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on 2007/12/31 12:58:14

Now you can wear Kareena's clothes

Having virtually given up films for family or ‘choosing her roles’, Kareena Kapoor is now all set to design clothes for the brand she is currently endorsing.

While many Indian actresses have taken up other vocations after quitting movies, with this move Bebo becomes the first Indian actress who will be designing her clothes.

A little birdie from Bollywood whispers, "Kareena has a very good sense of dressing and loads of style that is in vogue and liked by the youngsters.

In fact, our Bebo baby has set a new trend after she wore a Patiala salwar along with a T-shirt. Now most teenagers and youths keen to sporting that look".

Well, though not doing too many films right now, Kareena is always in the news. Currently, she is the talk of the town for her much-publicized affair with Saif Ali Khan.

Such free fame has encouraged the designer company endorsed by Kareena to ask her to design her own clothes hoping that it will hit the market like a thunder.

For the initiator, this particular clothing line for which Kareena will be designing clothes will be launched sometime in July or August next year.

We are told that Kareena, who is well known for going into the details of the roles she performs on screen, will now go through each and every step of designing the clothes and approving them personally.

Bebo has made it clear that she will be the only person to decide the material as well as the work to be done on this line of garments, which will include accessories also.

So, even without too many films in her kitty, Bebo will be all busy this year. She has lots and lots of work to do. She will be designing clothes, promoting ‘Tashan’ and look after the ‘Golmaal’ returns.

Interestingly, ‘Heyy Babyy’ director Sajid Khan has also signed Kareena up for his next venture and she has also bagged a role in ‘Kambhakt Ishq’ opposite Akshay Kumar.

Meanwhile, Bebo’s rival Bipasha Basu’s beau John Abraham too has managed to get a successful clothing line to work for him for his designer jeans and accessories.

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    Lara, Bhupati anxious about their new member

    2011/9/19 19:24:30 Actress Lara Dutta, who is expecting her first child, is exasperated with the number of clothes that she owns.

    "House looks like a warehouse!! I've FINALLY realised that I have way too many clothes than I can ever wear! Besides already giving away TONS!" Lara posted on micro-blogging site Twitter.

    It seems that the excited mum-to-be is busy making space for her baby's clothes and toys.

    Lara is married to tennis ace Mahesh Bhupathi.

    Bollywood News : Lara, Bhupati anxious about their new member

    I don't consciously project cool image: John Abraham

    2007/1/10 15:40:40

    Bollywood's latest pinup boy John Abraham, who has brought out a calendar of his own images for 2007, denies that he is making a conscious effort to market a "cool image".

    "Let me state once and for all, I've done nothing to consciously project a cool image. Whether it's the motorbikes or brand endorsements, I do what comes naturally to me," John told IANS.

    "I feel there's an overt attempt to portray oneself as cool in our industry. But to try to be cool is very un-cool. If there's a cool-quotient to your personality, it will show up without your trying," he added.

    John said the calendar was a no-profit venture.

    "Whether it's my own brand of clothes or me serving as a brand ambassador for a mo-bike, I guess I've been forging my own style of self-projection. The calendar is an idea that, to my knowledge, hasn't been done by any other actor. It'll contain only my images. Does that seem slightly narcissistic?

    "It is actually nothing more than a humble exercise in public relations. The calendar with my pictures shot by Subi Samuel will be sent to people whom I know and would like to reach out to at the beginning of the year. It's a no-profit venture," stressed John.

    Does John belong to the cool-school?

    "When I was doing an endorsement for my clothesline, someone said, 'cool is John Abraham'. It's interesting. But they would look at the clothes and say, 'this is very John Abraham'. I felt flattered. When you get branded with a certain image that defines your cool-quotient, I think it's very cool."

    To John cool is..."the movies that you do, the clothes you wear or not wear and the company you keep".

    John is good at both the dressed and undressed variety of cool. "Good, na? Because sometimes you may not get the proper designer! Might as well be prepared to make do without the right clothes," he quipped.


    Bollywood News : I don't consciously project cool image: John Abraham

    Preeti’s shooting woes

    2006/7/24 18:31:24

    Jhangiani had to change clothes in a car.

    Stars' lives seem very cushy and glamorous on the face of it, but the truth is that actors often have to shoot in unpleasant and uncomfortable situations. On the sets of With Love Tumhara, actress Preeti Jhangiani, had to shoot a romantic dream song in the biting cold of the Rohtang pass. As if that wasn't enough, Preeti had to change her clothes in a car covered by dupattas as there was no changing room or vanity van at the location.

    Recalling the shoot, Preeti says, “We were shooting at the Rohtang pass near Manali. The place is at a great height and it's difficult to get even transport vehicles there, forget a vanity van. The song that I was shooting for required quite a few costume changes. It was freezing cold and I had to wear all sleeveless costumes. To add to my misery, there weren't any bathrooms or changing rooms. I actually had to change my costumes in a car which was covered with clothes and dupattas. The car was our temporary changing room.”

    Her woes did not end there. The actress had to wear ankle-length shoes under the saree. “It was very difficult to change from a pair of jeans to a saree and that too in a car. Now when I look back, it seems okay as the song has turned out well,” she says.

    Preeti further says, “It took three days to shoot the song. Once, we rehearsed a scene and were ready for a take when the lights went dull. I have shot in freezing conditions in Switzerland for various films times but this was very different.”

    • I actually had to change my costumes in a car which was covered with clothes and dupattas. The car was our temporary changing room — Preeti


    Bollywood News : Preeti’s shooting woes

    Why Kareena Kapoor is arrogant

    2007/4/14 15:11:20

    Kareena Kapoor only admits that she can be arrogant but also justifies her arrogance.

    Since her debut in 2000, Kareena has done plenty of films, but doesn’t really have a solo hit film to her credit.

    Kareena admits that she can be arrogant but says she has enough talent to justify it.

    ``If people say I'm arrogant, so be it,'' Kareena told a prominent newspaper in an interview published on Friday.

    ``Yes, I'm arrogant, but only with what God has gifted me with – my talent and demeanor, which are raw materials for filmmakers to mould as they please.''

    However, according to sources Kareena gives a lot of attitude to even top filmmakers and hence gradually producers and directors are shying away from casting her in their films.

    Kareena has no films lined up for release in 2007.

    But Kareena is adamant that this is just a temporary lull in her career, she says, “I am Kareena Kapoor and I know that even if I sit home for a year, I will get work.”

    When confronted with all her failed projects, Kareena said “How can you talk about me as if I am some has been. I am Kareena Kapoor”.

    Bollywood News : Why Kareena Kapoor is arrogant

    Kareena to be seen in bikini in Tashan?

    2007/10/29 13:28:02

    What’s up with today's heroines? It seems that irrespective of whatever amount of substantial roles they must have done in their careers, it is only when they do a bikini scene (coz’ the script demands it / has been shot aesthetically etc…), their careers seem to be reaching a crescendo or maybe at least they like to believe it.

    After the likes of Tanisha and Bipasha testing the waters of the bikini land in films like Neal N Nikki and Dhoom 2 respectively, the radar has now turned towards Kareena Kapoor, who, it seems, is all set to wear a bikini for Yash Raj Films’ Tashan. The shoot is being scheduled for February 2008, for which she is reportedly preparing herself to be in shape. After all, a good figure on screen will fetch you good figures off –screen (read ‘B-O collections’).

    Bollywood News : Kareena to be seen in bikini in Tashan?

    Nayantara in two-piece swimsuit !

    2007/6/25 14:34:36

    Nayantara is becoming unstoppable when it comes to the glamour department these days. With each film, the volume of clothes on her is drastically decreasing.

    Her most recent film was Dubai Seenu in Telugu. Some of the costumes that she wore in the song sequences were so glamorous that even Tollywood was stunned. You don't normally see heroines dressed like that.

    But, in her new Tamil film, she is going to cross all those limits.

    Billa 2007 is the name of the film and she plays the role of an internationally feared don's girlfriend. In the film, there is a scene in which she was expected to wear a two-piece swimsuit. Since most of the shooting is happening in Malaysia, she wasn't feeling embarrassed about it and is rumored to have agreed to wear it.

    Nice progress...

    Malayalam Cinema News : Nayantara in two-piece swimsuit !

    Kareena - Shaadi mein to abhi 5-6 saal hain

    2008/1/31 14:00:47

    Kareena has been flashing a huge diamond ring on her hand for a while now which led to the speculation of her marriage with Saif Ali Khan. Obviously the love smitten couple gave enough fodder to the gossipmongers over the weekend.

    Kareena, unlike Saif, had been keeping mum about the affection she felt for him, finally decided to put a full stop on wild gossip of her marrying the star.

    Ending weeks of speculations of her marrying Saif Ali Khan, Kareena Kapoor said that wedding bells can wait for 5 to 6 years, she is not in a hurry for any decision.

    “Shaadi mein to abhi 5-6 saal hain" said Bebo told media persons today. The actress, who was earlier involved with Shahid Kapoor, has however made no secrets of her relationship with Chote Nawab.

    The love that blossomed on the sets of their upcoming film ‘Tashan’ matured into an affair to watch out for when the Prince of Pataudi decided to wear his heart on his sleeve. The famous tattoo "Kareena" on Saif’s arm was followed by a dazzling diamond ring on Bebo’s ring finger, sparking rumours that the two were engaged.

    Our sources tell us that it is her mother Babita, who is holding Kareena back from making any commitments. For Saif, its his third serious affair after ex-wife Amrita Singh and Italian girlfriend Rozza Catalano.

    Bollywood News : Kareena - Shaadi mein to abhi 5-6 saal hain

    Rakhi Sawant used her own clothes for Buddha Mar Gaya

    2007/8/16 13:10:28

    Even as Rakhi Sawant is going from channel to channel campaigning for her film Buddha Mar Gaya, we got some news about the item girl's costume drama on the sets. From what we hear, she wore her own clothes in the film. That wasn't a problem. Until, later, when she began demanding money for it.

    A source from the unit says, "Although Rakhi had given measurements for the costumes, she refused to use any of them.

    During the trials, she complained about them being ill-fitting and refused to wear them. In fact, she came up with the idea of using her personal clothes, and even buying new ones, if need be. She hinted that the producer would have to pay for them. At that time too, Rahul Rawail put his foot down and asked her to use the already commissioned costumes. However, she went ahead with her own outfits."

    Rahul Rawail says, "Obviously, we had a problem as we had already structured a look for her in the film. Rakhi is quite erratic. She said that she had tried the costumes but didn't like them. In fact, she said that they were very tight. But my dress assistant came and told me that she had never tried any of them in the first place. In fact, she came and told me that she loved the costumes. I guess she has amnesia as she forgot that she was cribbing about the same costume a day prior to it."

    Rakhi Sawant remained unavailable for comment.

    Bollywood News : Rakhi Sawant used her own clothes for Buddha Mar Gaya

    Kareena Kapoor says no to 'Mandakini' act!

    2011/8/2 12:08:31

    Kareena Kapoor may have said 'yes' to play Mandakini's character in Milan Luthria's Once Upon A Time In Mumbai Part 2, but little did she know what being Madakini really meant.

    Apart from playing the don's girlfriend, the role as envisaged by the filmmaker required Kareena to get wet under a waterfall a la Madakini style.

    This technically means the actress had to wear a white saree and sit under the gushing water as done by Mandakini in her 1985 superhit film Ram Teri Ganga Maili, produced and directed by Kareena's grandpa, the legendary (late) Raj Kapoor.

    This scene, however famous, has not gone down too well with the modern day Mandakini, Kareena.

    A source revealed, "Madakini is remembered for that scene in Ram Teri Ganga Maili.

    Milan didn't ask Kareena to go so bold. However, the scene that he had envisaged was quite titillating and demanded a certain amount of exposure. Kareena was not comfortable with it."

    The scene in question was meant to be Kareena's introductory scene in OUATIM Part 2. The actress has refused to do the scene point blank.

    Kareena told Luthria politely but in no uncertain terms that she wouldn't do such a outrageously wild scene even if it weren't to the effect of what Mandakini did.

    Explaining, Luthria's desire to have the scene in the first place, our source said, "See, there's no denying that OUATIM Part 2 is a story based on the dreaded underworld don Dawood and his friend-turned-foe Chhota Rajan.

    And Kareena plays the role similar to that of Mandakini, who was allegedly very close to Dawood at a point in time. Luthria, simply wanted to establish the connect."

    The film will go on floors in January. "Work is in progress. Luthria and Bebo are working around it. Whatever is done or changed will have to suit Kareena's sensibilities," added our source.

    Not denying the conflict, a friend of Luthria called up and said, "The scene you are referring to is a very interesting one but it is too early for Milan to talk about it. All said and done, Milan wants to work with Bebo and is very kicked about it."

    Bollywood News : Kareena Kapoor says no to 'Mandakini' act!

    Kareena now comes at 10 crore!

    2011/9/17 16:54:52

    Kareena Kapoor is one lucky girl. She has acted in a small number of films but has some very big hits to her credit. Three Idiots and Golmaal 3 have now catapulted her to the top league.

    Kareena is a smart girl and she has decided to jack up her remuneration to 10 crore and producers are ready to shell out this amount. Kareena for sure is following the adage – make hey while the sun shines!

    Ice 'n' Spice - Movies :  Kareena now comes at 10 crore!

    Nude food

    2008/5/6 10:32:00 Actress says she loves cooking breakfast naked

    Kristen Bell loves cooking breakfast naked. The 27-year-old actress — who stars alongside Russell Brand in Forgetting Sarah Marshall — never wears clothes when she is at home because she finds being nude more comfortable. She said, “I rarely wear clothes when I’m at home. And I love making breakfast while I’m naked. But I’ve got to make sure the gardener is not coming over that day!” Kristen — who also stars in US TV show Heroes — also admits she is fed up being thought of as “cute” and wants to be considered for more adult roles. She added, “Cute is great but you get it a lot and you want to scratch your face off. It’s like, I’m not f**ing cute, you f**k. I am a woman and I am voluptuous. I need to get out of teenageville. It’s not that I dislike it, I’ve just had my fill.”

    Hollywood News : Nude food

    Dutt teri ki!

    2007/11/29 12:54:49

    While Sanjay Dutt suffered through the shoot of a rain sequence shot over days, co-star Suneil Shetty wasn't in the least uncomfortable. He had thought ahead and worn a wetsuit under his clothes. If only Dutt had known!

    While shooting for a rather long rain sequence for Sanjay Gupta's upcoming film Dus Kahaaniyan, Sanjay Dutt had a very tough time. However, it was seen that his co-actor Suneil Shetty did not even flinch despite being doused with water for days on end. No, it wasn't Suneil's stronger constitution, just some clever pre-planning.

    A source tells us that Dutt was really uncomfortable all through the shoot. “The shoot lasted for nearly a week. It is not easy to get wet every day and continue shooting for long hours. Dutt even lost his cool a couple of times,” says the source.

    So how was Suneil so comfortable? “Well, Suneil had worn a wetsuit (usually used for scuba diving) under his clothes. Dutt didn't know about this protective gear and was suffering needlessly in damp clothes over days,” our source reveals.

    When Dutt learnt that Suneil was wearing a wetsuit, he felt that he too should have done the same. “But by then, it was too late. The shoot was nearly over,” our source adds.

    When contacted, Gupta said, “Yes, Suneil was smart enough to wear a wetsuit for the sequence. Sanju came to know about Suneil's wetsuit only later. It is very tough to shoot for rain sequences for long hours, especially because the water which is used in these sequences comes from tankers and tanker water is not too clean,” he added.

    When we contacted Suneil Shetty, he said, “Yes, Baba (as Sanju is fondly called in the industry) has always teased me about the additional gears I wear to save myself from cold and rain.”

    Gupta added, “Now, Sanju has told Suneil that he should get such wetsuits for him when they shoot for rain sequences in future.”

    Bollywood News : Dutt teri ki!

    Singer cum heroine and designer cum heroine

    2007/6/28 10:03:50

    We have seen many spouses of actors designing clothes for their partners for their films. Sarika used to design clothes for Kamal Haasan. Even Shah Rukh Khan’s wife Gauri is known to design her hubby’s clothes for his films. And then we now have heroines who also lend their voice for songs in the film like Bhanumathi.

    Meera Jasmine is singing a song in her film Yamadonga with NTR in the lead. Now Kangana Ranaut has gone one step further. She is designing her own clothes both for films as well as outside. She is thus saving a lot of money for the producer.

    Telugu Cinema News : Singer cum heroine and designer cum heroine

    Saif and Kareena relationship is worsening day by day?

    2008/5/28 9:12:27

    Saif Ali Khan and Kareena Kapoor’s relationship is worsening day by day. Their romance may have run its race with Kareena finding Saif's unceasing attention oppressive rather that thrilling.

    According to our source, insecure Saif keeps calling Kareena on her mobile to keep tab on her and recently while the two were in a party Saif even didn’t let Kareena chat with her female friends.

    This disturbed Kareena so much that she asked Saif to leave the party saying that his attention suffocated her.

    Well, it’s really hard to understand this pretty lady since she had gone through a similar kind of problem in her past relationship with Shahid Kapoor. Over there, Kareena was the insecure one while Shahid was a chilled out guy.

    We would have to wait and see how this relationship shapes up in the coming future. Meanwhile looking at their past we all know that both Saif and Kareena carry a baggage of failed relationships.

    Bollywood News : Saif and Kareena relationship is worsening day by day?

    Strong men never take tips from girlfriends: Saif

    2011/9/21 8:07:03 Actor Saif Ali Khan, who is dating actress Kareena Kapoor, says men like him, who are considered sexy and strong, never take styling tips from their girlfriends.

    "I never take dressing or styling tips from Kareena as I being a strong and sexy man, know how to dress perfectly and look good," Saif told reporters Saturday night.

    The 41-year-old actor, who walked as a show-stopper for designer Mandira Wirk at the ongoing Blenders Pride fashion tour, was seen wearing a black, sophisticated Band Gala suit with matching shoes.

    His suit was a perfect tribute to the design inspiration of Wirk who took references from 16th and 18th century Rococo and Baroque style.

    Saif, who was looking extremely confident on the ramp, said he was perfectly fine with actress Priyanka Chopra turning down an offer of doing an item number for his upcoming movie "Agent Vinod".

    "I am completely fine with that as most of the actresses do not want to share screen space with Bebo (Kareena Kapoor)," he said.

    The actor is reportedly planning to settle down with Kareena next year.

    On being asked about his marriage plans, he preferred to remain silent, but disclosed his wedding outfit. "Since I belong to Bhopal, I will definitely wear an achka," Saif said.

    Bollywood News : Strong men never take tips from girlfriends: Saif

    Ram Charan message to society!

    2010/12/26 18:29:38

    Young and dynamic hero Ram Charan Tej had a message for the society. He accompanied by his mother Surekha and some others, went to Kokapeta on Christmas day where he distributed some woolen wear to poor people. After cake cutting, speaking to media he leaves a message to the society. He said “Every one of us should feel responsibility towards needy in the society. Whether it’s a small help or big one, every one has to contribute something to bring a little difference in the downtrodden people’s lives. I happen to visit this place few days ago. I have seen poor people shivering in the cold waves on the foot paths and under the flyovers. I am really moved with their miserable condition and asked myself what I can do for them. I thought that first of all I have to save them shivering cold waves. So, I decided to distribute some woolen wear to them.”

    But, other people who gathered around there to have a glimpse of him, after hearing his lecture opined that, merely distributing some clothes he gives a message to the society as if he has offered them really an unbelievable gift that changes their lives.

    Telugu Cinema News : Ram Charan message to society!

    Kareena, Priyanka carry on the brawl!!

    2011/3/19 10:21:25

    Bollywood actresses Kareena Kapoor and Priyanka Chopra have decided to carry on with their scuffle.

    It all started at the chat show Koffe with Karan when Shahid Kappor’s ex girlfriend Kareena made fun of his current girl Priyanka’s accent.

    Well Piggy Chopra did not sit quite on this and reciprocated with same vibes saying that she has acquired her accent from the same place from where Saif Ali Khan got his.

    After this, they did meet and hugged each other at an awards function but guess that was just for the shutterbugs to capture some polished pics of the two actresses.

    The cold war resurfaced when Kareena Kappor said that she does not think that priyanka Chopra is an actress.

    However, Priyanka Chopra appeared little descent this time as she said that she still takes Kareena kapoor as a good actress.

    Bollywood News : Kareena, Priyanka carry on the brawl!!

    Kareena gives up veggies

    2007/10/10 9:54:02

    From the dishes that they had ordered, it was pretty apparent that Saif and Kareena love chicken

    Kareena Kapoor, who maintains that she does not mind being the subject of speculative stories, was spotted with Saif Ali Khan once again at a popular eatery in Bandra. Not just that, Kareena was seen relishing chicken dishes, something she had sworn off when she was going out with Shahid.

    Our khabroo reveals that Kareena binged on chicken pizza and salad.

    From the dishes that they had ordered, it was pretty apparent that Saif and Kareena love chicken, our source says. Kareena, who had sworn off non-vegetarian food, has begun to feast on it once again. A source close to the actor confirms, It is true that she has started having non-vegetarian food. I think it was something that she missed when she was seeing Shahid.

    A source from the lounge bar says, Saif and Kareena were here for dinner. The candlelit ambience of the restaurant was in sync with the mood the couple was in! They were casually dressed and started getting very cosy during dinner.

    Saif appeared to be in a flirtatious mood as his fingers played with Kareena’s hair, gently patting her shoulders and then resting his hand on her arms. Saif and Kareena looked very much in love, the source says.

    Bollywood News : Kareena gives up veggies

    Bebo went on break with an item number

    2007/4/11 8:31:48

    Lovely Singh’s Kya Love Story Hai is all set to release this month and well, Kareena Kapoor’s promotional track ‘Its Rocking’ is doing wonders for the movie. So, after taking a year long break, why did she decide to come back with a promotional song? “Actually the film's director Lovely Singh is a very close friend. I've known him since Mujhe Kucch Kehna Hai. Doing the song was a gesture of love and friendship. And when he explained the concept to me and I heard the song I knew it was going to be a rocking number. I loved it. I've worn the most glamorous clothes, driven a limo and strummed a 25-feet guitar! It doesn't get better!” says Kareena.

    It’s quite a co-incidence though because a year back, Kareena went on a break after shooting for ‘Yeh Mera Dil’ from Don which was again a guest appearance. “Yes it is. I began my break last year after completing the dance number for Don, and now I have ended my break again with a dance number for Kya Love Story Hai! I was away purely out of choice because I needed to relax and unwind, but now it feels great to be doing what I have always loved doing.”

    Kareena looks very glamorous in the new music video. In fact, she has herself finalized her dresses for the video. States Kareena, “Since I am playing myself in the song, I told Lovely that I would not go overboard on the glamour front with any itsy-bitsy costumes. It was my idea to perform in jeans and gorgeous gowns.” And the video surely goes in contrast with some of her characters in the last few films. “It is a good balance after doing films like Chameli and Omkara where I am de-glam.”

    But Kareena isn’t very surprised looking at the success of the song. “I'm not surprised because when I first heard the track, I loved it!” Besides she loved dancing on the track. “There is this additional high of knowing that millions of people out there are going to dance to my moves!” says Kareena with enthusiasm.

    And what’s the secret behind her gorgeous looks in the video? “Yoga, it has really helped me! And thanks to Shahid (Kapoor) I have turned a vegetarian which has further enhanced my physique!”

    Now that Kareena’s break is over, she has a number of big assignments lined up. “There is Imtiaz Ali's film with Shahid as my co-star. Then I have Yash Chopra's next with Akshay and Saif, and there is Mani Ratnam's Lajjo with Aamir Khan.”

    With the way her career is shaping up, life is surely ‘Rocking’ for Kareena.

    Bollywood News : Bebo went on break with an item number

    Kareena's Fling Continues

    2007/4/4 14:45:03

    Even after a disastrous performance in Heelen's tailor made role of' Don, Kareena Kapoor doesn't seem to be giving up with her fixation with doing item number. And here she is - back on the silver screen with a bang. She has done an item number 'It's Rocking Yaara Ishq To Karo' in the movie Kya Love Story Hai.

    Kareena claims to have slimmed down a lot in order to fit into the character of an item girl. "You cannot miss the slimmer version of Kareena setting the screen on fire. Just when you thought you have seen her enough in various look of hers, Kareena is sure to surprise you with her dusky look this time," claims her publicist.

    Now whether the item number is going to reap some benefits for Ms Kapoor is something which only time will tell us. But Kareena has for sure earned some good words for herself since she has done this item number totally free of cost favouring the director Lovely Singh she knows from the time he assisted Satish Kaushik.

    Another interesting fact about this song is that this song has been picturised around the same time last year when Kareena had shot for the item number 'Yeh Mera Dil' for the movie Don. Does this mean that we will have to sit through yet another non-so-impressive item number picturised on Kareena next year around the same time too!

    Bollywood News : Kareena's Fling Continues

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