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on 2007/6/29 13:18:30

Trisha on Jeeva!

Jeeva’s sudden demise has the entire Tamil film industry in a state of shock. Tragedy struck when the young cinematographer turned director was shooting for his ambitious Dhaam Dhoom in Russia. Moviebuzz spoke to some of the celebrities who respected Jeeva’s work and his style of film making. Here is an exclusive chat with Trisha who is yet to recover from the shock

Says Trisha: “I knew Jeeva from my modeling days when I was 16 years old. In fact, my first ad film was shot by Jeeva in which I posed for the Diwali issue of ‘Ananda Vikatan’ cover. I still remember that I wore a white sari with crackers designs specially made by Aneez (later this sari was called Pattasu Selai) and shot at AVM studio amongst thousands of diyas. Both Jeeva and Aneez helped me with my expressions and how to carry myself in a sari”.

Later when the issue came out, everyone noticed that petite looking young girl with a million dollar smile and Trisha says that Jeeva was the first person to call her up. She still remembers his words: “What are you doing in modeling? You have to enter films and you will make it big”.

Trisha went emotional as she recollects her last meeting with Jeeva at A.M.Ratnam’s birthday bash in Chennai. Said Trisha: “He came up to me and said- You could not do my Unnale Unnale, a role (whish Sada did) that was written keeping you in mind and now in Dhaam Dhoom. But promise me that you will be my heroine in the next project”.

Trisha could never fulfill her desire to do a Jeeva film. The actress got emotional as she spoke about Jeeva- “I couldn’t do both the films as they had long schedules abroad and it clashed with my prior commitments. At our last meeting I told Jeeva , I will be your heroine if you promise to shoot your next film completely in India and he smiled and nodded his head”. Trisha adds that Jeeva was such a jovial, friendly and a calm worker and she would surely miss him.

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    Jeeva to tie the knot

    2007/10/4 14:51:48

    Jeeva the upcoming promising young actor of Kollywood has been proving his acting skills film after film. He has been honing his acting skills in every film of his which is very evident from the diverse characters he chooses. He figures among the crop of actors who do not want to be trapped in the image web.

    Many good things have been happening to this talented actor on the professional front and the same trend seems to continue on the domestic front too.

    Yes...we are talking about the impending wedding of Jeeva. In a recent interview he had mentioned that an announcement on his marriage was in the offing. True to his words, it has been understood that Jeeva will be marrying soon and the girl is from his own community hailing from north India. It is also alleged that his betrothal function has already been held and when the matter was probed Jeeva said that a proper announcement will be issued soon. Wishing Jeeva all the best…

    Tamil Cinema News : Jeeva to tie the knot

    Trisha’s idol

    2007/7/30 15:12:39

    Guess who is the person whom Trisha idolizes the most? Well, it is none other than the one and only J Jayalalitha. The boss of the AIADMK party and former Tamil Nadu chief minister has inspired Trisha from her childhood.

    Trisha studied in the same school as that of Jayalalitha. Trisha is also in awe of the acting prowess of Jayalalitha. And her most memorable day was when she received an award from Jayalalitha at her school.


    Telugu Cinema News : Trisha’s idol

    Red-hot Trisha!

    2007/9/11 10:17:31 No, we are not talking about her sex appeal. We are talking bout the red-hot temper of Trisha. The people who have worked with Trisha have this inside information about her.
    Trisha is extremely reserved on the sets. The moment her work is over, she goes to a corner and is seen all by herself. She either reads a book or listens to the music. And if by any chance, a junior artist or a technician happens to disturb he, then she goes wild. She shouts at them in high pitch and gives them a verbal thrashing.

    Telugu Cinema News : Red-hot Trisha!

    Trisha shows tattoo on chest

    2011/4/15 11:36:09

    Trisha is known to do things her style. She lives life to the fullest and she is perhaps the only heroine who parties as hard as she works.

    Trisha showed her big tattoo on her chest in the movie Teen Maar. Trisha wore revealing clothes and the top exposes her tattoo fully.

    Telugu Cinema News : Trisha shows tattoo on chest

    'Trisha' came from Russia

    2008/4/28 16:11:22

    Many have wondered how the emerging top star of South India, Trisha, has earned an unlikely name, `Trisha’. It’s all along been believed to be a North Indian name. But, no. Here’s the clue.

    In fact, it is a Russian name, and there is a story attached to it which the pretty girl had recently revealed in one of her interviews.

    When Trisha was a baby, her father used to travel a lot, which also involved going to foreign countries. In one such visits, he’d visited Russia and there he came across the name Trisha which means 'Victory'. It grabbed his fancy, and on return home, he named his pretty girl Trisha. Rest, as they say, is history.

    Tamil Cinema News : 'Trisha' came from Russia

    Will Vikram come to Trisha's rescue?

    2007/8/17 9:50:52

    Trisha and Vikram are starring in the Tamil film Bheema. Trisha says the she is very impressed by the hard work and sincerity of Vikram. So much so that she says that he now inspires her.

    Now will she follow Vikram off screen too? Trisha is always in the news for all the wrong reasons, like causing nuisance in public, her heavy drinking and drunken brawls. Hope Vikram will counsel Trisha and she will turn a new leaf with the help of her mentor.

    Telugu Cinema News : Will Vikram come to Trisha's rescue?

    Trisha Vindicated

    2007/3/3 16:59:52

    Trisha has been finally vindicated. We are referring to the MMS clip showing her in the bathroom. The video clip was circulated widely not long ago. Trisha had hotly denied then that the image is not hers and the video was morphed.

    It now comes to notice that the girl featured in the video is not Trisha. It is actually a Chinese girl who closely resembles Trisha. The clip was shot in China and someone forwarded it to his friend in India. Trisha is finally vindicated and also relieved.

    Telugu Cinema News : Trisha Vindicated

    Trisha’s hot massage video on net

    2011/2/14 9:04:19

    The hottest clip now doing the rounds on the net is a video of actress Trisha undergoing massage. The video has been shot when she was still new to films and was not yet a celebrity.

    Now that Trisha is a big star the video has been leaked by some unidentified person. Trisha tried her best to stop the video from being leaked but could not succeed.

    Telugu Cinema News : Trisha’s hot massage video on net

    Trisha slapped by a woman

    2007/6/19 16:00:37

    Trish is not new to controversies. She is also known to enjoy her night outs and weekends without fail. As usual, Trisha went to a discotheque on Sunday night long with her friends. She had a drink one too many and was seen dancing away in gay abandon. In her inebriated condition she happened to dash against a fat lady.

    Without looking here and thee the fat lady slapped Trisha hard not once but thrice. Trisha apologized for her mistake but the lady refused to listen. The hotel management requested Trisha to leave the place. The fat lady in question is said to be the wife of a powerful police officer, the same police officer who has booked Trisha for her public nuisance a couple of times earlier.


    Telugu Cinema News : Trisha slapped by a woman

    Trisha’s new interest

    2007/12/15 12:55:40 Trisha is now showing a new interest. Trisha is now one of the top heroines in the south and she commands a cool one crore per film. And in addition, she is also a top paid model with some big brands in her kitty.

    And Trisha is investing all the money very wisely. While she has deposited some part of her earnings in fixed deposits, she is now investing in real estate. She acquired about 50 acres of land recently. She also purchased a big bungalow in Hyderabad and she has also constructed a big house in the posh Nandanam area in Chennai.

    Telugu Cinema News : Trisha’s new interest

    Trisha hot and sexy in ‘Bheema’

    2007/4/24 15:44:17

    Good news for all Trisha fans. Trisha may have the girl next door looks in a quite a few films. But in real life she is a different kind of a girl altogether. Many of us remember Trisha as a simpleton and a village belle in films like ‘Nuvvosthanante Nee Vaddantana’ and Varsham’.

    Well the good news is that Trisha is acting in a new Tamil film ‘Bheema’ opposite Vikram. In the film, she is sporting a new look all hot and sexy. Her whole look and costumes are said to be entirely different from her earlier films. So get set to welcome anew hot and sexy Trisha.

    Telugu Cinema News : Trisha hot and sexy in ‘Bheema’

    Trisha’s candid comments

    2007/4/23 15:32:13

    Trisha says that she is appearing as the chief guest at showroom inaugurations because it is quite rewarding financially. She says that they pay good money for a brief appearance and hat is wrong when you are in demand and can make good money without much effort. Trisha is also very open about her close friendship with Vikram and Vijay.

    She says that as she is doing a number of films with them, she naturally is seen in their company more often. She says that as they both are quite friendly with her, she is reciprocating their friendship. Trisha however has some reservations as far as exposing goes. She is ready to wear revealing clothes but only if she likes the garments. She is candid about this and says that being in the glamour filed exposing is part and parcel of the deal. Well said Trisha!


    Telugu Cinema News : Trisha’s candid comments

    Trisha's glamour show in Telugu creates a demand here in Tamil

    2007/9/26 10:28:38

    Its a fact from the day cine industry entered India, that females do very glamorous roles wearing sexy costumes for Telugu movies whereas they cover their entire body for Tamil.

    Same applies to Trisha. She has shown her whole heartedly in Telugu movies, whereas she has always opted for character roles in Tamil.

    As Trisha is slowly retiring, Telugu movie producers are trying to make more money through the movies that they have produced and stared by Trisha by dubbing them in Tamil.

    So, Trisha fans will see a very open Trisha soon!!!

    Tamil Cinema News : Trisha's glamour show in Telugu creates a demand here in Tamil

    Trisha turns 26

    2008/5/4 21:07:27

    Bharatwaves wishes Trisha ‘Many Many Happy Returns of the Day’. Trisha has completed 25 and is entering into her 26th year. It is hard to believe that the hot and sexy Trisha has turned 26 on May 4. The talented and bubbly actress from Chennai is now in New Zealand in connection with the shooting for her forthcoming flick Bujjigadu made in Chennai. Prabhas is the hero. Two songs are now being canned on the lead pair now.

    Trisha is now having a great run both in Tollywood as well as Kollywood. She has given many hit films in Tollywood. Her film Krishna with Ravi Teja was one of the biggest hits in 2008. Trisha has some more big films lined up. She is tied up with work right through 2008 and 2009.

    Telugu Cinema News : Trisha turns 26

    Trisha celebrates birthday at home

    2011/5/4 12:01:01

    Trisha celebrated her birthday with a quiet but memorable celebration with her family and close friends at the stroke of midnight.

    Trisha tweeted "Brought in my birthday with my family and best friends at home. Was a touching moment I'll forever cherish."

    Trisha is now hitting thirty but still has her sex appeal and oomph intact.

    Telugu Cinema News : Trisha celebrates birthday at home

    Trisha Krishnan is doubly delighted

    2007/9/5 14:16:50

    Two awards from two state governments the same year! That is the feat accomplished by top Telugu and Tamil heroine Trisha Krishnan. The Tamil Nadu Government honoured Trisha with the “Kalaimamani” Award while the Andhra Pradesh government conferred on the comely actress the Nandhi award for this year.

    Career-wise, Trisha is doing well both in Tollywood and Tamil cinema, says the grapevine. The Tamil version of her Telugu flick, ‘Athadu’, titled ‘Nandhu’ is also doing extremely well. Mahesh Babu is the hero in this film. The latest take from Kollywood is that Trisha has replaced Nayantara in the film ‘Kuruvi’ costarring Vijay .

    It is a double delight for Trisha


    Tamil Cinema News : Trisha Krishnan is doubly delighted

    Trisha needs it on a regular basis

    2010/11/16 9:45:44

    Trisha is a busy actress. She has her hands full in Telugu and Tamil.

    Trisha is nowadays feeling very tired after hectic shooting schedules. Hence she is now going to massage parlours to get relief and relaxation.

    Trisha now seems to have been addicted to regular massaging. She is visiting massage parlours in the cities wherever she is shooting. Trisha visited a massage parlour in Hyderabad the other day.

    Telugu Cinema News : Trisha needs it on a regular basis

    Trisha’s third time with Venky

    2011/3/18 8:41:16

    The talented Trisha and victory Venkatesh have paired up successfully for films like Adavari Maatalaku Ardhale Veerule and Namo Venkatesa.

    Trisha is now all set to pair up with Venkatesh for a third time. She has also been signed up to play opposite Venkatesh in the film Savitri.

    Bellamkonda Suresh wanted to cast Ileana but she declined the offer citing date problems. Nayanatara too was considered but finally Trisha was chosen.

    Telugu Cinema News : Trisha’s third time with Venky

    Trisha and Ravi Teja have a problem

    2007/11/7 17:59:43 Ravi Teja and Trisha are the lead pair in a new film titled Bejawada Bujji. But the two are seen keeping to themselves at the location. The reason? Trisha can’t speak Telugu. And our Ravi Teja is a very good talker, but only in Telugu.

    It is this language problem that is keeping the two apart on the sets. And Ravi Teja has no option but to simply bite his nails and while away his time between shots, while Trisha chats away happily on her laptop.

    Telugu Cinema News : Trisha and Ravi Teja have a problem

    Trisha’s 'B' dreams crash

    2010/10/25 9:52:12

    Trisha Krishnan had some very big dreams when she entered Bollywood. Trisha wanted to prove a thing or two to the likes of Asin. However her Bollywood debut was a disaster with her debut film Khatta Meetha bombing at the box office.

    Trisha put up a brave face for some time and vowed to make a comeback with her next film. However reality seems to have finally dawned on Trisha as she now says that she is no longer keen to act in Hindi films and that Tollywood and Kollywood are where her heart lies!

    Telugu Cinema News : Trisha’s 'B' dreams crash

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