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on 2006/7/21 18:24:31

Bollywood vixens with the sexiest belly buttons!

Navel show has been a virtue of Bollywood’s most famous actresses since the black and white era. Then with the onset of the bikini generation, body piercing came through as a rage. With sex appeal being spoken about more than ever before, it’s a good time to tell who knocks whom when it comes to the belly show. In this episode, we present the sexiest belly buttons among the current crop of leading ladies. Sit back and tube through our list of Bollywood’s sexiest belly buttons.

Esha Deol

It all began with producer Aditya Chopra’s insistence that Antara must look authentic and get into the skin of the character she played in ‘Dhoom’. Esha lost all that baby fat and what came through was a perfectly athletic belly. Self-confessedly among her most prized assets, Esha is undoubtedly the queen belly-babe of Bollywood. Cheers our no.1 belly babe.

Antara Mali

Of late if there has been one actress that has struck the audience eye for her perfect physique, it’s gotta be Antara Mali. It’s a pity, we are only talking belly buttons in this episode, coz we are sure Antara would make it to any list of sexy features. Considering her debut directorial bombed at the box office, it’s a good time to let her know that we still fancy her with her power belly show.

Amrita Arora

This one generally has hairs let down, and her sensational navel left open for viewers. And though she may not have made it very big in Bollywood yet, we’re sure she’ll give most lead actresses a complex with her softened belly look. Keep the show on Amu. We’ve given you a coveted no.3.

Tanushree Dutta

Don’t know if its part of her brief to her costume designer, but when Tanushree does a skin show on screen, the first thing you notice is her unusually sinuous belly dotted by a perfectly circular navel. Keep it going Tanushree.

Preity Zinta

Alright, so the dimple outdoes every other feature of this graceful woman, yet the bustle she creates dancing in those hipsters is quite a watch. Here’s to the anti-anorexic band of actresses, led by none other than Preity Zinta.

Rakhi Sawant

Rakhi Sawant apparently has no qualms in aesthetic body show. The aesthetic bit we’re not really sure, but the rest is as true as they come. After being in the eye of a controversy, she was warned by the police to refrain from her ‘obscene’ sequences. But if what we hear is true, Rakhi has only strengthened in her resolve to give the critics the cold shoulder. Tiny and generally studded with a navel ring, here’s the raunchiest number on our list.


It’s arguable that the only thing sexy about Kajol is her deep green eyes and her supple belly perked up by an equally distinct button. Maiden or mom, Kajol’s always a pleasing sight in her Indian elements.

Koena Mitra

When Koena Mitra is out for a spread, it’s generally a no holds barred effort. Her dusky skin and curvaceous middle are just about the best prototype you can have of a goddess. In time she’s sure going to climb further up our list.

Aishwarya Rai

Remember ‘Kajra re’, and the first vision you conjure is of Aishwarya banging her belly. Alright, she looked little too plump for her otherwise perfect 10. But the standards always tend to be tougher for our favourite international face. Be it performing on stage or simply lighting up the screen, Ash’s belly button grabs the eye balls.

Sonali Kulkarni

Actress Sonali Kulkarni has been known for her thunder thighs and saggy belly more often than her acting prowess. But when she’s in full flow, the belly button just accentuates her otherwise stocky figure. Watch out boys, here’s another sari babe.

Rani Mukherjee

Whether she’s sizzling in a sari, or in a two piece, Rani Mukherjee is among the best in using her navel to push up her sex appeal. And with those smooth chiffon saris, the navel beneath is all the more eye candy.


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    No plans for 'Delhi Belly' sequel: Aamir Khan

    2011/10/22 15:11:50 (IANS) Actor Aamir Khan has denied any plans of making a sequel to his adult comedy "Delhi Belly".

    "The film is nowhere in the scene. We haven't started planning or strategising anything for the sequel. Whatever news is out till now is baseless," Aamir told IANS.

    A bold, youth-centric drama, "Delhi Belly" was directed by Abhinay Deo. It featured Imran Khan, Vir Das and Kunal Roy Kapoor in the lead.

    Rumours were abuzz that Aamir and his wife Kiran Rao had plans of making "Delhi Belly 2". But Aamir has put all the speculations to rest.

    Recently Kiran also said that she is not writing the script for "Delhi Belly 2".

    Bollywood News : No plans for 'Delhi Belly' sequel: Aamir Khan

    Katrina Kaif voted the Sexiest Woman in the World 2011

    2011/6/8 12:21:43

    Katrina Kaif yet again tops the list of the Sexiest Women 2011 conducted by the world’s largest men’s lifestyle magazine –FHM. The FHM 100 Sexiest Women poll is based entirely on online polls and SMS with a whopping number of over 35,000 entries being cast this year. Katrina Kaif has previously been voted the Sexiest Woman in the World by FHM India in 2008 and 2009.

    Kabeer Sharma, Executive Editor of FHM India says “We’d love to say 2011 was a close contest…only Sheila made sure it was far from. A feat that becomes even more significant because no woman in the world across all 28 editions of FHM has ever won the Sexiest Woman in the World title three times in the last 17 years that we've been making the list. Her average is higher than Sachin Tendulkar’s and she replaces Deepika Padukone who won the crown in 2010,”

    Katrina Kaif is the toast of the season as not too long ago she was the only Bollywood Actress to feature on the India Today’s Elite Power list and has the most Google searches than any other Indian celebrity.If that wasn’t all Katrina was immortalized by Mattel who created a one-of a-kind ‘I Can Be a Movie Star’ Barbie Doll sketched on her image.

    Bollywood News : Katrina Kaif voted the Sexiest Woman in the World 2011

    Bipasha Basu voted sexiest Asian woman

    2007/11/19 14:27:53

    On Friday, The sexiest bombshell of Bollywood Bipasha Basu was named as the Sexiest Asian woman in the world 2007 by Britain’s largest selling Asian newspaper, Eastern Eye .

    Bollywood dancing queen who is 42 and still making a mind-blowing comeback to Bollywood with her film Aaja Nachle, releasing latter this month was the runner-up and lady don of the industry Priyanka Chopra who is 25 was placed third eastern eye newspaper.

    Other Asian women’s in the top ten list included were Aishwarya Rai at No 4, Laila Rouass (5), Shilpa Shetty (6), Katrina Kaif (7), Kareena Kapoor (8), Lara Dutta (9) and Pakistanibased model and actress Iman Ali at No 10.

    No doubt, Bipasha is glad to achieve this honour. With her upcoming release Dhana Dhan Goal alongside her beau john Abraham, this black beauty has got another reason to smile.

    Bollywood News : Bipasha Basu voted sexiest Asian woman

    'I should be voted most romantic'

    2006/9/23 16:36:55

    She has been branded as Asia's sexiest woman by Eastern Eye but that does not impress her much! Stunner Priyanka Chopra is definitely excited after voting out saucy babes Aishwarya and Mallika Sherawat in the sexiest race but she claims of making no special efforts to look hot.

    The 'Sexiest Asian Woman' tag is based on public votes but Priyanka contradicts it when she says, "I am a natural. I never try to look sexy or hot. I dress naturally, take care of my skin as any normal girl would but I do have strong notions about cleanliness. If that makes me sexy then I admit I am! But I think I am shy, soft and like a mush."

    The actress, who has actually made Bollywood sit and take notice of her, reveals that her heart rules her mind. "I don't think from my brain. I think from my heart. I feel that I am the most romantic person in Bollywood. I get a romantic meaning in everything. If I see drops of dews on the grass, I find romance in them. Just a raindrop can make me romantic. It's beautiful flowers that fill me with loads of emotions. I get romantic seeing rainbows.

    In fact, every bit of natural surroundings has a romantic meaning and messages for me. Since I am so emotional, I should've been chosen as the most mushy and romantic girl but this sexiest title has come as a surprise to me. I am the kinds who believes in candlelight dinner and all," states Priyanka.


    Bollywood News : 'I should be voted most romantic'

    John Abraham voted India's sexiest bachelor

    2011/9/11 12:29:00

    New Delhi, Sep 11 (IANS) Bollywood heartthrob John Abraham has been named India's sexiest bachelor in a poll conducted by channel Big CBS Prime.

    The channel flagged off the competition with 10 contenders -- Ranbir Kapoor, Siddhartha Mallya, Saif Ali Khan, Shahid Kapoor, Virat Kohli, Abhay Deol, Yuvraj Singh, Neil Nitin Mukesh, Ranveer Singh and John Abraham -- through their show "India's Sexiest Bachelor", where they revealed their likes, dislikes and other facts about their lives.

    John, who is geared up for the release of his action-packed film "Force", walked away with the title after getting maximum audience votes.

    Bollywood News : John Abraham voted India's sexiest bachelor

    Katrina voted as the sexiest woman of year

    2010/12/18 18:17:43
    For the third consecutive year Bollywood hot babe Katrina Kaif has been voted as the world’s sexiest woman of the year 2010. The poll was conducted by a leading UK based south Asian publication house-Eastern Eye’s. Its editor Asjad Nazir declared that, Katrina Kaif won the majority of votes when compared to her counter parts from all over the world.

    Katrina Kaif who was delighted to know this news has said “I’m very happy that I have made it to the top of Eastern Eye’s list again. England is off course a very special place to me and I think it’s very sweet to be voted the sexiest by them. I just want to thank everyone for the support,”

    Telugu Cinema News : Katrina voted as the sexiest woman of year

    Deepika, Katrina in line for Aamir’s ‘Delhi Belly’ item number!

    2011/5/10 13:13:41

    A Bollywood film today can’t just do without a sizzling hot ‘item number’. With songs like ‘Sheila Ki Jawani’, ‘Munni Badnaam Hui’ and ‘Dum Maro Dum’ making it to the top chartbusters, having a hot babe do the dazzling moves has become a must. And our very own “Mr Perfectionist” Aamir Khan is on the look out for a hottie to do the needful for his latest Imran Khan starrer ‘Delhi Belly’.

    Reportedly, Aamir is wondering who he should zero in on as he has three names in his mind- Deepika Padukone, Mallika Sherawat and Katrina Kaif.

    Talking to a daily, a source said, "Aamir is busy looking for the perfect item girl to pep up his film. One knows how he gets when it comes to casting and again his perfectionist streak is at play. `Delhi Belly` will be the first bold movie from his production house, which will have some really intimate and explicit scenes. This is why Aamir felt the need to have an item song."

    Considering ‘Delhi Belly’ is going to be a scorcher of sorts, we may well wonder what the item song will have in store for us. It might better “Sheila’s jawani” and Dip’s ravishing moves in DMD.

    "Let`s see who lands the role. If Kat wins over Dippy or vice-versa then again people will draw parallels on how Ranbir Kapoor`s one ex-girlfriend beat the other!, “ added the source.

    And as always, AK chose not to disclose anything.

    "It is too early to talk about it," he said.

    Bollywood News : Deepika, Katrina in line for Aamir’s ‘Delhi Belly’ item number!

    UTV to produce 'Delhi Belly' writer's film

    2011/10/7 18:09:07 Scriptwriter Akshat Verma, who received critical acclaim for his debut project "Delhi Belly", is all set to don the director's hat for a comic-thriller that will be produced by UTV Motion Pictures.

    "As a studio, we have always believed in backing upcoming talent who have the potential to bring entertaining cinema to audiences," said UTV Motion Pictures CEO Siddharth Roy Kapur.

    "The fantastic script written by Akshat was undoubtedly one of the key reasons behind the success of 'Delhi Belly' and judging by his concept and vision, we believe he'll write and direct a superb film," he added.

    Akshat, who has studied film at the University of California, Los Angeles, is happy to have a strong backing for his debut directorial venture.

    "Working with UTV on 'Delhi Belly' was a fantastic experience for me. To have a major studio get behind your film completely enables you to do your best work - I'm inspired and excited to be working with UTV again on my next film," said the Delhi-based writer.

    Bollywood News : UTV to produce 'Delhi Belly' writer's film

    First Look Of Aamir Khan's Delhi Belly

    2011/5/6 12:46:04

    The first look of Aamir Khan's Delhi Belly, starring his nephew Imran Khan, is finally out.

    The first poster shows Imran Khan, Vir Das and Kunal Roy Kapoor smeared in white powder (flour?) with the tagline reading: "Sh!t Happens."

    According to reports this is Imran's most colourful character to date and it sees him dividing his attention between Poorna Jagannathan and Shehnaz Treasurywala.

    "Apart from having intimate love-making scenes, Delhi Belly will show his character in a poor light," says a source.

    During the making of the film, director Abhinay Deo and Imran would have discussions on how to make his character totally lewd and despicable.

    "He swears, drinks, indulges in several addictions and to top it all, is caught two timing his two girlfriends. His relation with these two girls is an important track in the film," says the source.

    "Imran Khan's wife Avantika, would often joke about how Imran is having a great time doing everything that he doesn't believe in real life for Delhi Belly," the source adds.

    Bollywood News : First Look Of Aamir Khan's Delhi Belly

    Imran Khan prefers hot Kat over Malaika

    2011/5/24 11:59:16

    Item numbers are fast catching up in Bollywood and perfectionist Aamir Khan has planned to add a bold number to his already adult movie, Delhi Belly. And nephew Imran Khan, the hero of the film, has made his choice between Munni and Sheila.

    Well, it is not Salman Khan's bhabhi, but his ex- girlfriend Katrina Kaif. "I think Katrina has a beautiful figure. She is sexy and when she sizzles on screen, she undoubtedly kills all men.

    "I would really want her to do the item number for us in Delhi Belly ," Imran said.

    The young actor is hoping that in the coming time, he will get a chance to work with the actress herself.

    Bollywood News : Imran Khan prefers hot Kat over Malaika

    Priyanka Chopra named sexiest Asian

    2006/9/20 19:26:28

    Asian magazine Eastern Eye has voted Bollywood beauty, Priyanka Chopra, as the Sexiest Asian Woman of 2006.

    The former Miss World - who gained the number one slot through her classic beauty and brains combination - has taken over from Bipasha Basu, who was voted the sexiest Asian last year, but came in as runner-up this year.

    Priyanka, who according to Hollywood North Report, may be Hollywood director Joss Whedon's choice for the role of the Amazonian Princess in his next Wonder Woman film, was surprised but more than happy to accept the honour.

    With movie hits like Krrish and Aiteraaz under her belt, there are great expectations from Priyanka's forthcoming films Don, Salaam-E-Ishq and God Tussi Great Ho.

    Other prominent Bollywood beauties in the first ten include Mallika Sherawat, Malaika Arora Khan and Riya Sen.

    Aishwarya Rai, who has been given the title of the most beautiful woman in the world more than once, managed to make it to the third position.

    Other Indians who featured in the list were Sania Mirza - the only non-model celebrity and British Asian Laila Rouass

    Two of the most popular faces in Bollywood today - Rani Mukherji and Preity Zinta came in at numbers 36 and 41 respectively, while yesteryear stunner Rekha was placed at number 50.


    Bollywood News : Priyanka Chopra named sexiest Asian

    Reema’s Beer Belly!

    2007/8/13 20:49:19 Reema Sen has out on a lot of weight in recent times. The slim beauty now looks plump and round. The reason cited is that she has stopped going to the gym for workouts. And why did she stop going to the gym.

    Well, she is now stated to gulping down beer pitcher after pitcher. And after the late night boozing sessions, she is not in a position to get up early in th morning. And that is the reason why she now has no time for workouts at the gym. So people are now saying that Reema now has a small beer belly.

    Telugu Cinema News : Reema’s Beer Belly!

    Ranbir Signs Aamir's Delhi Belly

    2008/2/28 11:23:29

    Even a perfectionist like Aamir Khan could not resist the charm of Ranbir Kapoor. No matter what may have been Aamir's views on Sanjay Leela Bhansali's Black, he definitely seems impressed with Bhansali's discovery in Saawariya.

    Aamir is all set to sign Ranbir for his next venture, Delhi Belly, which will be directed by Swedish director Robert Nylund and will be made in English. According to sources, Aamir was very keen on signing Ranbir for Delhi Belly and reportedly spoke to him. The Swedish director has also met him and Ranbir reportedly loved the script. He has given his go-ahead for the film and will be signing the film soon.

    Incidentally, Aamir will not be starring in the film, which is supposed to be an action comedy set against the backdrop of Delhi. Although initially Aamir was very keen to play the role of a character called Nitin in the film, but he later excused himself as he plans to go on a vacation with his children after the shooting of Ghajini is over. Delhi Belly is set to hit the floors in a couple of months and a substantial part of the cast and crew will be imported from Hollywood for it.

    Bollywood News : Ranbir Signs Aamir's Delhi Belly

    Imran reveals shocking truth about Delhi Belly sabotage

    2011/6/23 10:23:43

    Finally the truth is out. Rumours around Delhi Belly being 'heavily inspired/'totally based' on hit sex comedy series American Pie wasn't an imagination of scoop hunting media, handiwork of overzealous PR machinery or plain speculation amongst audience. It was actually a rumour being spread by a couple of jilted actresses who couldn't find themselves in the Aamir Khan production.

    Informs a source, "When there were auditions happening for Delhi Belly, quite a few actresses had to go through multiple rounds. They were a little unhappy though one should understand that even Imran Khan, Vir Das and Kunaal Roy Kapur had to go through the drill repeatedly. Nevertheless, the girls kept quiet till the process was on. However, once it was clear to them they won't feature in Delhi Belly, the rumours around American Pie began."

    This was three years ago when the film had gone on floors and the talk of the town was that crude jokes and nudity were an integral part of the film. It was being said that director Abhinay Deo was heavily inspired by American Pie series and wanted to bring something similar to Bollywood in an unabashed way. This shocked quite a few because Bollywood wasn't as open to such ideas in 2008 as it is today.

    "These actresses were shocked too and after a while they started spreading negativity around Delhi Belly", the source continues, "Though they said that they had opted out of the film due to its content as they were not comfortable with the narrative, the fact was on the contrary. Nevertheless, they started calling the film 'obscene' in the industry circles."

    Though the makers chose to keep quiet around these rumours over the years, now that the film is being readied for release, they are quashing them all. It is being said that the film is more in a Guy Ritchie mode with the narrative style being similar to the likes of a Snatch or a Lock Stock And Two Smoking Barrels.

    Imran confirms that he is well aware about the origin of such loose talk and who are the actresses behind such rumours. He refuses to name though and says that now audience is quite clear about Delhi Belly being nowhere close to American Pie.

    "Yes, it was during the early stage of the film's cast being finalised when a couple of actresses were narrated the film", confirms Imran, "When they couldn't find themselves a part of the film, it suited them to say that the film was obscene due to whatever reasons. American Pie was the reference being thrown around and unfortunately it stuck. Anyways, now everyone can see that the film is more about a bizarre situation that these three guys are stuck in and has nothing to do with the campus humour which forms a major part of American Pie."

    Bollywood News : Imran reveals shocking truth about Delhi Belly sabotage

    Aamir film might get a 'Delhi belly' from Big B

    2011/6/20 12:46:57

    Imran Khan is gearing up for the release of his next film Delhi Belly and with uncle Aamir Khan's promotional tactics, the film is successfully receiving the audience's attention.

    But the movie is also being targeted with negative comments for its bold music. Not just this, there is another reason for the Aamir-Imran duo to worry about. Delhi Belly will have to face tough competition from Amitabh Bachchan's Bbuddah Hoga Terra Baap as both the films are set for a July 1 release.

    But even with mamu Aamir's backing, Immy says that he stands nowhere in competition with Big B. "I am nothing compared to Mr Bachchan. I have grown up watching his movies. He is the living legend of our country. The line starts from where he stands, I might be at the end of that line. I pray that his movie does well," Imran said. Now this is called playing safe.

    With all the controversies surrounding Delhi Belly, Imran says people are simply targeting Aamir's soft side. "People assume Aamir to be a soft target since he never responds to any comments given by them." " There have been lyrics worse than D K Bose, but no one objected to them. Bhaag D. K. Bose is a good song and many people like it," he said.

    "Delhi Belly is for youngsters and if they like it then I am happy with it," Imran added. The other two songs from the same film Ja Chudail and Switty Tera Pyar Chaida is also getting great reviews from the public. Both Aamir and Imran are leaving no stone unturned to make their upcoming flick a huge success.

    Bollywood News : Aamir film might get a 'Delhi belly' from Big B

    Ileana's mom encashing daughter's sex appeal

    2011/2/9 12:38:24

    Ileana is the sexiest actress in town. She is also a dive for many. She has worn some of the most revealing outfits and these in turn have made her what she is today – the sexiest actress.

    Most of Ileana’s outfits have been designed by her mom Sameera D’ Cruz. In order to catch in on the Ileana craze, Sameera is now opening a boutique at the Inorbit mall in Madhapur. The shop will be inaugurated on February 13.

    Telugu Cinema News : Ileana's mom encashing daughter's sex appeal

    “Sari is the sexiest dress” – Vidya Balan

    2011/1/12 12:05:43

    I was expecting Vidya Balan to come in a sexy Western outfit for the 56th Idea Filmfare Awards 2010 news conference held a couple of days ago (Jan 10), but to my surprise, she came in a red and green sari. She looked stunning in it though. And she has a reason – she thinks sari is the sexiest dress.

    Vidya said that she loves wearing sari. “Sari is really the sexiest dress, and it looks good on everyone, no matter the size and shape. It epitomizes Indianess in me,” she said.

    But when asked if she would wear sari to this year’s Idea Filmfare Awards to be held on January 29, she replied that she has not thought of what to wear to the function.

    Well, any piece of dress would look good on Vidya. What say guys?

    Bollywood News : “Sari is the sexiest dress” – Vidya Balan

    Katrina voted as sexiest woman in the world

    2011/6/25 10:20:25

    Bollywood actress Katrina Kaif topped the ‘100 Sexiest Women 2011’ list of an entertainment magazine, edging out fellow star Deepika Padukone, who grabbed this title last year.

    The list is based on short messaging service (sms) and online voting. The Bollywood actress got a whooping 35,000 votes.

    According to the online poll and the sms votes, by the Indian edition of men’s magazine FHM declared that the actress’s average rating was ahead of the legendary cricketer, Sachin Tendulkar.

    This is the third time that she has topped the sexiest woman poll. She won the same title in 2008 and subsequently in 2009.

    While growing up, she was very fascinated by this title.

    Kaif added that it would be interesting to show the magazine covers to her grandchildren after 50 years.

    "Everyone knows I have grown up in London, and out there was a very famous kind of you know the ``100 most attractive women list``. And it was a lot of fun for me; I would see the people I would really like. So when they launched this in India, I was like that’s quite interesting.

    “First time I got this title, I was very shocked. Second time I got, I was like it’s a lot of fun. And now this year, I think it’s been a wonderful shoot. It’s always nice, because I would say that when you have grandchildren and you look back over those years, I mean 50 years from now, I could have those magazine covers on a wall and I can say one time I was considered sexy," said Katrina Kaif.

    The actress also features on the cover page of the latest edition of the magazine.
    She also informed the media that she was never considered attractive. She feels indebted to her audience and fans for supporting her throughout her career.

    Katrina seems to be the flavour of the season - she was the only Bollywood actress to feature on a magazine’s ‘Elite Power’ list and is also the most searched Indian celebrity on Google.

    Bollywood News : Katrina voted as sexiest woman in the world

    Aamir's Delhi Belly

    2007/11/26 9:04:22

    Actor Aamir Khan is currently very busy with the forthcoming release of his second home production, Taare Zameen Par, which he has also directed. The film is set for a release on December 21. But once that film hits the theatres, the actor is believed to have plans to start work on his next film Delhi Belly, his next home production. Aamir intends to make the film in English and he is targeting the film solely for the NRI audience.

    The film is expected to be directed by a Swedish director called Robert Nylund but the entire cast will be from Bollywood. Aamir is not expected to star in the film. The film has been scripted by Akshat Verma and deals with the underbelly of Delhi. Delhi Belly is expected to go on the floors by May 2008. The entire film will be shot in Delhi. His third film, Jaane Tu Ya Jaane Na, a romantic comedy about college students is fast nearing completion.

    It will be a launch pad for Aamir's nephew Imraan. It will also be the debut directorial venture of Abbas Tyrewala, the writer of films like Munnabhai MBBS, Maqbool and Main Hoon Na. Seems to a busy year 2008 for Aamir Khan.

    Bollywood News : Aamir's Delhi Belly

    Abhishek Bachchan is sexiest Asian male

    2006/9/24 17:55:22

    Bollywood star Abhishek Bachchan tops a list of 50 Sexiest Asian Men in a survey conducted by Eastern Eye, an Asian newspaper published in Britain.

    Abhishek, who was on number three last year, was shocked to hear he had topped the ranking in Eastern Eye's Sexiest Asian Men of 2006.

    "Oh God really? That's interesting. Shocking actually. Are people blind? But wow, I would like to thank everyone. I don't agree with them but it is sweet," said Abhishek in a press statement.

    Indian actress Priyanka Chopra was voted Sexiest Asian Woman of 2006 in last week's edition of the Asian tabloid.

    Actor John Abraham, who won the Eastern Eye's title last year, is at number two. British Asian boxer Amir Khan is at third place, making him the sexiest male of the community in 2006 - a stunning rise from 44th place last year that reflects his boxing achievements this year.

    "I am regularly informed by our female readers and staff about how 'fit' Abhishek is. He should be overjoyed. At least he can now claim to have won an honour that his legendary father has not," said Hamant Verma, Editor of Eastern Eye.

    Amitabh Bachchan was ranked at number 16. Other British Asians in the list include singer Jay Sean and actor Naveen Andrews.

    The list was compiled by the staff at Eastern Eye, Britain's most popular Asian newspaper, and published in its Sep 22 edition.

    "Abhishek was on top because of his appeal to the thinking woman. Having successfully stepped out of his father's shadows as an actor in his own right, he will surely build on that with roles in 'Umrao Jaan', 'Dhoom 2' and 'Guru' this year," said reporter Gouri Sharma, who compiled the list with colleague Anjali Mehta.

    "No doubt his famous stubble will become fashionable with young Asian men across the country," added Gouri.

    The top 10 sexiest Asian men are:

    1 Abhishek Bachchan
    2 John Abraham
    3 Amir Khan
    4 Hrithik Roshan/ Dino Morea
    6 Yatin Sonic
    7 Upen Patel
    8 Arjun Rampal
    9 Saif Ali Khan
    10 Jay Sean


    Bollywood News : Abhishek Bachchan is sexiest Asian male

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