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on 2008/4/24 14:35:22

After two years, Kalpurush to be finally released

The National Award winning Kalpurush (Memories in the Mist) will be finally released in Kolkata after a two year wait. Director Buddhadeb Dasgupta who bagged his fifth National Award for the film, is elated.

He points out that the film toplining Mithun Chakraborty, Rahul Bose and Sameera Reddy has been screened at 40-50 film , festivals across the globe including Toronto and Berlin.

In May it will travel to the Madrid International Film Festival where Dasgupta is being honoured with the Lifetime Achievement Award.

It will be screened as part of a six-film-retrospective. Yet, all these years he's been denied a commercial release in India.

"That was so painful because I wanted my people to see the film too," says Dasgupta.

He had earlier made another film for Jhamu Sugandh Swapner Din (Chased by Dreams), which had bagged a National Award too. Within weeks of wrapping up the film, Sugandh had another project.

"Normally I take a long break between films but I started Kalpurush, six-eight months after Swapner Din. Jhamu has been a very supportive producer," says Dasgupta.

Out of the cans
However, Sugandh inexplicably went underground, thumbing down offers to release the films. It was only recently that Sugandh finally sold the all-India rights of both Kalpurush and Sapner Din to Shree Vengatesh Films.

Kalpurush is being released in Kolkata this week followed by an all-India release. Swapner Din could make it to the theatres by June, three years after it was wrapped up.

Won't coming up against the star-studded Tashan besides Sirf-Life is Greener on the other side and Kahani Gudiya Ki affect the film's commercial prospects?

"I have my own audience who will see my film, irrespective of the competition," asserts Dasgupta.

"The release date was finalised only 10 days ago. Yet the film will be released in 10 theatres across Kolkata including the Nandan."

Oh baba
Kalpurush revolves around the estranged relationship between a father and son with a misunderstanding leading to a break-up in the family. It is a screen adaptation of Dasgupta's novel America America.

"When I wrote the book I had no plans of making it into a film. But after my father's death I developed it into a screenplay. There was so much baba must have wanted to tell me and vice versa. So much must have been left unsaid for lack of time or because I could never gather the courage to have a heart-to-heart talk with him. I've used this film to put those thoughts into words. Today, hours before the film's premiere, I can almost sense my father's presence," Dasgupta says emotionally.

"Both he and ma were my best friends who taught me so much about life.. the life you see in my movies."

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    “Vivek Is a Really Cool Guy,” says Sameera Reddy

    2006/9/10 16:44:19

    “I did ‘Kalpurush’ because I wanted to grow as an actor,” says sultry siren Sameera Reddy who is pushing her luck for a change-in-image by doing National Award winning director Budhadeb Dasgupta’s ‘Kalpurush’ where she is shedding her glamorous image for the first time. She is currently promoting her adventure mystery film ‘Naksha’ co-starring Sunny Deol and Vivek Oberoi where she has done some daring stunts. Personally I liked that snoring episode in the film where while she dozes off in a Jungle party and Vivek and Sunny had to bear the brunt of her hard-core snoring antics. Having made a mark for herself in the Sexy Sam mould by doing item numbers in films like ‘Musafir’ and ‘Darna Mana Hai’, Sameera is still best remembered for that simple girl of a Pankaj Udhas ghazal video a few years ago. Over to an IndiaGlitz exclusive with Sameera Reddy:

    What is Sameera Reddy doing in an action film like ‘Naksha’?

    I am doing a lot of action myself. It’s a lovely role…I am a city girl who gets stuck in a jungle. No mobile, nothing, no touch with the world. I become a part of the team and part of the whole ‘Naksha’
    You’ve done a lot of stunts yourself…The river rafting etc….

    I jump off the cliff and I was hanging 2000 feet above sea level. It was very scary. But it was part of the script and it was told to me when I signed the film. And the bond between me, Sunny and Vivek became so strong because we were doing so many scary things together. We became a team.
    Your dance videos from the film seem to be rocking…

    The songs in the movie are really good. They are all situational songs. How I meet Vivek is the first song…Shake It…Jat Yamla is a lot of fun…Because three of us are having a great time. And Sunny loves that song. U N I is a very fun, hip hop dance video. Songs are very very good in this film.
    It seems it was after ‘Jat Yamla’ that Sunny really opened up on the sets….

    No, he opened up just while we were shooting. Every schedule we got closer because we were doing so many stunts. But I think ‘Jat Yamla’ is very cute…But in ‘U N I’ I don’t think anybody is going to be looking at us, everyone is going to be seeing only Sunny Deol.
    Your Chemistry with Vivek Oberoi is vibrant…

    Vivek is a very good co-star. In romantic scenes we really had a good time because the comfort level is there. He is a really cool guy. He plays a lot of pranks and always rags me. But what’s sweet about him is that he keeps you laughing all the time.
    The look of the film is cool…Adventure Mystery….

    The look of the film is in a different genre. It’s not attempted before. Very adventure driven. It’s a refreshing change from what the audience is used to…Comedy…This…That… Naksha’ has everything in it.
    One of your forthcoming films ‘Kalpurush’ where you have a deglam role…

    I did ‘Kalpurush’ because I wanted to grow as an actor. Working with a National Award winning director like Budhadeb Dasgupta is a high in itself. I didn’t do thinking that I would win a National Award (Although I don’t mind winning one). I really learnt a lot and in fact I am doing his next film too.
    There’s a mobile game with Sameera Reddy…

    It’s called Streetfighter. It’s a mobile video game. In the beginning when we were making the game, we wanted to create a game that masses can play, enjoy and it shouldn’t be too difficult either. And I am a gamer myself and when it was made first, I couldn’t get through beyond the third level. Now, we’ve made it in such a way after many testing that it’s really fun.
    Finally…What’s the USP of ‘Naksha’?

    People should watch ‘Naksha’ because it’s a different film. It’s really fun. The chemistry between the three of us is great. It’s all about that magic.
    Any jitters, ‘Naksha’ is releasing when ‘Munnabhai’ wave is on a high

    Absolutely not. When you have a good script, you can have films coming at the same time. If people like it they just like it.

    What are your forthcoming films?

    ‘Fool and Final’, directed by Ahmad Khan which is an out and out comedy, an action flick ‘Benaami’ with Ajay Devgan There’s ‘Ghulami’, a period film and there’s a film by Budhadeb Dasgupta. This is the line up for this year.


    Star Interviews : “Vivek Is a Really Cool Guy,” says Sameera Reddy

    The negative aspects of Khaleja

    2010/10/7 14:18:27

    While the fans of Mahesh Babu rejoicing over the fact that his film has finally released after a long wait, there are some who are not exactly happy with the film.

    The fans of Mahesh are angry with director Trivikram Srinivas for not doing a great job. Trivkram took more than three years to complete the film.

    Now many say that the end product is not all that fabulous to take three years to complete. The sloppy screenplay and the long drawn out fights and too much violence and the heroine Anushka are seen as the negative aspects of Khaleja.

    Telugu Cinema News : The negative aspects of Khaleja

    Legendary composer Pyarelal makes a comeback

    2006/9/22 13:33:27

    Pyarelal had been in hibernation ever since the death of his creative collaborator Laxmikant in 1998. Eight years later, he returns to the musical arena with "Mr. Gharib".

    "It wasn't as if there was a dearth of offers. But I couldn't sully my partner and my name by doing any and everything that came my way. I was willing to wait," confessed the reclusive maestro.

    The wait is finally over. The composing maverick has finally signed on to do a movie soundtrack, his first since Laxmikant's death eight years ago.

    "It's a film called 'Mr. Gharib', and it is produced by Balbir Kumar with whom Laxmikantji and I did a film called 'Santosh' many years ago. The film is directed by Sanjay Sarkar.

    "The reason why I've finally agreed to working is two-fold -- one, I needed to finally get back to doing what I loved the most; also, because one of my favourite actors-filmmakers, Manoj Kumar, is involved with 'Mr. Gharib'. If you recall, some of Laxmi-Pyare's best scores were for Manoj Kumar."

    Two of the tunes have already been finalised. And Pyarelal, who created musical history with Laxmikant throughout the 1960s, 1970s and 1980s, is working on the other lyrics that Sameer is writing.

    Pyarelal gets nostalgic.

    "Do you know, Sameer started his career as a lyricist with Laxmikant and me in a film that K.C. Bokadia had produced. It is a pleasure to work with young minds. I feel I'm just starting my career."


    Bollywood News : Legendary composer Pyarelal makes a comeback

    Jagan finally quits congress!!

    2010/11/29 8:17:45

    The inevitable thing finally happened. YS Jagan has announced that he is quitting the congress party as well as member of the Lok Sabha.

    Jagan released a five page letter to Sonia Gandhi through the media. Vijayamma wife of YSR is also set to resign her Pulivendula assembly seat.

    Andhra News : Jagan finally quits congress!!

    Jr.NTR celebrates birthday

    2011/5/20 19:21:25

    Jr.NTR who acts 18 films in 10 years of his film career is the happiest man on the earth, because today he is celebrating his birthday in the presence of his newly wedded wife Lakshmi Pranathi and his parents. NTR turns 28 today. The newly wedded couple after enjoying their honeymoon at Mauritius recently returned home.

    All his fans and the movie buffs very well know how he has struggled all these years to reach his present position. Despite related to Nandamuri clan, no one from the family has ever come forward to help him in any way all these years. Whatever is he now is because of his own efforts and hard work only.

    He and his mother have faced humiliation before Nandamuri clan for years, yet they both silently suffered the agony all the way. When, Jr. NTR finally made his dent on the industry then only Nandamuri clan has shown any interest in them. Yet, Nandamuri clan has never considered him as their family member. But, one thing was clear that ice starts melting. His popularity grows to such an extent that Nandamuri clan was obliged to accept him as the real successor of late NTR. Finally, his marriage has wiped-off the thin line between him and Nandamuri clan.

    Now, he is a happiest man in the world who had his own family and of course a huge fan following. Bharatwaves wishes him many many returns of the day.

    Andhra News : Jr.NTR celebrates birthday

    Naan Kadavul is released on Jan 26

    2007/12/1 9:28:19

    Finally, Bala has come out with a releasing date for his long awaited film Naan Kadavul. According to Bala, the film is almost completed and the final patch up work is going on. The film has been under shooting for more than a year and faced many troubles. Started with Bhavana, the director has changed four heroines and finally settled with Pooja.

    At a stage, the producer wanted to withdraw from this project and Sivasri Sreenivasan took over the film with the support of Pyramid Saimira. Now, all the problems sorted out smoothly and the director also talks about its released date.

    According to him the film would be hit the screens worldwide by January 26 th, the republic day of the nation. Naan Kadavul has Arya in the lead role. For Arya, it is the most important film in his career.

    llayaraaja scores the music for the film.

    Tamil Cinema News : Naan Kadavul is released on Jan 26

    Appalraju coming finally on 18

    2011/2/8 14:01:54

    The long awaited film on the Telugu film industry Kath Screenplay Darsakathvam Appalraju is finally going to hit the screens on February 18.

    The film stars Sunil and Swathi in main roles. The film also stars many top comedians and it is a take on the Telugu film industry.

    The film is directed by Ram Gopal Varma and it is his first straight film in Telugu after a gap of 12 years.

    Telugu Cinema News : Appalraju coming finally on 18

    Parole for Gouru on false grounds

    2007/11/2 9:34:42 The state government has finally granted parole to Gouri Venkat Reddy, indicted in the twin murder case. He is a former MLA from Nandikottkur. He is now serving a life sentence at the Cherlapally jail.

    He was released from jail on parole for one month. The opposition has blasted the government over the issue. The issue has been dealt with utmost secrecy. The court has earlier taken strong objection to special treatment being given to Gouru.
    In his petition, he mentioned that he has to look after his aged mother. But the fact is otherwise; Gouru’s mother is stated to have passed away some 25 years ago.

    Andhra News : Parole for Gouru on false grounds

    Genelia-Ritesh finally engaged?

    2011/10/5 11:53:42

    The bubbly actress Genelia and Ritesh Deshmukh have been in love for nearly eight years. They wanted to get married but stiff resistance from Deshmukh's parents forced the lovers to just stay as lovers.

    It seems their long wait is finally over. Ritesh's father Vialasrao is reported to have not only given the green signal but the engagement ceremony was also held. It took place a few days ago. It was a private family affair and no one from the industry was invited.

    Ice 'n' Spice - Movies : Genelia-Ritesh finally engaged?

    Wedding bells for Genelia

    2011/11/16 19:12:08 The 8 years long love affair between bubbly girl Genelia and Bollywood actor Ritesh Deshmukh, after passing through a bumpy road has finally reached its ultimate goal-marriage. It came to know that Ritesh father Vilas Rao Deshmukh-the Chief Minister of Mahrashtra has finally gave his consent for their marriage recently. Their marriage will be performed on February 4th next year. Genelia said that she will continue in film industry even after marriage.

    Telugu Cinema News : Wedding bells for Genelia

    Nenu Naa Rakshasi on April 29

    2011/3/24 11:44:13

    The film Nenu Naa Rakshasi with Rana Daggubati and Ileana in the lead is finally getting ready for release on April 29.

    Puri Jagannath is the director. It is heard that Rana’s dad and producer of the film, Suresh Babu did not like the rushes of the film. Suresh felt that the director had projected Ileana more than Rana in the film.

    While Puri was eager to get the film released as early as possible, Suresh Babu kept on postponing it without citing any reasons. Now the film will hit the screens finally next month.

    Telugu Cinema News : Nenu Naa Rakshasi on April 29

    Mr.Perfect coming on 21st April

    2011/4/8 17:37:30

    Finally, producer Dil Raju putting an end to the gossips about the release date of his Mr. Perfect film has announced that, the film will be released on 21st of April. Handsome hero Prabhas is romancing with Tapsi and Kajal Agarwal in this film. This film is directed by Dasarath under Sri Venkateswara Cine Chitra banner. Devi Sri Prasad composed the music.

    Dil Raju briefing about his film said that, it is all about a young chap who believes in doing what he likes rather than living for others. Everyone, who he comes across in his life, likes his way, except one girl. Whether he finally makes her agree to his principle or will he change himself for her, forms the rest of the story.

    Telugu Cinema News : Mr.Perfect coming on 21st April

    Bose hopes to impress US with Before the Rains

    2008/5/8 15:51:20

    The Rahul Bose starrer Before The Rains will be released in the US Friday and the actor says he and director Santosh Sivan are expecting to make an impact beyond the song-and-dance formula with this film.

    "Before the Rains releases in the US May 9. It's going to play in New York and 10 other cities. Not in the NRI theatres, but it's definitely an art house release. So me and Santosh Sivan hope to make an impact beyond the song-and-dance formula with this one," Rahul told IANS on phone from Los Angeles.

    "It's a film-noire about an illicit love relationship and how I get caught in it. It's definitely an art house product with an element of whodunit."

    Set in pre-independent India, Sivan's film, also starring Leopold Benedict and Nandita Das, is about an idealistic young Indian man (Rahul) who finds himself torn between his ambitions for the future and his loyalty to the past when people in his village learn of an affair between his British boss (Linus Roache) and a village woman (Nandita Das).

    Rahul has already impressed critics in the US. At the recently concluded Tribeca Film Festival in New York, critic Sandy Mandelbergers wrote that the impossibly handsome Indian actor Rahul Bose gives a startling performance as a man torn between modernism and tradition, a metaphor for his entire country.

    Commenting on that, Rahul said: "Either this lady can't see or hasn't met many men. But seriously I'm deeply flattered. I'm getting that face-lift and hair-weave done asap."

    The film has just won three major awards at the Houston Film Festival.

    "It's a triumph for Santosh on so many levels. A film in English from India winning the awards for best film, best cinematography and best music ... it's incredible!"

    Before The Rains also goes to Britain.

    It's a sort of world record - Rahul had three releases in three different languages in the last one month.

    "Samar Khan's Shaurya came first. It was in Hindi and I was very pleased with its outcome. Then came Before The Rains and then I had a Bengali release in India this week. Buddhadeb Dasgputa's Kalpurush is a film very close to my heart. And we waited two years for it to release," sighed Rahul.

    Bollywood News : Bose hopes to impress US with Before the Rains

    Don’t call me Ash, says Aishwarya

    2010/10/8 11:44:51

    Aishwarya Rai Bachchan is tired of people calling her ‘Ash’. And is grateful to hubby Abhishek Bachchan for finally stepping in and making that clear. “I’ve been trying to get rid of that nickname for years,” she says. “It’s so sweet of Abhishek to step in.” He had reportedly asked certain sections
    of the media to stop referring to the actor as ‘Ash’.

    Love was in the air as the actor gushed about her husband and returning to the ramp as showstopper after almost 20 years at Manish Malhotra’s couture show at the HDIL India Couture Week.

    “It was easy saying yes to Manish,” she grins. “And I’m sure you think this is all planned because Robot has just been released and Action Replayy is coming up, but I promise you that’s not the case. If you just see the number of SMSes and pings that Manish and I have exchanged over the years about walking for him, you will know that this was really the only opportunity that would have worked out.” At this point, Manish himself chimes in, saying, “And since I work with her so often, it’s easy for me to keep nagging her. We’ve tried so much to make it happen, and finally, this time we succeeded.”

    Recalling the last time she showed off her catwalk skills, Aishwarya says, “Since I stopped active modelling, I’ve only walked the ramp for brands I endorse. The last time I remember being in a fashion show was for Shahab Durazi many years ago. But I kept saying that everything feels the same. The chaos backstage, models getting dressed and taking their positions… nothing’s changed.”

    While she insists that she wasn’t nervous before taking to the ramp, she is thankful for the moral support. “My mother (Vrinda Rai), husband and mother-in-law (Jaya Bachchan) were all there to support me, so I had to show them my love,” she grins.

    Explaining why Abhishek was in the front row instead of being by her side, she says, “We’re both actors and that is our biggest responsibility. Abhishek was busy shooting and we couldn’t take a chance of him being caught up with work and delaying the show. That wouldn’t be fair.”

    Considering October 9 will feature a certain Salman Khan’s charity show, Being Human, and have actors like Kareena Kapoor and Katrina Kaif walking the ramp, would Aishwarya consider lending her support? “I will be out of town,” she responds tersely. “Karan (Johar) and Shahab had both asked me to walk for them, but I had to decline. Manish was the only one I was able to make time for.”

    Bollywood News : Don’t call me Ash, says Aishwarya

    Sridevi turns 49 today

    2011/8/13 7:55:00

    Yesteryear Tollywood and Bollywood actress Sridevi turns 49 today. She was born on 13th August at Sivakasi in Tamilnadu state and begins her film career as early as in her 4years age as a chilled artist in Tamil film Kandhan Karunai. Later, she acts in several Telugu, Tamil, Malayalam films. Her Telugu debut film ‘Padhaharella Vayasu’ made at her 16 years age was a box office hit and it paved way for her into Tollywood. She did number of Telugu films pairing with all the top actors in the industry. There was a time when 3-4 films a month of her pairing with different heroes used to released. Finally, she joined Bollywood and there also she ruled like a queen withstanding the tough competition from her co-stars like Hema Malini, Jaya Pradha, Jeenathaman and many others. She got married to Bony Kapoor and had two daughters.

    Right now, she is acting in a Hindi film ‘English Vinglish’ after a long gap of 14 years. She is also planning to bring her elder daughter Jahnavi into industry soon.

    Bharatwaves wishes her a very happy birthday and many returns of the day.

    Telugu Cinema News : Sridevi turns 49 today

    TRS MLA Vinay Bhaskar held, released

    2011/11/2 16:58:05 Tension prevailed in Warangal West for several hours on Wednesday when the police finally arrested TRS MLA D Vinay Bhaskar on the charges of disrupting the AP formation day celebrations.

    Nearly 100 policemen went to the MLA’s residence to take him into custody at around 8 pm on Tuesday. However, he told the police that he would surrender on Wednesday as he was suffering from Chikungunya. But the police refused to leave the place and insisted that the MLA come along with them.

    On hearing the news, hundreds of TRS activists gathered and obstructed the police from arresting the legislator.

    The tension continued till morning when the police finally arrested the legislator and first took him to the MGM Hospital for medical check-up. Later, he was produced before a magistrate who granted him bail. (INN)

    Andhra News : TRS MLA Vinay Bhaskar held, released

    Rajni says 'no politics' for two years

    2008/2/9 14:31:39

    The superstar of cinema, Rajnikanth has finally come up with a categorical statement. Rajnikanth was reacting to the recent media speculation about his imminent political entry.
    Rajnikanth has put a full stop to all such stories by coming up with a categorical statement.

    Rajnikanth said that there was no question of him entering politics at this moment. He also said that he is not thinking about politics for the next two years.

    So, Rajnikanth will not think of politics for at least two years. He wants to concrete on his film career for some more time.

    Rajnikanth now has three films in hand, the animated film 'Sulthan the Warrior', P Vasu's 'Kuselan' and Shankar's 'Robo'.

    Andhra News : Rajni says 'no politics' for two years

    Chandramuki sets Record of 890 days !!!

    2007/9/22 15:50:56

    After completing 890 days, Shanthi Theater has finally stopped the screening of superstar Rajini’s Chandramukhi, and the film has found its second release in 4 theaters in Chennai today.

    The blockbuster movie of superstar Rajini was released on April 14, 2005 world wide, and created many records at the box office. The film celebrated its 300th day in 7 theaters, and finally actor Prabhu (the producer of Chandramukhi), the owner of Shanthi Theater, decided to continue the show to break the record of Thiyagaraja Bagavathar’s film Haridass which held a 50- year- old record for being the longest running film in Tamil. When Chandramukhi completed its 800th day, it finally broke the record set by the movie Haridass.

    Shivaji Films, the producers of Chandramukhi, have celebrated this achievement along with Tamil Film Producer’s Council in a grand manner a couple of month ago. The Tamil Nadu chief minister M.Karunanidhi also participated in the function, and hailed the superstar, the hero of Chandramukhi, in that function.

    Now after completing 890 days of running, Shanthi Theater has stopped the screening of the film and it has been released again in some of the city theaters like Nataraj, Mekala, Srinivasa and Lakshmi.When asked about the historical run of the film, Prabhu said, “We are very proud about the record run of our superstar’s Chandramukhi in our theater. The movie has a decent crowd even in the last show screened at our theater…”

    Tamil Cinema News : Chandramuki sets Record of 890 days !!!

    Simhasanam hit screens this day 25 years ago

    2011/3/21 14:33:58

    The film Simhasanam was released on this day March 21, 1986 i.e. exactly 25 years ago.

    The film stars superstar Krishna in the lead. Jaya Pradha was the heroine. The film was made with a huge budget and it was also the first stereophonic sound film in Telugu.

    Telugu Cinema News : Simhasanam hit screens this day 25 years ago

    Sivaji to be screened in over 300 theatres in AP

    2007/6/2 12:03:40

    The much awaited Rajanikanth’s film ‘Sivaji’ is being released in over 30 theatres in Andhra Pradish. The film whose release has been delayed considerably is finally set for release. The film directed by Shankar and produced by AVM is one of the most expensive films ever made in the country. The film has already fetched handsome returned to the producers by way of distribution rights.

    AR Rehaman’s music is also a big attraction for the film. The trailers of the film are currently being screened at all the theatres where the film is going to be released.

    Telugu Cinema News : Sivaji to be screened in over 300 theatres in AP

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