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on 2011/1/19 12:06:59

Is Tamanna in love?!

Is the sexy and charming young heroine Tamanna in love? Yes say unit members of her new film.

Tamanna is now acting in a film titled ‘I Love You’. The film stars Naga Chaitanya in the lead. Sukumar is the director.

The unit members say that Chaitu and Tamanna have been sharing great chemistry and this is not restricted to just the screen alone. The two are reported to be deeply in love.

While Chaitu is trying his best to keep it secret from his dad Nagarjuna, Tamanna is not exactly bothered. The talk may actually give a boost to the film.

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    Tamanna wants this desperately

    2011/3/24 10:56:29

    The hot and happening Tamanna is all set to make a grand re-entry in Telugu with the Naga Chaitanya starrer film 100% Love.

    Tamanna is very busy in Tamil and she also commands a huge price tag. However, Tamanna has a burning desire. She wants to act in an award winning film so that she can bag the coveted best actress award.

    For this, Tamanna is ready to take a cut in remuneration and act in small budget and experimental films. So directors with new and fresh ideas and storyline can approach Tamanna straightaway.

    Telugu Cinema News : Tamanna wants this desperately

    Tamanna, from hot and sexy to sexier and sexiest

    2011/6/6 9:23:28

    Tamanna is now on a roll. She is now all set to storm Tollywood with a number of films. Tamanna ahs already put hot babes like Ileana, Anushka and others on notice with her exposing in the Naga Chaitanya starrer film 100% Love.

    Tamanna is now all set to unleash her hot sex appeal in the Allu Arjun starrer Badrinath that is all set to hit the screens on June 10.

    Tamanna has also bagged roles in the NTR starrer Oosaravelli and the Ram Charan starrer Raccha.

    Telugu Cinema News : Tamanna, from hot and sexy to sexier and sexiest

    Tamanna First rank, Chaitu Second…

    2011/5/7 17:57:47

    The film 100%Love hit the screens yesterday. The film is about teenagers, love, egos and of course studies. The hero is a bookworm and he always stands first in school and college. In fact he gets firs rank in the state in Inter and Eamcet.

    In the film, Tamanna for a change comes first giving a big shock to Naga Chaitanya. After watching the film, the audience too is giving the first rank to Tamanna. She is getting good marks for her acting in the film. While Tamanna is getting more than 70% marks, Naga Chaitanya is getting just around 60%.

    Telugu Cinema News : Tamanna First rank, Chaitu Second…

    Tamanna did it just for fun

    2011/9/26 17:17:19

    Tamanna is now a busy actress with many films in hand. She is now enjoying big success in Tollywood. Tamanna took a break recently to do a cat walk. She said that she did it just for fun. Tamanna sported the designs of Nitu and Nikisha in the cat walk.

    Ice 'n' Spice - Movies : Tamanna did it just for fun

    Want dowry? Forget Tamanna!!

    2010/9/27 15:23:53

    The young Tamanna is sleek and tender. She looks very vulnerable but inside she is a tough cookie.

    Tamanna said that she hates the dowry system and wants all the men who ask for dowry and demand extra dowry after marriage punished.

    Tamanna made it clear that the guy who is ready to marry her must forget dowry. If a prospective groom demands dowry then he can forget her, said Tamanna tongue firmly in cheek.

    Telugu Cinema News : Want dowry? Forget Tamanna!!

    'Sad Days' for Tamanna

    2008/2/26 14:44:26

    Tamanna was struggling to make a name when she bagged a role in Shekar Kammula's film 'Happy Days'. The film changed her fate completely. Tamanna is now a busy actor with films in Telugu, Tamil and Hindi.

    Tamanna was on a roll literally. She had a big film in the offing too. She auditioned for a role of opposite none other than Ram Charan. SS Rajamouli conducted a photo session with Tamanna. Even before she learnt about the result, Tamanna started celebrating the big event. She organized a big party for her friends at a swanky pub in Hyderabad.

    But to her shock and utter disappointment, Tamanna learnt the next day that it is Kajal Agarwal who had pipped her to the post. Kajal also auditioned for the role and she was chosen to play opposite Ram Charan in his new film 'Dheerudu'.

    Tamanna is now reported to be mourning her loss by drowning herself in liquor. It was a big blow for Tamanna, from Happy Days; she is now going through some 'Sad Days'.

    Telugu Cinema News : 'Sad Days' for Tamanna

    Tamanna with Ram Charan?

    2008/1/3 13:41:15 The young and talented actress Tamanna is now all set to go places. She made a big name with her role in Shekar Kammula’s ‘Happy Days’. Tamanna has bagged a couple of big films in Tamil and is also eyeing Hindi films.

    Tamanna is now on the verge of bagging a big film in Telugu too. She is now being considered to play the lead opposite none other than Ram Charan for his new film. S S Rajmouli will direct the film and Allu Aravind is the producer. The film will commence shooting from the 18th of this month.

    Telugu Cinema News : Tamanna with Ram Charan?

    Tamanna’s ‘Endukante’

    2011/6/24 21:21:04

    The in form Tamanna is all set romance hero Ram in a feel good love story. The film will go on to the sets on June 27.

    Sravnathi Ravi Kishore is the producer and Karunakar of Ullasamga Uthsahamga and Darling fame is the director.

    Telugu Cinema News : Tamanna’s ‘Endukante’

    Punjabi girl Tamanna in Tamil film

    2007/5/3 9:18:17

    Mumbai based actor Tamanna, who made her debut with KD and SJ Suryah's Vyapari, will soon be seen in a Tamil film.

    Tamanna, originally from Punjab, will be playing the female lead in Tamil film Azhagiri. The film, touted as an action movie, is being directed by Suresh for producer Ramesh Babu under the banner of Kanakaratna Movies. It is a remake of Lion, a Malayalam political thriller. The film has been remade in Telugu by Dr Rajasekhar and titled Evadaithey Nakenti.

    Tamanna, who has also signed Balajai Sakthivel's next film that rolls from 7 May 2007, is currently shooting in Hyderabad for Happy Days.

    Tamil Cinema News :  Punjabi girl Tamanna in Tamil film

    Tamanna's shocking behaviour

    2010/10/18 9:59:01

    Tamanna is a fairly successful heroine. She has carved a name for herself both in Telugu as well as Tamil.

    Tamanna of late has started acting very pricey. She is reportedly quoting a very high figure for acting in films.

    According to sources Tamanna has jacked up her rate to 1.5 crore. The producers who approach her to sign her up for their films are shocked when they hear this.

    What is more shocking is her reported high handed and don’t give a damn attitude. The behviour of Tamanna is not correct and it will only end up damaging her career in the industry say observers.

    Telugu Cinema News : Tamanna's shocking behaviour

    Tamanna on the move

    2007/5/30 10:14:06

    Tamanna is making the right moves in Kollywood. She started with Kedi directed by Jyothi Krishna. Her performance in a role with negative shades was acclaimed. She followed it up with a glamorous outing in S J Suryah's Vyabari.

    Tamanna is happy now that she has commenced the shooting for director Balaji Sakthivel's Kallori. The director has won rave reviews for his maiden venture Kadhal. Thrilled to be part of the project, Tamanna says, “I hope things happen at the right time for me”.

    She says, “My role in the film is very aesthetic and pleasing. I am confident that there would be lots of feather in my cap after Kallori's release”. When asked about her, Tamanna says,”I am simple girl. Acting has always been my passion. I know my limitations and I am correcting them”.

    Tamil Cinema News : Tamanna on the move

    Tamanna with Allu Arjun

    2008/2/20 14:17:55

    Tamanna is really going great guns. She is now bagging film after film after the stupendous success of ‘Happy Days’.

    Tamanna is now getting busy with offers in Telugu, Tamil and also Hindi. The latest news is that Tamanna has now bagged a plum role of Alu Arjun. The film has been titeld as ‘Chandra Prathap’ and Sukumar is the director. Sukumar gave the blockbuster film Arya with Allu Arjun in the lead.

    Telugu Cinema News : Tamanna with Allu Arjun

    Tamanna will not 'show'!

    2011/10/2 17:05:38

    Tamanna is a milk white beauty who is more famous for her bold exposing scenes in her films. She went all out in exposing in 100%Love as well as Allu Arjun's Badrinath.

    The fans who go to watch Oosaravelli may however be in for some huge disappointment. Director Surender Reddy is reported to have given her a role that evokes admiration and awe. So she will be seen fully dressed up saris etc. and not in skimpy and exposing costumes!

    Ice 'n' Spice - Movies : Tamanna will not 'show'!

    Tamanna’s adult show

    2011/6/7 20:38:56

    Tamanna is a hot white beauty with a figure that anyone would die for. She has done a lot of exposing in films and is now giving tough completion to other heroines who do not shy away from exposing.

    Tamanna has done a very, very hot show in the Allu Arjun starrer film Badrinath. It is being said that it was due to Tamanna and her exposing that the film was given an ‘A’ certificate by the censor board.

    While Allu Arjun has a good fan following and director VV Vinayak too is a good draw at the box office, this time it is going to be Tamanna who will draw the audience, particularly the youth in large numbers to the theaters.

    If the film is a big hit then a major part of the credit will go to Tamnna and notAllu Arjun. However, papa Aravind wouldn’t mind this as long as the cash registers keep ringing.

    Telugu Cinema News : Tamanna’s adult show

    Tamanna on top

    2007/11/26 10:58:41 Tamanna’s career is zooming off after the stupendous success of Happy Days. This young babe from Mumbai acted in a couple of films before Happy Day but could not make a mark. But Shekar Kammula’s film changed all that.

    She is now busy with over half a dozen films in her kitty. She has been signed to play opposite Prabhas, Uday Kiran, Nitin, and Rajesh etc. and success has also pushed up her remuneration. According to reports from filmnagar, Tamanna is now asking for 20 lakhs per film and the producers are ready to pay her that amount.

    Telugu Cinema News : Tamanna on top

    Varun Sandesh and Tamanna back!

    2008/2/5 15:48:25 Senior producer and now director, MS Raju has signed up the hit pair of Varun Sandesh and Tamanna for his new film. The film has been titled as ‘Pellivaarillu’. The film will be a lighthearted family entertainer.

    The other lead pair in the film is Navdep and Sindhu Menon of Chandamama fame. Senior director Kodi Ramakrishan is coming back after a gap with this film.

    Tamanna is going great guns with offers in Telugu and Tamil and also Hindi. Varun Sandesh bagged a film produced by Dil Raju titled ‘Kotha Bangaru Lokam’.

    Andhra News : Varun Sandesh and Tamanna back!

    100% Love today

    2011/5/5 22:19:53

    The film 100% Love is hitting the screens in a few hours from now. The film is a simple love story between cousins (bava-maradalu).

    Naga Chaitanya and Tamanna are the lead actors. Sukumar is the director and music is by Devi Sree Prasad. The film was cleared without a single cut by the censor board and was given a clean ‘U’.

    Telugu Cinema News : 100% Love today

    I am the number one heroine

    2011/2/12 11:40:28
    The sexy babe Tamanna is now acting in tow films in Telugu – one is Bardinath will Allu Arjun and the other is with Naga Chaitanya directed by Sukumar.

    Tamanna is very popular in Tamil and she now claims that the time has come for her to grab the number one spot in Telugu. Wonder what babes like Ileana, Kajal and Anushka have to say about this?

    Telugu Cinema News : I am the number one heroine

    Ram Charan, Tamanna learning dance

    2011/10/2 12:23:32

    Ram Charan's Rachcha shooting is now in brisk progress near Hyderabad. A special set has seen erected for the shooting near Hyderabad.

    Ram Charan and Tamanna are seen enacting roles as students at a dance academy.

    Ice 'n' Spice - Movies : Ram Charan, Tamanna learning dance

    Vinayak’s sex video at sacred Badrinath!

    2011/6/10 11:09:56

    Director VV Vinayak’s film Badrinath has a lot of skin show. The director first shows the religious sanctity of the place and in the next second offends the religious sentiments and beliefs of the people.

    Vinayak first show that the water from sacred water fall will fall only on good people. So, when Tamanna stands under it, the water fall stops.

    However the director has shamelessly shown Tamanna soaking under the water fall in skimpy costumes and fantasizing about her lover Allu Arjun (Badrinath).

    In the name of entertainment Vinayak has shot a song that is nothing short of a sex video. The way Tamanna and gyrate in the wet song revealing Tamanna’s body is simply disgusting to say the least.

    There are five songs in the film – all duets. All the songs are out of place and they all look like music videos rather than duets that one is familiar in Telugu films.

    Vinayak should have made a sex video if he wanted to make one and fulfill his desire. Why did he have to insult the beliefs and sentiments of the devotees by using the sacred Badrinath as the backdrop for a film that is more like of a semi-porn film? Tamanna is used only for skin show – she wears only skimpy and revealing dresses from start to finish.

    Telugu Cinema News : Vinayak’s sex video at sacred Badrinath!

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