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on 2011/6/15 8:44:03

The Badrinath affect

The much boasted movie Badrinath proved to be yet another disaster in Allu Arjun’s career. Film critics and the audiences blame director VV Vinayak for his poor narration of the movie with which the film was failed. Although, the producer Allu Aravind is trying to bluff the people and the media boasting about the record collections of his movie, he also very well understood that, the film is going to pack up from theatres very soon. According to reports he has invested more than Rs.50 crores on this movie and if the film is removed from theatres in a week or two, he couldn’t recover his investment. So, the businessman in Allu Aravind naturally starts disliking his director VV Vinayak who wasted his investment on the film. And, the director can’t expect him to spare him. so, it affects his further films also.

According to latest reports, he was pulled out of Ram Charan Tej’s next movie which he is supposed to start soon after Ram Charan completes his Rachcha and Cherry movies. It came to know that, he is also pulled out of Chiranjeevi’s prestigious 150th film with which he plans to give a grand re-entry into film industry. However, this is not yet officially confirmed by Mega Compound.

The only relief for Badrinath is the positive reports flowing-in from Kerala about its Malayalam version collections and the good marks scored for Allu Arjun’s power packed body, his fights and dances in comparison with Jr.NTR’s Shakti movie.

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    The Badrinath affect

    2011/6/10 18:59:47 The much boasted movie ‘Badrinath’ of Allu Arjun and Tamannah was released today and bagged disaster talk in no time. All the movie web sites ranked the movie between average and below average but unanimously voted as a poor show by director VV.Vinayak and writer Chinni Krishna, who fails to develop the movie to meet the expectations of the fans. Many have opined that, the hype created by the director, producer and the story writer Chinni Krishna before release of their movie itself has shown its adverse affects on the movie.

    Allu Arjun despite delivering three box-office duds like Vedam, Varudu and Arya-2 was able to escape. But, his latest failure (Badrinath) will certainly puts him in corner. Milk white beauty Tamannah who is enjoying her ‘100% Love’ success could easily escape from this Badrinath affect, but not its hero Allu Arjun. Moreover, it is going to impact the business of its Tamil version also, which is not yet released due to delay in dubbing.

    We can assume that, this movie would be an eye opener to the other producers and directors, who are planning to come-up with similar movies in the near future. Perhaps, we can even assume Shakti and Badrinath movies may be the last ones in this ‘protector series’ of films.

    Telugu Cinema News : The Badrinath affect

    Not Badrinath, it's Bodyguard

    2011/6/10 10:43:57

    The film Badrinath starring Allu Arjun has finally hit the screens today. The film is set against the backdrop of the sacred Badrinath temple.

    Allu Arjun plays the title role who is trained by Prakash Raj, the guru of Takshasila to guard Badrinath temple from attacks like the one witnessed in Akshardham.

    Allu Arjun is supposed to be a ‘kshetra palaka’ or guardian of the temple but he turns out to be just a bodyguard of who else but the heroine Tamanna.

    This is the big mistake of director VV Vinayak. Many in the audience are heard commenting that the film’s titled Badrinath is not correct. The title ‘Tamanna’s Bodyguard’ would have been much better and more suitable to the story in the film!

    Coming to the film it is just a routine action film with songs, dances and fights at regular intervals. The film was hyped too much and in the end has failed to live up to all the hype and publicity.

    Telugu Cinema News : Not Badrinath, it's Bodyguard

    Bunny’s Badrinath on June 10

    2011/5/17 20:41:06

    Allu Arjun’s new film Badrinath is likely to hit the screens on June 10. The post production work is still on and if some work is still incomplete then the film may be released on June 16.

    VV Vinayak is the director and Tamanna is the heroine.

    Badrinath is one of the most expensive films ever made in Tollywood. According to sources, Allu Aravind is reported to have spent close to 40 crore on the film.

    Telugu Cinema News : Bunny’s Badrinath on June 10

    Badrinath’s unique record

    2011/6/6 9:29:35

    The Allu Arjun starrer film Badrinath directed by VV Vinayak and produced by Allu Aravind is all set to hit the screens on June 10. Tamanna is the heroine.

    Badrinath will be released simultaneously in the four southern states – Andhra Pradesh, Tamil Nadu, Karnataka and Kerala. This is a unique record as no other Telugu film has even been released in this fashion before.

    Telugu Cinema News : Badrinath’s unique record

    ‘A’ Certificate for Badrinath

    2011/6/3 17:31:58
    The first copy of the film Badrinath has been tabled at Censor Board today and the board gives ‘A’ Certificate to the film and suggested 3 cuts. Badrinath starring stylish star Allu Arjun and Tamannah in the lead roles is all set to release on June 10th. VV.Vinayak has directed it and money spinner Allu Aravind has produced it under his home banner Geetha Arts. MM.Keeravani composed music for this movie.

    Telugu Cinema News : ‘A’ Certificate for Badrinath

    Bunny off to the US

    2011/6/28 8:50:00

    Hero Allu Arjun had pinned many hopes on his film Badrinath. Even his dad Allu Aravind did not shy away from spending crores of rupees for the film in order to make it a blockbuster hit like Magadheera.

    Alas, fate had other things in store for them. Badrinath garnered utter flop talk from day one. Aravind, Arjun and Vinayak did try to salvage it a bit with some aggressive promotion and gimmicks but nothing seems to be working.

    The collections of the film have fallen drastically and there is no hope for the film to fare well at the box office.

    Allu Arjun has now left for the US along with his wife Sneha in order to get over the disappointment of the debacle of Badrinath.

    Telugu Cinema News : Bunny off to the US

    Bunny’s Badrinath in March 2011

    2010/10/8 15:10:25

    The news from the Allu Aravind camp is that Allu Arjun’s action and romantic entertainer Badrinath is getting ready for release on March 27.

    Tamanna is the heroine. The big budget film is being directed by VV Vinayak. Keeravani is the music director.

    Telugu Cinema News : Bunny’s Badrinath in March 2011

    Arjun’s Badrinath on May 27?

    2011/4/27 10:02:34

    The Allu Arjun starrer film Badrinath is now in the final stages of shooting. Just a couple of songs and some scenes remain to be shot.

    The producer has planned for release on May 27. However, another date – June 3 is also being considered.

    VV Vinayak is the director and MM Keeravani is the music director.

    Telugu Cinema News : Arjun’s Badrinath on May 27?

    Badrinath collects Rs.16.5 crores in first 3days

    2011/6/14 7:19:35 Stylish star Allu Arjun and Tamannah starrer movie ‘Badrinath’ collects Rs. 16.5 crores in the first 3days of its release. This is confirmed by the film producer Allu Aravind in a press meet held at Hyderabad on Monday.

    “Our film has collected Rs. 14.15 crores in AP, Rs.1.6 crores in Karnataka and Rs. 75 lakhs in Kerala states in the first 3 days. However, Badrinath couldn’t break the record of Magadheera which collects Rs.1.6 crores more in the first 3days. There was divided talk over this film because the expectations are too high on this movie. It is because the movie is released from prestigious banner Geetha Arts. However, I am confident that the movie will create a new record in Telugu film history. I think, there is unexplainable link between our banner and Himalayas. Earlier, we have made films Gangotri, Desamudhuru at Himalayas and both were super hits. Now, we have made Badrinath. I am sure it is going to be big hit and will be a milestone in Allu Arjun’s career,” said Allu Aravind.

    But, his conclusion words in the press meet gives way to new suspicion. Allu Aravind said, he is planning to conduct a contest on film Badrinath and who ever wins it will be given a free trip to Badrinath. Is he planning this to promote the film and to keep intact the film collections for few more weeks, because the film is badly rated in the reviews and he is expecting drastic fall in the collections in the next few days?

    Telugu Cinema News : Badrinath collects Rs.16.5 crores in first 3days

    Allu Arjun is a Indian Samurai

    2011/2/17 12:51:47

    Hero Allu Arjun is playing an Indian Samurai in the film Badrinath. VV Vinayak is the director.

    Allu Aravind is the producer of this big budget flick. Tamanna is the heroine. Badrinath will hit the screens this summer.

    Telugu Cinema News : Allu Arjun is a Indian Samurai

    Badrinath to hit screens on 21st May

    2011/4/5 9:27:08

    Stylish star Allu Arjun’s forthcoming film Badrinath shooting almost completed. Currently, the unit is completing the patch works of the film and simultaneously going through post production process. This film directed by VV.Vinayak and produced by Allu Aravind under Geetha Arts banner. Badrinath is going to hit the screens on 21st of May. The audio of the movie will be released in the first week of next month. Cute girl Tamannah is pairing with stylish star Allu Arjun in this movie.

    Since, the Tollywood is obsessed with socio fantasy movies nowadays, Badrinath also catch up with this fever. But, the proportionate failure of socio fantasy movies during these days is also become cause of concern for Allu Arjun’s fans. Since, Jr.NTR’s latest film ‘Shakti’ has earned poor remarks from film critics, Allu Arjun’s fans are very much anxious about the out come of their stylish star’s film. However, they hope that VV.Vinayak’s taking and Allu’s powerful performance and the Geetha Art’s production values may collectively lead the film to a big success.

    Telugu Cinema News : Badrinath to hit screens on 21st May

    Allu’s Badrinath likely to be postponed

    2011/3/11 8:59:34

    Stylish star Allu Arjun’s much awaited film ‘Badrinath’ which is supposed to release before end of this month likely to be postponed to May because of the unrest in the state. Producer Allu Arjun, who made it with a huge budget of Rs. 40 crores, does not want to take any chances during the agitations period by releasing his film. So, it is learnt that, he rather prefers to put the film in the racks than releasing in some parts of the state. However, he has to make an official statement in this regard.

    Badrinath is directed by VV.Vinayak. Tamannah is playing female lead in the film. Allu Arjun took a special training in martial arts from an expert in Vietnam, especially for this film.

    Camera: Ravi Varma; Music: MM.Keeravani; Story: Chinni Krishna

    Telugu Cinema News : Allu’s Badrinath likely to be postponed

    Badrinath latest stills

    2011/6/2 9:56:22 Stylish star Allu Arjun and Tamannah starrer movie Badrinath is releasing on June 10th. Here are two latest stills released to media.

    Telugu Cinema News : Badrinath latest stills

    Vinayak’s sex video at sacred Badrinath!

    2011/6/10 11:09:56

    Director VV Vinayak’s film Badrinath has a lot of skin show. The director first shows the religious sanctity of the place and in the next second offends the religious sentiments and beliefs of the people.

    Vinayak first show that the water from sacred water fall will fall only on good people. So, when Tamanna stands under it, the water fall stops.

    However the director has shamelessly shown Tamanna soaking under the water fall in skimpy costumes and fantasizing about her lover Allu Arjun (Badrinath).

    In the name of entertainment Vinayak has shot a song that is nothing short of a sex video. The way Tamanna and gyrate in the wet song revealing Tamanna’s body is simply disgusting to say the least.

    There are five songs in the film – all duets. All the songs are out of place and they all look like music videos rather than duets that one is familiar in Telugu films.

    Vinayak should have made a sex video if he wanted to make one and fulfill his desire. Why did he have to insult the beliefs and sentiments of the devotees by using the sacred Badrinath as the backdrop for a film that is more like of a semi-porn film? Tamanna is used only for skin show – she wears only skimpy and revealing dresses from start to finish.

    Telugu Cinema News : Vinayak’s sex video at sacred Badrinath!

    Happy Birthday to Allu Arjun

    2011/4/8 9:46:03

    Today is happy birthday of our stylish star Allu Arjun. His journey from Gangotri to Badrinath has had no major obstacles and going smooth until now. Year 2011 also brings him new cheers into his life with the arrival of his life partner Sneha Reddy.

    Allu Arjun is celebrating his first birth day after getting married to Sneha Reddy. So, naturally it would be a happy occasion for all his family members.

    Out of his 8 films released so far, excluding his upcoming Badrinath, 5 films-Gangotri, Arya, Arya-2, Desamudhuru and Vedam have given him a successful track record. Besides, he was successfully launched himself in Kerala and created good fan following there. No doubt his upcoming film Badrinath will be a big hit and will become another milestone in his film career.

    Bharatwaves wishes the stylish star Allu Arjun a very Happy Birthday.

    Telugu Cinema News : Happy Birthday to Allu Arjun

    After cancelling honeymoon, Allu Arjun is back to work

    2011/3/18 9:10:22

    Allu Arjun and Sneha Reddy were supposed to go to New Zwaland for their honeymoon. The devastation in Japan and the warning for other countries forced the couple to cancel their honeymoon plans.

    Allu Arjun is now back to work. He will commence shooting for the two remaining songs for the film Badrinath from March 21.

    VV Vinayak is the director. Badrinath is the biggest budget film in the career of Allu Arjun so far.

    Telugu Cinema News : After cancelling honeymoon, Allu Arjun is back to work

    Badrinath lands in troubles

    2011/6/9 14:06:21

    Stylish star Allu Arjun’s upcoming movie ‘Badrinath’ which is slated to release on June 10th all over the world has lands in legal problems in Karnataka state. A Kannada producer has obtained a stay order from Karnataka High Court on Badrinath release in the state. There was an agreement between the Kannada film producers that all the other language films can be released only after a week of its release at its home state. Its decided so to safeguard the interests of Kannada films. But, this agreement has been ignored since many years and all the other language films were releasing in Karnataka on the same day of its release at their home state. Hence, the Karnataka High Court has issued stay order on Badrinath release.

    Representatives of Geetha Arts are now negotiating with local film distributors and Karnataka Film Chamber for releasing the film on June 10th. Keeping in view of the hype, Geetha has given wide publicity in print and electronic media for the film in Karnataka state. Hence, Geetha Arts which can’t afford a stay on its release is putting all its efforts for the film release.

    However, the Tamil version of the film which is also slated to release on June 10th, will be released on a later date because delay in subbing works.

    Telugu Cinema News : Badrinath lands in troubles

    Awesome offer for Badrinath from Kerala

    2011/5/28 18:42:14

    Stylish star Allu Arjun had a good fan base in Kerala. Both his films Arya and Arya-2 have paved way for him into Mollywood market. Hence, keeping in view of the new market, Allu Arjun is simultaneously making the film Badrinath in Telugu, Tamil and Malayalam languages. Few scenes involving Kollywood actor Santhanam were also added to these versions to give the film a native look. Mollywood is anxiously waiting for the release of Badrinath.

    When, the producer Allu Aravind opened the doors for distributors, Radhak Films Distribution Company has grabbed the distribution rights of Kerala offering a whooping amount of Rs. 1.10 crores. We might have seen that, many of our small films won’t get this much of amount back at home. Producer Allu Aravind has already pockets Rs.6 crores by selling Karnataka distribution rights.

    Milk white beauty Tamannah is pairing with Allu Arjun in this movie directed by VV.Vinayak. Allu’s fighting scenes will be special attraction of this movie. The fights are composed by Peter Heins.

    Badrinath is expected to release on 10th of June.

    Telugu Cinema News : Awesome offer for Badrinath from Kerala

    Two injured in Badrinath ticket booking counter

    2011/6/10 8:19:10

    Stylish star Allu Arjun’s much boasted movie Badrinath has released worldwide today with morning shows. Hence, his fans especially masses have queued up before theatres from early morning for tickets.

    According to latest reports from Hyderabad, two persons were seriously injured in the stampede at Sairam theatre in Malkajgiri, Hyderabad. A live electrical wire is said to be fall on the people who were standing in the queue lanes of booking counters which causes the stampede. Both the persons were rushed to near by hospital for treatment.

    Telugu Cinema News : Two injured in Badrinath ticket booking counter

    Teen Maar, Badrinath, 100% bagged by MAA

    2011/3/23 9:44:53

    The ambitious MAA Telugu entertainment channel has bagged the satellite rights of three big films ‘Teen Maar,’ ‘Badrinath’ and ‘100% Love.’ All the three films are somehow connected to Mega Compound. The first one Teen Maar by Power star Pawan Kalyan, and the second one stylish star Allu Arjun and the third one made under Geetha arts which comes from Mega compound seems to made the job easy for MAA to bag the satellite rights because of its strong bond with the mega family. However, since all the three films are considered as big ones, the satellite rights also may costs heavier for anyone. MAA don’t like to disclose those transaction details.

    Badrinath and Teen Maar is expected to release in the second week of April and 100% Love in the mid May.

    Teen Maar - Pawan Kalyan, Trisha, Krithi Karbandha
    Directed by Jayant.C.Pharanji and produced by Ganesh babu

    Badrinath-Allu Arjun, Tamannah
    Directed by VV.Vinayak and produced by Allu Aravind

    100% Love – Naga Chaitanya and Tamannah
    Directed by Sukumar and Produced by Bunny Vasu

    Telugu Cinema News : Teen Maar, Badrinath, 100% bagged by MAA

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