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on 2008/1/7 16:48:23

Rana Daggubati to make debut as hero

It is well aware that Rana Daggubati, who became well known in the Telugu film industry as the brain behind the latest technology being used by our film makers. It was he who brought the Digital Intermediate technology to Hyderabad. 'Sainikudu' earned the name as a film with high-technical values just because of him.

He is none other than Dr D Ramanaidu's grandson and popular producer D Suresh Babu's son. Rana Daggubati, who was so far behind the screen, is now planning to make his debut as hero and Suresh Productions is all set to launch him in April. Stay glued for more details.

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    First Look: Bipasha makes love to Rana Daggubati!

    2011/4/1 12:30:51

    Bipasha Basu's 'Dum Maro Dum' co-star Rana Daggubati says their lovemaking scene felt just like "doing any other scene"

    Bipasha Basu and co-star Rana Daggubati share intense lovemaking scenes in Rohan Sippy's Dum Maro Dum. And despite reports of their off-screen link up, Rana maintains he's still single.

    Saying co-stars Abhishek Bachchan and Bips made him "extra comfy" on the sets, he claims this is the best Bollywood break he could have asked for.

    Telling a tale

    Says Rana, "It's no different than doing any other scene. It is just a form of storytelling. Both our characters have a large emotional graph and romance is a part of it."

    How did he and Bipasha break the ice?

    "Well, I hadn't met her before, so this was the first time I was seeing her. She's been around for so long. In fact even Abhishek was sweet enough to make me feel like home. It was one big family affair for us."

    Bollywood News : First Look: Bipasha makes love to Rana Daggubati!

    Rana in shock

    2011/5/2 17:51:45

    Daggubati Rana is now in a state of shock. He had high hopes from his Hindi film Dum Maro Dum and the Telugu film Nenu Naa Rakshasi.

    However, both the films have fared badly at the box office. The critics have commented that Rana may be unsuitable to play hero and that he cannot act.

    Rana is unable to digest all this. He is tall, good looking and has an impeccable lineage – grandson of D Rama Naidu and son of Suresh Babu. Rana is the nephew of victory Venkatesh.

    So, Rana thinks he is fully qualified to play hero. It is still too early to judge and we have to wait for him to act in a few more films before we learn about the verdict of the audiences.

    Telugu Cinema News : Rana in shock

    Nenu Naa Rakshasi is ‘Shockingly Original’!

    2011/1/21 9:23:54

    The film Nenu Naa Rakshasi directed by Puri Jagannath and starring Daggubati Rana and Ileana in the lad has completed the dubbing part and is getting ready for release in March.

    The hero if the film Daggubati Rana is all excited about the film and its story. He says that the film is ‘shockingly original’ and not even a single frame will have any resemblance to any film that has been release so far.

    If this is true then Puri would be creating history! Rana also is so smitten by Ileana that he is at a loss for words to describe her and her charm and beauty.

    Telugu Cinema News : Nenu Naa Rakshasi is ‘Shockingly Original’!

    Rana's next film with Krish

    2011/10/31 17:58:34 Third generation stars are now making waves in Tollywood. It is the turn of Rana Daggubati to hog the limelight after his successful ventures.

    Right now, he is busy shooting for RGV's Hindi 'Department' and 'Naa Ishtam' in Telugu, he is also tipped to be the hero of the next venture to be taken up by his close friend Krish.

    The new generation director, who is identified with the generation next genre, will be directing Rana in the next film. (INN)

    Telugu Cinema News : Rana's next film with Krish

    Daggubati Rana injured in the shooting

    2011/9/13 14:43:12
    Daggubati Rana, who is acting in RGV's Hindi movie 'Department' is injured while doing some action scenes for the movie in a Steel factory located in the out skirts of Mumbai. According to inputs, his knee caps and shoulder bones were injured when he jumped onto to some boxes placed in the villain's den set. During this attempt Rana falls on the ground and broken his knee caps and shoulder joint. It happened due to the misjudgment of the distance by Rana. He was given some first aid and then shifted to local hospital at Mumbai. Later, he has been shifted to Hyderabad for further treatment on his request.

    Telugu Cinema News : Daggubati Rana injured in the shooting

    Rana bags another offer in Bollywood?

    2011/4/12 18:47:29
    Handsome hero Daggubati Rana who just completed his first Hindi movie ‘Dum Maro Dum’ with Bollywood sex bomb Bipasha Basu, got his second offer from Bollywood again. It is from none other than Rakesh Roshan, who plans to make a sequel for his super hit movie Krish played by Hrithik Roshan. It came to know that, first he approached Ajay Devagan for this film. But, when he refused to do the film he finds Rana as his next best option for the film. However, whether Rana has signed the film yet or not is not revealed. Soon, we may expect an official word from the film makers. If, so Rana may like to romance with Bipasha Basu again, because their on screen and off screen chemistry is so good that, media couldn’t stop writing about their hot affair?

    Bollywood News : Rana bags another offer in Bollywood?

    Rana should talk less and work more

    2011/4/7 15:42:56

    Daggubati Rana is just one film old. His first film was Leader and it was a modest hit. His second film Nenu Naa Rakshasi is yet to hit the screens.

    However, Rana is all over the place, day in and day out. He is always saying something about everything. He also tweets regularly and is a page 3 regular. He is also a regular feature on the gossip circuit.

    An industry watcher who has been monitoring Rana closely said in exasperation that if only Rana sets aside even 1/10 of the time he spends on talking about himself and his interests, he would have come up with four or five films by now.

    Telugu Cinema News : Rana should talk less and work more

    Bipasha is reason behind Rana-Shriya split?

    2011/4/6 12:13:57

    Buzz is in the air that Bipasha Basu is the reason behind the split between Rana Daggubati and Shriya Saran.

    According to the reports, the two after dating each other for 5 years have finally decided to split after Shriya learnt about Rana Daggubati’s closeness towards Bipasha Basu at the sets of “Dum Maaro Dum”.

    Shriya’s fears were confirmed following the split between John and Bipasha. And now, the budding romance between Rana Dagubatti and Bipasha Basu is doing the rounds.

    But Shriya is very furious with the fact that Bipasha and Rana are using her name for the publicity of their film “Dum Maaro Dum”.

    Shriya stated “That’s horrible to be dragged into somebody else’s matter especially, when I am not romantically involved with anyone. I don’t know why they are using my name to publicize their film.”

    The actress said further, “My parents are most upset. It’s very embarrassing to face them for something as obnoxious like this.”

    With respect to her relationship with Rana, she stated “We have known each other since we were in school. We have the same set of friends and we hang out together.”

    The actress said further, “That’s about it. Rana was never my boyfriend. I have been single and I am single.”

    Bollywood News : Bipasha is reason behind Rana-Shriya split?

    Bollywood sex bomb fall for Rana

    2011/3/19 18:19:22

    We might be aware that Tollywood handsome hero Daggubati Rana is acting in a Bollywood film ‘Dum Maro Dum’ with Abhishek Bachchan playing the lead role. Bollywood sex bomb Bipasa Basu who is pairing with Rana in this film, has said she is totally flattens with the manly looks of Rana and die to act again and again with him.

    “Unlike, the other heroes in the Bollywood, he creates a friendly atmosphere around him in the work spot. Although, he looks a bit reserved, if you could open him he make you fall for him. He is so friendly, so co-operative that one can’t expect that much from any other person in the industry. I love to pair with him in many movies in future,” says sexy Basu.

    But, what makes her praise him so much? Is it because she wants to make her intimate partner John Abraham whom she bid good bye recently, envy her for finding a new boy friend Rana in no time or is she praising him so to find her way into Tollywood to do some item songs? However, Rana also reciprocated very positively to her comments and complemented for her sexy looks and her ability to express feelings with her eyes.

    Bollywood News : Bollywood sex bomb fall for Rana

    Rana enters Hollywood?

    2011/3/17 7:54:52
    Director Shekar Kammula’s film Leader might have commercially failed, but it has paved way for its hero Daggubati Rana into Bollywood and then from there to Hollywood. Rana has simultaneously completed film ‘Nenu Naa Rakshasi’ with Ileana directed by Puri Jagannath and Hindi film ‘Dum Maro Dum’ under Mohan Sippy’s direction. Both these films are slated to release during the next month. Hence, he is anxiously waiting for the out come of these two forthcoming films. Though, he has nothing to worry about his Tollywood career, his Bollywood career may depend on the success of his debut Hindi film.

    While, doing this Hindi film Rana had a pleasant surprise from a Hollywood film maker. Rana has given a trial run by doing some promos for his English film which is considered as a beginning of the film. He said “ Here in our Indian film industry we shoot the promos while or after completing the movie, where as in Hollywood they first make a promo then go for the actual shoot. I think, this English film may start before end of this year.”
    Rana is planning to act in two bilingual films to be made in Telugu and Tamil.

    Telugu Cinema News : Rana enters Hollywood?

    Rana to do classical dance?

    2011/4/13 20:05:48 During the audio release function of Rana and Ileana starrer movie ‘Nenu Naa Rakshasi’ many of the guests have opined that, so far, Daggubati Rana was not given the task of dancing in any of his films. Director VV.Vinayak who was also present on the occasion has said that, he like to direct Rana and make him dance to his tunes that too classical dance forms like Kuchipoodi or Bharata Natyam. He said he is keen to make a film with classical dance based story. He wished he would get this chance soon.

    Telugu Cinema News : Rana to do classical dance?

    Rana promise to do Tamil film soon

    2011/4/5 17:08:06 Tollywood handsome hero Daggubati Rana recently has received an award from Sri Kala Sudha Telugu Association in Chennai for his best performance in film Leader directed by Shekar Kammula. Speaking on the occasion Ran said “I was born and brought up at Chennai. I love Chennai and its people. At first, I have planned to start my film career with a Tamil film, but somehow it begins with a Telugu film ‘Leader’ and I am happy it brings me close to you all. I will do a straight Tamil film soon. I believe this would make me feel at home.”

    Rana's two films are releasing in this month. The first one is 'Nenu Naa Rakshasi' in Puri Jagannath direction with Ileana playing the female lead is releasing on 7th of April.

    His Bollywood debut film 'Dum Maro Dum' is releasing on 22nd of April. Bollywood sex bomb Bipasha Basu is pairing with him in this movie.

    Telugu Cinema News : Rana promise to do Tamil film soon

    Rana's new pic 'Krishnam Vande Jagadgurum'

    2011/11/12 17:20:16 The busiest hero of the industry Daggubati Rana is currently doing two films simultaneously. One is 'Naa Ishtam' with Genelia and the second one is 'RGV's Hindi movie 'Department,' which is also releasing in Telugu in dubbed version. Rana has recently signed his next movie under Krish direction. It is titled as 'Krishnam Vande Jagadgurum.' This film will go to sets during January next year and it will be produced by Krish's father Jagarlamudi Saibaba.

    Telugu Cinema News : Rana's new pic 'Krishnam Vande Jagadgurum'

    Ramanaidu to play hero

    2007/7/20 8:40:42

    It is well aware that Ramanaidu played a full time role in a film called 'Hope' some time ago. Keeping this in view, if you start thinking of he is playing a hero in another film, you are mistaken. It is not Movie Moghul Ramanaidu who is playing the hero but it is his grandson who is making his debut as hero.

    Though his original name is Rama Naidu, he is popular among the industry circles as RaNa Daggubati and he is presently managing the graphic and designing organization called 'Spirit'. Though it was strongly believed that Rana would remain behind the screen to provide graphics and other such works for films, it was going to be proved wrong.

    The six-foot fall and handsome guy is all set to make a screen presence through a film to be directed by Sri Raghava, who had directed 'Aadavari Maatalaku Ardhale Verule' of his paternal uncle Venkatesh.

    Moreover, his grandfather himself is producing the movie on the banner of Suresh Productions. The film would go to sets in December 2007 and would be released during the summer of 2008.

    Telugu Cinema News : Ramanaidu to play hero

    Rana takes Kollywood road

    2011/11/7 14:59:36 Tollywood handsome hero Daggubati Rana is currently busy with his Telugu movie 'Naa Ishtam' and RGV's Hindi movie 'Department.' He is the only hero in Tollywood, who successfully ventured into Bollywood with ease and been accepted by Hindi belt, probably because of his height and looks. Ever since he starts these two films, he has been shuttling between Hyderabad and Mumbai.
    Being born and brought-up at Chennai Rana dreams to do straight Tamil films also and his dream come true with signing of two Tamil films at a time. The relations he and his family having with Kollywood pave way for him into Kollywood.

    Recently, he has signed his first film titled as 'Vada Chennai.' It will be directed by Vetrimaran. His other film will be directed by Cheran. This film title is not fixed yet. It is learnt that, Rana will do both films simultaneously. Hope he will successfully ventures into Kollywood also.

    Telugu Cinema News : Rana takes Kollywood road

    Genelia romance with Rana at Malaysia

    2011/5/27 10:37:06
    She had a flop and he too had a flop. Now, both of they are acting together to deliver a hit. They are Rana and Genelia. Rana’s latest flop ‘Nenu Naa Rakshasi’ makes him very disappointed because all his previous films goes well at box office. Then, bubbly girl who almost feared faded away with her ‘Orange’ has finally got this offer to pair with handsome hero Rana. They both are now at Malaysia for shooting of their film ‘Naa Eshtam.’

    This film is directed by T. Prakash who worked as associate to director Sukumar. Paruchuri Kireeti is producing this movie under United Movies banner. He said they have completed some talky part at Hyderabad and major part of the film shooting will be over during the second schedule planned for 35 days at Malaysia.

    Daggubati Rana, who until now is conveniently escapes the dances in all his films, is going to shake legs with Genelia in this movie. It is learnt that, he is taking some training in dance classes.

    Telugu Cinema News : Genelia romance with Rana at Malaysia

    Rana in Mani Ratnam direction

    2011/8/20 8:05:52

    Young hero Daggubati Rana, who is now shuttling between Bollywood and Tollywood doing films in both places has to extend his range to Kollywood also now, because director Mani Ratnam has zeroed upon for his next movie to be made in Telugu and Tamil languages. Rana’s grand father D. Rama Naidu has confirmed this news.

    This movie will be a simple romantic one. Mani Ratnam wants to prove himself again by giving a sure hit with this film as his experiment with ‘Ravan’ has backfired at him and it turns a big disaster for him and to all the actors in the movie. Currently, he is working on the script and the movie may go to sets before end of this year. The details of the star cast and its technical team is not announced yet.

    Telugu Cinema News : Rana in Mani Ratnam direction

    Rana as Gangster

    2011/6/1 12:32:54 Handsome hero Daggubati Rana’s recent films in Hindi (Dum Maro Dum) and Telugu (Nenu Naa Rakshasi) have failed. Both the films have their own calculations for the success, but finally they all proved to be wrong. Neither Bipasha Basu’s sex appeal nor the controversies surrounded them couldn’t save the film. Back at home, the combination of Puri, Rana and Ileana in film ‘Nenu Naa Rakshasi’ has raised the expectations to sky high. But, the film turns a big disaster for the trio in their career.

    Currently, Rana is acting in ‘Naa Eshtam’ movie directed by T. Prakash who worked as associate to director Sukumar. Paruchuri Kireeti is producing this movie under United Movies banner.

    Recently, Rana has signed one more movie to be produced by Dil Raju. He plans to introduce a new director with this movie. According to sources, Rana will play a gangster role in this movie. The full details of this movie will be announced soon.

    Telugu Cinema News : Rana as Gangster

    Five films in Rana's hands

    2011/8/6 8:57:48

    Despite delivering two box office duds-‘Nenu Naa Rakshasi’ and ‘Dum Maro Dum’ its hero Rana Daggubati is flying high in the sky with plenty of offers both from Bollywood and Tollywood. Right now, he is acting in film ‘Naa Eshtam’ with Genelia. At the same time he is also acting in RGV’s Hindi movie ‘Department.’ He also got ‘Bol Bachchan’ movie in which he share screen space with Abhishek Bachchan and Sunjay Dutt.

    Rana has also signed one more Telugu movie in Krish direction, which may go to sets in the next year. He also signed a Hindi movie in Rajashree Ohja direction. Bollywood beauty Kangana Ranauth, who missed Rana in ‘Dum Maro’ some how caught hold of his hand for this movie.

    Rana’s ‘Department’ heroine name is not known yet. This film is directed by maverick director Ram Gopal Varma.

    Film ‘Naa Eshtam’ movie is directed by Prakash Tholeti and produced by Paruchuri Kireeti. Priyamani is said to be agreed to do item song in this movie.

    Telugu Cinema News : Five films in Rana's hands

    Rana, Ileana’s film NNR on January 14

    2010/12/9 15:19:08

    The film Nenu Naa Rakshasi with Rana Daggubati and Ileana in the lead is all set to hit the screens on January 14.

    Nenu Naa Raakshasi is produced by Nllamalapu Bujji and directed by Puri Jagannath.

    Telugu Cinema News : Rana, Ileana’s film NNR on January 14

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