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on 2011/10/12 16:33:41

Will split your tongue: Mandha Krishna

MRPS leader Mandha Krishna got raged with KCR's statement about 'boot-polishers.' KCR said some leaders are behaving like 'boot-polishers' for CM Kiran Kumar Reddy, who is opposing the Telangana agitations.

Mandha Krishna speaking to media has said "KCR has insulted our community with his statement. Therefore, we demand an unconditional apology from him. Otherwise, we will massage him with our shoes. I warn KCR to hold his tongue and talk carefully, otherwise we will split his tongue. We strongly condemn for his statement. He should beg us apology or face consequences."

Mandha Krishna also demands KCR to exclude Educational Institutes and students from strikes and agitations. He gave a deadline of 24 hours to make announcement in this regard or else he warned to stage picket along with students' parents at Indira Park on Friday.

KCR and his aides may describe his ultimatum as a plan to create split in the agitation by Seemandhra leaders. KCR and Prof. Kodhandaram has reached to such a point that, they won't like to hear anything against their agitations including the appeals made by students' parents of their own region. If, TRS come to know about parents picketing, immediately its cadres will be deployed to terrorize the parents and the students.

KCR and Prof. Kodhandaram have turned very aggressive these days and desperately attacking whoever comes in their way. At the same time, they allege others of being aggressive towards them. TRS has adopted a new policy of attacking the others and making their victims responsible for it. Ultimately, both of they wants to continue the general strike at any cost, come the people of the region suffer anyway.

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    Don’t give Telangana: Mandha Krishna

    2011/7/6 14:27:52 Mandha Krishna Madiga, the president of MRPS has asked the Center not to give Telangana State until the categorization of SC, STs is made. Otherwise, he feared the lives of Madiga community will become miserable under the ruling of land lords like KCR and others.

    “If, Telangana is formed now, we Madiga people will become the slaves of land lords. For the first time, when a person from our community becomes Dy.Chief Minister, the political lords of different parties envies his nomination. Although, we support forming of small states, we oppose it in case of Telangana due to this reason. We are not ready to believe the land lords promises who assures us of giving CM post to our community in the Telangana state,” said Mandha Krishna.

    He also blamed the TJAC leaders for running it under the influence of certain communities only.

    Andhra News : Don’t give Telangana: Mandha Krishna

    Mandha Krishna digs at KCR, Kodhandaram

    2011/10/17 14:28:00 MRPS leader Mandha Krishna takes dig at TJAC Chairman Prof. Kodhandaram and TRS president KCR about the way of handling the agitations. Addressing the media, he asked why Kodhandaram has allows RTC to withdraw from the general strike, when he repeatedly told the people that no one will be spared from agitations until Telangana is formed. He also takes dig at T-RTC-JAC leader Aswatama, who opposed his colleague Mahmood's decision to withdraw from the strike few days ago. Mandha Krishna asks Aswatama, how much amount did he takes to withdraw from the general strike and how much amount Prof. Kodhandaram takes?

    Mandha Krishna said "Prof. Kodhandaram, KCR and Co., have earned crores of rupees in the name of agitations while making poor people lives miserable. When, movie theaters and wine shops were spared from general strike, why should schools and colleges be closed? How much amount did you collected to allow the wine shops and theaters to spare from the agitations? When you both promised the people to fight until Telangana formation, then why did you gradually winding-up it before getting any announcement from Center and how much amount you got to wind-up the agitations?"

    Mandha Krishna said if TRS and TJAC won't spare educational institutes from agitations, he is ready to confront with them.

    Andhra News : Mandha Krishna digs at KCR, Kodhandaram

    Mandha Krishna dharna for schools reopening

    2011/10/14 16:47:24 MRPS president Manda Krishna Madiga staging a protest at Indira Park here on Friday demanding that the educational institutions be exempted from the Telangana general strike.

    Andhra News : Mandha Krishna dharna for schools reopening

    Has Ramya Krishna patched up with hubby?

    2007/6/14 13:28:44

    The talk about the split between Ramya Krishna and Krishna Vamsi has not yet died down. Ramya is still living with her parents in Chennai after walking out of Krishna Vamsi’s home. However, in a surprise development, the couple threw a party on the occasion of their wedding anniversary. They followed it up with another party the next day. All this looks like some PR exercise as they are normally seen with in public only with their own circle of friends.

    Telugu Cinema News : Has Ramya Krishna patched up with hubby?

    Bipasha is reason behind Rana-Shriya split?

    2011/4/6 12:13:57

    Buzz is in the air that Bipasha Basu is the reason behind the split between Rana Daggubati and Shriya Saran.

    According to the reports, the two after dating each other for 5 years have finally decided to split after Shriya learnt about Rana Daggubati’s closeness towards Bipasha Basu at the sets of “Dum Maaro Dum”.

    Shriya’s fears were confirmed following the split between John and Bipasha. And now, the budding romance between Rana Dagubatti and Bipasha Basu is doing the rounds.

    But Shriya is very furious with the fact that Bipasha and Rana are using her name for the publicity of their film “Dum Maaro Dum”.

    Shriya stated “That’s horrible to be dragged into somebody else’s matter especially, when I am not romantically involved with anyone. I don’t know why they are using my name to publicize their film.”

    The actress said further, “My parents are most upset. It’s very embarrassing to face them for something as obnoxious like this.”

    With respect to her relationship with Rana, she stated “We have known each other since we were in school. We have the same set of friends and we hang out together.”

    The actress said further, “That’s about it. Rana was never my boyfriend. I have been single and I am single.”

    Bollywood News : Bipasha is reason behind Rana-Shriya split?

    Amrita denies split with her boyfriend

    2007/6/20 10:05:42

    Amrita Arora is irritated with reports that she and boyfriend Usman Afzal have split. "Why come up with these stories about my having split with Usman when there isn’t a single grain of truth in them?" she says angrily.

    Amrita adds, "In fact, I am in London now and Usman is right beside me. So where is the question of having split with him?" Amrita says that she flew to the UK to especially be with her cricketer boyfriend.

    "I know Usman and I share a long distance relationship and people think that such relationships don’t work. But that is not the case with us. Usman and I know how to work on our relationship even when are apart. If I have flown to the UK to be with him now, there have been times when he has rushed to Mumbai to be with me."

    She adds,"I am serious about my commitment and don’t believe in maintaining fickle relationships that are a waste of time." Amrita says that the one week that she was going to be in London would be a break for her from work and she would be able to share special moments with Usman. "Both of us share a sweet relationship so I want the media to just leave us alone rather than speculate whether we are together or not," she says.

    Amrita continues, "I really can’t think of anyone who would want to harm my relationship in anyway by spreading these rumours. But if I catch that person, he or she will have it from me."

    Bollywood News : Amrita denies split with her boyfriend

    TRS is keen about Komati than Bapuji?

    2011/11/4 12:20:59 Veteran freedom fighter Konda Lakshman Bapuji and former Minister Komati Reddy Venkat Reddy both have started their Satyagraha and hunger strike at New Delhi and Nalgonda simultaneously from November 1st demanding the UPA Government for immediate announcement of Telangana state. However, TRS is showing is more interest in Komati Reddy than Bapuji, because if he could be convinced he also will join the TRS party. TDP and MRPS leader Mandha Krishna have flayed TRS for playing politics on Telangana issue. They have asked TRS party why it is failed to visit Bapuji in NewDelji and express its solidarity to his Satyagraha.?

    Andhra News : TRS is keen about Komati than Bapuji?

    MSR and his loose tongue

    2008/3/14 22:07:08

    M Sathyanarayan Rao is known for his acerbic tongue. He also cannot control his emotions and flies off at the slightest provocation.MSR showed his impatience and short temper in the assembly yesterday when he asked the transpsot minster Kanna Lakshmianarayana to simply shut up and sit down.

    MSR made some more sensational statements this afternoon. He said that he is now completely sidelined and all this is due to the handiwork of KVP Ramachandra Rao. MSR blamed KVP for all his woes.

    Andhra News : MSR and his loose tongue

    He taught me so many things:Trisha

    2010/11/28 17:23:13 Tollywood beauty Trisha for the first time acts with her dream hero Kamal Hassan in Tamil film ‘Manmadhan Ambhu.’ During the shooting, she said that she learnt so many things from Kamal including the right pronunciation of Tamil language. She said, “Even after working 100 films with him still there will be something left to learn from him. He is just like walking encyclopedia of film industry. He not only taught me how to pronounce the words correctly but also made me sing a complete song in this film. I really understood how to respect our mother tongue from Kamal Sir. If, one doesn’t like to speak in their mother tongue, then he or she should be ashamed of themselves.”

    Telugu Cinema News : He taught me so many things:Trisha

    Anushka signs her 1st film in Kannada

    2011/8/31 8:26:16

    Sensuous beauty Anushka has never acted a single film in her mother tongue Kannada. Recently, she has signed her 1st film ‘Bul Bul’ in Kannada. This is the remake of Prabhas’s movie ‘Darling.’ Kannada actor Darshan, who is acting as hero in this movie is said to be insisted the director and producer to book Anushka for this film and they have obliged him. It came to know they have paid around Rs.1.5 crores to Anushka to act in this movie. If so, it would be the highest remuneration that any actress has ever received in Kannada Film Industry. This film will be directed by MD Sridhar. This film may go to sets in the next month. Anushka said she is quite happy to act in her mother tongue.

    Telugu Cinema News : Anushka signs her 1st film in Kannada

    Govt trying to split T unions: CAFT

    2011/10/10 16:40:06 Congress Action Committee for Telangana on Monday alleged that the State Government hatched a conspiracy to split the employees' unions who are participating in the general strike demanding separate Telangana.

    Talking to reporters, CAFT convenor and MLA Y Yadav Reddy said that the announcement of withdrawal of RTC strike by the National Mazdoor Union was a part of the conspiracy hatched by the government. Claiming that the RTC strike would continue till the formation of Telangana, he slammed the Chief Minister N Kiran Kumar Reddy and Transport Minister Botsa Satyanarayana for trying to use 'moles' to split the striking unions.

    Yadav Reddy apprehended that the government might try similar strategy to divide other pro-Telangana employees unions. He requested leaders of all the striking unions to be cautious in dealing with the government. He said a single wrong move by a union or a leader would spoil the entire agitation which has been going on for the last 28 days. (INN)

    Andhra News : Govt trying to split T unions: CAFT

    Sonam gets her tongue pierced!

    2011/7/15 11:53:27

    Actress Sonam Kapoor recently appeared on Simi Garewal’s chat show, ‘India’s Most Desirables’. The actress ended up revealing a lot of things about her likes and dislikes.

    Many may not know that Sonam Kapoor has got her tongue pierced and also sports two tattoos on her body. She also revealed that she loves dressing up and loves clothes. Sonam is really very confident with her body type and her personality.

    Sonam also said that she hates when she sees men with dirty legs. She suggested that men should get pedicures done regulalry so that they can get their corns and inner growth removed.

    Sonam, who will next be seen in the movie, ‘Mausam’ opposite Shahid Kapoor chose not to speak about her connections with Punit Malhotra on the show.

    Bollywood News : Sonam gets her tongue pierced!

    Rosa and I have decided to part ways: Saif Ali

    2007/3/12 16:40:16

    Saif Ali Khan says he has split with his long-time girlfriend Rosa.

    "Rosa and I have decided to part ways. Yes, she has gone back home. That`s about all I want to say at the moment," he said.

    Rosa left for her home in Switzerland a few days back. According to some of her friends, she`s expected back in Mumbai after some time to pursue a career independent of her association with Saif.

    After Rosa`s departure Saif isn`t alone at home, though. He has son Ibrahim for company.

    "I`m holding up fine. I want to spend as much time as possible with my children while I`m on this enforced vacation. By doctor`s orders I`m off work for this month. I`ll start going to the gym early next month and resume work by the middle of April.

    "I can`t pretend that Rosa`s going hasn`t added to recent setbacks. But, it`s for the best, I guess," he said.

    According to close friends, Saif is far more hurt by the split than he`s willing to admit.

    "Things were getting sticky between them. And the split was for the best for both of them," said a close friend.


    Bollywood News :  Rosa and I have decided to part ways: Saif Ali

    Another split for Aniston

    2008/4/27 8:20:09

    The Friends star, who split with Brian Bouma, doesn’t want another high-profile relationship

    While rumours have been circulating for weeks that Jennifer Aniston had broken up with Brian Bouma, the film-crew grip is reported to have confirmed his alleged split with the actress.

    From his home in Vancouver, Brian is reported to have said, “Yes.”. Brian and Jen began dating earlier this year while she was filming the drama Traveling in Canada.

    But he would not talk further, except to say, “We are not seeing each other anymore.” However, sources have revealed that Brian had been quietly flying down to Miami to see the 39-year-old actress on the set of her new movie Marley & Me. “Jen’s managed to keep this romance very under wraps,” says one insider. “She doesn’t want to have another high-profile relationship, and she’s very good at avoiding attention when she wants to, even in LA.”

    When Brian was asked about the supposed treks to the Sunshine State, he simply said, “I don’t want to talk about it at all.” Meanwhile, Jen’s representative declined to comment on her romantic life.
    mumbai news

    Bollywood News : Another split for Aniston

    KCR trying to split Congress, alleges KK

    2011/10/31 17:10:31 Telangana Congress steering committee convener K Keshav Rao on Monday slammed the Telangana Rashtra Samithi president K Chandrasekhar Rao for conspiring to split the Congress party in the name of Telangana statehood.

    Talking to media persons, Keshav Rao took serious exception over the joining of three MLAs—T Rajaiah, Jupally Krishna Rao and Somarapu Satyanarayana and said the resignations would diver the people's attention from the statehood agitation. “It is not good for KCR to encourage defections in the Congress in the name of statehood and increasing his strength in the region,” he stated.

    Keshav Rao said that the Congress party has understood the sentiments and aspirations of Telangana people and the party High Command would take a decision on the issue soon. Stating that Telangana Congress leaders from the region should act with restraint and patience over the Telangana issue, he said the party has taken the resignation of three MLAs very seriously.

    The Rajya Sabha MP called upon the Congress leaders not to get desperate over the delay in decision of high command and quit the party. He asked the party rank and file to stay in party and make collective attempts towards achieving the Telangana state. He also advised TRS chief KCR to make collective efforts towards achieving the separate state along with the Congress.

    Keshav Rao said that the Telangana state would be possible only with mounting of pressure on the Centre. (INN)

    Andhra News : KCR trying to split Congress, alleges KK

    Sona-Ranveer ki jodi

    2011/5/21 12:36:36

    Sona has made no bones about the fact that she digs Ranveer. And now she has one more reason to like him. Pucho kya? Ranveer has a big mouth just like her. Actually, she also has a big body while Ranveer appears like a chuza in comparison. You don’t know what a chuza is? Plucked chicken, darlings! So, what do they have in common? Sona has got too big (Kasam se, I’m not punning on the word) for her boots — actually I’m not sure there are boots her size — she is constanly commenting on all her female colleagues. And the remarks are far from flattering. Ranveer toh has offended everyone from Ranbir to Priyanka with his loose tongue — nai re baba, his tongue is not hanging lose, he just talks irresponsibly. Now both these stars are friendless at the moment. Maybe they should just join hands and become “good friends.” Even Ranveer’s good pal, Anouska doesn’t have a problem with that. She has offered Ranveer on a platter to Sona, remember? Friend ho to aisi!

    Bollywood News : Sona-Ranveer ki jodi

    Krishna misses the bus

    2008/1/25 18:56:17 The Andhra University conferred a doctorate on superstar Krishna recently. He is also said to be in contention for the NTR National award.

    Krishna was said to be in line to receiver another prestigious award – the Padma Sri. His name was mentioned in this regard in the media very prominently in the recent past. But much to the disappointment of his fans, his name does not figure in the list of awardees. Krishna seems to have missed the bus this year.

    Telugu Cinema News : Krishna misses the bus

    Split in Mohan Babu’s family?

    2011/2/15 11:17:00

    Dialogue king Mohan Babu is silent these days. He also is not as happy and relaxed as he used to be.

    The reason is trouble in the family. It is understood that all is not well between Manchu Vishnu and Manchu Manoj. There is also some problem with Manchu Lakshmi and Vishnu.

    It is obviously about share in the family property. Vishnu and his wife Viranica are one side while Manoj and his mother are on the other side. Mohan Babu is reportedly giving full support to his daughter Lakshmi.

    There is a cold war going on and a split seems to be imminent. Lakshmi is said to have already moved out and Manoj is also said to have decided to move out.

    Telugu Cinema News : Split in Mohan Babu’s family?

    Happy Birthday to Superstar Krishna

    2008/5/31 14:01:32 Superstar Krishna celebrated his birthday today (May 31) amidst fans and well wishers at his Padmalaya Studios in Hyderabad. Krishna turned 65 today. Even at his age, he continues to be as active as ever.

    Krishna is now acting in the film ‘soldier’ and also playing a guest role in the bilingual film ‘Mallanna’. Speaking on the occasion, Krishna said that he will continue to act till his last breath. He also said that he would take up direction once again soon.

    Bharat Waves wishes the superstar ‘Many many happy returns of the day’.

    Telugu Cinema News : Happy Birthday to Superstar Krishna

    After Simran, it’s now Ramya Krishna now

    2008/5/18 17:23:18

    Ramya Krishna is senior to Simran both in age as well as an artist in the industry. Even after her marriage to Krishna Vamsi, Ramya Krishna continues to lead an active public life, endorsing products, inaugurating showrooms, hosting shows on TV and occasionally acting in films too.

    Simran acted long with Krishna Bhagavan in the film ‘John Appa Rao 40+. Ramya Krishna has now agreed to act in a film opposite Krishna Bhagavan.

    The film will be directed by Viswaprasad and has been titled as ‘Mr. Gireesam’. The film will go on to the sets on June 6.

    Telugu Cinema News : After Simran, it’s now Ramya Krishna now

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