jewellery mostly through the show, didn't open up much. She maintained a calm demeanour, and stayed away from the fights.

    Afghan beauty Vida Samadzai and actress Pooja Bedi seemed upset with her eviction. But, dressed in a yellow outfit, Gulabo came out with a cheerful face.

    During her stay, she also imparted some of her dancing talent to the other female participants, and even delighted viewers with her impeccable Kalbeliya moves.

    "Bigg Boss 5", which started Oct 2, has celebrity participants locked inside an isolated house, without any communication with the outside world.

    Bollywood News : Gulabo Sapera's 'Bigg Boss' journey ends

    Court relief for ‘Big Boss’

    2010/11/18 13:22:09

    The producers of the show Big Boss – 4 have managed to obtain a stay on the order of the I&B ministry to telecast the show only at 11.00 p.m. instead of 9.00 p.m. due to the adult content in the show.

    The Colours TV channel approached the Mumbai High Court and the court granted stay on the I&B order.

    So as of now Big Boss will continue to be aired at 9.00 p.m. as before.

    Telugu Cinema News : Court relief for ‘Big Boss’

    Censor officials appreciates “Boss – I Love You” Story

    2006/9/24 11:46:50

    Boss – I Love You which is going to hit theatres on Sep 27th passed censor test. Censor officials appreciated the story and also said after a long gap they witnessed a good entertaining film. Producer Dr. Shiva Prasad Reddy expressed his happiness on the Censor official’s comments. Nayanatara and Poonam Bajwa are playing next to Nag. Saloni is also playing in an item song. Hope Nag will bag the hit and place it next to his Sri Ramadasu.

    Keywords:Boss,Nayanathara,Poonam Bajwa,Saloni::

    Telugu Cinema News : Censor officials appreciates “Boss – I Love You” Story

    Pregnant wrestler exits 'Bigg Boss 5'

    2011/10/10 9:06:10

    New Delhi, Oct 10 (IANS) Pregnant wrestler Sonika Kaliraman has made a voluntary exit from reality show "Bigg Boss 5".

    She will exit the show in Monday's episode on the channel Colors, said a statement from the TV channel.

    Sonika, the daughter of renowned wrestler Chandgi Ram, is six months pregnant. Her entry on the controversial reality show Oct 2 raised concerns about her health, which could have been affected by the topsy-turvy schedules.

    But given the recent ups and downs and the turbulent environment in the "Bigg Boss 5" house, thanks to a war of words between VJ Pooja Misrra and other housemates, she was offered the opportunity to leave the show and return home.

    Sonika was overjoyed at the prospect and announced that she was going home to live peacefully with her husband and family.

    Though she was beaming with joy upon her exit, her fellow contestants bid her a tearful farewell and gave her their good wishes, said a source.

    As Sonika chose to exit the show, actor Amar Upadhyay will be the new entry Monday.

    "Bigg Boss 5" started with 14 contestants, locked inside a house, without any connection with the outside world.

    Bollywood News : Pregnant wrestler exits 'Bigg Boss 5'

    Stress building up in 'Bigg Boss' house: Raageshwari

    2011/10/23 9:47:48

    New Delhi, Oct 23 (IANS) Bickering and clashes are increasing in "Bigg Boss" and actress-singer Raageshwari Loomba, who is the latest to be evicted, says stress level is increasing with each day as a result tempers are flaring in the house.

    "Stress is building up in the house as everyone is trying hard to stay as a result many contestants have started losing their temper over small things like cleanliness or food," Raageshwari told IANS on phone from Kajrat after being eliminated from the show.

    "The format of the show is such that the people are likely to get stressed," added the actress who was evicted Saturday night.

    Raageshwari was nominated by "Bigg Boss" after she failed to complete her secret task where she had to spy on her inmates. Pooja Missra, Amar Upadhyay, Mahek Chahal, Juhi Parmar and Shonali Nagrani were also nominated with her.

    Tension notwithstanding, she had a wonderful time in the house.

    "These few weeks in the house have been a wonderful experience. Everyone has been so loving in the house. They become quite emotional when I was nominated. I am happy that I got evicted because it was always heartbreaking to see your fellow contestants going out," she said Raageshwari who feels Juhi, Vida Samadzai and Pooja Bedi are the strong contenders in the house.

    "The entire stint has been a learning experience...I learned doing household chores, whether its cleaning or cooking. We always take our maids and helpers for granted. After doing all this myself, I have realised what all they have to go through.

    "I always knew love is an integral part of life and my belief was reinforced with my stint in the show. If you love others, others will love you too. And one has to always have a positive attitude in life," she added.

    Raageshwari, who featured in movies like "Aankhen" and "Main Khiladi Tu Anadi", also released popular album "Duniya".

    "Bigg Boss" marked her comeback to limelight after a long battle with health problems and she now plans to focus on her new albums.

    Bollywood News : Stress building up in 'Bigg Boss' house: Raageshwari

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