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on 2011/5/3 6:57:05

NTR in Ramudu-Bheemudu remake

It seems producer Rama Naidu’s determination to remake the yesteryear super hit movie Ramudu-Bheemudu played by late NTR is finally going to materialize soon. Recently, he has registered the film title ‘Ramudu-Bheemudu 2012 ‘with film chamber. Since, Jr.NTR is not responding to his proposal of acting in this popular remake film, Rama Naidu has prepared to do the same with his grandson Daggubati Rana. But, the latest news is Jr.NTR has expressed his interest to work in this film and it will be directed by the most successful commercial film director K.Raghavendra Rao. So, we can expect some interesting information about this movie very soon.

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    Ramudu-Bheemudu remake in 2012

    2011/4/27 11:56:01 Producer Rama Naidu recently has registered ‘Ramudu-Bheemudu2012’ title with Film Chamber for his Suresh productions. He is keen to make this movie with Jr. NTR whom he believes is a perfect successor for his grand father late NTR, who has played the dual roles in this yesteryear super hit film movie. But, Rama Naidu is said to be very much disappointed as Jr.NTR simply ignores his proposal and not even bothered to respond to his offer. Hence, it is reported that, he is planning to make this film with his grand son Rana. But, the year mentioned in the title is indicating that, the film may be slated for year 2012 release. If it is true then, he has enough time to finalize the hero, heroines and the other star cast of his film.

    Telugu Cinema News : Ramudu-Bheemudu remake in 2012

    'Andala Ramudu' 100-days function on Nov. 22

    2006/11/15 13:16:11 The 100-days function of 'Andala Ramudu' would be held at Hyderabad on November 22. Producer Paras Jain says, 'Our film 'Andala Ramudu' has become a big hit in Telugu as was predicted by RB Choudary. Arthi Agarwal had cooperated with us well. If everything goes well, she might be roped in our next film also as heroine. We are planning to dub a successful Tamil film in which RB Choudary's son Jeeva played hero into Telugu on the same day.'

    Keywords:Andala Ramudu,Aarthi Agarwal::

    Telugu Cinema News : 'Andala Ramudu' 100-days function on Nov. 22

    Ramanaidu plans to replace NTR with his grand son

    2011/1/23 16:08:46 During the last one year several times we might have heard the news about remaking the yesteryear super hit film ‘Pathala Bhairavi’ played by late NTR. Whenever, it was reported it become quite natural to carry a tag of Jr.NTR on it stating that, he will enacts his grand father’s popular role ‘Thota Ramudu’ in this remake film. Producer Ramanaidu, who is so eager to own the pride of remaking such a master piece, has been wondering around Jr.NTR but he absconds from him due to untold reasons. Recently, Ramanaidu has stated that, Jr.NTR should not be so proud of his acting talents as he has learn so much to learn in acting.

    The latest buzz is Ramanaidu who is fed up with Jr.NTR, is said to be planning to remake this film with his grand son Daggubati Rana playing the ‘Thota Ramudu’ role.

    Telugu Cinema News : Ramanaidu plans to replace NTR with his grand son

    'Ramudu Manchi Baludu' slated for Ugadi release

    2008/4/4 14:23:45

    Graphics work is in progress for 'Ramudu Manchi Baludu' directed by Praneeth and produced by Rangababu with himself and Preethivarma in the lead. Producer cum hero Rangababu says, 'There is about 42-minutes of graphics in the film. The audio which was released into the market through Madhura Entertainments.

    When we go to a movie, we will enquire 10 persons before going to it. Likewise, we examined several directors and zeroed in on Praneet.' Suman, Brahmanandam, Chalapati Rao, Surya, Kondavalasa Lakshmana Rao, Sameer, Madhumani, Lakshmipati and others are in the cast. Camera is by SP John, while music is by Ranjit Sen.

    Telugu Cinema News : 'Ramudu Manchi Baludu' slated for Ugadi release

    An Idea that changes the Tollywood?

    2011/2/2 12:23:48 All the big producers and directors were relieved souls now, because all of they have found a remedy to resolve their problem-scarcity of new stories. Now, they don’t need to go through all those foreign and other language films to copy and to make the Telugu films. All they have to do now is, just get some super hit old Telugu film CDs readily available at a throw away prices in the market and remake them to suit present trends. This is the new idea invented by our producers.

    The benefit of copying of our own films:

    1. This will relieve lot off pressure off the story writers, directors and producers. This not only relieves the pressures of industry, but also the audiences who need not to strain their brains in understanding the story. (But, they have to take pains of tracing out the lyrics out of the music uproar in these films.)

    2. Once this experiment is proved success then a second thought is not so essential to follow the path.

    3. At the same we have the kin kith of those great stars of the past readily available to act in their father’s films. So, no need to search for suitable heroes for these films.

    4. By the time our producers completes remaking of all our old films, the present ones will get eligibility for remaking again. By the time the great grand sons of our present stars will also grow and able to take reins from their fathers. Then they also can start remaking of their father’s films. This is a cycle which has no end as long as the audiences are willing to see them.

    Where to begin?

    1. To begin with, first of all we have ‘Pathala Bhairavi’ in tube. It will be remade with Rana playing the lead role.
    2. Then comes all time hit ‘Ramudu Bheemudu’ of late NTR. We have Jr.NTR readily available for it and D. Ramanaidu is also ready to reproduce it. Then, serious thoughts over remaking ‘Narthanasala’ are also under consideration

    3. By latest, we have to add ‘Bobbili Raja’ (played by victory Venkatesh) to this unending list of oldies. Rana is zeroed upon for the hero character for this film and search for heroine is on.

    4. Then, we have lots of Akkineni films available for remakes. According to latest information, Akkineni Nageswara Rao’s all time hit ‘Prem Nagar’ catches the attention of Akkineni kins for this remake idea.

    5. The other two big stars of the yester years Krishna and Krishnam Raju are also have enough stuff under their chairs for their successors.

    This means we have stories, dialogues (Some punch and vulgarity to be added), melodious songs (to be remixed); successors of the heroes and producers readily available now. What all we need now is a strong determination not to make any new films or not to copy any foreign and other language films. We should confine to copy our own films. That’s all!

    So, all the Telugu people should be proud of our film industry which has invented this great idea of remaking the oldies. In this case, our industry and the people need not to think about any further, at least for the next three four generations.

    Let us hope, this is a new beginning for Tollywood.

    Telugu Cinema News : An Idea that changes the Tollywood?

    Driver Ramudu remix song in Veera

    2011/5/9 15:45:46

    It has become a regular feature in Tollywood these days to have at least one hit song of yesteryears to be remixed.

    In Ravi Teja’s new film, Veera the hit song ‘Maamillathota kaada pandisthe…’from the NTR starrer film Driver Ramudu has been remixed. Kajal and Tapsee are the heroines in Veera. The film is getting ready for release on May 19.

    Telugu Cinema News : Driver Ramudu remix song in Veera

    Will Act in Important Roles Only Aarthi

    2006/11/15 13:21:47 Having acted with all top heroes and credited with good reputation herself and also acted with comedian Sunil in 'Andala Ramudu' and received all the ga ga along with appreciation and this film about to celebrate 100days function. Aarti Agarwal, this film's heroine went to Tirupathi for Lord Venkateswara Swamy's darshan two days back. After completing 'Andala Ramudu' talkie part unfortunately she was in a minute trouble after that now she came infront of the media first time. On this occasion this film's producer Paras Jain arranged press meet in Mahavir Films Office on Monday . In that meet Aarti Agarwal said that because of the god's grace only I am able to regain. She expressed that she was impressed by the story of 'Andala Ramudu' and without asking about the hero she agreed to act that film as she always preferred good roles. She visited Lord Venkateswara for the first time and was profoundly impressed by the surroundings of Tirupathi. Sho also implored that it is very happy to work with Mega Super good banner. She said that Producer R.B.Chowdhary , Paras Jain , S.V.Prasad , Vakada Apparao has co-operated with her very much. In the middle of the film she faced lots of mental tension but with the blessings of her mother, father and god she survived along with the affection of her fans which she cannot forget. She likes medicine so she is doing Health care Business Management course by Distance Education.

    Keywords:Aarthi Agarwal::

    Telugu Cinema News : Will Act in Important Roles Only Aarthi

    New series of film titles begins?

    2011/3/7 18:33:18

    During the yesteryears, we have seen film titles Manchi manasulu, Teney manasulu, Muga manasulu etc etc. Then we have a new series of film titles like Adavi Ramudu, Driver Ramudu, Adndhala Ramudu etc, etc. Then, there are Rowdy series followed by Ideates and Rascals etc. The last series ends with High schools and Classes. Now, it seems the latest series begins with eatables. To being with we have two upcoming films ‘Kaaralu Miriyalu’ and ‘Vankaya Vepudu.’ Both these films are in shooting stage and going to introduce many fresh faces to the audiences.

    ‘Vankaya Vepudu’ is a full length of comedy film garnished with some romance. Sunith Arora and Anyu Smrithi are making their debut with this film as hero, heroines. Arora has gained some experience in commercial Ads for Kalyan Jewelers, Agra Gold and Sun Net works.

    This film is directed by Chandramouli and produced by BCN Reddy under Eswar Cine Media banner. Brahmanandam, MS.Narayana, Pilla Prasad, Jogi Naidu, Prabhas Sreenu, Chitram Sreenu, Kadhambari Kiran and some others are acting in this movie.

    Recently, the shooting of this film begins at Hyderabad and will continue up to 20th of this month. The second and final schedule will commence from 25th of March.

    Camera:GS Chakravarthy Reddy; Story: Vikram Raj; Editing: Kotagiri Venkateswara Rao.

    Telugu Cinema News : New series of film titles begins?

    Bollywood on remake spree

    2011/5/20 13:54:20
    It seems Bollywood is on remake spree. The success of remake films ‘Gajini’ and ‘Wanted’ makes the Bollywood people keep an eye on southern industry to grab the right film in right time. Recently, we heard that, film ‘Vikramarkudu’ was taken for remake in Hindi. Then, the Bollywood also picks up films Traffic from Mollywood and Kadhal from Kollywood for remake.

    Now, it is Prabhas latest film ‘Mr. Perfect’ picked up by Bollywood producer Sajid Nadiawala. He is roping in the remake specialist Anees Bazmee who remakes films ‘Ready’, It’s My life and some etc.

    Bollywood News : Bollywood on remake spree

    'Ramudu Manchi Baludu' to can songs in Singapore

    2007/4/28 11:01:54

    Over 50 per cent shooting of talkie part and canning of two song were complete for 'Ramudu Manchi Baludu' directed by Praneet and produced by Rangababu on the banner of Upendra Movies with Rangababu and Preeti Varma in the lead.

    Producer Rangababu says, 'We will complete the remaining part of the talkie in the next schedule that begins from May 12. Four songs are yet to be choreographed. Of them two were planned at Singapore and Kulu Manali from July 22. We chose an incident that occurred during the Chalukya dynasty and modernized it to suit the current times.

    It is a film that runs in total rural backdrop and would be women-oriented. Rangababu, Preeti Varma, Suman, Brahmanandam, Surya, Madhumani, Kondavalasa Lakshmana Rao, Pilla Prasad.

    Telugu Cinema News : 'Ramudu Manchi Baludu' to can songs in Singapore

    Andala Ramudu on August 11th

    2006/7/17 7:59:10 Sunil as Hero & Arti Agarwal as Heroine in 'Andala Ramudu' is Directed by Laxmi Narayana on the banner Mega Super Good Films Pvt Ltd, presented by R B Chowdhary. This film is Produced by SV Prasad and Paras Jain. The film has completed the shooting schedules and the Post Production works are going on fast track. Executive Producer Vaakada Apparao said the Re-Recording work is being taken up and audio to be released to the market. Melodious Music is given by music director S A Rajkumar will be a super hit. All the preparations are being made to release the film on August 11th and will prove to be a Comedy Entertainer for whole family said the Producer. All the Songs were shot at Greeneries of Kerala. Other characters are, Akash, Kota Srinivas Rao, Venu Madhav, Chalapathi Rao, Kondavalasa, Lakshmipathi, Jeevi, Dharamavarapu, Duvvasi Mohan, Manchala Suryanarayana, Master bharat. Story is of Livingston - Dialogues : Gopi – Camera : Sameer Reddy - Editing : Nandamuri Hari - Fights : Nandu.

    Telugu Cinema News : Andala Ramudu on August 11th

    Andala Ramudu AudioCD Released

    2006/8/9 13:46:53

    Sunil & Arti Agarwal as Hero & Heroine in 'Andala Ramudu' is Directed by Laxmi Narayana ( Deepti) on the Mega Super Good Films Pvt Ltd, is presented by R B Chowdhary. This film is produced by SV Prasad and Paras Jain. This films Audio CD was released in Hyderabad by Director V V Vinayak and the first CD was presented to Hero Ravi Teja. Aditya Music is releasing the Cd's to the market for which Music is by Raj Kumar. All the preparations are being made to release the Cinema which will prove to be a Comedy Entertainer for whole family said the Producer. In spite of some hiccups the film was completed successfully said the producer. The film will be released on 18 th and the producer was confident of success of this film. Paras Jain, Vakadu Appa Rao, Venu Madhav, Sanam Nag, Ashok Kumar and others participated in the grand Audio Release Function

    Bollywood News : Andala Ramudu AudioCD Released

    Ajith stepping into the shows of Sivaji

    2008/1/24 13:08:24

    After acting in the remake of a Rajinikanth’s film, Ajith is all set to act in another remake. It will be a movie that featured the legendary actor ‘Nadigar Thilagam’ Sivaji Ganesan.

    Sivaji Productions is planning to remake Sivaji’s blockbuster ‘Puthiya Paravai’, for which the choice of the director is yet to be decided.

    Ajith will act in Sivaji’s role, while Prabhu will play the role of the distinctive actor M.R. Radha. The selection of heroine and music director will be made soon. It is tipped that either K.S. Ravikumar or Vishnuvardhan will direct the movie.

    So it will be another remake to Ajith, whose market was redeemed by a remake.

    Tamil Cinema News : Ajith stepping into the shows of Sivaji

    Ajith, Vijay to remake Rajini hits?

    2006/11/28 16:15:00 Remaking yesteryear blockbusters is fast becoming a fad in Bollywood. Now the same talk is doing the rounds in Tamil too.

    Recently, Vijay confessed to a dream of doing the remake of Rajinikanth hit Murattu Kaalai. Now it is not clear as to who will remake it. But Vijay has expressed the desire for the same.

    Elsewhere, Ajith is not left far behind in this remake dream.

    Kollywood buzz has it that Ajith maybe doing the remake of Billa soon, for Balaji’s son, Suresh Balaji’s production.

    It maybe recalled that it was Balaji who made the original Billa with Rajini not long ago.

    Further, Billa’s original, Don, was recently remade in Hindi with Shahrukh Khan.


    Tamil Cinema News : Ajith, Vijay to remake Rajini hits?

    Anybody for Chotta Mumbai

    2007/5/4 7:38:29

    Mohanlal's Malayalam super hit Vishu film Chotta Mumbai which was hot on the remake preview circle in Chennai, has found no takers. There was news in a section of the press that Vijay is going to do the remake of that film, but nothing came out of it.

    Our Ilayathalapathy is shrewd when it comes to remakes. Remember, he was the first person to see the Kannada Jogi, which he found unsuitable for a Tamil remake. Similarly Vijay knows that there is no point in doing a Mohanlal remake of a hit film, as his fans in Kerala would have seen the original.

    Later Chotta Mumbai was seen by Vishal, who also showed no interest in doing the remake. A day later, Sathyaraj saw it and he enjoyed Mohanlal's on-screen antics in the film. The buzz is that he wants Sibiraj, his son to do the remake.

    Tamil Cinema News : Anybody for Chotta Mumbai

    Dhanush in a Telugu remake

    2007/10/22 9:34:31

    After ‘Parattai Engira Azhagu Sundaram’, which is a remake of Kannada blockbuster ‘Jogi’, Dhanush is again acting in a remake. This time it would be a Telugu remake.

    According to sources, Dhanush would act in the remake of ‘Arya’, which featured Allu Arjun, one of the most happening heroes of Tollywood, in the lead.

    The film is an out and out campus love story.

    The film would be directed by Balasekaran, who wielded the megaphone for Madhavan starrer ‘Arya’.

    Dhanush is eagerly awaiting the release of his next ‘Polladhavan’ for this Deepavali.

    Tamil Cinema News : Dhanush in a Telugu remake

    Remake of Pandem Kodi

    2011/3/23 15:47:50 Vishal starrer film ‘Pandhem Kodi’ which did an average business in the state is now planned for remake into Tamil by Lingu Swamy who directed the Telugu version of this film. Vishal gave his nod for the remake of the film. They are also planning to make a sequel to this film after completing this remake project. Vishal is currently working on a bilingual film being made in Telugu and Tamil.

    Telugu Cinema News : Remake of Pandem Kodi

    Andala Ramudu Great Success

    2006/8/22 14:11:28

    Sunil as Hero & Arti Agarwal as Heroine in 'Andala Ramudu' is Directed by Laxmi Narayana ( Deepti) on the ever green Banner Mega Super Good Films Pvt Ltd, is presented by R B Chowdhary. This film is Produced by SV Prasad and Paras Jain has just been released with thumping success. One of the Producer Paras Jain was immensely enjoying these moments of success and said that more that we expected the film has succeeded and is being appreciated by the viewers. Even before the film was released the audio the viewers stamped the superiority of the film. In Andhra Pradesh and in all the Theatres the success story continues with thumping collections.

    The success of this film entirely belongs to the Unit members as also to the Lead Pair of Sunil and Arti Agarwal. Each and every scene was appreciated and the climax, is extra-ordinary!!! Said the Audiences. With Sunil who has been transformed as Hero from regular Comedian and can certainly be recognized and is already in the air. With his debut in direction Lakshmi Narayan has achieved what others achieved in many years and will continmue in future said the Producer.

    Telugu Cinema News : Andala Ramudu Great Success

    Ramanaidu indicates plans to direct film

    2007/11/16 14:36:35

    Movie Moghul Dr D Ramanaidu participated in a 'Meet the Press' programme arranged by Film Critics Association on November 13. Speaking on the occasion, he says, 'Mine is not a delicate mind to feel bad when I failed or to elate when there was a success. I faced several ebbs and tides during my long career. While the success of 'Ramudu Bheemudu' is the seed, it was the success of 'Premnagar' which could termed a plant.

    Our banner grew step by step. After the success of 'Premnagar' in Telugu, we remade the film as 'Vasantha Maligai' in Tamil. Likewise, the Hindi version of 'Premnagar' was also a hit. It is like a tree for our banner. In fact, what all that I earned through films was invested again in the film industry. My banner has the credit of introducing 23 directors, four music directors, various cinematographers and technicians besides artistes. A total of 46 heroes, 126 heroines made their debut into the films through our banner.

    Not only in film industry, I also entered into politics and was elected as MP from Bapatla constituency. However, I am keeping myself off from politics now. I had an ambition to produce films in all the Indian languages and I was able to realize it and only three languages like Guarati, Bhojpuri and Punjabi languages remained balance. After this, I had another wish to wield the megaphone. I am planning to take up direction by next year.

    ' Speaking about his children, Ramanaidu says, 'I came to the film industry with a wish to become a hero, but turned a producer. My son Sureshbabu is continuing my legacy as producer, while Venkatesh had fulfilled my wish to become a hero. It was also quite accidental. When we planned 'Kaliyuga Pandavulu', we could not obtain the dates of Krishna and Venkatesh made his debut in 1986 under the direction of Raghavendra Rao.

    Now my grandson Rana Daggubati is also coming up as hero in film which would be launched in April. I am also planning to produce a film with all new faces by January next year. We are constructing a studio in Vizag with all the facilities. We are spending all the profits earned from our recent hit 'Tulasi' on our Vizag studio.

    Those who enter the studio with a script, could return with the first copy in that studio and there is no need to look for another side for any facility.' On the occasion, Dr Ramanaidu announced a donation of Rs 5 lakh to the Film Critics Association. Later, the association office bearers felicitated Dr Ramanaidu and presented him a shawl and a memento.

    Telugu Cinema News : Ramanaidu indicates plans to direct film

    Maryada Ramanna remake rights for 35 lakhs

    2010/9/24 9:46:33

    The hit film with Sunil as hero, Maryada Ramanna is now being remade in Tamil. The Rajamouli directed film has fetched the producers 35 lakhs in the form of remake rights.

    There are several comedians in Tamil so it would be interesting to see who is chosen to play Sunil’s role in the remake.

    Telugu Cinema News : Maryada Ramanna remake rights for 35 lakhs

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