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on 2008/1/19 16:35:58

Nagarjuna says Tabu is his favourite

Hero Nagarjuna continues to be the most sought after actor and many heroines vie with one another to star along with him in a film. Nagarjuna has been asked several times as to who was his favorite heroine. He had been all along giving some diplomatic answers.

Now, perhaps for the first time, Nagarjuna has made a bold admission. Nagarjuna said that his favourite heroine was Tabu. She is not only his favourite heroine but will remain so forever and ever. Nagarjuna said diplomatically that Amala was not his favourite heroine but his favourite person. Nagarjuna's statement was no big surprise but it must have surely warmed the cockles of Tabu's heart.

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    Nag purchased plot for Tabu

    2007/8/29 16:40:45

    Actor Nagarjuna has no qualms talking about Tabu openly. He said in an interview recently that he had purchased a plot for Tabu in Hyderabad.

    And she has constructed a house on the same plot that was bought by him. While there is much speculation about Tabu and Nag affair, the two are playing it down. Nagarjuna’s wife Amala is said to have helped Tabu with interior decoration too.

    Telugu Cinema News : Nag purchased plot for Tabu

    Nag forever says Tabu

    2007/3/16 13:39:55

    Tabu is well known in Tollywood not only for her roles but also her long standing friendship with hero Nagarjuna. They have acted in hit films together. It was rumoured that Nagarjuna had a steamy relationship with Tabu during the filming of their movie some years ago. But very few know that they both continue maintain a good relationship all these years. Tabu admits to this openly.

    She says that if there is anyone in Tollywood on whom she can rely on, he is none other than Nagarjuna. In fact, she is supposed to have aired these views on record on a television talk show which is going to be aired in a couple of days. According to her, boyfriends come and go in life, however there is one person who is permanent and he is none other than Nagarjuna. Hats off to Tabu for expressing her views boldly.

    Telugu Cinema News : Nag forever says Tabu

    Tabu says goodbye to Nag

    2010/10/26 9:33:32

    One of the longest and worst kept secret is the love affair between Tabu and Nagarjuna. Despite regulars reports in the media the two continued their affair.

    The time to put an end to the affair has come finally. Tabu is said to have said a final goodbye to Nagarjuna.

    The reason is that Tabu has been dating a businessman from Delhi for some time now. She is said to be happy with her new man in her life and is getting ready to marry him. The wedding is likely to take place in early 2011.

    Telugu Cinema News : Tabu says goodbye to Nag

    Tabu angers photographers

    2007/8/17 9:45:49

    Tabu is in the limelight for more than one reason. Her last film Cheeni Kum has brought her back into the limelight. She has also bought a home in Hyderabad. And she is stated to have invested in a hotel project along with Nagarjuna.

    Tabu is now seen at all major functions in Tollywood. And she is naturally the focus of attention of photographers. And more so, if she happens to be clicked in Nag’s company. But Tabu is very angry and is seen cursing the photographers for clicking pictures of her with Nag. Well, if she has so many objections, then why does she appear with Nag in public? Any answers?

    Telugu Cinema News : Tabu angers photographers

    Tabu’s new house in Hyd

    2007/4/14 13:29:44

    Tabu has acquired a new house in Hyderabad. The work on the house is complete. When asked whether she was shifting base to Hyderabad she replied in the negative. Tabu says that she will use the house as a holiday getaway. Hyderabad has always held a special place for the actor. Her friendship with actor Nagarjuna still continues to raise speculation.

    Tabu is presently doing ramp shows and is enjoying it immensely. She will also walk down the ramp in Madhur Bhandarkar’s new film which is based on fashion. She is also working with Amitabh Bachchan in the film ‘Cheeni Kum’.

    Telugu Cinema News : Tabu’s new house in Hyd

    Nag promoting this hot beauty!!

    2010/10/19 11:27:19

    Hero Nagarjuna is acting in the film titled Ragada. The film stars Anushka and Priyamani in the lead roles.

    Nagarjuna ahs been romantically linked up with Tabu. He is now promoting Anushka in a bg way by ensuring that she appears in all his films – even if is a small guest appearance.

    The hot Priymani seems to have charmed her way into Nagarjuna’s heart now. Nag is so bowled over by Priyamani’s charms that he has asked the director of Ragada to increase the length of her role and also add another song on her.

    Not just that, Nagarjuna is now recommending the hit beauty Priyamani to producers and directors.

    Telugu Cinema News : Nag promoting this hot beauty!!

    Tabu raising summer heat

    2008/5/2 11:00:02

    The sexy Tabu is hitting forty but she has lot none of her glamour and oomph. She is still as sexy as she was some 10 years ago. Tabu is now acting in K Raghavenra Ro's mythological film 'Pandurangadu'. The working stills of the film were released recently. Tabu is looking hot and sexy in the film.

    K Raghavendra Rao is known for showing all his heroines in a very sexy manner. This time he has gone a step ahead and shown Tabu in the hottest and sexiest way possible. The impact can be gauged from the fact that many producers are now eager to sing up Tabu for their next films.

    Telugu Cinema News : Tabu raising summer heat

    Tabu bunks shooting for boyfriend!

    2008/3/27 7:25:46 The sexiest actress in the industry, Tabu is also much in demand for her acting prowess as well. Tabu has been romantically linked with more than one actor. She is known to be going steady with a top Tollywood hero for a long time and it is an open secret.

    Tabu has turned 38 recently but she is till behaving like a teenager. The otherwise professional actor was seen bunking shooting for some days to spend time with her boyfriend! Tabu is now once again having a hot and romantic fling with actor Upen Patel.

    The two are painting the town red with their public appearances together. Tabu has not reported for shooting for her new film with Govinda. But she was spotted at some posh restaurants and clubs in Mumbai with Upen Patel. She is acting like a teenager who is going through her first crush.

    Andhra News : Tabu bunks shooting for boyfriend!

    Tabu is still very, very sexy

    2008/2/4 14:54:08

    Tabu is still as hot and sexy as she was more than a decade earlier. She is now acting in the film 'Idi Sangathi' directed by Chandra Siddhartha. Tabu plays the role of Abbas' wife in the film.

    Tabu has done some very hot scenes and also exposed her well-endowed assets like never before. The hot pictures are now doing the rounds on the Internet. Tabu has just turned 38 but she has still maintained her figure in shape. She can give the young and so-called sexy heroines a run for their money not only in acting skills but also in exposing.

    Telugu Cinema News : Tabu is still very, very sexy

    Tabu is a natural beauty

    2007/2/27 15:30:55

    Tabu has made a mark in Tollywood with several hit films to her credit. She has paired successfully with Nagarjuna. She has done some glamorous roles but says that she is a very lazy person.

    She also hates makeup. And this is what has led her to do roles in films that use little or no makeup. She also likes to chill out in cotton saris. Now people are also appreciative of her new looks and styles which also make her happy.

    Telugu Cinema News : Tabu is a natural beauty

    NBK’s hot romance with Sneha and Tabu

    2008/4/15 15:50:32 Nandamuri Balakrishna is now all set to woo his fans with a mythological film ‘Pandurangadu’. K Raghavendra Rao is the director. The story requires the two heroines, Tabu and Sneha to romance Balayya very openly and also in a very hot way.

    Bapu is known to show all his heroines in the most sensual way. Similarly K Raghavednra Rao is also known to show his heroines in the most beautiful and stunning way. He is reported to have worked wonders with Tabu and Sneha. In turn, Tabu and Sneha are reported to have outdone one another in showing oomph and glamour.

    Andhra News : NBK’s hot romance with Sneha and Tabu

    Tabu fails to sizzle

    2008/2/22 14:10:06

    Tabu was touted to be the big draw for the film Idi Sangathi. But the film opened very weakly. The theaters were not even half full and at some places, the crowd was not even filled to 20 percent of their capacity.

    The name of Tabu was expected to pull the crowds to the theaters, but surprisingly, it was not so. The director used some hot and sensuous pictures of Tabu in all the publicity posters. Even then, it was a very weak opening by any standards.

    The film was also awarded the 'A' certificate by the censor, but there are not adult scenes in the film. Tabu also looked very plain and unglamorous in her role as the wife of a middleclass journalist Abbas.

    For people who hoped to watch a hot and sexy Tabu, it was a huge disappointment. She simply failed to sizzle. Whatever hot scenes were there, they were all used on the publicity posters only.

    Telugu Cinema News : Tabu fails to sizzle

    Tabu for the Oscars

    2007/8/16 13:25:56

    It's confirmed. Mira Nair is all set to push Tabu's name for an Oscar nomination this year. Says a source close to the project, "Mira is definitely going to project Tabu as a potential best actress at the Oscars. Though Irrfan Khan is as good, if not better the focus of Mira's Oscar campaign for her masterly study of the Indian diaspora is likely to be predominantly Tabu."

    Continues the source, "Irrfan is excellent. But he lacks what the Americans are looking for in their Oscars recipe. Tabu is exotic, glamorous and mysterious. This is her first real exposure to the Western audience. And they're lapping up her utterly –butterly Bengali act, thick accent and all. On top of that she's also wowing the westerners with her performance in Cheeni Kum."

    Will Tabu be the first Indian actor to win an Oscar? "Why not?" says Mira's creative compatriot Deepa Mehta. "She's amazingly good, on a par with any of her Western counterparts."

    Six years ago Deepa had offered Tabu the lead in her richly lauded Water. The deal fell apart. A lot of global cineastes feel Mira's Namesake would do for Tabu what Deepa's Water couldn’t. Tabu herself remains supremely indifferent to recognition, at home or abroad.

    Bollywood News : Tabu for the Oscars

    Ramyakrishna skips answer

    2007/1/31 7:55:21

    Ramyakrishna is still glamorous though she got married. Recently, Jagapatibabu was asked in an interview as to who was his favourite hottest heroine. Though pat came reply from him, 'Who else? It is Ramyakrishna?' Immediately, he pleaded with Krishnavamsi not to take his comment seriously.

    During the Diamond Jubilee celebrations, Ramyakrishna and Krishnavamsi had attracted the attention of several audiences. MAA TV anchor Suma who is speaking to the celebrities attending the function asked Ramyakrishna as to who was her favourite hero, with whom she acted in her career.

    Chiranjeevi and Nagarjuna, who sat beside her, were in all smiles. While Nagarjuna tried to tease her saying, 'You acted with me in several films. Naturally I will be your favourite hero.' Chiranjeevi intervened and said, 'No, not that. She acted with more number of hit films with me only.'

    Chiranjeevi also suggested to name Rajanikanth, as Vadayappa was her all-time hit. Ramyakrishna refusing everything, simply said, 'No comment.

    Keywords:Diamond Jubilee Celebrations::

    Diamond Jubilee : Ramyakrishna skips answer

    Tabu hot as never before

    2008/2/19 18:18:49

    Tabu is still as hot as ever before. She is a big draw in Tollywood. The ravishing beauty has not lost her oomph or charm even one bit even after turning 38 recently.

    Tabu has also planned her career well. She manages to remain in the media limelight even if there are no films. She has a big hero backing her fully. In fact, it is this open secret relationship that has added further interest in her and also formed an aura around her.

    Tabu is now playing the lead role in the film 'Idi Sangathi'. Abbas, Raja and Sameeksha are the other leading actors. Chandra Siddharth is the director.

    Chandra Siddharth is an extremely talented director. He has films like 'Aa Naluguru' and Madhumasam to his credit.

    But even then, the director doesn't want to take any chances. The film is now set for release on February 22. Siddharth is now using the hot and sexy pictures of Tabu from the film very prominently in the publicity posters ad print ads.

    Most of the ads show Tabu in very bold end exposing scenes. The director wants to bank on Tabu's glamour and charisma to pull in the crowds - not his story or direction, 'Adi Sangathi'.

    Telugu Cinema News : Tabu hot as never before

    Tabu’s Sixer!

    2008/2/25 14:35:38

    The hot and sexy actress Tabu continues to make waves at the box office. She may be nearing 40 but she has not lost her hot looks and figure. She proved this once again with her recent film ‘Idi Sangathi’.

    The 53 annual Flmfare awards were announced this afternoon. Tabu has won the Critics’ award as the Best Actress for her role in the film ‘Cheeni Kum. Amithabh Bachan played the lead role and ad filmmaker Balakrishna directed the film. This is Tabu’s sixth Filmfare Award.

    Andhra News : Tabu’s Sixer!

    Tabu with Abbas

    2007/8/31 9:33:25

    Tabu has agreed to do a new film in Telugu. She will play the lead in the film, which revolves around her character. Tabu is coming back after a long gap.

    Chandra Siddharataha is directing the film. He had directed films like Appudappudu, Aa Naluguru and Madhumasam.

    Abbas has been chosen to play the lead opposite Tabu in the film. The two had earlier come tighter in Premadesam. Raja will play a guest role in the film. The shooting will commence from September 12.

    Telugu Cinema News : Tabu with Abbas

    Tabu’s feast tomorrow

    2008/5/29 13:20:31

    Tomorrow is a big day not only for Balakrishna but also for countless Tabu fans. Pandurangadu is hitting the screens tomorrow. She is playing a prominent role in the film ‘Pandurangadu’. Tabu is said to have dominated a major part of the first half where she is shown romancing and seducing Balakrishna.

    Director K Raghavendra Rao is well known for showing all his heroines in the most sensuous way in all his films. He is reported to have worked up similar magic for his latest film. Along with Tabu, even Sneha is said to have done some daring exposing scenes in the film. So it will literally be a feast for the eyes for all Tabu and Sneha fans tomorrow.

    Telugu Cinema News : Tabu’s feast tomorrow

    Is Nag Anushka’s shadow?

    2010/12/3 14:50:38

    The recent developments indicate that there is something brewing between Nagarjuna and Anushka.

    Firstly Nagarjuna and Anushka have done as many as six films together. This is no coincidence but show how much love and special affection Nagarjuna has for Anushka.

    Nagarjuna these days is seen following Anushka wherever she goes. Observers say that Nagarjuna has become like a shadow of Anushka.

    Telugu Cinema News : Is Nag Anushka’s shadow?

    Tabu to play Taslima’s role

    2007/12/10 15:26:15 The talented actress Tabu has been chosen to play the role of controversial Bangladeshi writer Taslima Nazreen in a new film. Tabu is a versatile actress and she has played varied role in her career. The big production house UTV is planning to make this film. Work on the film is expected to commence in early 2008.

    Telugu Cinema News : Tabu to play Taslima’s role

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