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on 2008/2/7 11:13:06

'I destroyed underworld script on Sanju's advice'

Mahesh Manjrekar has said that he had destroyed a script on the attack on Chota Rajan in Bangkok on Sanjay Dutt's 'advice'.

Eminent filmmaker and actor Mahesh Manjrekar on Wednesday claimed that he had destroyed a script based on the attack on underworld don Chota Rajan in Bangkok on the "advice" of star Sanjay Dutt.

"I had written script on the actual incident of Chota Rajan that happened in Bangkok. I had written that script after thorough research with the Crime Branch.

Then Sanju liked it but said, 'Why do you take tension? ... Why do you take tension?' Then I tore the script on his advice," Manjrekar was shown telling on TV channel Aaj Tak, which aired a sting operation on Wednesday night on Bollywood-underworld nexus.

The sting operation also showed one-time starlet and former companion of underworld don Abu Salem claiming that Salman's Khan's lawyer 'Guddu' wants to start a movie with the star playing the character role of Abu Salem.

"I was ready to work with Salman Khan. I have no problem working with Salman Khan. However, I will take permission from Abu," she said.

She also felt that Sunny Deol would also "suit" the character of Abu Salem.

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    Sanju: Not marrying Nadia!

    2006/12/3 18:51:19 After his recent rollercoaster ride, Sanju babs is slowly coming to terms with his life and though the court has cleared him of all charges, except one, Sanju isn't really in a mood to celebrate the court verdict. With rumours of his marriage circulating, we decided to dig a little deeper and discovered that there wasn’t much truth in the reports about his possible marriage to girlfriend Nadia. "He's not marrying anyone and least of all Nadia. There are other bigger issues in front of him and his immediate plan is to sort them out. And his main legal issue is still pending," says a friend of the star. So for Sanju, marriage can still wait!


    Bollywood News : Sanju: Not marrying Nadia!

    Sanjay Dutt & the kissa of kisses

    2006/8/24 18:59:17 There’s a funny story behind one of the songs of LAGE RAHO MUNNABHAI. According to music director Shantanu Moitra, the toughest song to work on was ‘Samjo ho hi gaya’. But the toughest part was to shoot a portion of the song, especially the wordings ‘Apun ko mil gayi, arre ek kissing car, back seat pe jee bhar ke kiya pyar’.

    While shooting for this portion, the make-up artist had to create kiss marks on Sanju’s face. He tried every possible way, but it did not look convincing enough. Finally, Sanju jokingly told the choreographer, “There are so many girls in the dancing crew, why don’t we ask them to help us out?” That did it! The choreographer asked the dancers to wear fresh lipstick and plant kisses on Sanju’s face.

    Sanju was shocked when he saw the dancers heading towards him, but it was his suggestion after all. The girls walked up to him one by one and planted a kiss on his face. Once they were through, Sanju was all geared up for the shoot… with a blush and a naughty smile. Sure, this was one day Sanju would never forget!


    Bollywood News : Sanjay Dutt & the kissa of kisses

    RGV traced underworld involvement in state politics!

    2010/12/1 15:56:10 Maverick director Ram Gopal Varma comes with yet another idea to make film on current political situation in the state to highlight the actual intentions of the politicians. He tweets that, so far he made film on family politics and underworld politics but not real time politics. He wrote that, the present political situation in the state inspires him to make a political film with a title- ‘Rajakeeyam.’ He writes that,

    “Company was about underworld politics nd sarkar was about family politics but I never ever made a film on political politics”

    “But now seeing the incredible drama unfolding I have developed this tremendous desire to do a film called 'Rajakeeyam.”

    “Raajakeeyam' will deal with behind the scenes of behind the scenes of political mechanisms nd political psychologies.”

    “Hearing bout wht's going on behind the going ons It dawned upon me tht more than politics in underworld there is more underworld in politics.”

    Telugu Cinema News : RGV traced underworld involvement in state politics!

    Sanjay opts out of film?

    2008/4/14 6:51:02

    Recently rumour had it that actor Sanjay Dutt had opted out of Suniel Shetty produced film to be directed by Ashwini Dheer - now better known as the director of he recently released One Two Three. And since One Two

    Three failed to rake in the moolah and impress the audience, Sanju isn’t too keen to be a part of Dheer’s next venture. However, when we got in touch with the not-very-communicative actor, he said tch-tching, “Where do these rumours stem from?

    I’m very much a part of the film, Suniel is my brother and I’ll do anything for him!” So, is Dutt a part of this one only because Shetty is producing it, or has Sanju genuinely liked the script? We’ll never be able to tell.

    Bollywood News : Sanjay opts out of film?

    Chirutha’s advice to the youth

    2007/8/2 21:11:28 Ram Charan Tej is a modest young man despite his star status. He is shy by nature but opens up easily. Ram Charan attended a fashion show in Hyderabad last night. Speaking to reporters, Ram Charan spoke candidly about his life, film and his parents.

    Ram Charan said that he will not do anything that will make his parents sad and bring them disrespect. He even had a bit of advice to the youth. He said that they should be themselves and should not change their attitude towards life under pressure from others. “Be yourself” – was his advice to the youngsters.

    Telugu Cinema News : Chirutha’s advice to the youth

    Jaya cautions Chiru

    2008/3/19 20:19:56

    Ever since the news of Chiranjeevi entering politics came out, people started commenting about it in a big way. The newspapers as well as TV channels started doling out advice to Chiru. Every Tom, dick and Harry had some advice or the other for Chiranjeevi. Chiru did not take much notice of all this unsolicited advice but he is seeking the advice from some close friends in the industry as also that of some trusted politicians.

    Megastar is reported to have met Jayalalitha secretly when he was in Chennai in January. While many people have responded positively to his idea of entering politics, Jayalalitha is said to have cautioned him in very serious terms.

    She is said to have asked Chiru to have a rethink. Politics is not everyone’s cup of tea and for people like Chiranjeevi it would be that much difficult. She said that a sensitive person like Chiranjeevi would suffer unnecessarily in politics. Chiranjeevi has a high respect for Jayalalitha. We have to see how far he will take her advice now.

    Andhra News : Jaya cautions Chiru

    Rs 4 Cr worth Ganja destroyed

    2011/11/18 22:47:22 The Excise sleuths in Medak district on Friday conducted raid and destroyed ganja plantations being cultivated illegally near Venkatapur tanda in Narayankhed mandal in Medak district.

    In the early morning swoop, the Excise sleuths with the assistance of local police and forest department officials conducted raid on Venkatapur tanda and set ablaze the illegal plantations. According to Excise personnel, the illegal ganja plantation burnt in the farm was worth around Rs 4 crore in the international market. However, they said the value of ganja destroyed in the raid was yet to be ascertained.

    The officials said the raids were conducted as a part of drive to check the cultivation of ganja. However, the officials did not arrest anyone in this connection in the Venkatapur tanda.

    Ganja cultivation is banned under the Narcotic Drugs and Psychotropic Substances Act. A case has been registered in Medak police station in this regard. (INN)

    Andhra News : Rs 4 Cr worth Ganja destroyed

    JALSA (evariki!) - Review by Bhanu

    2008/4/2 15:14:25
    JALSA (evariki!)

    I had the luck to get ticket for the 8pm show in Fremont. I was at the Park Theatre by 7:30pm a good 30 min before the scheduled show expecting lots of festivities. To my surprise there were no such fans in the crowd who shout some slogans for Pawan or Chiru.

    As expected, another, surprise, the show did start at 8pm and within minutes there was calm all around probably everybody watching the show got the sense of what was coming. OK let's get into JALSA.

    Some sort of introduction my 'Prince', sorry nothing is audible because of the 'FANS' making noise in anticipation of something good, here comes Sonja(Pawan) going to Prakash Raj asking for his elder daughter (Kamlini), Prakash Raj refuses and she gets married to some dude. We are told after a year Sanju meets Bhagi (Illeana) and like in Balu some so called comedy scenes with some songs and fights in between drags us to the interval with Sanju revealing he had naxalite past.

    As expected we get into the past of Sanju comes some unconvincing scenes all die in Sanju Family and he goes into the forest to become a naxalite (for what?) and he meets Prakash Raj (a police officer) and again some so called comedy moments and as usual (most you would have guessed) refuses to get his second daughter, Bhagi, married to Sanju and employs a bodyguard, Brahamandam, as you can expect some routine comedy scenes follow. In between to accommodate some fights, there is a bad guy following Sanju and nobody knows why(I am sure the writer also has no clue) and because we have to have a climax the bad guy sets up his son to get married to Bhagi and more routine scenes follow.

    Oh, there is Parvati Melton, don't know what she was doing in the movie.

    The music director must be feeling so sad, since his effort has gone waste.

    Overall the movie has nothing to think, worry or talk about.

    Pawan looked like person searching for something missing.

    If you are a die hard fan of Chiru, kandhan, you may like this.

    Does, Trivikram, know who is the director of JALSA.

    Bhanu M Viswanadha, PMP

    Telugu Cinema News : JALSA (evariki!) - Review by Bhanu

    Truckloads of currency destroyed!

    2007/3/17 15:31:02

    A huge pit was dug up in Chennai and truckloads of currency dumped into it. The currency was lit up and burned. All this in broad daylight! Now who do you think would do this? This is the work of the unit of the film ‘Shivaji’ starring Rajanikanth.

    The normal practice in movies to show currency is by inserting blank papers in currency bundles. But in ‘Shivaji’, the director got a huge amount of fake currency printed. Now that the hooting is over, the currency notes have been destroyed by setting them on fire. For the surprising onlookers, the mystery was finally solved.

    Telugu Cinema News : Truckloads of currency destroyed!

    Sanjay Dutt under extreme stress

    2007/5/31 9:30:25

    The long court procedure and family disputes regarding the latest woman in Sanjay Dutt's life, have taken their toll on Sanjay Dutt's health. The actor, who suffered an almost-complete lung collapse three decades ago, is apparently on the verge of a health hazard now.

    A very close friend reveals that a serious back problem has put Dutt into a state of acute pain. "Two of the bones in his vertebrae have collapsed suddenly. Sanju had to have them attended to immediately. Now he needs to go for physiotherapy every afternoon to Nanavati hospital which is a good forty-five minutes away from his home.

    That's some more pressure on Sanju's already-awry schedules and also on his troubled health. That isn't the end of his troubles. To add to his timetable pressures, Sanju is shooting nights for Indra Kumar's Dhamaal. He isn't getting enough sleep. And we're all very worried about his health. He gets up tired and goes through his chaotic routine and pretends to be funny during nights. It isn't healthy. "

    Bollywood News : Sanjay Dutt under extreme stress

    Sanju's 'Mana' from heaven!

    2007/1/8 16:51:10

    Behind every successful man is a woman. Sanjay Dutt is probably a believer of that phrase. He’s turned over a new leaf and the woman responsible for that is his mysterious new ladylove, the 30- plus Manyata. We got a glimpse of Mana, as she is called by close friends, at the Star Screen Awards on Saturday evening when Sanju protectively escorted her around the MMRDA Grounds.

    Positive changes

    Says a source close to Sanjay, “This the first time Sanjay has stepped out with Mana in public. She has been a tremendous source of strength and support for Sanjay ever since they started dating.

    Mana supervises his diet, makes sure he eats on time and can take credit for disciplining his life. She is an independent, successful woman and runs her own textile business. Sanju is very serious about her.”

    The source adds that they’ve been dating for nearly four months now. “These past few months, Sanjay has been in seventh heaven,” reveals the source. “Ever since Mana entered his life, his friends have stopped visiting his home at all hours of the day and night.

    Sanju’s home is not an open house any longer. Besides, some really close friends like Nitin Manmohan, Sanjay Gupta, etc, you won’t find any hangers-on around at his Bandra flat now. Mana makes sure Sanjay wakes up early and works out regularly.”

    Recently, rumours were rife that Sanju was still seeing Nadia Durrani and had even proposed marriage. But the source says, “Sanjay broke up with Nadia a year ago, but their relationship had been falling apart long before that.

    It’s rubbish that he proposed to her at a disco. He’s very serious about Mana. They spend every minute they can together. Don’t be surprised if Sanjay calls out of the blue and tells you that they’ve gotten married. He’s so serious that he actually introduces her to friends as his wife.”

    No more baggage

    The source adds that Mana has been responsible for more than just physical and emotional changes in Sanjay.
    Says the source, “A lot of riff-raff has been thrown out of Sanjay’s life thanks to Mana.

    Many people have taken advantage of Sanju’s goodness and borrowed money from him and never paid back. Mana put Kaleem (Sanju’s manager) on the job, and today all that money has come back to him. Sanju is happy and at peace with himself now.

    He never settled down completely with Rhea (Pillai) as his court case was constantly hovering over his head like the sword of Damocles. This is the first time he has settled comfortably in a relationship.”


    Bollywood News : Sanju's 'Mana' from heaven!

    Isha Koppikar gets familiar with underworld for upcoming roles

    2006/9/5 17:27:59

    Young Bollywood actress Isha Koppikar will go from mafia don's mistress to mafia don in her roles in two upcoming movies about the underworld, a news report said Tuesday.

    Koppikar plays the mistress of a crime boss in Farhan Akhtar's ``Don,'' which is to be released in October and stars one of India's top leading men, Shah Rukh Khan.

    She'll follow that role with a turn as a don in the movie ``Shabri,'' based on the life of a female underworld boss, the Hindustan Times reported. The movie is still shooting and no release date has been set.

    ``'Don' is a big bet in hi-fi glamorous look, while 'Shabri' gave me a chance to prove myself,'' the daily quoted Koppikar as saying.

    Koppikar had to put on weight for her role in Shabri, ``but while emulating the sufferings she had gone through, I lost my appetite,'' she reportedly said.


    Bollywood News : Isha Koppikar gets familiar with underworld for upcoming roles

    Sanju jazzes around

    2007/7/16 12:18:19

    This has got to be the most unlikely coming together in the music world. Last week, composer-turned-singer Bappi Lahiri and actor-turned-amateur singer Sanjay Dutt sang a duet for Sanjay Gupta's Alibaug.

    The song 'Raat khamosh hai subah bolegi' written by Neelesh Mishra was composed by Bappi Lahiri's son Bappa. Sanjay Gupta plans to use the Dutt-Lahiri ballad for the promotional video of Alibaug.

    "Sanju has been singing quite often these days. He sang in my film Zinda. Then he even did a duet with Asha Bhosle. But in 'Raat khamosh hai' Sanju renders the notes like a true professional," says Gupta.

    The manner in which the actor managed the intricate notes has spurred him on to seriously consider cutting an album on his own. Gupta says, "I wanted a New Orleans jazz-blues kind of feel to the tune. Bappa gave me that. I'm a big fan of Bappida. When he agreed to sing for Alibaug it was a special occasion for my production house and for him. This was also the first time that Bappida sang for his son. It was an emotional moment for all of us."

    At first, Dutt was shy about matching chords with the veteran composer-singer. "But soon they hit it off like two music-minded people always do. It was great fun for all of to watch them sing together," says Gupta.

    When contacted, Bappi Lahiri said, "Sanju Baba has always been my favourite. He has featured in some of my biggest hits like 'Tamma tamma'. But this was a different territory. I not only sang 'Raat khamosh hai' with him, we also shot the music video together." How was Sanju as a singer? "Ussnein sambhaal liya (he managed fine)," he replied.

    Bollywood News : Sanju jazzes around

    Shah Rukh should be the Hockey Ambassador, not me

    2007/8/22 11:22:17

    Suniel Shetty has just returned from Chandigarh after being appointed the brand ambassador for hockey….to hear some good news.

    "It's really heartening to hear Sanju is being released on interim bail. What do I say? It's an answer to all the prayers that people have sent up for him. It's the junta's goodwill that has kept him going. It's Sanju who has brought the concept of Gandhi-giri to people. And I believe he truly believes in peace. Sanju is totally converted."

    Suniel is currently confused about being appointed the brand ambassador for hockey. "It was an awesome experience to be given the responsibility to revive the game. I may be a right choice. But after seeing Chak De I think Shah Rukh Khan is a much better choice for representing hockey for the country. I saw the film twice. And I'm completely bowled over by Shah Rukh's performance. He could play anything. But he chooses to play this serious troubled hockey coach. I think Shah Rukh has his stardom for a good 50 years more. Chak De proves it."

    Suniel feels he's the wrong choice to endorse hockey. "I seriously want them to reconsider my appointment. I mean, there I was being appointed brand ambassador for the game while Shah Rukh is bringing hockey back into favour like nobody's business."

    Bollywood News : Shah Rukh should be the Hockey Ambassador, not me

    Special puja for Sanjay

    2007/8/31 8:23:33

    Director Sanjay Gupta’s Versova house was visible from afar, bathed and bedecked in lights. It made for a fitting venue for a special puja that he had organised for Sanjay Dutt. It was also Sanju’s first appearance after he was released from jail on an interim bail.

    Bollywood actors, and producers had turned up in full force to be with their beloved Sanju Baba as he made his first appearance since the time he came home last Wednesday. People turned up in hordes for the mata ki chowky to pray for Sanju.

    Sanju walked in at 7 pm sharp. Dressed in a simple white T-shirt and blue denims, he was a picture of calm. Friends Bunty Walia, Ajay Arora and Paresh Gehlani walked in with him. Manyata, reportedly, was cooking dinner at home for sister Priya’s birthday.

    The aarti started at quarter past seven, with Dutt performing the Jyot Jalana ceremony and tying the holy band (chunni) around Mata’s idol. It was an auspicious day indeed, with Raksha Bandhan and sister Priya Dutt’s birthday falling on the same day.

    Gupta insisted that Sanju was the eldest in the family; and ensured that he performed all the rituals. Brothers Rohit and Ronit Roy came together with their wives Manasi and Neelam respectively.

    Dia Mirza was seen in her usual chirpy mood. Kirron Kher walked in late, probably straight from a shoot and Vivek Oberoi arrived straight from Chennai, at 11 pm. Anu Malek was seen chatting with Manoj Bajpai who was accompanied by wife Neha.

    VJ Sophie was also seen at the puja, along with Koena Mitra, Bappi Lahiri, Sanjay Suri, Suparna Varma, Rakesh Upadhyay, Masumi, Parvin Dabas and Hansal Mehta. After the puja, prasad and dinner were served to the guests.

    Bollywood News : Special puja for Sanjay

    Bothsa is the new KVP!

    2011/3/24 9:33:36

    Remember KVP? He was the high profile advisor to the chief minister YS Rajashekar Reddy and also the all in one during YSR’s regime.

    Nowadays KVP has been completely sidelined and he is keeping a low profile.

    A new advisor (unofficial) is slowly emerging. He is none other than the one and only Bothsa Sathyanarayana.

    Bothsa is giving advice to the chief minister on various issues through his letters. Chief Minister Kiran Kumar Reddy has confirmed this and aid that the suggestions and advice given by Bothsa is useful and invaluable.

    Andhra News : Bothsa is the new KVP!

    Who is Mr.Fraud - Sanju or Ajay?

    2006/7/28 16:09:56

    The title of a film should be an indicator of its content. And Abbas-Mustan are extremely choosy when it comes To choosing the title of their films. Be it AGNEEKAAL, BAAZIGAR, TAARZAN or their last release, 36 CHINA TOWN, the director duo have, most of the times, believed in opting for offbeat titles for their films.

    Although the talented directors had commenced shooting of Ashtavinayak’s Sanjay Dutt-Ajay Devgan-Bipasha Basu starrer in London, the title of the film was still undecided. But the title has been confirmed and so is the release date. The title is MR. FRAUD and the release is planned for January/February 2007. But the question is, who among the two is ‘Mr. Fraud’ in the film -- Sanju or Ajay?


    Bollywood News : Who is Mr.Fraud - Sanju or Ajay?

    Of The People

    2008/1/8 8:58:30

    Jayaraj has lost his magic touch to make movies with new themes and fresh innovative ideas. He still cannot get out of the web cast by his first people movie 4 the people, as his last in the trilogy Of the people is a boring flick which is also technically tacky.

    . Storywise, it’s old wine in new bottle. This film begins where 4 the people ended. Three of the four vigilantes – Easwar Iyer (Arjun) Shafique (Padmakumar) and Sebastin (Arun) come out of jail after serving their sentences, but are shunned by the society and students. Being influenced by Che Guevara, they go to the forests to fight a guerilla style war through their laptop as they have like in the original created a website where they take complaints from harassed people and annihilate baddies dressed like Che Guevara!

    A journalist Nancy Issac (Devipriya) interviews them and they become top on the watch list of Hari Shankar (Harish), the new IPS officer looking after the case. The big bad guy is Nassar (Anoop), the land mafia leader who starts targeting our guys. Nancy is murdered leading to a long drawn out predictable climax.

    There is no iota of originality in the film. And the songs which were the highlight in the original is let down, with no hummable number. In short Of the people is a documentary on Kerala politics or what appeared in the media like the eviction drive in Munnar, the land mafia of Kochi, police-underworld nexus, campus unrest and other happenings.

    Our advice to Jayaraj- "Stop the people series and vigilante stories full of music video style songs which look like an ad for Kerala tourism". Please find a good script before embarking on your next venture.

    Malayalam Cinema News : Of The People

    Salman summoned in Bollywood-underworld nexus case

    2006/12/13 14:39:44

    Bollywood actor Salman Khan has been summoned by the Mumbai crime branch for questioning in a case of alleged Bollywood nexus with the underworld, a senior police official said here today.

    "He will be questioned today after his name cropped up during interrogation of another accused Anjum Phajalani", DCP (Detection) D T Shinde told a news agency.

    Phajalani, an alleged Chhota Shakeel aide, was deported from Dubai last month along with nine other gang members and booked under the stringent Maharashtra Control of Orgainsed Crime Act (MCOCA).

    During interrogation, Phajalani has reportedly told the police that it was after his threats issued under Shakeel's name that Salman Khan had reduced his fees for acting in the movie 'Chori Chori Chupke Chupke', produced by Naseem Rizvi.

    Rizvi has been convicted for having links with the underworld in the same case.

    Film financier Bharat Shah was also held guilty by the court in the same case


    Bollywood News :  Salman summoned in Bollywood-underworld nexus case

    Sanjay in no mood to celebrate

    2006/7/29 21:07:12

    Today, Sanjay Dutt celebrates his 47th birthday. But the deadly Dutt has no big plans for the day.

    Says a close friend of the actor, “Sanju will not be bringing in his birthday with a big bash.
    It will be a quiet affair with family and extremely close friends like Ajay Arora and Sanjay Gupta. He is not in a good frame of mind and doesn’t feeling like celebrating much. Originally, we had planned a big party but now that’s been called off.”

    Dutt has just finished shooting for Ashtavinayak’s Production No 6 directed by Abbas-Mustan. In August, he will start shooting for Shootout At Lokhandwala. Sanju’s other releases include Vidhu Vinod Chopra’s Lage Raho Munnabhai, Eklavya and Anthony Kaun Hai.


    Bollywood News : Sanjay in no mood to celebrate

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