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on 2011/10/4 11:10:54

Student stabs teacher inside classroom

Angry over being pulled up for indiscipline, a Class 11 student in Uttar Pradesh stabbed his teacher inside the classroom, police said Tuesday. The accused is absconding.

The incident took place Monday in the government-aided Adarsh Inter College in Saharanpur district's Bargaon town, about 500 km from here. The 16-year-old student stabbed his physics teacher Jagdev Singh with a knife.

"Jagdev Singh, who received multiple injuries on his face, is out of danger," Police Inspector Digambar Singh said.

"Investigations reveal that on noticing that the classroom was in a state of disorder ...Jagdev scolded the student for indiscipline and disturbing the seating arrangements in the classroom," Digambar told reporters in Saharanpur.

"In a fit of rage, the teenager later attacked his teacher and ran away," he added.

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    Student slaps, threatens teacher on Teacher's Day

    2011/9/5 23:43:46 New Delhi, Sep 5 (IANS) On a day when students across the nation were celebrating Teachers' Day and giving flowers and cards to their teachers, an 18-year Class 10 student of a government school here slapped his teacher and threatened to kill her if she went to the police, police said Monday.

    Vishnu, a resident of Ambedkar Nagar, threatened to kill Nisha Kashyap when she told him that she will lodge a police complaint against him, police said.

    The incident took place in the afternoon in the premises of Jose Marti Sarvodaya Vidyalaya in sector-12 in R.K. Puram.

    Kashyap filed a complaint at the local police station against Vishnu.

    Police have registered a case under section 323 (voluntarily causing hurt), 506 (criminal intimidation) and 509 (word, gesture or act intended to insult the modesty of a woman) against Vishnu who is absconding since the incident.

    In her complaint, Kashyap told police that an argument had broke out between them on the issue of providing passage for her car.

    "She was trying to reverse her car but was not able to do so as some boys, including Vishnu, were standing behind. She asked them to move away upon which Vishnu passed some sarcastic comment on her. She objected after which an argument broke out between them and the boy slapped her thrice on her face before disappearing from the spot," said a police officer, adding that the boy was untraceable and had not returned to his home till late night

    National News : Student slaps, threatens teacher on Teacher's Day

    Madhavan more than Bhavana's guru!

    2007/8/28 15:04:49

    Do you know what Malayalam actress Meera Jasmine said when the rumours of her relationship with director Lolitadas surfaced? She said they share an excellent 'teacher-student' relationship. Here is another Malayalee actress who is using the same technique.

    Malayalam actress Bhavana's first outing with Madhavan was a disaster with Arya bombing at the box office. In spite of this, they are cast together in a new Tamil film titled Vaazhthukkal, being directed by Seeman. Now, the grapevine is abuzz with the news that they share a special bond. It may be recalled that Bhavana had said quite a few times that she is a great fan of Madhavan. However, she pushed the rumours aside by saying that he is her guru.

    “He was the one who taught me Tamil. We share an excellent teacher-student relationship. Please don't spoil it by coming up with such stories,” said Bhavana.

    But can there be smoke without fire, Bhavana?

    Malayalam Cinema News : Madhavan more than Bhavana's guru!

    She now turns into a sex teacher!

    2011/3/8 15:14:35

    She is a maverick woman who is all the time engaged in cheap controversies in order to remain in the limelight.

    She is Rakhi Sawant. She is now all set to play the role of a sex teacher in a Hindi film. Rakhi will play a sexy 'sex' teacher on whom all the boys will have a crush. The film has been titled as Qasam Se Qasam Se.

    The film will be directed by newcomer Asjfaque Makrani.

    Telugu Cinema News : She now turns into a sex teacher!

    SRK Would Have Become a Teacher

    2008/3/25 12:34:58

    He is the reigning Badshah of Bollywood, so it is difficult to imagine Shah Rukh Khan as being anything other than the glamorous superstar that he is. So his revelation that he would have become a teacher if he had not become an actor comes as a surprise.

    SRK, who is all set to host the kid's quiz show on TV, Kya Aap Panchvi Pass Ho, has admitted that teaching has always remained a secret passion with him. The show allows him to fulfill his childhood dream, he says. The show will see him more as a moderator than a teacher on air But then, this is the closest that he can get to playing a mentor to kids, at least for now. SRK's pranks as a student himself are legendary. He admits that school was fun and that he was very studious but a prankster as well.

    He recalls forcing his teachers to dance with him and also remembers blowing up something in the chemistry lab once. The actor still retains his sense of mischief and the kid in him surfaces when the he is in his favourite role -- that of doting father to Aryan and Suhana. He believes that children need their parents to be both, responsible as well as friends, someone who they can trust and have fun with. And it is this confidence that he has garnered as a father that has given him the confidence to face kids on his show as well.

    Armed with this experience, the actor is ready for the barrage of ‘childish' questions. But he feels that no question that a kid asks is childish or stupid. And he assures you from experience that there is many a time when a child will ask you a question and you will not be able to answer, even though the answer is on the tip of your tongue.

    Bollywood News : SRK Would Have Become a Teacher

    Aushka in the news for wrong reasons

    2007/6/23 10:13:43

    Anushka is busy in Tollywood with her films. She has starred with Nagarjuna and is acting in his latest film Don as well. She is also starring in Balakrishna’s film Okka Mogadu. Another film with Jagapathi Babu and her ready for release film Lakshyam with Gopichand. She has even bough a flat in Hyderabad.

    But all this is not what is making the news. It is about her personal life. She was a yoga teacher before she entered Tollywood. She was introduced to Tollywood by her student who is the young son of a top hero. It is now being said that she in romantically involved with her student and a steaming video featuring the two is reportedly doing the rounds.

    But the young man who is itching to make his debut in films is comes from a big family with powerful connections both in the industry and also in the corridors of power. So the sex video issue may be buried sooner than one would expect.

    Telugu Cinema News : Aushka in the news for wrong reasons

    Class 4 kid sets junior on fire

    2011/9/17 18:38:11 A Class 3 student was set on fire by a Class 4 student at a private residential school in Bihar's Muzaffarpur district Saturday following a minor quarrel between them, police said. The victim, who received burns, is critical.

    The victim was doused in kerosene by the Class 4 student and set afire in the hostel of G.A.V. School in Muzaffarpur, about 70 km from here.

    "Angry over some dispute, a Class 4 student poured kerosene on the Class 3 student when he was sleeping and set him afire. The victim sustained 75 percent burns and his condition is critical," said a police official.

    According to police, the incident took place a day after a heated exchange of words between the two, followed by a fight, Friday.(IANS)

    National News : Class 4 kid sets junior on fire


    2007/8/24 16:12:46 A young schoolteacher took her life, as she could not bear the humiliation of being caught in the nude on camera while bathing. The shocking incident occurred in Kadapa on Thursday afternoon.

    Two former students of the teacher filmed her in the nude with their cell phone camera and started blackmailing her. They also demanded her for Rs 5,000 rupees. The police also did not take serious action on their complaint. This emboldened the students further started bragging about it everywhere. This was too much for the poor teacher, a mother of two children and she hanged herself at her residence.

    Andhra News : Shame!

    Rowling's boots on auction

    2011/9/20 9:40:50 A "Harry Potter" fan is set to auction the boots that author J.K. Rowling wore while writing the first book of the series.

    Emily Waldo was just a 10-year-old student when she wrote to the novelist for a school project.

    She asked Rowling to answer a shoe questionnaire. But she was stunned when Rowling also sent her a pair of well-worn black boots she had worn while drafting "Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone", reports

    Waldo is now selling off the shoes and plans to use the funds to help pay for her college education. She would also donate some of the money to her former school and a cancer charity.

    Waldo, now 22, recalls: "I walked into the school office where there was a package addressed from England with about eight stamps in the corner. I knew exactly what it was. I vividly remember skipping up the steps to my classroom with a smile from ear to ear. I couldn't believe it. I had the author of Harry Potter's boots!"

    "I read the questionnaire aloud but her handwriting was a little difficult for me to decipher. And it took me years to understand how witty it actually was. I am indebted to J.K. Rowling for providing me with an experience that has enriched my life."

    National News : Rowling's boots on auction

    Padmapriya gets obscene mail – police catch teacher

    2006/9/4 18:28:33

    Give an inch and some people take a yard. Starting off as a friend and ending up as an obsessed obscene fan, landed this teacher in jail.

    Vinod is working as a school teacher in Mannarkad in Kottayam district. He is supposed to be an ardent fan of Padmapriya. He has been keeping in touch with her over telephone and letters, when he suddenly got bitten by the love bug. He first started speaking love lines to her which in course turned to shades of obscenity.

    Once Vinod showed the ugly side of his character, Padmapriya broke her friendship with him. Unable to speak to her on the phone, he hit upon the email idea and started sending obscene emails and pictures to her. Shocked by

    this, Padmapriya warned him off.

    This had no effect on Vinod and he continued with his obscene emails, so Padmapriya had to finally complain to the Kottayam police and they arrested Vinod.


    Tamil Cinema News :  Padmapriya gets obscene mail – police catch teacher

    Aamir's a Great Listener

    2007/4/6 12:34:51

    Samir Mondal, the prolific water colour artist, recently made a foray into the world of technicolour, albeit not on-screen but off it. The artist teamed up with actor Aamir Khan to help the latter for his upcoming directorial venture ‘Taare Zameen Pe’, which is based on the interaction between an art teacher and a dyslexic student.

    Samir says it was fantastic working with perfectionist Aamir. “He is a great listener. I had two responsibilities in this project - one, to teach Aamir the nuances of a water colour painter and second, to draw two paintings for an art-mela that forms an integral part of the film,” he says.

    While it was easy drawing Aamir’s character’s painting, the team invested a lot of time before deciding on the painting the dyslexic child would make. “Aamir, Amol Gupte, an artist who is working closely on this film and who introduced me to Aamir, and I used to travel around the locales in Panchgani to hunt for some inspiration. We also held a small art camp with local students to get a feel of how the minds of children work.” reminisces Samir.

    As for teaching the actor to paint, he reveals, “It was essential that his simplest movements look very authentic. Hence, I actually had to coach him about things like how to place the paper on the floor etc. I must say, he was a very dedicated student.”

    Bollywood News : Aamir's a Great Listener

    Story of Chiranjeevi’s new film

    2008/2/4 14:10:04 Parachuri brothers are busy finalizing the details of the story for Chiranjeevi’s new film. By all indications, it is VV Vinayak who is most likely to direct Chiranjeevi for his 149th film.

    According to reliable information, the story of the film goes like this. Chiranjeevi is a college student. He is a sincere student. He cuts his teeth in student politics by taking part in college elections.

    Later on circumstances force him to take a plunge into active politics. He launches his own political party and takes the state by storm. The hero naturally wins the ensuing general elections with an overwhelming majority and becomes the chief minister of the state!

    Telugu Cinema News : Story of Chiranjeevi’s new film

    Driver stabs old woman

    2011/10/10 18:57:07 A 50-year-old woman suffered injuries after she was stabbed by her car driver at her residence in the Ghatkesar police limits.

    The incident happened late on Sunday night when the victim, Nirmala was sitting alone at her residence in Venkatadiri Township. The car driver, Venkatesh, came from behind and snatched her gold mangalsutra. While shouting for help Nirmala told the driver that she has identified him. On hearing this, Venkatesh allegedly took out a knife and stabbed Nirmala and fled from the scene.

    Nirmala was immediately rushed to a private hospital for treatment where her condition is said to be out of danger. According to police Venkatesh was staying with the family in the same residence for the last 18 months.

    A case of attempt to murder has been booked and efforts are on to arrest the accused, police said. (INN)

    Andhra News : Driver stabs old woman

    This 'Yamadonga' Is Slim And Trim

    2007/4/5 15:40:53

    All Jr. NTR fans are in for a really big surprise. Their favourite actor who is quite study and strong will be seen in an entirly new get up in his new film ‘Yamadonga’. It is all due his yoga teacher. NTR junior is on a crash diet course and he has lost more than 10 kgs .

    He looks trim and slim now, so much so that his fans would find it hard to recognize their star. He has also reportedly cut down on sweets. It is well known that he has sweet tooth, but his yoga teacher was firm that he keep away from sweets. NTR had no option but to follow his instructor. And the result is thee for all to see in ‘Yamadonga’.

    Telugu Cinema News : This 'Yamadonga' Is Slim And Trim

    M Tech student commits suicide for Telangana

    2011/8/7 14:18:27 Apparently dismayed over the statement of Union Home Minister P Chidmabaram on Telangana in the Lok Sabha, an M Tech student hanged himself to death at his residence in Mandamarri town.

    According to police, the incident took place late on Saturday, but came to light on Sunday.

    The deceased has been identified as R Srikanth, who was pursuing M Tech (Mechatronics) at the Jawaharlal Nehru Technological University, Hyderabad (JNTU-H).

    According to the suicide note, purportedly written by him, Srikanth said that he was taking his life after being unable to bear the delay in formation of a separate Telangana state.

    The M Tech student also urged the government to provide free education to all students in the region, in the suicide note.(INN)

    Andhra News : M Tech student commits suicide for Telangana

    If SRK was a kindergarten teacher!

    2007/6/15 9:09:15

    One of the commonest question the bored journalist always asks the jaded star is "What would you have been if not a star?" Of course, most say that all they wanted to do was act. Some will piously say they wanted to be doctors.

    But now that two of out biggest stars, Amitabh Bachchan and Aamir Khan have found alternative careers as "farmers", we can speculate on what the others would be good at if they took time off acting.

    Shah Rukh Khan: Kindergarten teacher, kids love him, he loves kids, think Arnold Swarzenegger in Kindergarten Cop, isn't the image cho-chweet?

    Vivek Oberoi: Maybe he could try his hand at being a real bhai? He got some practice, right?

    Bollywood News : If SRK was a kindergarten teacher!

    First ever AP teacher eligibility test on Monday

    2011/7/29 18:25:28 The First Andhra Pradesh Teacher Eligibility Test is being conducted on Monday, July 31, for candidates intending to be teachers for classes 1 to 5 -1) and for classes 6 to 8.

    According to a government press release the test comprises of 150 multiple choice questions. The test for the teachers of class 1 to 5 will be conducted in in 9 media i.e., Telugu, Urdu, Hindi, Kannada, Marathi, Oriya, Tamil, Bengali and Gujarathi, while the 2nd paper will be held in 8 media i.e., Telugu, Urdu, Hindi, Kannada, Marathi, Oriya, Tamil, and Sanskrit.(INN)

    Andhra News : First ever AP teacher eligibility test on Monday

    'Andhra Student' by End of this Month

    2006/10/12 20:12:50 Anil Kumar who is the son of M P Anjan Kumar Yadav from Secunderabad, is the Hero in the film 'Andhra Student' and Harika is the Heroine. This film is a love story progressing with the assistance of Students Forums. Producer K V Ratnam said that this film will be released by end of this month. This film is directed by L. Venugopal.

    Telugu Cinema News : 'Andhra Student' by End of this Month

    Wall collapse on classroom leaves 22 girl students injured

    2011/7/27 13:23:52 At least four students, among the 22 who were left injured in a freak accident at the Government Girls High School, Barkas, were admitted to the Owaisi Hospital, Kanchan Bagh on Wednesday.

    The doctors at the hospital said that the condition of the four girls was stable, but added that they were being monitored after receiving deep cuts on their heads.

    The freak accident occurred when labourers, who were working on the first floor of a new block of the school, tried to dig a hole in the newly constructed wall. This wall collapsed on the classroom adjoining the newly constructed block at around 10 AM on Wednesday morning.

    The falling debris smashed through the asbestos sheets and fell on the students who were engrossed in their studies. A crowbar also fell along with the debris.

    The 22 Fifth class students, between 9 and 12 years of age, were rushed to the nearby government area hospital for first aid. The wounds of five girls were sutured and they were then sent to their respective homes.

    However, four of the injured girls complained of severe headache and their parents rushed the students to the Owaisi Hospital.

    The doctors conducted tests on the girls and admitted the girls for further treatment.

    Ms Juveria, Ms Shireen and Sheikha Saba are among the students who are presently admitted to the Owaisi Hospital.

    The Deputy DEO, who visited the spot, blamed the labourers’ negligence for the accident.

    Meanwhile, the local MBT leader Saleh Ba Hamed and MIM Corporator of the area organised an impromptu dharna, accusing district Collector Natarajan Gulzar of not even bothering to inspect the spot.

    MIM Corporator Mansoor Awalqui demanded that the district Collector release Rs 50,000 as compensation and bear the treatment expenses of the injured girls.

    The new block of the school building is being constructed under the MPLAD funds.(INN)

    Andhra News : Wall collapse on classroom leaves 22 girl students injured

    Class VII student held for rape!

    2007/8/1 9:46:36 A class VII student raped a girl aged 9 at Kurnool on Monday. The girl happens to be a related to the rapist. The incident occurred when the girl was sleeping on the open vernadah outside her house.

    The boy took advantage, as there was nobody at home at raped her.The girls mother who came to know bout the incident complained to the police ant he boy is now in police custody.

    Andhra News : Class VII student held for rape!

    Pawan plays Telangana student

    2011/2/14 9:32:32

    Pawan Kalyan will be shown as a Telangana student in the film ‘Teen Maar’. This will surely come as a happy news to all 'T' activists.

    Jayanth C Paranje is the director. The film is fast nearing completion. The audio of the film will be released on March 5 and the film is being planned for release on April 15.

    Telugu Cinema News : Pawan plays Telangana student

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