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on 2008/2/14 21:19:18

Meet Ajay Devgan and Kajol's daughter, Nysa

The music of Ajay Devgan's directorial debut U Me Aur Hum was released yesterday and present on the occasion was the entire cast and crew of the film including the actor himself, wife Kajol, sister-in-law Tanishaa, and Ajay's close friends, Kumar Mangat, Rajkumar Santoshi, Anees Bazmee, Rohit Shetty etc.

However, the star attraction of the event was a cute little girl dressed in a pink top and blue jeans with matching pink sandals. She was none other than Nysa, Ajay and Kajol's adorable daughter who has not been seen much in public.

Surely, she must have been thrilled to be a part of this event as it was none other than her mom Kajol and dad Ajay who were hosting the do. A special family get-together this!

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    Kajol's outing with Nysa!

    2006/8/1 18:47:33

    While hubby Ajay is busy shooting in Pune, Kajol is making up for his absence by spending time with her little daughter Nysa. The other day we spotted the actress along with her daughter (accompanied by a maid) at a popular 5 star suburban hotel. While Kajol was busy reading a book in the cafe, little Nysa was busy jumping around and playing with her maid. "She keep coming her to catch up with her friends or to meet filmmakers and whenever she comes, she's always accompanied by her daughter," says a staffer. So it's bonding time for mother and daughter when Ajay is not in town!


    Bollywood News : Kajol's outing with Nysa!

    Kajol's Malayalam debut?

    2007/4/28 8:54:00

    The buzz is that Kajol is all set to play a pivotal role in a Malayalam film ‘Heartbeats’ to be produced by Babu Janardhan. If the rumours are true, ‘Heartbeats’ will be Kajol’s second film after her comeback to movies.

    The actor had taken a break after her marriage to Ajay Devgan and the subsequent birth of daughter Nysa. She made a comeback last year with an award-winning performance in Yashraj’s’ ‘Fanaa’. Most of ‘Heartbeats’ is said to be shot in Kerala. Interestingly, the actor had declined Karan Johar’s ‘Kabhi Alvida Na Kehna’ shot in New York, as she didn’t want to be away from her daughter for too long.

    Malayalam Cinema News : Kajol's Malayalam debut?

    Kajol and Ajay to judge reality show

    2008/3/11 15:48:54

    Ajay Devgan maintained his usual straight face, while wife Kajol needed no excuse to indulge in peals of laughter. This star couple made a public appearance recently to promote Zee TV’s forthcoming dance show Rock N Roll Family, which will have them as judges along with Tanuja.

    The television show will definitely serve as the ideal prelude to the release of Devgan’s directorial debut U, Me Aur Hum. The film is ready to hit theatres in April and features the actor couple in lead. To stoke the fire of curiosity even further, Devgan and Kajol were even ready to offer their fans a sneak peek into their picture perfect household—protected from the glare of media till recently.

    “We make sure we have enough time for ourselves and our daughter Nysa even if we are busy shooting for films, and now for television,” says Devgan, in his usual serious tone. The actor-turned-director meticulously answered the questions, while his star wife looked on proudly at him through the better part of the interview.

    Even eight years after marriage, the love seemed to be intact. As they chatted with me, the cheerful Kajol whispered sweet nothings into her husband’s ears and even patted him lovingly. Devgan, even though enjoyed his wife’s attention, looked embarrassed at times. However, the topic of his daughter made him more comfortable and forthcoming. “Nysa loves to play music and she ensures that all of us, including my parents, take part in the dancing,” he says. “Of the two of us, Kajol is stricter with her. I am more lenient since I don’t get to spend as much time with Nysa as her mother does.”

    To add to the right dose of drama and emotion, the couple made sure to gush about the virtues of joint family at the slightest opportunity. “I have always lived in a joint family with my grandmother and aunts. Thankfully, when I got married and became part of a new family, I did not need to make any major adjustment,” says Kajol. That made her dear husband look more indulgent.

    As we quizzed the former leading lady on whether she misses her busy film career, we managed to draw some quotable quotes. “Not at all. I don’t have a single dull moment. There is lot happening to keep me busy,” says Kajol. “Besides, Ajay always encourages me to work.” At this point, Devgan adds, “It is she who decides about her work.”

    Even as the happy and content housewife chatted about her new life and role, we managed to get a glimpse of the carefree girl in her. She opened her make-up box, ignoring curious eyes fixed on them, and went on to apply lipstick. And that called for her husband’s intervention. “Kajol, for God’s sake, put that back,” Devgan chided her in a mock-urgent tone. Kajol obliged in no time. She surely enjoys being the obedient wife.

    Bollywood News : Kajol and Ajay to judge reality show

    Ajay Hasn’t Watched Kajol’s ‘Fanaa’

    2006/7/3 16:23:29

    Kajol keeps on chiding him as he still hasn't seen her power show in ‘Fanaa’. But Action Man Ajay Devgan has a lot on his plate right now. With ‘Golmaal’ on 14th July and ‘Omkaara’ on 28th July, this month may well belong to the master of understatement. And both the films are as different as chalk and cheese. Whereas ‘Golmaal’ is a fun caper of four wastrels, Vishal Bharadwaj’s ‘Omkaara’ (He plays the title role) is more intense and has rustic humor thrown in as well.

    Ajay Devgan is an unlikely candidate for being a National Award winner, considering his father was a well known Fight Master. Having done a series of action films in the beginning of his career, Devgan Junior surprised everyone by his stellar performance in Mahesh Bhatt’s ‘Zakhm’ (He won his first Best Actor in National Awards). He repeated the feat with Raj Kumar Santoshi’s ‘The Legend of Bhagat Singh’. In ‘Hum Dil De Chuke Sanam’ he surprised everyone by taking all the applause in spite of coming after the first half.

    Today he may not be as big a star as the Khans, Bachchans or Roshans, but still an Ajay Devgan film is an event in itself. With daughter Nysa providing a lot of comic relief in real life, he has learnt to let himself go and stays away from doing too many films at the same time. There is a possibility that he may star with wife Kajol in a home production in the coming days, but as of now, Devgan is ready to shoot the gun at the bullish Box Office. This Othello’s life is far from tragic by any chance.


    Bollywood News : Ajay Hasn’t Watched Kajol’s ‘Fanaa’

    Kabhi Naa Kabhi Haan

    2008/5/24 8:34:54 At last, Kajol has agreed to star opposite Shah Rukh Khan in buddy Karan Johar's My Name Is Khan

    Kareena Kapoor can put her hopes of being cast in My Name Is Khan to complete rest. For finally Karan Johar’s first choice Kajol has agreed to do the film. Kajol gave the nod to the project on Thursday.

    A source close to Kajol’s husband, Ajay Devgan, tells us, “Kajol indeed took a long time to take a call on her participation in Karan Johar’s My Name Is Khan, but the problem was that she had not heard the script in detail. This week, she took a long look at the script and finally said ‘yes’.”

    “Karan and Kajol go back a long way. Their dosti is not only friendship but respect for each other as well. Kajol could not have refused the film outright,” the insider further says.

    So how will Kajol adjust to the US schedule? Will her daughter Nysa accompany her? Wasn’t that one of the reasons why Kajol took long to give her nod of consent? “Well, that all will be sorted out. Kajol has worked out how to look after Nysa during that period. Whether Nysa will go with Kajol or not is still not known,” our source adds.

    We sent a text message to KJo (as Karan is fondly called in the industry), but he did not reply.

    My Name Is Khan, directed by Karan Johar, stars Karan’s best buddy, Shah Rukh (who co-produces My Name Is Khan) in the male lead.

    The only time Shah Rukh and Kareena have been romantically paired earlier was in Asoka the Great (2001), which too was produced in part by Shah Rukh Khan.

    Bollywood News : Kabhi Naa Kabhi Haan

    Kajol shakes a leg with hubby

    2007/9/18 11:34:22

    Kajol is doing her duty as an actress in hubby Ajay Devgan’s U Me Aur Hum with utmost responsibility.

    For those of you wondering what the talented Kajol is up to, let us brief you a little about what the lady is busy with these days.

    Besides being a fab mom, Kajol is doing her duty as an actress in hubby Ajay Devgan’s U Me Aur Hum with utmost responsibility. In fact, we hear, Ajay is busy wrapping up yet another shooting schedule of his film.

    A special song is being picturised on Kajol too. Ganesh Acharya is choreographing it and Ajay’s best buddy Vishal Bharadwaj has composed the music of the film.

    With all A-league ingredients, this ‘dish’ we’re sure is going to be rich and satisfying for you aur hum.

    Bollywood News : Kajol shakes a leg with hubby

    Bollywood star Ajay Devgan to direct actress wife Kajol

    2006/11/7 6:06:47 Popular Indian star Ajay Devgan will be directing his actress wife Kajol in a new Bollywood movie to be launched soon, a news report said Monday.

    Devgan himself will be playing the lead role and this will be the star couple's sixth movie together, The Times of India daily reported. Kajol, who uses one name, took a five-year break after marrying Devgan in 2001 and returned to acting this year with a hit movie "Fanaa," or "Self-destruction."

    She recently joined a Latin American and western dance class, putting the cha-cha, salsa and waltz in her repertoire.

    Devgan has been planning to direct a film for long time.

    His first home production "Raju Chacha", or "Raju Uncle," was directed by his cousin Anil Devgan. There were reports that Ajay Devan actually wielded the megaphone, ghost directing the movie.

    He is a busy actor with at least four Hindi movies on the sets.


    Bollywood News : Bollywood star Ajay Devgan to direct actress wife Kajol

    Ajay to direct a film with Kajol

    2006/12/29 14:10:17

    Ajay Devgan, who is all set to play Veeru in RGV’s Sholay, is now going to direct a romantic film Main Tum Aur Hum.

    The film will star himself and opposite him will be his wife, Kajol. Ajay and Kajol have done a number of films together which include Dil Kya Kare, Ishq, Pyar Toh Hona Hi Tha and the relative fiasco Raju Chacha. Main Tum Aur Hum is based on a story written by Ajay Devgan himself. Ajay has roped in cinematographer Aseem Prakash Bajaj (who shot with him in Zameen and Golmaal) for his directorial debut. According to Aseem, the plot will is very touching and romantic. It talks about love, commitment, and the institution of marriage, something that Ajay-Kajol will easily be able to identify with.

    As sources have it, Ajay hopes to restore his production house in a big way with this film, which showcases his direction and acting talents with his wife.

    Main Tum Aur Hum will go on floors in the month of April next year.


    Bollywood News : Ajay to direct a film with Kajol

    Kajol with Ajay in 'Toonpur Ka Super Hero'

    2007/9/26 9:31:14

    Eros International has signed Kajol opposite husband Ajay Devgan for TOONPUR KA SUPER HERO, a 3D film with animation. The film marks Eros’ second production with the husband-wife duo after YOU, ME AND HUM.

    Directed by ad film maker Kireet Khurana, TOONPUR KA SUPER HERO tells the story of a reel-life hero accidentally landing in a world of cartoons and transforming into a real-life hero. The film will have Ajay Devgan playing himself.

    Bollywood News : Kajol with Ajay in 'Toonpur Ka Super Hero'

    Kajol will be seen Ajay Devgan's directorial debut U, Me Aur Hum

    2007/11/15 21:45:53

    After lending a spirited performance in Yash Raj Films ‘Fanaa’, Bollywood’s prominent actress Kajol is now going to make a comeback with ‘Tashan’.

    The film is an action packed thriller which stars some of the top line stars of the Hindi Film Industry including Saif Ali Khan, Akshay Kumar, Anil Kapoor and Kareena Kapoor.

    Apart from Tashan, Kajol will also be seen in hubby Ajay Devgan’s directorial debut U, Me Aur Hum.

    Bollywood News : Kajol will be seen Ajay Devgan's directorial debut U, Me Aur Hum

    Ajay's advice to Kajol regarding SRK!

    2008/2/23 15:55:17

    Well do not get excited and jump to conclusions after reading our headline, as we are not about to indulge in yellow journalism! This is a rather interesting incident that took place between Ajay Devgan, Shah Rukh Khan and Kajol. It is quite in contrast to the recent stories involving Kajol's hubby Devgan and her advice seeking SMS to Shah Rukh Khan, concerning Raju Hirani's film. And we go!

    As per Mumbai based media sources, Kajol was wondering as to why her close friend Shah Rukh Khan had not replied to her SMS about doing Rajkumar Hirani's film. Seeing Kajol being worried about the same, loving hubby Ajay Devgan told her (rather coolly) to call SRK and find out, instead of getting worried the whole day and staring at her mobile, while waiting for a reply from King Khan. Needless to add that Kajol took her husband's intelligent advice rather seriously and did the same. And we know her decision regarding the matter.

    For those who are still clueless, as of the moment, Aamir Khan is the only actor finalised for Rajkumar Hirani's next project based on the Indian education system.

    Bollywood News : Ajay's advice to Kajol regarding SRK!

    Kajol: Love has no age or time limit

    2008/4/27 14:24:14

    The Kajol-Ajay Devgan starrer U Me Aur Hum has made a place in the hearts of the youth as well as senior citizens. A special screening of the love story was held at a theatre in Mumbai by the Devgans, and Kajol came down to watch it with the elderly people present. After the show, Kajol met and talked with guests and got feedback for the film

    It’s been just two weeks since the reel love story released and, according to sources, the film has already made over Rs 40 crore. Kajol has also engaged herself in another project with hubby Ajay. However, Toonpur Ka Superhero is an animation film and Kajol may not get to show off her chemistry with hubby Ajay. Let’s hope we see more of them together.

    Bollywood News : Kajol: Love has no age or time limit

    I don't dislike Shah Rukh: Ajay

    2007/12/20 14:28:17

    It’s siesta time in Goa. The land of sun, surf and mirage. Seated with his legs on a table, actor Ajay Devgan who is shooting for Golmaal Returns is tch-tch-ing as cricketer Gautam Gambhir is bowled out by Shoaib Akhtar.

    I enter the room, and in gentlemanly style, the actor straightens up. Greets me with a handshake, offers me a seat, and also offers to switch off the TV. Known to be rather non-communicative with the media, the commentary in the background, I thought, would do well to fill-in-the-blanks of those much expected silent moments. I was in for a surprise.

    Never mind that we are one wicket down, Ajay himself is a great ‘catch’ for some filmmakers who won’t make films without him — Rajkumar Santoshi, Rohit Shetty... “There’s a certain comfort zone,” agrees Devgan. “They’re all good directors, and if I suit a certain character, they approach me. It’s simple! It’s not campism; it’s work.”

    Besides Santoshi’s Halla Bol , the man has been roped in to play the title role in Raj’s Ashok as well. A previous attempt on the subject wasn’t a very impressive fare at the box office. “We aren’t attempting to re-make what has already been made before. Our story is post the Kalinga war, and how the Emperor embraced Buddhism,” explains the actor. This makes me ask of Ajay’s religious sensibilities. “I’m religious. I believe in most religions and also appreciate and try to follow the good virtues each of them propagates.”

    Usually treading the right path, Devgan hasn’t been a part of any controversy. Save one. His dislike for Shah Rukh Khan is much talked about. “I don’t dislike Shah Rukh. And if you are referring to my absence from Om Shanti Om, I was out of town during the time the film was being made. I assure you that if I was in the city I would’ve done what Farah approached me for,” he states, convincingly.

    Talking about Shah Rukh, the topic of six-pack abs can’t be too far away. How much has the fitness conscious Devgan conquered? “I like to take care of myself. I eat and work out right. I won’t claim to have six-pack abs, but I do have a much toned stomach,” he confesses proudly.

    A great body, intense eyes, much fame and success and yet no link-up stories... Proves his undying love for Kajol, eh? “I don’t know. I work, and once it’s pack up, I rush home to be with family. Socialising leads to rumours of link-ups. And I just can’t socialise. I don’t enjoy it, so I don’t do it,” he avers logically.

    Never mind Ajay’s success stories, another high of his life is his first directorial venture, U, Me, Aur Hum which has been falsely hailed as a re-make of the Hollywood flick The Notebook . With Kajol and him returning together on the big screen, the film truly seems to be a ‘home production’. Will daughter Nysa make a special appearance in Daddy Devgan’s special venture? “No,” says Ajay. “We’re sticking to the script, and Nysa is not a part of it,” he laughs, “But she is the most beautiful part of my life story.”

    So besides being a good actor, does Ajay make a good father? “That’s a question you’ll have to reserve for Nysa when she grows up. I’m trying to do my best, but I don’t know how well I’m doing or if I’m doing well at all,” he says. Ajay, the actor, director, producer, father, husband, son... He is quite the complete man.

    “I’m not a complete man, but a happy man! Nobody is complete. I falter, too.” Saying this, the actor is informed that the shot is ready. The score is now 25/1, and as Dravid prepares himself for a delivery from Yasir Arafat, Ajay readies to deliver, too!

    Bollywood News : I don't dislike Shah Rukh: Ajay

    The bling couple:Kajol and Ajay

    2008/2/7 11:19:18

    Actor-debutant director Ajay Devgan seems to love directing his dear wifey Kajol.

    Yes, she is a part of his directorial debut U Me Aur Hum, but she is also a part of a jewellery ad commercial which, in fact, Ajay took upon himself to direct. It’ll feature both Ajay and Kajol. Shot in Filmistan only recently, the ad will hit the small screens in mid-March. Also, the storyline of the commercial has been formulated keeping in mind the theme of the romantic, feel-good U Me Aur Hum. Well, let’s hope the movie proves to be a gem, and worth its weight in gold, too.

    Bollywood News : The bling couple:Kajol and Ajay

    Kajol to act with mom!

    2010/9/27 23:36:54

    For the first time ever Kajol and her mother Tanuja are going to act together. Tanuja plays Kajol's reel life mom in the film Toonpur Ka Superhero directed by Kireet Khurana.

    Though Tanuja is doing a cameo in the film, it will be interesting to see the mother-daughter duo on screen. Talking about how he managed to get Ajay Devgn, Kajol and Tanuja in the film, Kireet says, "It's been a casting coup for us with Ajay-Kajol and Tanuja mirroring their respective real life relationship. It's just the way we had planned and visualised it at the script level. After Ajay's instantaneous 'yes' after reading the script, we wanted Kajol to act alongside him. I was told that Kajol is discerning about choosing the scripts which was perfectly understandable for an actor of her calibre.

    So, the apprehension whether she would agree to do the role lingered when we narrated the script to her. Pleasantly surprising us, Kajol's response was also spontaneous. Emboldened further, we decided to complete the 'family' in reel life as well and approached Tanuja for the cameo role of Kajol's mom. Tanuja was all too happy to be on board, too.

    I think it's the unique live action and animation combination genre, which helped in securing the dream cast we wanted." About the camaraderie between the mother and daughter on sets, he adds, "Tanuja and Kajol share a great mom-daughter rapport. I remember they would always be chatty on the sets and happy to be together like long-lost friends."

    Bollywood News : Kajol to act with mom!

    50:50 for Ajay and Kajol?

    2006/7/31 17:50:14

    Ajay Devgan has ruled this July. He started off on a lighter note with the rib tickling ‘Golmaal’ that was received very well by the audience across the spectrum. The dark and brooding ‘Omkara’ further established his credentials as a master of understatement.

    He is currently shooting for Raj Kumar Santoshi’s ‘Halla Bol’ while ‘London Dreams’ with the same director has him acting opposite Salman Khan once again. The latest dope on Marlboro Devgan is the rumour that he shall be paired with wife Kajol once again.

    Kajol has been basking in the glory of the super hit ‘Fanaa’ and has made a successful pair with husband Ajay in ‘Ishq’ and ‘Pyar To Hona Hi Tha’. The duo, have featured in several commercials off late and are reportedly coming together in a film titled 50:50. It is said that their old favourite Aneez Bazmee (Pyaar To Hona Hi Tha and Deewangee) shall be directing the film and ‘Omkara’ producer Kumar Mangat (Ajay’s secretary) will be producing the film.

    IndiaGlitz will keep you posted on any developments in this news.


    Bollywood News : 50:50 for Ajay and Kajol?

    U, Me Aur Kajol

    2008/3/23 9:21:05 She is the only actress in the industry who despite being selective in her choice of films, has the best filmmakers vying to work with the tempermental lady if Ajay was so charged up about the film, it was " " amazing to see him like that. I think it takes a lot of guts for successful actors to turn directors. I

    Kajol is one female actor who calls the shots in a male dominated industry. For many, she's probably the last flag bearer for women power. Sridevi and Madhuri Dixit had roles especially written for them in the 90s and films were sold if they had either of them in it, irrespective of the male actor.

    Only Kajol commands similar respect even today, and every film maker wants to work with her. But the actress has not let this turn her head. She refuses to get carried away with all the adulation and expectations. "I hope to God that films aren't written with me specifically in mind," she says. "That is not the way to make good films.

    Actors should come into play only once the script is ready." We suspect that Kajol is being a trifle diplomatic here since she surely knows that she can dictate terms. She has often been compared to Aamir Khan, who also insists on certain standards when choosing a film. And the two worked together in Yash Raj's Fanaa. There were talks of her making her comeback through friend Karan Johar and SRK's Kabhi Alvida Na Kehna. But Kajol turned down the offer for Fanaa and that upset her friends. "They weren't upset like people make it out to be," she says. "Of course they wanted me to work in their film and they were disappointed that I didn't. But they understood my reasons and were okay with it." Whoever her male co-star is, Kajol manages to get equal billing if not more, as in Fanaa. But she does not see it like that. "I am not fighting for equal rights for female actors in movies," she says. "That is not my agenda and it does not give me a high. There are many other things to derive your highs from."

    Is she bothered by the high expectations regarding hubby Ajay Devgan's U, Me Aur Hum? Is it going to end up like Madhuri's comeback vehicle Aaja Nachle? "Firstly, I think Madhuri was phe nomenal in the film," says Kajol. "She's phenomenal in every thing she does. And it's not like she had gone away anywhere." Kajol adds that the success of U, Me Aur Hum will not be pinned on her. "And it's also Ajay's directorial debut," she says. "He was so charged up about the film, it was amazing for me to see him like that. I think it takes a lot of guts for successful actors to turn directors, for they will be judged as actor-directors.

    But I am sure Ajay will come up with a winner."

    So did Ajay have to convince her to do the film or was it a fait accompli since he was her hubby. "Neither," she says curtly. "I did the film because I was thrilled with the subject and the script excited me. Ajay didn't have to convince me because I wanted to be a part of the film and it wasn't only because he was directing it."

    Her mood lights up when we talk about her daughter Nysa. How difficult is it for an actor to manage a film career and family together?

    "Well, I wouldn't say it's difficult because I enjoy everything I do," she adds. "And I certainly wouldn't say it's impossible." And for the time being, Kajol does not want her daughter to be in the pubic eye. "This is not the time for it," she adds.

    Bollywood News : U, Me Aur Kajol

    'Main Tum Aur Hum' Ajay Directing wife Kajol

    2007/2/1 15:38:37

    Ajay Devgan is ready to make his directorial debut. According to sources, a film titled Main Tum Aur Hum, that will be Ajay’s home production is coming up.

    This film will be a moving story of a man-woman relationship that moves from infatuation to love and finally develops into a lifelong bond.

    Quite aptly, Ajay and wife Kajol will play the lead roles in the movie. The story of Main Tum Aur Hum has reportedly been written by Ajay himself.

    The actor also seems confident that he will be able to handle direction and acting simultaneously. He plans to begin shooting the movie in April 2007.

    In the past, Ajay and Kajol have been paired together in their home productions Pyar To Hona Hi Tha and Raju Chacha. While the former was a box office success, the latter was a flop.

    Bollywood News : 'Main Tum Aur Hum' Ajay Directing wife Kajol

    Kajol and Ajay together again in Rajkumar Santoshi’s film Ramayan

    2006/9/29 19:03:24

    Post marriage and her baby Kajol has made a great comeback with her film Fanaa. However the actress is still not signing any and every project that comes her way. She will be doing selected films as she wants to spend maximum time with her daughter. But now Kajol has agreed to do Rajkumar Santoshi’s high end budget film Ramayan opposite husband Ajay Devgan. This will be Kajol and Ajay’s first film post the birth of their daughter. Ajay will play Ram in the film while Kajol will enact the role of Sita.

    Ramayan will have an extremely high budget of around Rs 90 crores and will be produced by K Sera Sera Productions. Kajol and Ajay were last seen together on-screen in the film Raju Chacha in 2000, unfortunately though the film did not do too well at the box-office. Rajkumar Santoshi and Ajay share an extremely close relationship with each other and have done several films together like Khakee, Lajja and The Legend of Bhagat Singh. This is the first time that Santoshi will be working with Kajol. The Ramayan is a religious epic and had a huge following when it was aired as a television serial some years ago. However it will be interesting to see Santoshi’s adaptation of the epic according to today’s modern times.

    The Ramayana was first written by poet Valmiki in Sanskrit and he has depicted the life of Ram in seven stages, the boyhood life of Ram, Ram’s life in Ayodhya until his banishment, Ram’s life in the forest and Sita’s abduction by Ravana, Ram’s stay at Kishkindha, Ram’s passage to Sri Lanka, Ram’s battle with Ravana the recovery of Sita and his return to Ayodhya and finally Ram’s life in Ayodhya as King the birth of his two sons the test of Sita’s innocence and her return to her mother and the demise of Rama. Which of these sections Santoshi plans on elaborating remains to be seen. Only the roles of Ram and Sita have been finalized however the rest of the cast still needs to be decided. The film will be produced in two languages.

    So not only will Kajol be enacting the coveted role of Sita in the film but she will also get to spend some quality time with husband Ajay. Kajol has not signed any other films. Ajay will be seen in Santoshi’s Halla Bol and he will also be doing London Dreams . He is currently shooting for Cash in Cape Town and will also be seen in Ramgopal Varma’s remake of Sholay.


    Bollywood News : Kajol and Ajay together again in Rajkumar Santoshi’s film Ramayan

    Ajay Devgan’s Website

    2007/2/9 7:37:19

    Hero Ajay Devgan will soon launch his own exclusive Website. His publicist disclosed this recently. Ajay had long felt the need for a proper forum to service his fans. The various news on the Internet and the media is often inaccurate and cooked up.

    Ajay feels that by launching his own Website, he can come closer to his fans. The site will aim to quench the thirst of his fans by answering all their questions. This way he can come closer to his fans. The site will also contain all authentic information about his movies and also feature wallpapers, posters etc. which can be downloaded by his fans.

    Hope wife Kajol also follows suit with her own Website.

    Bollywood News : Ajay Devgan’s Website

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