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on 2011/3/26 18:23:24

Kamal Hassan to show his Viswarupam to hot babe?


Hassan’s next movie is titled as Viswarupam. This film will be made in Telugu, Tamil and Hindi languages simultaneously. Bollywood beauty Sonakshi Sinha is making her debut as heroine in southern film industry with this film. Selva Raghavan is directing the film.

Earlier, it was reported that Sonakshi Sinha has hesitated when she was told about lip lock scenes with Kamal Hassan. But, when the film makers have offered Rs.2 crore, it makes miracles on her. Now, she is eager to start her work in this southern film. This upcoming is a remake of film Hannibal directed by Ridley Scott. It’s hide and seek story that runs between a lady police officer and a serial killer. Kamal Hassan will be playing the serial killer character and the heroine Sonakshi Sinha as police officer, who runs after him but at the end fall for him.

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    Sameera to witness Kamal’s Viswarupam

    2011/8/17 19:36:51 Some times, certain circumstances lead to new developments and new ideas. The same thing happened for hot girl Sameera Reddy, who is desperately looking for film opportunities. She is quite fortunate to bag a chance in Kamal Hassan’s upcoming movie Viswarupam, only because of certain circumstances.

    When, Kamal begins this movie, he planned it with Bollywood hot babe Sonakshi Sinha to play female lead opposite him. But, the shooting schedule was disturbed with Selva Raghavan’s walk-out from the movie. It makes Sonakshi also walk out from the movie as she also finds it hard to adjust her dates for this film. Then onwards several names of hot girls surfaces but none of them okayed by Kamal Hassan. Finally, hot babe Sameera Reddy caught the attention of Kamal Hassan and she bagged the offer. While, for many of the top heroines in the industry it is a dream to pair with Kamal Hassan at least once in their career, Sameera Reddy unexpectedly bagged this opportunity.

    Telugu Cinema News : Sameera to witness Kamal’s Viswarupam

    Kamal misses lip-lock with Sonakshi

    2011/6/30 16:01:32 The teething problems for the much boasted Kamal Hassan’s trilingual movie ‘Viswarupam’ seems not yet over. Kamal Hassan and Bollywood latest sensational beauty Sonakshi Sinha have to play the lead roles in this movie to be directed by Selva Raghavan. But, since the director is unable complete his current Tamil movie in time, the film makers have decided to handover his job to Kamal Hassan. Then, everything seems to be in its place. But, the delay in starting the movie clashed the dates of its heroine Sonakshi Sinha.

    According to latest reports, she left ‘Viswarupam’ movie to act in Akshay Kumar’s ‘Rowdy Rathode’ movie, as she has committed to do this film. Hence, Kamal Hassan and the film makers have to run around to find alternative for her. Luckily, they have found Bollywood beauty Deepika Padukone who is interested to join their Viswarupam team. But, she also had a tight schedule with her Hindi movies. However, both sides are trying to sort out the date’s problem.

    But, it is Kamal Hassan who feels sad to miss the chance of lip-lock scenes with hot beauty Sonakshi Sinha-of course, a girl whom he should consider just like his daughters.However, he has Deepika Padukone for that job now.

    Shankar, Ehsaan and Loy are giving tunes to this movie. Telephoto Films is producing this movie.

    Telugu Cinema News : Kamal misses lip-lock with Sonakshi

    Priya Anand may bag chance in Kamal’s Viswarupam

    2011/7/17 16:47:57 Kollywood super star Kamal Hassan’s bilingual movie ‘Viswarupam’ had teething problems from day one. When, everything is set ready for shooting, its director Selva Raghavan has skipped the project, due to clash of dates with his current movie which delayed the project.

    Because of this delay, Kamal Hassan’s ambition to have a lip-lock with Bollywood beauty Sonakshi Sinha has missed. She walked out of the film as her dates clashes with her other movies.

    Then, the film makers have handed over the directorial responsibilities to Kamal Hassan and gave him a free hand in selecting the star cast for the film. There was buzz that, first he eyed upon Bollywood hot beauty Deepika Padukone. But, she is also uncertain of her dates to his movie, as she was already booked by another hero Rajinikanth for his ‘Rana’ movie.

    Hence, Kamal Hassan is obliged to search for another girl for his romancing. The latest news is that, now he is negotiating with ‘180’ film heroine Priya Anand. If, she bags this offer it would be a great opportunity for her in her film career. Soon, we may expect the full details of this movie.

    Telugu Cinema News : Priya Anand may bag chance in Kamal’s Viswarupam

    Kamal Hassan replaces Selva in Viswarubam

    2011/5/24 19:22:36 Kollywood super star Kamal Hassan’s latest movie ready for shoot is Viswarupam. Bollywood hot babe Sonakshi Sinha is pairing with him and Selva Raghavan is supposed to direct this film. The first schedule of the film shooting has to start from the 1st week of June at London. However, surprise changes have taken place just before the film shooting starts.

    We have reports that, the producer of the film has replaced director Selva Raghavan with Kamal Hassan, since he is asking for more time to take-up the film as he is still busy with his other film ‘Irandam Ulagam.’

    Film Viswarupam which will be made with huge budget of Rs.150 crores by Telephoto films in Telugu, Tamil and Hindi and languages simultaneously is scheduled to release on 7th (Kamal Hassan’s birthday)of November this year. Since, the dead line for the release is fixed, the film makers don’t want to prolong the shooting anymore. So, instead of waiting for Selva they have decided to handover the task to Kamal Hassan. He will be handling story, screen play and direction in addition to playing the lead role in the film.

    Actually, it was planned to start the shooting at Canada, but visas for the unit was denied by the Canadian Government because, the film has some scenes of cannibalism. Hence, the shooting has been shifted to London. However, the film makers are trying to get Canadian visas for the unit to shoot some important scenes there.

    During this 35 days schedule some song sequences and romantic scenes on Kamal and Sonakshi will be filmed. Heroine of the film Sonakshi has pocketed an awesome amount Rs.2 crores for acting in this film. Then only she has agreed to lip-lock scenes with him in the film. Kamal Hassan who is obsessed with her glamour quotient is said to be forced the film makers to take her as the heroine of the film.

    Music is scored by Shankar-Eshaan-Loy. The full details of the movie will be announced soon.

    Telugu Cinema News : Kamal Hassan replaces Selva in Viswarubam

    Jackie steals the show

    2008/4/30 12:44:47 Kamal Hassan is upset that the music release of Dasavatharam was turned into a Jackie Chan show

    The music release of Kamal Hassan starrer Dasavatharam was attended by Bollywood bigwigs including Amitabh Bachchan, South superstar Mamooty, Hema Malini, Jaya Prada, M Karunanidhi and Asin apart from Kamal Hassan, the film's producer Oscar Ravichandran and director K. S Ravikumar.

    Though Kamal is hero of the film, it was Jackie Chan and Mallika Sherawat who stole the show. We hear that Kamal Hassan felt left out and was visibly upset with the hype created over Jackie's presence.

    Our source from Chennai says, "Anyone who saw the interaction between Kamal Hassan and Jackie at the event, will agree that Kamal was quite happy during their first meeting, but the actor had a heated argument with producer Oscar backstage, for inviting Jackie."

    What followed added fuel to the fire were the newspaper reports the next morning. While Jackie Chan and Mallika Sherawat grabbed all the column widths and TV channels flashed their pictures, Kamal Hassan was completely left out.

    Adds our source, "Poor Oscar was caught in the middle of the controversy. He only intended to release the music of the film on a grand scale and tried to cash in on Jackie's presence. However Kamal Hassan, who is the main lead, was livid at being sidelined from the music release of his own film."

    Tamil Cinema News : Jackie steals the show

    Miss India US is Kamal's new heroine

    2011/11/6 6:09:28 Kamal Hassan's bilingual movie 'Viswarupam' being made in Telugu and Tamil languages is facing several problems from the day one. The first blow comes from its director Selva Raghavan. He failed to take-up this project due to untold reasons. It leads to delay in the shooting and then the heroine Sonakshi Sinha walked-out of the movie as she couldn't wait for the film anymore. Then, the entire project has been handed over to Kamal Hassan and he is now acting and directing the movie. Later, several heroines names come and go but none of them were confirmed so far. Now, a new name has been added to that list. She is Miss India US-Puja Kumar. She was born in St. Louis, Missouri and is staying at New York City. "When, a big star like Kamal Hassan has offered female lead role opposite him, how any girl can refuse it? I am thrilled to bag this chance," said Puja. Hope she is the last girl in the list.

    Telugu Cinema News : Miss India US is Kamal's new heroine

    Priya Anand bags role beside Kamal Hassan

    2011/7/29 9:01:23

    Upcoming actress Priya Anand who pairs with Tollywood lover boy Siddarth in their ‘180’ movie has bagged appreciations from the industry people for her great performance in the film. She is quite fortunate to fall in the eyes of Kollywood great actor Kamal Hassan. He was quite impressed with her performance and offered her a second heroine role in his upcoming movie Viswarupam to be made in Tamil, which will be later dubbed into Telugu also. Recently, she attends the photo session at Chennai and it is learnt she has been confirmed for this film.

    Kamal Hassan is acting and directing this movie. the Dabang girl Sonakshi Sinha has comes forward to share lip-lock with him in this movie for an amount of Rs.1.5 crores, but walked out of the film because of the delay taken place due to change of directors. Then, Kamal zeroed upon Bollywood hot girl Deepika Padukone, but she also couldn’t spare her dates. Right now, he is searching for another hot girl in Bollywood who can enjoy his smooching in the film while acting as first heroine opposite him.

    Telugu Cinema News : Priya Anand bags role beside Kamal Hassan

    I have faith in my daughters: Kamal Hassan

    2011/3/30 10:42:52

    Kollywood super star Kamal Hassan nowadays is eagerly looking forward to enjoy the lip-lock with Bollywood beauty Sonakshi Sinha in his upcoming Tamil film to be directed by Selva Raghavan.

    His two daughters Shruthi Hassan and Akshara Hassan are also determined to take their father as their role model. While, media is buzzing is about Shruthi Hassan-Siddarth’s hot affair, Akshara Hassan also made some progress in that direction. She was said to be fall in love with a Srilankan businessman and they were spotted by media sometime ago.

    When, this news broke out and Kamal Hassan was asked to respond on it, he said “I have full confidence on my daughters. Both of they were matured and very well know what is good and bad for them. I need not to keep watching their activities all the time. However, there is no such thing in between them as reported by media in its gossip’s columns, said Kamal, the smooch specialist.”

    Telugu Cinema News : I have faith in my daughters: Kamal Hassan

    P Vasu to direct Kamal Hassan

    2007/6/20 14:14:25

    Director P Vasu who gave a blockbuster like 'Chandramukhi' with Rajanikanth is now going to direct Kamal Hassan for a film to be produced by TG Tyagarajan on the banner of Satya Jyoti Films. Presently Kamal Hassan is busy with a film 'Dasavataram' being directed by KS Ravikumar.

    It may be mentioned here that Kamal Hassan is portraying 10 different roles in one film, which was almost a record in the history of world cinema. Asin is playing heroine, while Mallia Sharawat is playing in a special role. The film is being produced by Oscar Ravichandran.

    Telugu Cinema News : P Vasu to direct Kamal Hassan

    Sonakshi offers bumper discount

    2011/4/13 8:14:48

    Sonakshi Sinha who banged the Bollywood with her debut film Dabang is the latest sensation in the film industry. Even before she completes her first movie, she was flooded with several Hindi film offers. She also signed a Tamil film ‘Viswarupam’ with Kamal Hassan and will be directed by Selva Raghavan.

    Earlier, it was reported that Sonakshi Sinha has demanded Rs.2 crore to do this film. But, the Kollywood sources reveal that, in fact she has demanded Rs.2.5 crores for signing the agreement, but considering the stardom of the hero Kamal Hassan she has given a huge discount of Rs.50 lakhs to this film. Then only the figure comes to the present remuneration of Rs.2 crores. Even then also, Sonakshi is the first girl who pockets such a huge amount in southern film industry, that too with her debut film. Certainly, the other stars will envy her for this and it will make them demand for a hike in their remunerations too.

    Telugu Cinema News : Sonakshi offers bumper discount

    Kamal’s second daughter is also ready?

    2011/2/16 17:20:25
    Kollywood super star Kamal Hassan’s elder daughter Shruthi Hassan has already proved what she is with her latest Telugu film ‘Anaganaga O Dheerudu,’ with Siddarth. Now, it came to know that her younger sister Akshara Hassan is also soon going to make her debut with a Bollywood film. The full details of this movie will be announced soon.

    Telugu Cinema News : Kamal’s second daughter is also ready?

    Did Anushka agree to spare one year for Selva’s movie?

    2011/7/21 16:22:50

    The latest buzz in Kollywood film circuit is sensuous beauty Anushka has spared a full year of her call sheets to director Selva Raghavan’s upcoming movie. Though, her part in his film is confirmed, there is no confirmation yet about her one year dates to his film.

    Selva Raghavan, who is supposed to direct Kamal Hassan’s bilingual movie ‘Viswarupam’ has somehow missed it. While, some says he had clash with hero Kamal Hassan over the subject of the film and walked out, many say he missed it due to clash of dates.

    According to Kollywood media reports, he is planning a very big budget movie with Arya and Anushka playing the lead roles in it. It will be a bilingual and folk movie with historical back drop that way backs to 5000years. The full details of this movie will be announced shortly

    Telugu Cinema News : Did Anushka agree to spare one year for Selva’s movie?

    Kamal Hassan gives shock to media?

    2010/11/12 18:00:38
    There was buzz that film ‘Robo’ makers are planning for a much bigger film with whopping Rs.500 Crore budget, that too bringing the two legends of the Kollywood Kamal Hassan and Rajanikanth together in this film. This becomes hot news for the media net works as well as for all the movie web sites. However, when an enthusiastic Kollywood media person plans to pull out further information from Kamal Hassan in this regard, his reply gives him a big shock. Kamal Hassan told him that, he doesn’t know if some one is making a film with Rajanikanth and director Shankar, but surely he is unaware of the project he is speaking about. Kamal further clarifying him said, “I and director Shankar just arrived in the same plane to Chennai. But, he didn’t tell me that he is planning a film with me and Rajanikanth. I didn’t sign any films to be directed by Shankar nor me sharing screen space with Rajani in this film.

    Telugu Cinema News : Kamal Hassan gives shock to media?

    Mallika bares her claws to play baddie

    2006/8/4 17:43:32

    Mallika Sherawat’s buxom belle image might soon go for a toss. After her short kissing spree in Bollywood, she’s heading for Kollywood (the Tamil film industry).

    The actress has grabbed a film with veteran actor Kamal Hassan as her co-star. Those in the know reveal that she has grown up watching Kamal Hassan films and secretly nurtured thoughts of working with him.

    Kamal ne kaha…

    Kamal Hassan’s Tamil film Dasavatharam already has a leading lady in popular southern star Asin. And Mallika Sherawat has been roped in for the second lead, but she has no reason to complain. For the Bollywood babe is allegedly being paid twice as much as what Asin is being paid for her role.

    The twist in the tale is that her character has shades of grey. The conflict in the plot arises from the conspiracies that Mallika’s character masterminds.

    However, the actress did have reservations about playing a negative character. After much persuasion, she gave the nod to the film. Says a source, “Mallika has always loved experimenting. But playing a villain so early in her career made her think twice.”

    Apparently, Mallika has taken up the role on Hassan’s insistence. Says Subramanyam, personal assistant of the director KS Ravikumar, “Kamal Hassan wanted Mallika Sherawat to be a part of this film. According to him, nobody else fits into this role. The script has been written by Kamal himself.”

    The plan

    Presently, director Ravikumar is planning a lavish mahurat. “The mahurat is scheduled for August 18. We are not sure where though,” reveals Subramanyam.

    Lead actors Kamal Hassan and Asin will attend the mahurat. “Mallika is not part of the first schedule. So she doesn’t have to come till much later,” says Subramanyam. As for Mallika’s own preparations, apparently, she has been taking language classes.


    Bollywood News : Mallika bares her claws to play baddie

    Kamal Hassan to act in commercial Ads?

    2010/11/28 14:34:53
    Kollywood hero Kamal Hassan is one such actor who always thrives for new concepts for his films. Though, one can’t say that all his attempts were successful, majority of his films were super hits. The top business houses which need an endorsement for their products from such stars naturally approach them for their commercial ads. And quite naturally, many will be lured with huge amounts they offers for a small piece of work that can be conveniently accommodated in between their film schedules. So, are the big stars like Amitabh Bachchan, Abhishek Bachchan, Sriya and many others appear in the commercial Ads. But, Kamal Hassan always maintained distance from them, because of his principles. He doesn’t want to endorse any product because he personally don’t want to advise the people to buy a particular product which he do not know about.

    But, after years of persistence with his policy to skip the commercial ads, Kamal Hassan recently has signed an agreement for acting in a commercial ad, because he has a noble reason for his decision. Few months ago, during a shooting break when the members of the AIDS Control Society of India briefed him about the miserable state of the helpless AIDS patients in our country who were silently awaiting their death, Kamal Hassan was moved very much and agreed to commercial Ads to generate the funds for the needy. He said to be stated that, if endorsing certain product really helps the deserved then he need not hesitate for it anymore. So we are going to watch one of the big heroes of the southern film circuit, Kamal Hassan on small screens very soon.

    Telugu Cinema News : Kamal Hassan to act in commercial Ads?

    Kamal’s daughter fall in love with Sri Lankan?

    2010/11/30 18:27:51 There is no secret that Kollywood actor Kamal Hassan earlier had marital relationship with Bollywood actress Sarika and they have two daughters Shruti Hassan and Akshara Hassan. While, his eldest daughter Shruti Hassan is making her impact on the film industry as a hot heroine as well as a young female music director, her younger sister Akshara Hassan came into media focus with her love affair with Srilankan guy Jaison Jayaseelan. Since she is staying with her mother at Mumbai, Bollywood media take care of her gossips. It reports that, they both turned friends some one year ago and later their friendship blossoms into love recently. Bollywood media published some photographs of these young lovers, stating that while her father Kamal Hassan crosses all the barriers in acting, now his daughter Akshara is all set to cross the boundaries of the country by marrying a Sri Lankan citizen and thus making their family an international one.

    Telugu Cinema News : Kamal’s daughter fall in love with Sri Lankan?

    It’s just a blessing for me: Trisha

    2010/11/27 17:18:16

    Trisha’s life time ambition to act with Kollywood hero Kamal Hassan fulfils with Tamil film ‘Manmadhan Ambhu.’ Recently, the audio of the film was released in a glittering function held in Max Pavilion stadium at Singapore. Speaking on the occasion, Trisha said “I have been watching Kamal’s films since my childhood days. But, I never thought one day I will become heroine and acts with him. But, when I joined the industry I start dreaming to pair with him at least for one time in my life time. Then, as if some heavenly blessings showered upon me, I got this rare opportunity to pair with my dream hero Kamal Hassan. I feel very proud and happy for this opportunity.”

    It’s learnt that, Manmadhan Ambhu will be dubbed into Telugu also. Kamal Hassan pens the story for this movie and he also sung two songs in this film. Music director Devisri Prasad said that Kamal has unique voice and sings very well. This film is directed by KS Ravi Kumar. He said that, the film is a Kamal mark film and slated to release in the third week of next month.

    Telugu Cinema News : It’s just a blessing for me: Trisha

    Selva to direct Kamal Hassan

    2011/1/31 8:41:03 Director Selva Raghavan of film ‘7/G Brindavan Colony’ for the first time is going to direct a big star like Kamal Hassan in his film career. Kamal who said to impressed with his one line story gave him a nod to go ahead for the film. Since, Kamal Hassan and the director Selva Raghavan are both busy with their present commitments, they will be able to start this new film in May this year.

    Right now Selva Raghavan is directing a Tamil film in which his ex girl friend Andrea and his brother Dhanush playing the lead roles. After completing this Tamil film, he also plans a Telugu film with Daggubati Rana. So, by the time he finishes these two films, Kamal Hassan will be free to act under his direction.

    Kamal Hassan’s latest film in Tamil ‘Manmadhan Ambhu’ was a big hit, but the same film dubbed into Telugu as ‘Manmadha Banam’ was failed at box office. On the other hand Selva Raghavan’s last Telugu film ‘Yuganiki Okkadu’ was also proved a disastrous in his film career. Therefore, both the actor and director badly need a hit to regain their last glory in Tollywood and hope their ambitious new project will do this job for them.

    Telugu Cinema News : Selva to direct Kamal Hassan

    Rajini, Kamal and Vijay converge

    2007/4/14 10:11:19

    The AVM Studios in Chennai wore a festive look on Tuesday. The likes of Rajinikanth, Kamal Hassan and Vijay were shooting under roof.

    The patchwork for Rajinikanth's Sivaji, shooting for Dasavatharam starring Kamal Hassan and Vijay's Azhagiya Thamizh Magan were on simultaneously.

    It was indeed a happy sight to see sought-after heroes of Tamil cinema shooting busy for their films at one place.

    It may be recalled that recently Rajinikanth had been to the sets of Dasavatharam at AVM Studios and exchanged pleasantries with Kamal Hassan and enquired about the progress of Dasavatharam.

    Meanwhile, buzz is that Sivaji is progressing fast for a release this May. The re-recording works by A R Rahman is almost through in Scotland.

    Tamil Cinema News : Rajini, Kamal and Vijay converge

    After all, why should Kamal chase Trisha?

    2010/12/4 19:09:51 Kamal Hassan and Trisha starrer forth coming Tamil movie ‘Manmadhan Ambhu’ will be dubbed into Telugu and released by Lakshmi Ganapathi Films on 17th December. Madhavan and Sangeetha are playing important roles in this movie. This film is produced by Udhayanidhi Stalin and directed by KS Ravi Kumar. According to Kollywood media information, Kamal Hassan plays a private detective role in the film. Madhavan hires him to get some personal details of Trisha and during the course Kamal and Trisha fall in love leaving Madhavan dismayed. The title of the Telugu version will be announced soon.

    Telugu Cinema News : After all, why should Kamal chase Trisha?

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