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on 2007/1/30 12:36:00

Jagadam – new heroine ‘Isha’

Ram is the hero and Isha is the heroine in Jagadam. This film is directed by Sukumar. It is scheduled to release in February. At present the shooting is going in Hyderabad on the hero & heroine.

Producer Aditya Babu spoke : ‘Its almost a mass type film. A Youngman from slum area began his fight with some – the film will tell us why and how he began his fight, music is by Devisri Prasad'.

Starring: Pradeep Rawath, Satyaprakash, Prakash Raj, A.S.Ravi Kumar Chowdary, Sharnya and others. Camera Ratneveli, Fights – Vijay, Art Prasad.


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    'Jagadam' audio launch on New Year's Day

    2006/12/24 13:12:58

    The audio of 'Jagadam' directed by Sukumar and produced by Aditya Babu of Adtya Arts with Ram of 'Devadasu-film and debutant heroine Isha in the female lead is planned to be released on January 1. The film has Ratnavelu as cinematographer, while action episodes were choreographed by Vijay. Devisri Prasad gave melodious tunes to this entertainer.


    Telugu Cinema News : 'Jagadam' audio launch on New Year's Day

    Isha: A new face in Tollywood

    2007/2/6 1:53:31

    A new face is being launched in Tollywood. Her name is Isha. The young and vivacious beauty is the new find of ‘Arya’ fame Director Sukumar.

    The Director made numerous trips to Mumbai in search of a new face. He scanned over thousands of photographs in search of a heroine for his new film ‘Jagadam’.

    However his search bore no fruit. However he chanced upon a photograph of Isha in a magazine and zeroed in on her. Welcome to another import to Tollywood.


    Telugu Cinema News : Isha: A new face in Tollywood

    One song in balance for 'Jagadam'

    2007/2/1 14:09:56

    Jagadam starring Ram and Isha is done with talkie part. Now songs are in progress. Recently the song 5 feet 8 inches was filmed at BHEL and Koti womens college, golkonda fort etc.

    Devisri Prasad composed music and Ratnavelu handles the camera. Only one more song is left to be filmed. 'Finishing up the post-production work, Jagadam will release in the middle of February', said producer Aditya Babu.


    Telugu Cinema News : One song in balance for 'Jagadam'

    'Jagadam' audio released

    2007/1/21 16:34:11

    The audio of 'Jagadam' directed by Sukumar and produced by Adityababu on the banner of Aditya Arts with Ram of 'Devadasu'-fame and debutant heroine Isha in the lead was launched at Prasad Labs preview theatre in Hyderabad on Saturday.

    Devisri Prasad gave tunes for this film and the music is being marketed by Supreme Music. The speciality of the audio release is that the songs were released by various technicians, including production boys. Producer Adityababu says, 'Though the hero, heroine and other artistes and the director known for striving for the success of the film, several others hard work is also there behind the success of the film.

    Hence we honored them by getting the songs released through them. Ratnavelu's camera work, lyrics by Sahiti and Chandrabose would attract everyone. Presently post-production works are in progress.'

    Keywords:Jagadam,Jagadam Audio::

    Telugu Cinema News : 'Jagadam' audio released

    'Jagadam' completes shoot but for a song

    2007/2/23 13:07:53

    The shooting of a song remained balance for 'Jagadam' directed by Sukumar and produced by Adityababu on the banner of Aditya Arts with Ram of 'Devadasu'-fame and debutant heroine Isha in the lead. Adityababu says, 'We have recently shot a song 'Five feet eight inches…' under the choreography of Prem Rakshit in a different way on the hero and heroine. One more song is yet to be canned, which would be started from February 23 at Film City. With this we will wrap up the shooting.' Director says, 'What is the quarrel (Jagadam).

    The quarrel is between whom? What are the consequences? form part of the story. I liked the way of choreography of Prem Rakshit in 'Mantra' and gave him a chance to do a song in our film.' Hero Ram says, 'The film 'Jagadam' would earn me the name like Devadasu and in fact it would enhance my image.' Pradeep Rawat, Prakashraj, Tanikella Bharani, Telangana Shakuntala, Raghubabu are in the lead cast. Music is by Devisri Prasad, camera is by Ratnavelu and action is by Vijay. Story, screenplay and direction are by Sukumar.


    Telugu Cinema News : 'Jagadam' completes shoot but for a song

    'Jagadam' audio on Jan 15

    2007/1/9 7:42:07

    The shooting of 'Jagadam' directed by Sukumar of 'Arya'-fame and produced by Aditya Babu on the banner of Aditya Productions with Ram of 'Devadasu'-fame and debutant heroine Isha in the lead was almost complete but for the canning of four songs.

    Devisri Prasad gave melodious tunes for the film and the audio is likely to hit the market on January 15 as Sankranthi gift, through Supreme Music.

    Telugu Cinema News : 'Jagadam' audio on Jan 15

    'Jagadam' is in dubbing process

    2006/12/18 13:50:24 Dubbing activity is in progress for 'Jagadam' directed by Sukumar and produced by Aditya Babu on the banner of Aditya Arts with Ram and new face Isha in the lead.

    The director who had created a new trend in love subjects, is all set for creating a new trend in action scenes with this film. Noted action choreographer Vijay had directed the action scenes in the film in a novel way with the help of cameraman Ratnavelu.

    Devisri Prasad's music will be another highlight of the film. The audio is likely to be released on January 1 while the film is slated for January 25 release.


    Telugu Cinema News : 'Jagadam' is in dubbing process

    'Jagadam' for screen presence on March 8

    2007/2/27 15:26:33

    The canning of the last song for the film 'Jagadam' directed by Sukumar and produced by Adityababu on the banner of 'Aditya Arts' with Ram of 'Devadasu'-fame and debutant heroine Isha in the lead, is progressing well. The director and producer say, 'With this we will wrap up the shooting. We are sure that the film would create a different trend in action episodes.' Devisri Prasad gave melodious tunes for this film and the audio is getting a very good response.

    Even as the shooting is in progress, the film had completed almost all the post-production works and is presently busy in Digital Intermediate work. The producer wanted to completed all the formalities as early as possible and release the film on March 8. 'Every human being will have an animal instinct and nobody knows when it would come out. In case if that emotion comes out, how that fellow would behave,' is the basic storyline of the film.


    Telugu Cinema News : 'Jagadam' for screen presence on March 8

    Press Release: Screen Jagadam in UK and Europe

    2007/1/22 14:38:51

    Jagadam is an upcoming film in the direction of Sukumar (Arya fame), produced by Aditya Babu on the banner of 'Aditya Arts' with Ram of Devadasu fame, and Isha in the lead. This film cast has Ram, Isha Sahani, Pradeep Rawat, and Prakash Raj in important roles.

    Jagadam has rich technical people behind the film with Music by Devi Sri Prasad, Cinematography by Ratnavelu (Entirely shot with S35M camera), and Editing by Award winning Srikar Prasad. Fights composed by Vijay are a part of the script.

    Audio of the film is released and the movie is slated to world wide release in Feb' 2007. The music by Devi Sri Prasad is creating waves with his fresh, energetic tunes.

    The film reflects the fire and mindset of the present generation. When a boy among us fights with someone, we wonder why he had behaved like that and what could be the reason? The hero in this film also fights with others in some specified occasions. When and where he started fighting is the subject of the film.' You have to see it on the silver screen to enjoy the movie.

    We thank Great India Films and Aditya Arts for giving the opportunity and making us part of the Jagadam team.

    To screen Jagadam in any part of UK and EUROPE, please email us on or contact on the following numbers below.

    Kalyan 0790 387 6464
    Chandu 0794 045 7162
    Bhujang 0789 481 4915
    Sreekar 0798 550 5269
    Ashok 0784 342 6915


    Telugu Cinema News : Press Release: Screen Jagadam in UK and Europe

    Item song being canned for 'Jagadam'

    2007/1/17 13:05:06

    An item song is being canned on Ram and Monalisa under the choreography of Shankar for 'Jagadam' directed by Sukumar and produced by Adityababu on the banner of Aditya Arts. Isha is the female lead in this film.

    Producer Aditya Babu says, 'We are sure that this song would attract the youth very much. Four more songs are yet to be choreographed. We are planning to launch the audio by the end of January. The film would reflect the directorial capability of Sukumar and would be quite novel.'

    Pradeep Rawat, Prakash Raj, AS Ravikumar Choudary, Satyaprakash, Saranya and others are in the cast. Music is by Devisri Prasadm camera is by Ratnavelu, while action is by Vijay.


    Telugu Cinema News : Item song being canned for 'Jagadam'

    'Jagadam' audio launch on Jan 20

    2007/1/20 8:51:32

    Directed by Sukumar and produced by Adityababu on the banner of Aditya Arts with 'Ram' of 'Devadasu'-fame and debutant 'Isha' in the lead 'Jagadam' is getting ready for release.

    The film is said to be creating a new trend in action films with different backdrop and director Sukumar reportedly worked hard to prepare the script for about a year.

    It may be recalled that 'Arya' directed by Sukumar had created a new trend in films with love in its backdrop and it was a big musical hit.

    Devisri Prasad provided tunes for 'Arya'. Again the same music director joined hands with Sukumar for 'Jagadam' as well and the audio is all set for launch on January 20 at Tabla Restaurant.

    The producer is making efforts to release the film in February.

    Telugu Cinema News : 'Jagadam' audio launch on Jan 20

    No entry for Isha Koppikar

    2007/3/15 8:23:53

    Isha Kopikar had a strange experience recently. The star is acting in ‘Sabari’ a film being produced by Ram Gopal Varma. When Isha reached the location, she was not allowed to go inside.

    The security people literally dragged her away. The reason?

    Isha’s makeup. Isha was dressed as a rag picker and the security guards could not recognize her. It was only when Isha called up the Director that she was finally let into the shooting location. Full credit goes to her makeup man for doing a great job.

    Bollywood News : No entry for Isha Koppikar

    Isha Chawla bags role in Dammu

    2011/10/26 13:35:06 Tollywood beauty Shruthi Hassan, who is supposed to pair with young tiger Jr.NTR's next movie titled as 'Dammu' has walked out of the film because of the delay taken place in starting the shooting. Hence, the film makers have roped in Kajal Agarwal into her place and started searching for the 2nd heroine. Earlier, it was reported that veteran actress Radhika's daughter Karthika (Josh heroine) is selected for 2nd heroine's role. But, the latest news is, Tollywood beauty Isha Chawla, who is now pairing with Sunil in their 'Poola Rangadu' movie, has been selected for 2nd heroine's role in 'Dammu.' So, Jr.NTR has two replacements before starting his movie. Isha said she feels quite happy and fortunate to bag the chance to pair with Jr.NTR and she believes it as a promotion in her film career.

    Boyapati Sreenu is directing this movie and Alexandar Vallabha is producing it under Creative commercials banner. KS Rama Rao is presenting this movie. MM Keeravani is giving tunes to this movie.

    Telugu Cinema News : Isha Chawla bags role in Dammu

    'Jagadam' continues its shoot in RFC

    2007/2/18 13:26:17

    Shooting of the talkie part of 'Jagadam' directed by Sukumar and produced by Adityababu on the banner of Aditya Arts with Ram and Isha in the lead was completed recently. Director Sukumar says, 'We used Super 35 mm camera for the shooting and presently digital intermediate work is in progress. At the same time, editing and dubbing works were already completed and re-recording is in final stages.'

    Producers says, 'There is a very good response to the audio which was released into the market recently. There are five songs in the film and we are presently canning a song 'Violence is a fasion…' in Ramoji Film City. With this we will wrap up the entire shooting.' Prakash Raj, Pradeep Rawat, AS Ravikumar Choudary, Satyaprakash and others are in the lead cast.

    Music is by Devisri Prasad, camera is by Ratnavelu and action is by Vijay. The producers are planning to release the film by the end of February.

    Telugu Cinema News : 'Jagadam' continues its shoot in RFC

    Zaheer Khan to marry Isha Sharvani?

    2011/4/11 12:11:07

    India’s leading wicket taker of the Cricket World Cup, Zaheer Khan, is on cloud nine and what better way to consummate this euphoria than to get married to his long time girlfriend Isha Sharvani.

    Buzz in the industry is that Zaheer’s parents are pressing the pacer to settle down with Sharvani, an actress from Bollywood. The wedding will happen sometime this year, but the date isn’t fixed yet.

    Zaheer and Isha’s love is said to have only grown stronger after hitting a bump. The two first got friendly way back in 2005 when Isha performed at an event. Their friendship took a deeper significance over time but cracks appeared in 2007 when the two decided to separate.

    However, they got back together again in 2008 and gave their relationship a second chance. This time things worked out and the two have been together since then. Now, Zaheer’s parents reportedly feel that time is ripe for their son to get married to Isha. Zaheer too is learnt to be game for the wedding.

    While Zaheer is busy with the ongoing IPL season, Isha has refused to comment on the marriage rumours.

    Bollywood News : Zaheer Khan to marry Isha Sharvani?

    Isha gets steamy in bathtub

    2008/1/10 12:59:33

    Isha Koppikar is back in news for her hot act. We hear that the sultry siren has shot a few hot sacene with a newcomer Arav Chowdhary in her upcoming film Right Or Wrong though she refused to kiss him.

    One such sizzling scene shows Isha and Arav lying face-to-face in a bathtub. Isha raises her bare leg from the foam and begins caressing Arav’s bare chest with the toe of her foot.

    While shooting this scene Arav wore nothing but shorts. Isha wore minimal clothes that were covered with foam to give the impression of nudity.

    Apart from this, the duo has also shot a bedroom scene.

    ‘Right Ya Wrong’ is a story that raises some important moral questions. The film has Sunny Deol and Irrfan Khan playing cops. Konkona Sen Sharma plays a lawyer.

    Bollywood News : Isha gets steamy in bathtub

    Sukumar's new film with Prabahas

    2007/3/29 11:40:35

    Director Sukumar is doing a new film with hero Prabahas. Sukumar who comes from a teaching background took up direction from a teaching background.

    He has made such successful movies like 'Arya' and 'Jagadam'. Bhogavally Prasad of 'Chatrapathi' fame is producing the film with Prabhas. The film will be a mass action entertainer. The film is likely to go on floor in May or June. Sukumar's latest film 'Jagadam' did not do well at the box office and the reason is the large number of censor cuts which jarred the film.

    Telugu Cinema News : Sukumar's new film with Prabahas

    Isha very hot and smart

    2011/3/5 6:12:47

    Isha Chawla! Yet another beautiful figure added to Tollywood in the recent times. This buxom beauty made a very hot show in wet clothes in her debut film ‘Prema Kavali’ with Adhi. Though, the film goes average, her hot show and her looks, caught the attention of many in the film industry. If not mistaken, young chap Ram Charan Tej is one who was also smitten by her hot looks and shapes. It came to know that, he is asking his director to take her as heroine for his film.

    On the end, Isha also takes initiative in praising the heroes and the industry people to catch the Tollywood train. She says that she doesn’t have any God-father in Tollywood, yet all the people in the industry are very much co-operating and encouraging her in all aspects. She said “I like Mahesh babu body language and acting style. I love the dancing style of Allu Arjun. Ram Charan’s ease in acting mesmerizes me.”

    She also like to name rest of the stars, but preferred to keep the list reserved for the next occasion. However, we should be happy for getting a replacement for our buxom babe Namitha, who is harassing us without doing number of films in Telugu.

    Telugu Cinema News : Isha very hot and smart

    Isha Chawla to pair with Sushant

    2011/11/5 16:56:20 After a brief lull, Sushant will be back in T town with a home production. Akkineni Nagarjuna’s nephew, who missed the screen for some time now, is coming back with a new film produced by his mother Akkineni Naga Susheela and Chintalapudi Srinivasa Rao under the Sri Nag Corporation banner.

    The film is likely to be launched next week. Isha Chawla of Prema Kavali fame has been finalized as the leading lady of the film. Sushanth’s last film Current did not do well at the box office. (INN)

    Telugu Cinema News : Isha Chawla to pair with Sushant

    Esha Deol haunts Isha Koppikar

    2006/9/18 16:13:58

    Well, here’s the scoop of Ram Gopal Varma’s latest directorial venture Darling. As against the title, this isn’t a romantic film (you can expect that in his other film Nishabd). On the contrary this is a ghost story. Not the typical scary types though but on a much lighter note.

    In this film Fardeen is paired opposite two women who sound the same but spell different (Esha Deol and Isha Koppikar). Esha Deol and Fardeen Khan are in love until Esha suddenly passes away. Fardeen hooks up with Isha Koppikar and they get married. Now the fun begins when the ghost of Esha Deol who is still in love with Fardeen and has not yet crossed over into the other world comes into their lives and enters Isha’s body.

    This is Fardeen Khan’s second encounter with a ghost. The first time was also in Ram Gopal Varma’s Bhoot. However that film was more serious while this film is an out an out comedy.


    Bollywood News : Esha Deol haunts Isha Koppikar

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