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on 2007/11/22 5:54:33

Hritik to be a villain in Krrish 2

Director Rakesh Roshan is scripting a sequel to Krrish where the villain will have a powerful role. Rumours are doing rounds that son Hritik Roshan wants to grab the opportunity and appear in a anti hero role for the first time. Although he has played roles on the wrong side of law in Fiza, Mission Kashmir and Dhoom 2 this will be a fabulous opportunity for the star to showcase his talent.

Junior Roshan is so excited in the role that he plans giving up his hero's role for the villain. The superhero movie is still at the early scripting process. Krrish was Bollywood's first big budget super hero movie and was an instant hit. The Roshans promise the sequel to be better technologically are are planning to shoot sequences on the lines of Spiderman 3.

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    Hritik refuses role with Uma Thurmani

    2007/8/3 11:16:34

    In the present crop of Bollywood actors, Hritik is often tipped to be the one to make his mark in Hollywood. But Hritik reportedly walked out of Vishal Bhardwaj's untitled English flick starring Hollywood beauty Uma Thurman, as he was not satisfied with his role. This would have been his first international project.

    Ostensibly, Hritik, smug after the mega-success of Krrish and Dhoom 2, was wary of doing a film where Thurman would hog the limelight. He understood that the producer and the director would like to use Uma as she is an international star. He also would have had to postpone the shooting of dad Roshan's Krrish 3 for the project.

    Nowadays Hritik has become fastidiously stringent regarding the choice of his films. He has already turned down offers from Zoya Akhtar and Rakyesh Mehra, and now it is Vishal's turn.

    Vishal hasen't taken offence for the reported turndown by Hritik, and acknowledged the latter's feelings that the role for him in the film was not substantial enough. Now, the grapevine has it that Ajay Devgan could be the choice for the project. Vishal also asserted that the film has not been shelved, and the hunt for a suitable actor opposite Uma will continue, till the time she reverts with her dates.

    Bollywood News : Hritik refuses role with Uma Thurmani

    Krrish 3 to hit the screen in 2007

    2006/12/20 14:12:15

    After his successful Koi Mil Gaya and Krrish, Rakesh Roshan will be making a third part of his super-hero series with Hrithik in the second-half of 2007.

    An ecstatic Hrithik says, "All I can say at this point is, I wish I could play the villain in Krrish 3. I'm really excited about the villain's role, so much so that I feel like giving up the super-hero's mantle to play the villain."

    If he's so enthusiastic about it he could play both the super-hero and the villain in Krrish 3 ?

    "No, no," shrugs Hrithik. "That would be a triple role, because I'll already be playing the father, son and the villain."

    The dates for the third part of the adventures of Rohit/ Krissh are now being worked out.

    Says Hrithik, "We intend to start shooting by the year-end. It all depends on Jodha-Akbar which I think will require two extra months of shooting, plus about 40 days of dubbing. In Dhoom 2 I didn't have that much to speak and I still took about 25 days to dub for it."

    As for a clamour to have him back in the third part of the Dhoom series, Hrithik is all for it.

    "Well, I think Dhoom is a fabulous franchise. It has to move on. Whether my character Aryan will be back or not remains to be seen. Anything is possible in the movies. The challenge for every Dhoom and Krrish film is to be bigger and brighter than before. I think we're climbing the ladder very fast. Soon we needn't fear comparisons with our Hollywood counterparts."

    Hrithik is in a daring mood.

    "The point is to find new challenges. I only want to do make-or-break films. And Krrish 3 falls into that category."


    Bollywood News :  Krrish 3 to hit the screen in 2007

    Hritik Roshan approached for 'Vicente' role

    2007/8/15 9:21:29

    Casting for the latest installment of Pink Panther continues to keep making news; especially so since there seems to be great curiosity about Bollywood stars featuring in the film.

    Nevertheless, the latest development while casting for the film comes as an absolute surprise; something which was unanticipated and unprecedented. That's because this time around, none less than Hritik Roshan has been approached for Pink Panther.

    Confirms Hritik's spokesperson from Hollywood, "Yes, it is absolutely true that Hritik was approached for the untitled Pink Panther project several weeks ago. This was for the role of 'Vicente' in the film."

    The next obvious step would be Hritik to make a true crossover and start working on the project, right? "Wrong, after careful consideration, Hritik decided to pass on the part," says the spokesperson.

    Now this sounds even more surprising than the actual announcement itself! Why would Hritik turn down a role which could have got him instant international recognition? Isn't it an excellent good opportunity that has been let go? After all Pink Panther has its own cult following.

    "Of course, there is no denying any of this. But then there are a lot of factors involved that come into play before one signs on a dotted line. Add to it the kind of career high that Hritik is enjoying currently and his first international project has to be chosen quite carefully", she says, "However, even his not playing the part of 'Vicente' in the film doesn't take away from the fact that Hritik is a huge fan of Steve Martin. He is definitely hoping for future opportunities to work with Mr. Martin."

    Meanwhile there is tremendous buzz building up in international arena for Hritik Roshan. The bankable star-actor currently makes the cover of publications such as Los Angeles Times. In addition, on various occasions he has also featured in 'Hollywood Reporter'.

    Icing on the cake comes from the statement which was recently made by one of the most credible Hollywood agents. He commented, "Hritik is the Sun & the Moon all by himself!"

    Bollywood News : Hritik Roshan approached for 'Vicente' role

    Climax control please, says Hrithik

    2008/2/19 14:40:25 The father-son duo of Rakesh and Hrithik Roshan is debating over the crucial climax of the ambitious Krrish sequel

    The father-and-son duo of Rakesh Roshan and Hrithik Roshan has had a fantastic record so far. All the three films that they have worked together so far - Kaho Naa Pyaar Hai, Koi Mil Gaya and Krrish - have created box-office records. Now that the father-son duo is all set to come back together for Krrish 2, they want to leave no stone unturned to prove that their combination is unbeatable.

    It has been learnt that although Rakesh Roshan has been ready with the first draft of Krrish 2 for some time now, son Hrithik Roshan is not very happy with the crucial climax sequence. Rakesh Roshan is known to pen his own script and the duo has major differences over the climax of the film.

    Our sources say that although the father and son have finalised an idea to work on the film where Hrithik will face another powerful villain who also has special powers, they have not been able to finalise how to go about the story. Rakesh Roshan has already written the first draft of the film without dialogues but son Hrithik is far from happy with it. He has his own point of view over the climax. Earlier the Roshans had decided that Hrithik himself will play the villain in the film but that would mean that there would be three Hrithiks in the film in the form of Rohit from Koi Mil Gaya, Krishna from Krrish and now the villain in Krrish. That's when they decided to cast Shah Rukh Khan in the film who did not agree to do the film. Now they are hunting for another actor for the same role.”

    Our sources further add, “There are also talks with Rakyesh Mehra to direct the film and Rakesh Roshan will only be the writer of the film. However, that is yet to be finalised and will only be decided once Mehra takes time off from his film, Dilli 6.”

    Rakesh Roshan and Hrithik Roshan remained unavailable for comment. When contacted Sunaina Roshan didn't categorically deny the improvisations being made in Krrish 2 script. She says, “As far as I know, we are currently concentrating on Hrithik's film, which will be directed by Anurag Basu. We will start working on the final script of Krrish 2 some time in the middle of this year.”

    Bollywood News : Climax control please, says Hrithik

    Superhit muqabla

    2007/12/26 11:45:43 SRK to play a negative character in Roshan's Krrish 2, while Hrithik Roshan will play Krrish, the good boy

    If all goes well, Shah Rukh Khan will be seen in Rakesh Roshan's Krrish 2 which will roll next year. Incidentally Rakyesh Om Prakash Mehra will be directing the much-awaited sequel to Krrish instead of Rakesh Roshan. The Sr. Roshan will produce the film.

    Our sources say, "Hrithik was very keen to work with Mehra and that's when Rakesh Roshan decided that Mehra will direct Krrish-2 instead of him. After the script was ready a senior member in the Roshan camp came up with the brilliant idea of signing Shah Rukh to play the negative lead. The villain in the film will have superpowers, just like Krrish has and the film will be about the clash of these two superpowers. Rakyesh Mehra has already met Shah Rukh who for the same. Shah Rukh has loved the idea and has asked for a detailed narration from Mehra and if all goes well, the film will mount the sets soon."

    This will be a casting coup of sorts as, although SRK and Hrithik have worked together in Kabhi Khushi Kabhi Gum earlier, this will be the first time they will be clashing together."

    When contacted, Rakesh Roshan says, "We are still working on it and we will make an official announcement as soon as we work out the details."

    Rakyesh Omprakash Mehra and Shah Rukh Khan remained unavailable for comment.

    Bollywood News : Superhit muqabla

    'Krrish 3' will have powerful villain: Rakesh Roshan

    2007/10/10 10:38:25

    Rakesh Roshan says the villain's character in "Krrish 3" will be as powerful as Hrithik's character.

    "This time the anti-hero will be as powerful as the hero. See, 'Krrish' saw the birth of the superhero. Now we'll see the superhero combating other forces," Rakesh Roshan told IANS.

    In "Krrish", veteran actor Naseeruddin Shah had played the villain.

    Rakesh is currently busy creating his first production for an outside director.

    "Our first production, which I won't direct, is a comedy that my assistant Raja Sen will direct. It's a comedy called 'Krazy 4' with four main characters played by Irrfan Khan, Arshad Warsi, Rajpal Yadav and Suresh Menon. Diya Mirza plays the female lead.

    "Raja Sen has been with me for the last three years and assisted me in three films. Since I'm working on the third superhero film, I let him do this script. We'll finish Raja's film before I start mine. Any film that comes from my banner has to be equally competent."

    "Krrish 3" is presently in the scripting stage.

    "I can't focus on more than one project at a time. Maybe that's my weakness. We're working on the script. The story has to be just right. The plot has to be inspiring. I've to get that gut feeling that the plot is right. The special effects aren't the main thing...the plot is. Until I'm happy with that I won't start 'Krissh 3'.

    "Let's face it, we can't match 'Spiderman 3' in budget. But if they give 10 action scenes I'll do two with equal finesse. We've to out do them in content and count on Indian audiences being more interested in Hrithik than Tobey Maguire," the director said.

    Rakesh Roshan agrees "Dhoom 2" and "Krrish" have taken Hrithik far ahead of competition.

    "Luckily, he had a big success outside the home production. So now people have stopped saying he's workable only with me. Of course, we will always work together. No director understands him better than me, and he knows it. Our three films together have built a track record for ourselves. I've just seen some photographs of 'Jodha-Akbar'. Hrithik is looking terrific."

    At home, grandson Hrehaan keeps Rakesh Roshan busy.

    "Nothing gives me more pleasure than watching Hrithik and Hrehaan playing together. And since I've no movie on the floors right now I've all the time in the world to spend with him.

    "We celebrated Hrehaan's first birthday recently. Seeing all those children in the house ... he was so surprised and delighted. I could see he was having a good time. Hrehaan is a very pleasant child."

    Asked whom Hrehaan resembled, he said: "Both his parents...actually more of his mother Susanne than Hrithik."

    He says that god has been very kind to him and his family.

    "I'm not in competition with anyone. I just shut my eyes and ears to all the unhealthy competition in the industry. Nobody can make or break you. It's only your karma that guides your destiny."

    Bollywood News : 'Krrish 3' will have powerful villain: Rakesh Roshan

    Hrithik: Father, Son and Superhero!

    2011/5/16 12:07:23

    Rana, move over. Rajnikanth isn't the only one who can pull off three roles in one film.

    Hrithik Roshan will play three characters in Krrish 3 -- father, son and grandson. And if he had his way, Roshan would have played villain too. But his father, director Rakesh Roshan, was keen that Vivek Oberoi play the bad guy.

    Sources say the duo had massive arguments over the matter. Speaking on the casting, Rakesh Roshan said, "It was not possible for Hrithik to play the antagonist. He is already playing three roles. I had Vivek in mind for the part right from the start. He has the right physique and body language for it."

    "Suresh (Vivek Oberoi's father) and I have been friends for years. I wanted to work with Vivek for a long time. When the role of the antagonist in Krrish 3 came up, I instinctively knew Vivek was right for it."

    The producer-director laughs off any suggestion that Oberoi would have to work on his physique for the part. "Both Hrithik and Vivek have the perfect physique. There is nothing more they can do to better it. They just need to start shooting."

    Krrish 3 will hit the floor in November and Rakesh will start location hunting soon. "Most of the film will be shot in Mumbai," he clarified. Will Krrish 3 have the same special effects as the previous film, given that Shah Rukh Khan's Ra.One -- touted to be the film to watch out for -- is releasing?

    "We are not really anxious about the special-effects in other films. We are just happy to be doing what is right for our film. If there are three cars that must be blown up, we won't blow up six just because it looks better."

    Bollywood News : Hrithik: Father, Son and Superhero!

    Aishwarya did it again!

    2010/11/20 18:38:11

    Bollywood beauty Aishwarya Bachchan strikes again with her latest Hindi movie Guzaarish. She pairs with Bollywood handsome hero Hritik Roshan in this film. Surprisingly, both of they play deglamorised characters in this movie, yet they together make the film a super hit with their amazing performance. Of course, the directorial skills of Sanjay Leela Bansali also contributed a lot for this success.

    Unlike our routine mass masala films Bollywood always shows it readiness to make experiments with the stories. Perhaps, the worldwide market for the Hindi films gives it enough courage to adopt any different kind of stories for the films. Guzaarish is also one successful experiment. (The only one experimental film ‘Gaganam’ of Nagarjuna is yet struggling for a safest and comfortable release date!)

    Guzaarish is a story about a physically handicapped person (Hritik Roshan) who works in a radio station talks on how to perform magic with the audiences. He sustains a severe injury to his backbone and confined to wheel chair for 14 years and has to stick to it forever. Despite, the silent suffering he entertains the audiences with his attractive speeches on magic.

    Sophia D’ Souja (Aishwarya Bachchan) who is a nurse by profession while nursing him fall in love with him. The film will take a new course with the entry of a third person Omar Siddique. Hritik Roshan who looses his interest in living applies the government for a mercy killing. What happened in between the trio is well said by the director. The appealing story, impressive performance of the lead pair, the excellence in direction and many other aspects of this film makes the heart tickling one.

    Bollywood News : Aishwarya did it again!

    New Villain in Tollywood

    2007/2/23 15:22:28

    The film Lakshmi Kalyanam has done wonders for both Kalyanram and Ajay. While Kalyanram’s has matured as a performer, Ajay seems to have made a mark as a villain with this film. People who have watched him in Lakshmi Kalyanam swear that the industry has finally found a homegrown villain.

    It has become a trend in Tollywood for quite sometime to import villains either from Kollywood or Bollywood. All this is likely to change to an extent. Ajay, who has shown a lot of promise as a villain in Rajamouli’s film, has now firmly established himself as a villain of good standing. All credit must go to director Teja for bringing out the best in Ajay.

    Keywords:Lakshmi Kalyanam::

    Telugu Cinema News : New Villain in Tollywood

    Comedians to turn villains

    2008/1/17 14:09:32

    It may sound strange but many comedians have expressed a desire to play villain roles. The comedians are very popular for their comic roles but some of them want to act as a villain, in at least one film. Brahmanandam, Ali, Sunil and others have said in public that they are looking for a chance to play villain. Each of them also is very particular that they would like to play a hard-core villain and not some joker kind of villain.

    Sunil seems to be first of the bloc as far as villain roles are concerned. He has acted as a hero in a film. He has now bagged a big role as a full-fledged villain in a new film Sunil promises that the role will be like a mother of all villains. The actor will play a hardcore criminal in the film. Work on the film is likely to start in June.

    Telugu Cinema News : Comedians to turn villains

    From hero to villain!

    2007/12/1 14:16:53 Fate can do many things to many people. It is quite common in the industry for people to make their debut as villains and then slowly transform themselves into heroes. Sri Hari and Gopichand are just two examples.

    But we now have this rather strange incident of a hero turning into a villain. Sai Kiran, who debuted as hero in Nuvve Kaavali, is now playing villain in a new film titled ‘999’. Sai Kiran tried his luck at lead roles in some films but failed to click.

    Telugu Cinema News : From hero to villain!

    New villain in Athidhi?

    2007/7/11 16:03:38

    According to news reports emanating from Tollywood, a new villain from Bollywood has been signed up to play the villain role in Mahesh Babu’s Athidhi. Prakash Raj was the original choice but he is now said to be out of the project. The casual attitude of Prakash Raj is being cited as the reason for the replacement. The new villain Murali Sarma will now feature in the movie. Prakash Raj and Mahesh Babu have done quite a few films together and the last one was Pokiri.

    Telugu Cinema News : New villain in Athidhi?

    Prithviraj as a villain in Mani Ratnam's film.

    2008/5/18 10:03:39

    Prithviraj is said to be the first choice to act as the villain in Mani Ratnam's new untitled film starring Abhishek Bachchan and Aishwarya Rai and Vikram. Prithviraj is trying to be different on a villain role for a second time and also because of a big reason--one which every actor in India considers as a worthy one- Mani Ratnam.

    Though he entered Kollywood playing a villain in 'Kana Kanden', hit films like 'Paarijatham', 'Mozhi' and 'Vellithirai' have now given him an image of a soft hero. Mainstream actors usually won't try doing a villain role and damage their image of a hero that they have attained after much hard work.

    News is that Mani Ratnam has almost finalized Prithviraj to play the villain role. And when it is a Mani Ratnam film, little do actors care whether it's the hero, the villain or the supporting role. Remember Mammootty, who was in a lead supporting cast in Mani Ratnam's 'Thalapathy', which gave a big landing to the actor in Tamil.

    Seems Prithviraj is also expecting some thing similar or better than that through this Mani Ratnam flick.

    Malayalam Cinema News : Prithviraj as a villain in Mani Ratnam's film.

    'Krrish' to be a case study for management students

    2006/7/15 15:35:24

    It looks like Rakesh Roshan's "Krrish", starring his son Hrithik in the title role, is poised for a lengthy innings as it will soon be taught as a case study on successful promotion of Brand India in management schools in India and abroad.

    The Indian Institute Of Management (IIM) in Indore, in collaboration with the Asia Research Centre, the University Of Hong Kong and Harvard Business Case Clearance House, has decided to make an international case study on "Krrish" This will be taught in Indian management institutes across the country and in schools in Europe, Asia, Latin and North America.

    "IIMs are in consensus for short-listing 'Krrish' as one of the first Indian movies which has a capability of an international-level case study. It is one of the few movies which has emerged from Third World countries to have a say in the world market," said Prashant Salwan, professor of international business and marketing, IIM-Indore.

    Download Krrish Wallpapers"Most importantly, it has created a brand called 'India'. IIM-Indore will make an international case study on 'Krrish', which will be taught in IIMs as well as leading business schools across Europe, Asia and America. This research will be of immense help to students in learning management practices, global management of business and global factors of production among others," he added.

    Roshan senior says that he didn't fathom such a response to his film.

    "The interest that 'Krrish' has generated across the world has far exceeded what we expected. We knew we were making something path breaking. But never knew it would be so far-reaching."


    Bollywood News : 'Krrish' to be a case study for management students

    Life Boy!

    2007/11/13 12:52:16

    Now a children's film based on Hrithik Roshan's superhero flick, Krrish, is in the pipeline. That'll be Junior Krrish

    What if the masked saviour Krrish were an 8-year-old? If sources are to be believed, Percept Picture Company is now set to remake the superhero flick starring Hrithik Roshan.

    However, the ambitious remake will feature an all-children cast. The head honchos at the production company have already sent their proposal to Rakesh Roshan and are bidding for the remake rights. A reliable source says, "Percept Picture Company is, presently, concentrating on a subsidiary company that wholly focuses on children's films and animated films. So far they have done Hanuman. If all goes well, they will have a child actor playing Krrish," says our source.

    The plot-line revolves around an 8-year-old with special powers. He is inspired by Krrish and while enacting a few stunts he realises that he has what it takes to be a superhero. The makers will call the film Junior Krrish.

    Apparently, Rakesh Roshan is closely guarding Brand Krrish and has asked for a detailed screenplay and character sketch of the 8-year-old superhero. Right now, the creative team at Percept Picture Company is working on the appearance of the character. Shailendra Singh, joint managing director, Percept Holding, says, "The character sketch is being worked on. We are deciding on the crucial things like the bodysuit and the gadgets that the superhero will have. We are discussing things like whether he should wear the underwear over his uniform. We have to send the details to Rakesh Roshan by this weekend. I gave him the proposal two months ago and yesterday afternoon he said that he would like to study the script in detail."

    He further admits that even if Rakesh Roshan refuses to be part of the Junior Krrish project, the company will go ahead with it anyway. Singh says, "The idea is to create a superhero film for kids. The film is going to be of the kids, by the kids and for the kids. We will go ahead with the project even we don't get to attach the name Krrish to our film."

    Bollywood News : Life Boy!

    Hrithik to co-write Krish 2 with Dad Rakesh

    2007/7/26 16:12:06

    Action superhero Hrithik Rishan will be soon be trying his hand at writing as well. The actor will reportedly help his father to write the script of Krrish 2.

    Father Rakesh Roshan says that Hrithik was always interested in script writing and has always been an intrinsic part of all my films. He confirmed that Hrithik would write Krrish 2 along with him. Apparently whenever the superstar is not shooting and is at home, he joins his father and the team of writers and takes part in discussions on every detail pertaining to the film.

    Hrithik is believed to be taking a lot of interest in the look of Krrish 2 and has even thought of some new stunts for the movie. Hrithik will apparently wind up his work on Jodhaa Akbar in a few days and will then spend time with Rakesh and his team of writers.

    Bollywood News : Hrithik to co-write Krish 2 with Dad Rakesh

    Rakesh Mehra to Direct Krrish 2

    2007/10/4 10:56:01

    Rakesh Mehra is all geared up to hand over the reins of his pet project Krrish 2 to Rakyesh Om Prakash Mehra. The two are in talks for Mehra to direct the next in the Krrish series. However, Rakesh Roshan continues to be the producer.

    The scriptwriting and pre production work of Krrish 2 is underway, according to sources. After that, Mehra will take charge. However, what remains a mystery is why Rakesh Roshan decided not to direct the film. Rakyesh Mehra and the father and son duo of Rakesh and Hrithik Roshan have been in talks for a while. They have had numerous meetings and the plan was finalized just recently.

    Though both parties are pretty gung-ho about the project, neither has been willing to divulge any details. Rakesh Roshan is believed to have said that everything has not been finalized as yet as work on the script of the film continues. A team of writers is working on the script. Even Hrithik has been involved with the writing process. The film is expected to go on the floors by the middle of next year.

    Bollywood News : Rakesh Mehra to Direct Krrish 2

    Krrish rules but Rakesh regrets

    2006/7/1 18:30:15

    The Indian superhero has certainly cast its magic. The Rs 30-cr Krissh has already made Rs 69 crore in just seven days, setting a new record at the box office.

    While cash registers ring with the stupendous success story, the man of the moment is clearly producer-director Rakesh Roshan whose phone hasn’t stopped ringing since last week.

    However, among all the noise of success, Rakesh does regret one thing that his son, actor Hrithik Roshan, is not here to bask in all the glory.

    "I feel sorry for him. During the time of Koi Mil Gaya also he was in shooting in Ladakh for Lakshya and now he is in Namibia shooting for Dhoom2," Rakesh says.

    Krrish opened to almost 100 per cent openings across the country and is still going strong.

    Though critics slammed the film, the box office collections show that Krrish emerged “critics-proof.”

    Rakesh admits that he's getting requests from all quarters to make a sequel of the film but he says he is in no hurry.

    "They are all telling me that you must come up with one more sequel now because the superhero has come to stay. But it is very difficult to think about it now. It is too early, I will take a break and give it a thought and if some idea comes up or some emotional story comes up then only I will go ahead," he says.

    The Roshans may be cautious, but the super success of Krrish indicates that the Indian super hero is here to stay.


    Bollywood News : Krrish rules but Rakesh regrets

    JD can’t believe he is in ‘Robo’

    2008/5/6 9:59:04 Lady luck seems to have finally smiled on hero turned director JD Chakravarthy. This one time hero is now an associate of Ram Gopal Varma. JD has bagged a prestigious role in director Shankar’s new big film ‘Robo’. Rajnikanth is the hero. JD has been signed up to play villain in the film.

    Shankar gave Suman a chance to play villain in Sivaji and the role brought big laurels for Suman. JD’s career is not going great guns and he hopes that this film will bring him back into limelight with a bang. JD is naturally excited to get a chance to act opposite Rajni. That too as a villain! What more could any artist possibly ask for?

    Telugu Cinema News : JD can’t believe he is in ‘Robo’

    Hrithik Roshan conquers Nepal with 'Krrish'

    2006/7/22 16:17:48

    Six years after he was turned into a villain overnight with his films banned in Nepal's theatres, Bollywood's new superman Hrithik Roshan has conquered the kingdom again with his new blockbuster 'Krrish'.

    Released in Nepal on June 23, 'Krrish' is still on for an unprecedented full month.

    Gopi Krishna Movies, the multiplex theatre in the capital that was the first target of the 'Hrithik Roshan' riots in the Himalayan kingdom, is now laughing all the way to the bank, wiping out the staggering loss it had incurred earlier.

    The cinema was showing 'Mission Kashmir' starring Hrithik when a mysterious anti-Hrithik crusade erupted in Nepal.

    'It was at our theatre that the rioting started,' says Niraj Poudel, managing director of Gopi Krishna.

    'A mob stormed the theatre and began ransacking it. They set fire to the Dolby sound system, the air conditioners and the print of the film.'

    A local publication falsely reported that the Bollywood actor had made demeaning statements about Nepal and its people during an interview with a television channel and the report triggered anti-Hrithik demonstrations followed by attacks on cinemas screening his films. Soon, the disruptions snowballed into riots targeting Indian businesses.

    Four people, including a schoolgirl, were killed in the ensuing violence, making the then government as well as theatre entrepreneurs decide to ban the actor's films in Nepal.

    'We suffered a loss of nearly NRS 60,00,000 ($80 000) at that time,' says Poudel.

    'It took nearly a year for the trouble to be settled and Hrithik's next film, 'Kabhi Khushi Kabhi Gham', to be screened here.'

    However, today, he says the loss has been wiped out by the steady profit that has been pouring in since Hrithik's new film 'Krrish', in which he plays a character with superhuman powers, released last month.

    The release, symbolically, coincided with a massive makeover by Gopi Krishna. It reopened with seven auditoriums under one roof with a coffee corner, comfort lounge and children's corner thrown in.

    Three of Gopi Krishna's halls are screening the film apart from two other theatres in the valley, Asta Narayan and Barahi.

    Poudel says it is also doing brisk business in major cities outside the capital, at theatres owned by his family in Biratnagar, Birgunj, Pokhara and Janakpur.

    Hrithik's resurrection in Nepal was facilitated by his signing a contract with Surya Nepal, ITC's joint venture in the kingdom, to be the brand ambassador for John Players, men's readymade line of clothing launched by the tobacco company.

    Now Surya Nepal and John Players are also cashing in on the new Hrithik boom. When 'Krrish' released, Surya Nepal and Gopi Krishna entered into a market strategy, offering a 10 percent discount on John Player items to every movie goer purchasing a 'Krrish' ticket at Gopi Krishna.

    'The strategy has worked well,' said S. Roy, vice-president, marketing at Surya Nepal.

    'We signed up Hrithik last year and by now, the Nepali customer has identified the brand with him and accepted him wholeheartedly.'


    Bollywood News : Hrithik Roshan conquers Nepal with 'Krrish'

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