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on 2008/5/3 9:25:37

Ketan Mehta makes film on Raja Ravi Varma

They passionately dab watercolour on each other and make love. Thats Randeep Hooda as legendary painter Raja Ravi Varma and Nandana Sen as his muse Sugandha in a scene from Ketan Mehtas biopic Rang Rasiya, based on the artists life.

Mehta, much like the 19th century painter who has inspired his movie, faced censorship in expression. In the early 90s his film Maya Memsaab (starring wife Deepa Sahi and Shah Rukh Khan) stirred a hornets nest for its lovemaking sequences, which were eventually removed by the Censor Board.

An undeterred Mehta, who returns with yet another historical after the failure of his ambitious The Rising: Ballad of Mangal Pandey, has chosen not to compromise his creative liberty while portraying his subject Varmas sensuous relationship with his various muses in Rang Rasiya (as is evident from the trailers). More than 100 years ago, Raja Ravi Varma was dragged to the court for obscenity and hurting public sense of morality in his works. He went on to win the case, says Mehta.

Rang Rasiya, made both in Hindi and English (titled Colours of Passion), is slated for release in June. I was introduced to Raja Ravi Varmas works while I was a student at the Film and Television Institute of India in Pune. Ten years ago, I toyed with the idea of making a film on his life. After Mangal Pandey, I acquired the rights for the novel Raja Ravi Varma (by Marathi author Ranjit Desai), says Mehta who has shot this film across Kerala, Jaisalmer, Varanasi and Mumbai. He was the father of modern Indian art and pioneered realistic calendar art. Even early Indian films were inspired by his paintings, he adds.

Despite choosing Varmas illustrious life and times as his canvas, Mehta has restricted Rang Rasiya to a modest budget, unlike his earlier Mangal Pandey. However, the director refuses to attribute this to former films box office debacle. Rang Rasiya is an intimate film. I have not made any compromise with the movie and consciously cast Randeep and Nandana in the lead, instead of opting for established stars, he says.

Though Mehta has often been hailed as a director much ahead of his times, for films like Maya Memsaab and Mirch Masala, he has never been a successful box-office man. Things have changed drastically since the 90s. A new generation of audience has emerged today who is exposed to different kinds of cinema. A well-made film will find its viewers today, says Mehta.

However, despite the Hindi film industrys so-called boom, Mehta insists that it is still difficult to make a movie like Rang Rasiya (produced by Sahi and Anand Mahendroo). It is tough to raise necessary funds, he adds. Currently looking at a global release for Rang Rasiya, Mehta plans a biopic on Rani Laxmibai next. We will start the project once Rang Rasiya is over. I have experimented with various genres, from thrillers to musicals, the filmmaker adds. I would say historicals return to me rather than I returning to them.

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    Ketan Mehtas film on Raja Ravi Verma should be out by Apr 2007

    2006/6/26 20:43:20

    The Legendary artiste Raja Ravi Vermas (19th Century) passionate paintings have mesmerized most for years now. But it was the Award winning and popular Marathi novelist, Ranjet Desai who weaved the great Indian painters life into his Award winning and classic novel, Raja Ravi Verma. Ketan Mehta is all set to paint the same magic on the silver screen with his adaptation of the book titled Colours of Passion- an Indo-French-German Venture.

    Ketan and Deepa Sahi has been working on this project for quite some time now and have already procured the rights for the book. Known to do his homework before announcing or talking about his new projects, the film is going to be announced soon.

    The life and work of the great painter Raja Ravi Verma has always fascinated Ketan. Especially the sensuality of the relationship between the artist and the muse which seems to be the stuff dreams are made of. 'Colours of passion' is a perfect blend of contemporary relevance, universal appeal and cinematic exuberance.

    The film is slated for a release in April 2007.


    Bollywood News : Ketan Mehtas film on Raja Ravi Verma should be out by Apr 2007

    Randeep Hooda ready to play a historical painter

    2007/7/30 8:55:07

    After going down history and chronicling Mangal Pandey's life, filmmaker Ketan Mehta is ready to paint the screen with hues of a different kind. This time its a film on artist Raja Ravi Verma.

    Artist Raja Ravi Verma will come to life on Ketan Mehta's canvas as the filmmaker tries to find the "Colours of Passion" in the artist's life. Starring Randeep Hooda who plays Raja Ravi Verma and Nandana Sen who plays his muse Sugandha, this will be one film that will be shot simultaneously in English and in Hindi. Called Colours of Passion in English and Rang Rasiya in Hindi, this is as the filmmaker claims, a story waiting to be told.

    "We go into great events in History to tell a contemporary story. He has left behind many paintings, we have worked on the research but we have taken liberties as well, says Filmmaker Ketan Mehta.

    So now that they are entering into the artistic realm of a different kind, we asked the actors the obvious question, have they ever wielded a brush themselves?

    "Yes I did try. Every Bengali knows how to write poems and paint, so I did try. Though I'm not good at it, says Nandana Sen.

    "I painted a horse sometime back but it did not come out very well. I used to sketch but I'll never become Raja Ravi Verma. I will learn enough about the art of painting to communicate about him, said Randeep Hooda.

    Set for an international release, the Hindi and English film should be ready for release by early next year.

    Bollywood News : Randeep Hooda ready to play a historical painter

    Madhuri makes a comeback again!

    2006/9/1 17:22:37

    More industry tales from our behind-the-scenes reporter:

    Where is Madhuri?

    As far as we know, Madhuri Dixit is babysitting her two children in Colorado in the US.

    She rarely makes a public appearance but it's amusing to see that the media is more interested in bringing her back into limelight than the actress herself.

    The latest: Madhuri is going to make a comeback in a film with Shah Rukh Khan, to be produced by Yash Raj Films.

    Earlier, we heard that she was going to be Raja Ravi Varma's muse in Ketan Mehta's film. But that fell through.

    It's surprising that Madhuri can still make so much news even though she doesn't live in the same country, and was last seen in a movie in 2002.

    Maybe Mads should start a blog on her whereabouts and film committments.


    Bollywood News : Madhuri makes a comeback again!

    Is it Madhuri Vs Aishwarya now?

    2006/6/10 18:33:41

    Working on the story of the 1857 uprising - ‘Mangal Pandey – The Rising’ - seems to have sown the seeds of dissention between director Ketan Mehta and producer Bobby Bedi. What else can one conclude when both are now separately planning to make films on the life of the same famous 19th century artist Raja Ravi Verma.

    Ketan Mehta apparently is all set to launch his new film in the form of an Indo-French-German venture, and has reportedly already bought the rights to ‘Raja Ravi Verma’, a novel written by the highly acclaimed award winning and popular novelist Ranjit Desai.

    Rumour has it that Ketan disclosed plans for this project to a select few people when he was at Cannes recently, and that in characteristic style he has been quietly working on this project for quite some time. Insiders claim that there has been no announcement till date because of Ketan’s tendency to do all his homework before announcing or talking about his new projects.

    On the other hand, the grapevine also insists that Bobby Bedi has already spoken to none other than Madhuri Dixit about his plans to make a film on the same well known artist and his muse, Sugunabai. Apparently, this one will be directed by Shaji Karun and will be shot entirely in the US of A to accommodate Madame Dixit’s reentry into stardom.

    While Ketan himself is out of the country and unavailable for comment despite our messages for his clarification, Bobby Bedi was disinclined to elaborate on the matter, only confirming that “We are talking to Madhuri for a project but nothing has been finalized as yet.”

    Raja Ravi was known to be ahead of times, and some of his paintings resulted in controversies invoking the wrath of some sections of society, but the artist held on to his convictions and fought his case himself, eventually succeeding in exonerating himself.

    Apparently, his grit and determination is what fascinated Ketan and prompted him to take up the challenge to make a film on the subject, and he is said to be working hard on the script along with producer Deepa Sahi, in an attempt to make it look like a more contemporary and relevant subject with universal appeal and exuberance. A source also informs us that Ketan could be angling for Aishwarya Rai in the lead for his film.
    Now it remains to be seen who will finally succeed in immortalizing Raja Ravi Verma on celluloid!


    Bollywood News : Is it Madhuri Vs Aishwarya now?

    'Bollywood is a gaali'

    2006/12/8 16:03:09 Filmmaker Ketan Mehta does not take it lightly when you call his movies 'Bollywood' films. "The term 'Bollywood' is demeaning. It speaks of a colonial mindset, it's the last hurrah of the colonised mind. It is counter-productive and the term 'Bollywood' is a gaali," he says.

    Currently in Singapore as jury member of the Asian Festival of First Films, Mehta says that Indian cinema must grow out of its tunneled vision and embrace the world.

    "As a country that produces the most number of films in the world, we must not forget that we are much more than just 'Bollywood'. There are so many more films being made in Tamil and Telugu, the stars down South are being paid much more and they have a bigger audience than those 'stars' in 'Bollywood'," he adds.

    Mehta, who made Mangal Pandey: The Rising recently, also questions the concept of parallel cinema. "There is nothing like that anymore. Look at Munnabhai, look at Rang De Basanti. How do we term them? Why should we term them? They are good cinema and are Indian cinema."

    Mehta is in the process of making a film on the life of the Indian artist Raja Ravi Verma. "It's an Indo-French-British production and there will be no big stars." Again, when he is asked if it will be a mainstream film, he reacts, "Don't curb cinema by generalising it with terms like 'mainstream'."


    Bollywood News : 'Bollywood is a gaali'

    Ketan & Bobby head for a clash

    2006/6/19 19:13:39

    Director Ketan Mehta and producer Bobby Bedi had serious differences during the making of Mangal Pandey — The Rising.

    The two men swore never to work with each other again. The lukewarm box-office response made their film stronger.

    But now the two men are making a film on the same subject. Both are working on a period film based on the painter Ravi Verma.

    Next one’s on Ravi

    When contacted, Mehta confirmed that his next priority was a film on Ravi Verma.

    Says Mehta, “Ravi Verma, being the father of modern Indian aesthetics, has always been a key figure for me. In the late 90s, I read a Marathi novel Raja Ravi Verma written by Ranjeet Desai and I acquired the film rights for it. Thereafter, I started penning the screenplay myself.”

    Why a film on a painter? Mehta explains, “I first saw Ravi Verma’s prints as a young film school student and was struck by their colourful exuberance and expressive quality.

    It became evident that this was the starting point of the modern sensibility in Indian art and the beginning of popular culture, which had deeply influenced early Indian cinema.”

    Metaphor for freedom

    “As I heard and read about his life, the mesmerising story of his struggle to express his art, became an inspiring tale, for me. Once I started making films and suffered various self-righteous censor boards, I found my mind being drawn to Ravi’s life. Today Raja Ravi Verma seems relevant to me, not just as an artist, but as a metaphor for creative freedom itself,” he adds.

    Will the book be reproduced on screen in toto? “Ranjeet Desai has based his book on extensive research. However, there is an element of fictionalisation in adapting it to the novel format.

    My film is based on the book as well as my own research,” says the director. Star cast? “The cast has not yet been finalised. The film is an Indo-European co-production and will have an international cast. Some Indian actors will also be included.”

    Two tributes

    Is he aware that Bobby is working on the same subject? Mehta remains unruffled, “When I heard that Bobby is making a film on the same subject, I immediately informed him that I had been working on the subject since 1997 and intend to go ahead. These things are not decided overnight, at least in my case. But I am sure a great artist like Ravi Verma can absorb more than one tribute to him.”

    Bedi, too, is not bothered about Mehta’s film, “I have heard it from some people that Mehta is working on the same subject as I am. But honestly I am not worried.”

    Faith in Shaji

    So far Bollywood has had several examples of films having the same story cutting into each other’s business — Zameen Aasman (Sanjay Dutt) and Sunny (Sunny Deol) in the 80s or The Legend of Bhagat Singh (Ajay Devgan) and Shaheed: 23 March, 1931 (Bobby Deol) in 2002.

    Bedi replies, “I don’t have a pessimistic kind of a mindset. I don’t think negatively. I have given my project to Shaji Karun — a very well known South director. I don’t know if he is following any documented evidence, but I have full faith in his ability to make a great film.”

    A source informs, “Bedi has been in talks with Madhuri Dixit and Ajay Devgan for the cast.”


    Bollywood News : Ketan & Bobby head for a clash

    Ravi Teja parts ways with 'freind' Raja Ravindra

    2010/12/8 14:44:41

    Ravi Teja and Raja Ravindra are good friends. Ravi Teja made Raja Ravindra his manager and gave him freedom to decide about his films and his call sheets.

    Raja Ravindra managed Ravi Tejas career very well and was also instrumental in making him a bankable star that he is today.

    However the friendship seems to have turned sour and Ravi Teja is reported to have sacked his friend from the post f manager.

    Telugu Cinema News : Ravi Teja parts ways with 'freind' Raja Ravindra

    Mass Raja turns busy bee

    2011/2/24 19:40:02

    Mass Raja Ravi Teja is one hero in the Telugu film industry who always enjoys number of films in hand. His films not only help his film career but also the 24 wings of the film industry. He is the one of those very few heroes who constantly delivers at least three to four films a year. After, the success of his latest films Kick and Mirapakai he become busier than ever.
    Right now, he has four films in hand apart from his ongoing Veera film.

    His films on going and upcoming movies:

    Dongala Mutha: Director: Ram Gopal Varma. (Shooting Completed).

    Veera: Direction: Ramesh Varma (Upcoming Movie) Ravi Teja, Tapsi and Kajal.

    Nippu Director Gunashekar.

    Subrahmanyam for sale-Director: Harish Shankar.

    Vaadu Veedu-Director: Ramesh Varma.

    Bodyguard-Director: Siddque.

    Telugu Cinema News : Mass Raja turns busy bee

    Ash to reveals her intimate secrets?

    2008/2/21 11:36:37

    From a sucessful model to heatthrob of millions onscreen, Aishwarya Rai Bachchan has come a long way. And now she is willing to share her journey of life with her fans all over the globe.

    We hear that Ash is all set to write her biography with the help of her morther, Vrinda Rai, who is a writer too.

    While Aishwarya's business manager, Hari Singh, remained non-commital about the veracity of facts but he didn't reject the news either.

    "Time and again, she has been approached by many authors and publishing houses. But Ash never considered the same, considering her shooting commitments. Aishwarya is definitely not interested in commissioning her biography to anyone. She wants to pen it herself," says Hari Singh.

    "She writes personal notes on the daily basis. Considering her career graph, the idea of a biography makes absolute sense," he adds.

    So is she planning to take a long sabbatical from showbiz, just like her mother in law?

    Well it seems so, as she has has decided not to be a part of Ketan Mehta's magnum opus Jhansi Ki Rani.

    Tells Ash, Ketan spoke to me nearly two years back when he was very keen on making this film with me. But thereafter, he has not been in touch with me and I dont think that as of now I am working in Jhansi Ki Rani.

    At the moment, Ash is only looking forward to her Hollywood film Pink Panther and Ram Gopal Varmas Sarkar Raj.

    Bollywood News : Ash to reveals her intimate secrets?

    Salman stars in Ketan's film

    2007/9/13 9:35:59

    Salman and Ketan have been friends for a long time.

    Amitabh Bachchan and Salman Khan may come together for Ketan Desais next film. To be made under his father Manmohan Desais banner, this film will be a treat for movie-goers since it will have such an unusual pairing.

    Our source says, Salman and Ketan have been friends for a long time and have also worked together earlier in Yeh Hai Jalwa which Ketan had produced and David Dhawan had directed. They have wanted to work together since a long time. So, when Ketan approached Salman, the latter immediately agreed to do the film, no questions asked. When Ketan told him that the film would also mark his return as director after a long gap, Salman was more than thrilled to be part of the film.

    A source close to Salman says, I am not aware if he is doing the film, but Salmanbhai is not someone who would say no to a friend. If Ketan has thought about this then I am sure he must be aware of whats happening.

    I have spoken to Salman and we both are very keen to work with each other but at the moment I cant say anything as Salmans date-diary is full, says Ketan Desai.

    Although Salman and Mr Bachchan are doing God, Tussi Great Ho! together, Ketans film will be the first one signed after the Ash-Abhi wedding.

    Bollywood News : Salman stars in Ketan's film

    Randeep Hooda turns lecturer

    2007/7/16 11:44:49

    "You can never learn enough about acting," asserts Randeep Hooda as he prepares to go back to school. Subhash Ghai's Whistling Wood, as it happens to be. For all practical purposes Randeep is going to Whistling Wood on two-week tenure as a lecturer.

    "But more than teaching, I'm going to school for learning. Because I feel teachers like Subhash Ghai and my mentor Naseeruddin Shah will have a lot more to offer me than I'd have to offer to the students."

    Hence while teaching the students at Whistling Wood Randeep's primary motivation is to imbibe from the acting maestros who would come to lecture in the school. "This would give me a chance to prepare for my role of the calendar-art painter Ravi Raja Varma in Ketan Mehta's film. The character has no reference points and I need to build on it from thin air. I need guidance" says Randeep who has had huge fun working on the romantic comedy Love Game . "It features some of the most beautiful actresses I've worked with. I've always been surrounded by beauty."

    The actor will now disappear into Whistling Wood for two weeks. "It's important for every creative artiste to refurbish himself. I don't want to grow jaded."

    Bollywood News : Randeep Hooda turns lecturer

    Ravi Teja in UTV Motion Pictures

    2011/4/15 8:30:06 Unlike, the big heroes of our film industry, mass raja Ravi Teja always enjoys a good success rate of his films since the beginning of his film career. Producers and directors also prefer him first, because comparatively his remuneration is very low yet his success rate is good. More over he is always available for any small or big producer and very flexible with his remuneration. Hence, he never finds a gap through out his career until now.

    Currently, he is busy with his Veera directed by Ramesh Varma and produced by Ganesh Indukuri. Roja, Prakash Raj, Brahmanandam, Dharmavarapu, Venu Madhav, Ali, Rahuldev, Pradeep Rawat, Chalapati Rao, Suprethe, Barath, Master Barath and some others are in the star cast of this movie.

    He has four films in hand. Nippu (Gunashekar); Subrahmanyam for sale (Harish Shankar); Vaadu Veedu (Ramesh Varma); Bodyguard (Siddque).

    Apart from these four films, the latest buzz is, the Mumbai based renowned film production company UTV Motion Pictures which is planning to enter southern film circuit in a big way, is planning to make series of films with Ravi Teja in the near future. So, our mass raja Ravi Teja who is free from his any kind of image is going to storm the big screens with his films.

    Telugu Cinema News : Ravi Teja in UTV Motion Pictures

    Ash-Sushmita, battle has begun!

    2006/6/21 17:47:59
    Aishwarya Rai's performance in Provoked has won her hundreds of fans worlwide. Those who have seen the film seem pretty impressed with Ashs portrayal of a battered wife in the film. Some have even said that Ash has played her part to perfection.

    Ask any one in the west and they'll tell you, how Ash has become the flavour of the season there. Hollywood star Van Damme, who was guest of honour at IIFA awards in Dubai is seriously mulling over roping her in for his latest flick Asterix At The Olympic Games.

    She will also be seen in The Last Legion, in which she plays a warrior princess. The film, directed by Doug Lefler, stars Colin Firth, Ben Kingsley and Thomas Sangster.

    But will all these plum project help her to retain her crown in Bollwood? It doesn't seem so.

    Back home a new battle with Sush is awaiting Ash. While Ash has already announced her film with Ketan Mehta last year, Sushmita Sen decided to produce a film on the same subject under her banner, Tantra.

    Talking to press she argues, It's my dream project and I want to be sure about it. Why should I shelve my film because Ash is playing Lakshmibai too, in Ketan Mehta's film? She will do it in her own way and I wish her all the best.

    Incidentally, Sushmita and Rani Lakshmibai share the same birthday, that is November 19. Who'll win this battle of the beauties only, only time will tell.


    Bollywood News : Ash-Sushmita, battle has begun!

    Rakta Charitra 2 - RGV makes Suri hero

    2010/12/3 14:48:33

    Ram Gopal Varmas Rakta Charitra 2 hit the screens today. The film generated a lot of curiosity as people wanted to se how he will conclude the feud between Paritala Ravi and Maddelacheruvu Suri.

    The second part is not as intense or racy as the first part. Ram Gopal Varma while showing the rivalry of Paritala and Suri extensively has finally concluded the film in such a way that it shows that in the end it is Suri who emerges as hero.

    It remains to be seen how the followers of Paritla Ravi react to this.

    Telugu Cinema News : Rakta Charitra 2 - RGV makes Suri hero

    Mirapakai makes half century

    2011/2/26 5:44:55

    Amid the release of many small and big films, Ravi Tejas Mirapakai is doing a cool business without making any flutterers. Starring Ravi Teja, hot babes Diksha Seth and Richa Gangopadyay film Mirapakai has crossed 50days mark in 114 centers across the state and now heading for 100 days celebrations.

    Speaking on the occasion producer Ramesh Puppala thanked the audiences for making their film a big hit. He also thanked the hero Ravi Teja, the director Harish Shankar, music director Thaman and all his team for making this wonderful film.

    Ravi Tejas next movie Veera shooting is nearly completed and is expected to release soon.

    His other films:
    Dongala Mutha: Director: Ram Gopal Varma. (Shooting Completed).
    Veera: Direction: Ramesh Varma (Upcoming Movie) Ravi Teja, Tapsi and Kajal.
    Nippu Director Gunashekar.
    Subrahmanyam for sale-Director: Harish Shankar.
    Vaadu Veedu-Director: Ramesh Varma.
    Bodyguard-Director: Siddque.

    Telugu Cinema News : Mirapakai makes half century

    'Rang Rasiya' a crowd puller

    2011/11/16 17:06:33
    (IANS) Actress Nandana Sen is overwhelmed at the response that her film "Rang Rasiya" received at a special screening at the ongoing 17th Kolkata Film festival.

    The film was screened at an over-crowded theatre here and those who couldn't get a seat watched the entire movie while standing.

    "I am simply overwhelmed at the response that the audience of Kolkata has given to my film. The audience was fantastic. People from every walk of life came to the film festival to watch the movie. Several people even watched the whole movie standing as they couldn't manage to get a seat," said Nandana while talking to reporters after the screening of her film Tuesday.

    "It's really fascinating to see so many people have come to see my movie," added the actress.

    Directed by Ketan Mehta, "Rang Rasiya" is based on 19th century painter Raja Ravi Verma, played by Randeep Hooda, and his muse Sugandha Bai, played by Nandana.

    The movies shows how Ravi Verma painted Sugandha Bai partially nude in his portraits which later kicked a storm fuelled by religious priests. It also shows how pictures of goddess painted by Ravi Verma had courted controversy during that period.

    Asked what she feels about the late painter M.F. Hussian, who also faced similar protests for drawing nude pictures of Indian goddess, she said: "It really hurts that such a legendary painter had to die in self-imposed exile outside India. It's very painful."

    Bollywood News : 'Rang Rasiya' a crowd puller

    Aamir's debut film gets traced after 20 years

    2007/1/26 14:39:05

    Its been 19 years that Aamir Khan has been a part of the film industry (this is excluding his childhood performances). He made his debut in with Ketan Mehtas Holi and his first film as a lead actor was Qayamat Se Qayamat Tak. But now we found out that Aamir had actually done a film even before he acted in Holi. The superstar of today got his first break when the then FTII student Indrajeet Singh Bansal was shooting his diploma film. Indrajeet met Aamir in a Theatre workshop and took him in his film.

    In the video, Aamir Khan is seen as a college student and he also dances on the track Kehdu Tumhe from the film Deewar with his onscreen girlfriend in the typical Bollywood style. It is also said that Ketan Mehta signed Aamir for Holi after he saw the clips of this film. The director of the film, Indrajeet Singh says that Aamir was always very innovative and grasped things quickly.

    This film has been lying in the library of Film and Television Institute of India (FTII) for nearly 20 years now. Though Aamir was never a FTII student, this film has been safely kept with diploma films of other FTII ex-students like Jaya Bachchan and Subhash Ghai.

    Bollywood News : Aamir's debut film gets traced after 20 years

    Ravi Teja in and as Mass Raja!

    2010/10/20 14:02:46

    Actor Ravi Teja is all set to appear as Mass Raja in a film by the same title. Ravi Tejas last film in the direction of Gopichand Malineni Don Seenu was a runaway hit.

    The two will now be pairing up once again for this film. The film will be produced by Krishnam Raju on his Gopikrishna banner.

    Telugu Cinema News : Ravi Teja in and as Mass Raja!

    BK's fans happy for missing Veera-Offer

    2011/5/21 10:00:49 Mass Raja Ravi Tejas latest film Veera which is very disappointing is supposed to be done by Balakrishna. Its director Ramesh Varma few days back has told the media that actually he has prepared the Veera script keeping in view of Balakrishna image and body language. He also named the title for it as Bhishma. But, since he is afraid to direct such a big star in this early stage of his film career, he has changed the title as Veera and made the film with Ravi Teja.

    The flop talk that the film is receiving now naturally makes Balakrishna fans feel very happy for their beloved hero luckily missing the film. Would he accept the film and it is failed then it would be his second disaster in this year.

    Film Veera is an age old formula film with several flaws loaded into it. This might be the first movie in the current year which has bagged very poor ranking in all the movie websites. Hence, undoubtedly Balakrishna and his fans had a reason to be happy for missing Ramesh Varmas film.

    Telugu Cinema News : BK's fans happy for missing Veera-Offer

    Dongala Mutta by Supreme Movies

    2011/2/8 22:15:15 Ram Gopal Varma is going to launch his new film on February 11th with Mass Raja "Ravi Teja". The title of the film is Dongala Mutaa and it is a comedy thriller.

    Ram Gopal Varmas high budget, five day schedule movie Dongala Muta is creating ripples in Telugu Film Industry.Raviteja plays Main role in Dongala Mutha and Charmi, Lakshmi Manchu will play the key roles. Prakash Raj, Brahmanandam, Subbaraju, Ajay and Brahmaji are roped into do other characters.

    Dongala Muta will be launched on Feb 11 and releases on March 11.

    Supreme Movies LLC has distributed many blockbusters and crazy products like Magadheera, Arya2, SIMHA, ORANGE, KSD Appalraju and many other movies during its journey.

    Movie Details:
    Banner : RGV Film Company
    Producer : Ram Gopal Varma
    Director : Ram Gopal Varma
    Staring : Ravi Teja, Charmi, Ajay, Subba Raju and others
    Story : Ram Gopal Varma
    Release Date : March 11, 2011

    We would like to thank you Ram Gopal Varam Garu for giving us this opportunity to bring you this movie and if you would like to be a part of this adventure, you can contact us

    Satish Musunuri: 678 468 6624
    Hari Gakkani 510 579 7832

    Andhra News : Dongala Mutta by Supreme Movies

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