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on 2010/12/6 11:35:06

Yana Gupta offered 1 cr to go nude

Model turned actress Yana Gupta's pantyless stunt seems to have worked in her favour if the latest news is to be believed. The grapevine is abuzz with the news that a UK based men's magazine
is set to offer her Rs.1 crore to appear nude on its cover.

Meanwhile, Rizwan Ahmed, a social activist from Lucknow, has filed a case against Yana Gupta, the photographer, who clicked her pantyless photos, and the organizer of the event, Sushila Nirali for obscenity under section 292/ 293 and 294 of the IPC in the Chief Judicial Magistrate, Lucknow. The Magistrate has summoned them to appear before it today, December 6.

Yana was earlier photographed sans panties at an international children's charity event held recently. She tried to avoid being photographed but could not cover her short black dress. The photographers managed to get what they wanted – Yana Gupta without underwear pics.

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    No 'Bheja Fry' for Yana Gupta

    2007/4/10 10:32:30

    It was a role tailor-made for Yana Gupta . But the sexy belle opted out of it for reasons better known to herself.

    When Yana first heard the script of director Sagar Bellary’s film Bheja Fry , she was hooked to her role in it. Yana was supposed to play a modern, sexy and glamourous wife of actor Rajat Kapoor in the film.

    It would also have been Yana’s first full-fledged role in a Hindi movie. So far she has only done item numbers.

    But for the reasons that are unclear, Yana chose to opt out of the project. While the sources say it could have been ‘date problems’, there are some reports that suggest that Yana perhaps was not confident of enacting a properly written role.

    After Yana’s departure, the film’s producers replaced her with actress Sarika, who is re-inventing her acting career after her divorce from husband Kamal Haasan .

    Although Sarika may seem a bit odd replacement for the young and feisty Yana, the movie’s director says Sarika still looks gorgeous, glamourous and a high-class woman.

    And the way Sarika has handled her role in the movie has vindicated the director.

    Bollywood News : No 'Bheja Fry' for Yana Gupta

    Yana Gupta goes top less for FHM

    2011/5/18 19:13:34
    Bollywood sexy siren Yana Gupta who few months ago creates sensation with her panty-less show in a public function is now once again hits the news head lines with her top less show given for a popular Mumbai based magazine FHM. She decorates the cover page of the FHM magazine of its May 2011 edition.

    Bollywood News : Yana Gupta goes top less for FHM

    Yana Gupta top-less show

    2011/5/30 6:36:51
    Here is another hot still of Bollywood sex bomb Yana Gupta who recently goes top-less for FHM Magazine cover page. Whether, her films offers her any name and fame to her not, definitely her panty-less show at a public function makes her a popular figure in Bollywood overnight. Ever since, there was great demand for her top-less poses from Men’s Magazines. Hence, she is cleverly utilizing this unexpected popularity to make ease money. Apart from this hot job, she is also doing item songs in Hindi films.

    Bollywood News : Yana Gupta top-less show

    Neetu Chandra denies going panty less!

    2011/1/19 12:21:03

    Denying reports published by a popular website, claiming that Bollywood actress Neetu Chandra did a Yana Gupta and went commando at an event this week, her publicist Dale Bhagwagar said, “Neetu Chandra is a girl with dignity and there has been no slip like this.”

    The website had claimed that Neetu replicated Yana Gupta’s panty-less act and said that it seemed to be “intentional and she might have followed it, after seeing what Yana Gupta has achieved doing the same.”

    But her publicist dismissed the report as a case of misreporting. “Neetu does not need to resort to any such thing for publicity. In fact, she was planning to initiate legal action on the website and was in the process of approaching the National Commission of Women (NCW) in New Delhi, when the site tendered an unconditional apology for the news. So the matter stands closed.”

    What can we say but… all is well that ends well.

    Bollywood News : Neetu Chandra denies going panty less!

    Yana Gupta is the latest 'item' rage

    2011/4/19 13:21:50

    Yana Gupta's Laila Main Laila remix is doing wonders for her. Directors are not only noticing her but they're also being vocal about their wish to cast her in item numbers for their films.

    One such incident is for Lara Dutta-Mahesh Bhupathi produced and Shashant Shah directed Chalo Dilli. The actress doesn't want to hurry and is taking her own sweet time to choose the offers. She said due to her recent song, people have realised that she can give any item queen a run for her money.

    "I think it is better than the original one," gushed Yana. The actress also believes that her song is better than Munni and Sheila Ki Jawani, both choreographed by Farah Khan and featuring Malaika Arora Khan and Katrina Kaif respectively.

    "Laila will be more hit than Munni and Sheila. I like Munni more because the music and the video are too catchy. My first item number Babuji Zara Dhire Chalo was a big hit and I am sure Laila will be bigger than that," she said.

    Bollywood News : Yana Gupta is the latest 'item' rage

    ‘People said I slept with five directors!’: Yana Gupta

    2006/9/14 17:39:48

    Yana Gupta breaks her silence on how these rumours almost ruined her career

    Yana Gupta never dreamt that she would be a craze in a foreign land faraway from her native Czechoslovakia as she herself admits, “I never dreamt that I would be so big in another country.”

    But success has come to her nonetheless.

    But life has not been easy for this easy-going babe who literally rode to fame riding on a bullock (remember the item number ‘Babujee…’?).

    There have been back-biting and crazy allegations all of which she has taken in her stride as part and parcel of the profession.

    “I know things were being said behind my back, but it never hurt me because I really would not care.”

    Inquire further as to what she heard and she laughs again, “I’ve heard I’ve done things like breast implants.”

    So did she say no? Again there is a hearty laughter.

    “What do you think I’d say?” she inquires with a twinkle in her eye. “Nobody asked me directly.

    It was all said behind my back,” she goes on remembering the days.

    “I also heard that I slept with five different directors…

    They also alleged that to get an ad campaign, I slept with the main photographer and they don’t have a main photographer! Nasty things like these…”

    But Yana kept her focus on her work and sped past her rivals not giving a damn about what was being said.

    This attitude towards work is what she prides herself in.

    “Being professional helps in this business,” she offers throwing light on how girls mess things up with their wrong attitude.

    “I have had people tell me how the girls throw attitude saying ‘I won’t wear this make-up or those clothes and I don’t want to look like this’.

    If you treat it as a profession, come on time, do what is expected of you, things are easy.

    I guess the attitude and approach counts.”

    As for Bollywood, she says there are a lot of Hindi movies “I’ve never really been inspired by any of the projects which were offered to me.

    And I don’t want to compromise.

    I’d rather do some small art movie and be satisfied as an artist, rather than being on the big screen next to Abhishek Bachchan and think that I have made it.”


    Bollywood News : ‘People said I slept with five directors!’: Yana Gupta

    I am single but not available: Yana

    2007/12/5 13:40:04

    She has just come backstage after a performance in front of a packed hall. The crowd is still clapping and screaming for more, and Yana Gupta is still breathing hard from all that exertion.

    But, seeing the camera brings out Yana’s best. A few sexy poses for our lensman later, Yana asks for some water to drink, and sinks into a sofa for a chat. How does she manage to look so sizzling in a photo?

    She smiles, “It comes naturally to me. I always try to be myself.” And where has Yana been all these days? “In London, busy recording my album. It’s basically a pop album and it’ll soon be out in the market. I enjoy music, am passionate about it, in fact. And I hope it shows in the album.”

    And Bollywood? “For the moment, no Bollywood. It will be more music for me. I am not saying that I will not work in movies anymore, but I will like to sing the songs myself and perform them on screen as well,” says Yana.

    There is more to Yana than just song and dance. The Czech model is also penning a fitness book these days. “It is more about my experiences of keeping fit. These days, I am busy juggling between composing music for my album and writing the book. I will hopefully be able to launch both by the end of this year,” says Yana.

    As we chat, someone walks in and asks her something, to which Yana answers in Hindi. It seems to have improved. “It’s getting better with each day,” she smiles. Better enough to consider a full length role in a Hindi film? “I feel there are no serious storytellers in Bollywood. There are many businessmen in the industry but very few true art lovers,” says Yana.

    She also seems to have dealt with her break-up with hubby pretty well. “Yes, I have made myself busy and am loving every moment of it,” says she. Looking for love again, is she? “Not really. I am single, but not available,” says Yana with a smile.

    Bollywood News : I am single but not available: Yana

    Yana makes singing debut with Dr Zeus

    2008/4/7 11:16:06

    After setting the big screen on fire with her hot bod and sexy moves, sizzler Yana Gupta’s now ready to storm the music scene as well. The model-turned-item-girl has turned singer with Dr Zeus’s latest album Back Unda The Influence.

    The Czech beauty’s sultry voice teams up with rapper Shortie aka Little Lox’s ludicrous style of rapping on Aag Ka Dariya and Na Koi Khayal . Yana’s also shot a sizzlin’ hot music video for the number.

    Says Yana, “I was working on my songs since the past three years. I worked on a jazz album, but then put that on hold. I am now also working on my first pop album in the UK. But surprisingly, I’m making a debut with a hip-hop number.” Adding that she wants to be known as a performer, rather than a singer or item girl, Yana reveals that she’s also training her sights on Bollywood as a singer and an actress. “I am really looking forward to acting and am reading a couple of scripts. I’d love to sing for Bollywood as well,” she says.

    Bollywood News : Yana makes singing debut with Dr Zeus

    Yana Gupta's hot pics in Maxim

    2007/11/20 14:01:33

    This is for the second time in one year Maxim has put Yana Gupta on the cover! And man, the interview is so hot that all the book vendors have been provided with a refrigerator to keep it cool. Presented here are mere excerpts of the interview!

    If you have wondered what Yana has been up to these days, then, let us inform you that she was in London, where she has not just created a mere whirlwind but a voluptuous volcano altogether, by posing for some real hot pictures in the latest issue of Maxim!

    Yana was cool as cucumber during this near-bare-all shoot, for the only reason that it was shot in London, which, according to this lovely lady, is a cool place to-do such shoots, since, ‘people there are comfortable with nudity’!

    So, the next time, you plan to work with this lady, you know how to make her ‘feel at ease’… London is the way to go, guys!

    Yana also reminded all her deprived fans that she hasn’t moved to London forever. It’s just that she keeps traveling (read ‘shuffling’) between London and Mumbai as she is working (read ‘songwriting’) on a music album (which is going to be her kinda’ stuff like jazz) in London, where she has found a pretty good producer who has produced albums with Bryan Adams and Sugarbabes!

    Ask her about her present ‘status’, she is ready with an answer that she is single and is ready to mingle! She states that her man is not about looks, achievements or money. It’s just that he should gotta’ be smart, coz’ this gorgeous lady doesn’t like hanging out with brainless hunks. There’s one more hint for all the ‘probables’ that if you want to ‘floor’ her (not literally, you freak!) make her laugh and simply be witty.

    Bollywood News : Yana Gupta's hot pics in Maxim

    Life’s a party, man!

    2007/6/13 14:11:02

    Ever since Saif Ali Khan broke up with girlfriend Rozza Katalano he has been seen in the company of PYTs. Close friends of the actor tell us that he is single and ready to mingle. Last month, at Karan Johar's birthday bash he was seen flirting with a socialite, after which she and the actor left the party early. (He announced, to anyone who would listen, that he was dropping her home.)

    Also, if sources are to be a believed, Saif's bonding with Yana Gupta didn't go down well with her now former boyfriend Aftab Shivdasani.

    Reportedly, Yana and Saif met each other at an awards ceremony in Malaysia early this year. Yana pulled out of her act after differences with the organisers over the length of her performance. A true gentleman, Saif volunteered to sort out the matter at that time. However, a stubborn Yana left the venue and headed to Kuala Lumpur on the D-day.

    She later met Saif at a private party in the city. They got talking about their common interests. When Aftab got a whiff of this brewing friendship, he asked Yana to be more careful as a section of the industry was already badmouthing them. Eventually, Aftab and Yana started having fights and this is when they decided to part ways.

    Bollywood News : Life’s a party, man!

    Yana Gupta writing a book on health and nutrition

    2007/4/16 13:03:19

    Czech model-turned-actress Yana Gupta, whose sizzling item number "Babu-ji" won her many fans, admits to being such a fitness freak that she used to carry self-cooked food to homes where she was invited for dinner.

    "I am passionate about fitness and every day I work out religiously for an hour. I eat properly and take five small meals in a day. In fact, I make my own stuff. At one point of time I liked self-prepared food so much that I started carrying it to my friends' place where I was invited for dinner," Yana told IANS in an interview.

    And while she waits for interesting film offers to come her way, Yana is writing a book on nutrition and fitness. It is slated to hit bookstores by the end of the year.

    Yana says working out in a gym not only keeps her fit but is also a spiritual experience.

    "Working out in the gym makes you both physically and mentally fit. It is the only time when you can switch off your mobile, relax and do self-introspection. In my case, it is a spiritual experience, which can't be expressed in words," added Yana.

    Her item song "Babu-ji" in the movie "Dum" proved a huge hit. But the actress could not repeat the success story and vanished from the silver screen.

    Explaining, Yana said: "I did not disappear. I do not want to compromise on quality. If the music is mediocre, I would not take up the project."

    Item numbers are not all she wants. Yana would like to establish herself as a full-fledged actress.

    "Honestly, not many projects were offered to me. And the few that came my way, were not good enough to be accepted. I am still waiting for a good project."

    With a dearth of good offers, Yana is optimising her other skills - she is singing, composing and writing.

    "I cannot wait for things to happen. I know my potential - that I can generate projects. The whole of last year I spent in creating projects. I am writing a book on nutrition and fitness.

    "I am also working on my jazz music album for which I have written, composed and sung songs. The music of the album is given by Needless To Say. I am planning to release it abroad. I have also joined hands with a British artist for a hip hop Hindi-English mix song."

    She also complains about lack of good artistes in the Hindi film industry.

    "There are very few actors in Bollywood who are true artistes. Most of the time I have come across actors, who first enquire about their looks in a film rather than their performance. I feel it is more about looking good than acting good in Bollywood."

    Yana, who featured in Adnan Sami's latest music video album "Kisi Din", is also set to wow audiences with her item number in "Kaise Kahe", which according to her "drove her crazy".

    Bollywood News : Yana Gupta writing a book on health and nutrition

    Saif Ali Khan on a different wicket!

    2007/8/18 10:33:19

    The heart scare, coupled with his break-up from long time girlfriend has got Chote Nawab on a dating spree. I'm talking about Saif Ali Khan who is suddenly painting the town red with Yana, Riya and Bipasha. Aftab Shivdasani, I hear, found some sms's smugly sitting in Yana Gupta's inbox. Of course, that he shouldn't have gotten there (Yana's inbox) is another matter altogether.

    As for Bipasha, she was already having problems with Johnny boy. And now there are the Saif-Kareena whispers doing the rounds in the corridors... Looks like Saif's loving his free and single status! Do I see Shahid now going into Bebo's inbox!

    Bollywood News : Saif Ali Khan on a different wicket!

    Yana's red hot Laila is inspired by Christina Aguilera?

    2011/4/14 12:34:46

    Yana's look in item number seems copied from Christina Aguilera song. Director says the look is "inspired, not copied". Same difference, no?

    Laila gets Moulin Rouge-d in Chalo Dilli.

    Yana Gupta's look in the Hindi film's item number seems heavily inspired by Christina Aguilera's Lady Marmalade avatar for her music video for Hollywood flick Moulin Rouge, Director Shashant Shah has been credited for Yana's styling.

    He says, "We wanted Laila to be a notch higher than the other Bollywood item numbers in terms of styling and choreography. I saw a couple of international music videos and particularly liked Christina Aguilera's look and styling in Lady Marmalade.

    "He adds, "We're inspired by the look but we haven't copied it. After a few discussions with my designers Manoshi Nath and Rushi Sharma, we decided to give Yana a similar look.

    Xtina had worn a red corset and black leggings in the video. I wanted Yana to wear a red corset as well but co-producer Krishika Lulla suggested she wear a red choli instead. I think it was a good idea."

    The director reveals that the song was shot on a shoestring budget. "The dress cost us just R 1, 500 rupees and we shot the song in less than 15 hours."

    Bollywood News : Yana's red hot Laila is inspired by Christina Aguilera?

    Aftab to star in sequel to Masti

    2007/10/6 11:27:07

    Aftab Shivdasani is all set to do a sequel to Masti, the risque comedy that was criticised by many people.

    "A lot of people found it objectionable. But a lot of others found it to be fun. My father didn't like it. Look, at the script level we were all a little embarrassed. But nobody thought it was vulgar while executing it," said Aftab.

    "So, yeah, there are talks of a sequel. Director Indra Kumar cannot stay away from boys' comedies. His Dhamaal will be a huge hit. I can tell you that. I was offered Dhamaal too. But I had date problems."

    In his latest collaboration with director Vikram Bhatt, Aftab plays a villain in Speed.

    "It's a relatively small role but important. Then I return to comedy in E. Niwas' De Taali where I'm with Riteish. I've also done a short film for Sanjay Gupta's Love Dale with Neha Uberoi. It's directed by Jasmeet. This was my first film with a female director after all these years," the actor said.

    Earlier, Aftab had acted in a shelved film Dost with a female director Veena Mehta. "I loved working with Jasmeet. I'd love to work with Deepa Mehta and Mira Nair. They make films close to my heart. I've always done films that push the envelope," he said.

    He has been on an extended holiday in Toronto and the US and realised that his films are doing well there.

    "My film Red which didn't do well at home seemed to be a talking point abroad. Everywhere I went people asked me about it, although Red didn't get a decent release overseas. I got responses like, 'Suddenly you've evolved. You're looking so hot. You've turned into a man'. I wanted that maturity to show up. I think 'Red' helped me to grow," he said.

    Aftab is honest enough to admit nothing much has been happening to his career.
    "I'm doing a film called Jazbaa for Sanjay Gupta which is a remake of Four Brothers. Sanjay makes men's films, and that's where I want to be now. I don't want to sign any and every film at this moment.

    "I'd rather wait for challenges, even for brief roles like Speed. I don't need to do sub-standard stuff to keep my kitchen fires burning. I'd rather work with dependable banners."

    When asked about his rumoured split with girlfriend Yana Gupta, Aftab said: "My personal life is fine. Nothing has changed. I know people have broken us off. Let people speculate on whether I'm single or not. There are many unanswered questions in my mind. I need to sort them out.

    "I really don't wish to comment on this. Even when I got into the relationship (with Yana Gupta) I didn't speak about it, but I didn't deny it either. Not because we were shy of being seen together but because we're private people. Yes, I'm certainly shy. But you'd be surprised to know that even Yana is shy."

    Bollywood News : Aftab to star in sequel to Masti

    Will Vidya Balan accept the controversial role?

    2006/8/2 19:14:58

    One top actress has already developed cold feet in accepting the role that requires some nudity.

    Filmmaker Shaji Karun might be keeping his fingers crossed for his film ‘Suryamukhi’ which has been facing delays because no actress has yet given her nod to the role that will include a few nude scenes.

    This time, Vidya Balan is said to be in the reckoning for the role which has previously been offered to Madhuri Dixit , who refused to do the same because of the demand of nudity.

    ‘Suryamukhi’ is about the legendary painter Raja Ravi Verma and his inspiration Sugunabai, who often posed clothes-less for the painter’s nude paintings.

    Although Shaji Karun has made it clear that the nude scenes will be shot on the body-double and he might use other visual metaphors like nude paintings and shadows to depict nudity in the film, no actress has yet committed to the project out of fear of damage to her reputation.

    Vidya Balan, the Lolita of Parineeta , has been stamped as a non-glamorous actress in the industry and to get rid of this label she might accept the role considering she may come into the league of top actresses as the same role was offered to one of the industry’s leading ladies.


    Bollywood News : Will Vidya Balan accept the controversial role?

    Yana dances with Chiru

    2007/7/2 10:32:32

    Shankar Dada Zindabad is making waves even before its release. While Karishma Kotak has raised a lot of interest among the audience, the guest appearance of Pawan Kalyan is another added attraction.

    Now Yana Gupta, the seductive beauty has been roped for the film she is doing a special dance number along with the megastar at a specially erected set at Annapurna studios. SDZ is likely to hit the screen in late July or early August. .

    Keywords:Shankar Dada Zindabad Muhurat Stills::

    Telugu Cinema News : Yana dances with Chiru

    Kamalini nude on YouTube?

    2010/11/10 12:23:12

    A video is now in circulation that purportedly shows the homely heroine Kamailni in the nude.

    Kamalini acted in the Malayalam film Kutty shrank. A nude scene from the film is now available on YouTube.

    However it is not clear if the nude actress on screen is actually Kamailini or a dupe has been used.

    Telugu Cinema News : Kamalini nude on YouTube?

    Do not patronize animal acts- Yana Gupta

    2007/6/21 12:16:25

    Clad in a black leather outfit created by Bollywood designer Rocky S, model and actor Yana Gupta appears next to the tagline 'Bears Are Not Item Numbers' in a new ad for petaDishoom, the youth division of PETA India. Shot by ace photographer Atul Kasbekar, the ad is part of the group's continuing campaign to raise awareness of cruelty to bears who are used for entertainment.

    Why is Yana so angry about cruelty to bears? 'Dancing' bears are a common - but tragic - sight in India. When they are just 1 year old, cubs have ropes forced through their noses without any painkillers. During this process, a group of people holds the cub down while a red-hot needle is forced through the squealing animal's nose. A rope is then shoved into the piercing, which usually becomes infected.

    The wounds never heal and often become infested with maggots. When the ropes attached to the traumatized bears are tugged, the animals lift their legs and 'dance'. Male cubs are castrated with a razor at a very young age, also without anesthesia or antibiotics. The animals' canine teeth are also knocked out with a metal rod when they are 1 year old. Bears are trained through a regime of pain and starvation, and they rarely survive more than eight years - a third of their natural life expectancy.

    Under the 1972 Indian Wildlife Protection Act, it is illegal to capture and trade bears in India. However, this law is blatantly ignored, and bears can still be seen on the streets of India. Madaris make the bears dance for up to 12 hours a day. As a result of this cruel practice, the sloth bear species could soon become extinct.

    In August 2003, PETA India helped rescue six bears that were being forced to beg on the streets of Mumbai. The bears were taken to a rescue centre outside Agra. PETA India was also instrumental in rescuing five more bears from madaris and taking the animals to rehabilitation centres.

    "Bears are forced to 'dance' through a regimen of pain and suffering", says Yana. "Do not patronize animal acts."

    Bollywood News : Do not patronize animal acts- Yana Gupta

    New lips lock record by Katrina-Hrithik

    2011/1/27 8:49:37

    Bollywood which is proud to follow the western culture is adopting every new trend of Hollywood for its latest films. While some directors and artists are specialized in making intimate bed room scenes some others are keen to shoot lip lock scenes in their films. And there are artists like Yana Gupta and Neetu Chandra who occasionally grab the attention of media by moving around without any under garments beneath. Some other girls like Mandira Bedi etc go top less or even nude on cover pages of film magazines etc to create enough heat in the industry to keep themselves glued to it. There are girls like Mona Chopra who do not have that much of time to pose for cover pages or to act in the bed room scenes simply paste their nude images on their social net working site pages.

    Apparently, every one in the Bollywood want to strip down their costumes and want to live a natural way. But, in the present circumstances they know it’s highly impossible. So, they are going the other way to satisfy their inner desires and doing whatever they can do.

    The latest news is that, Bollywood beauty Katrina Kaif who runs an affair with Salman Khan for last several years, got lip locked with another hero Hrithik Roshan for film ‘Jindhagi Milegi Na Dhobara.’ Surprisingly, the streaming lip lock is planned and shot by a lady director Zoya Aktar.

    As usually, she also stated that particular scene in the story is very important so is the lip lock. She also certified that, the scene is very decent and comes very perfectly.

    Telugu Cinema News : New lips lock record by Katrina-Hrithik

    Bollywood's item girl Yana Gupta debuts as singer

    2008/4/8 15:24:47

    Reliance ADA Group's Big Music & Home Video Monday released Punjabi pop album "Back Unda Da Influence", which marks the debut of Yana Gupta as a singer.

    Bollywood's item girl Yana has crooned two numbers in it, "Aag Ka Dariya" and "Na Koi Khayal", which she penned herself.

    "I write poetry and so writing songs comes naturally to me," said the model-turned-actress confidently while talking to media persons here at the release ceremony.

    Punjabi music composer and DJ Dr. Zeus has composed the album. Shortie a.k.a. Little Fox is the co-crooner. The album also introduces two new crooners, Ravindra and Karamel.

    Yaana, who shot to fame with her item number "Baabuji", said she had been living in India long enough to be able to weave a few words in Punjabi as well in the song.

    The Czech-born sexy siren, who also speaks Spanish and Japanese, besides English and pidgin Hindi, revealed to the media that she had been working on a solo album in English for the last six months, which would be released in Britain shortly.

    "Back Unda Da Influence" has 13 tracks, including "Sat Shri Akal" and "Adhi holi maar".

    The "Sat Shri Akal" number was topped the BBC Asian Network music chart.

    Dr. Zeus lives up to his image of rendering effervescent bhangra numbers, but unlike his earlier Brit Asian bhangra mixes, the songs in the album have desi flavour.

    As part of the marketing initiative, Big Music is organising a mobile contest called Get Unda Da Groove In London With Dr. Zeus.

    The winner will get a chance to fly to London on a two-night and a three-day tour by SMSing the correct answer to the question asked on the CDs and cassettes of the album.

    The contest, which ends May 15, is also opening online.

    Bollywood News : Bollywood's item girl Yana Gupta debuts as singer

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