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on 2007/7/14 10:27:43

Mohan Babu's new film

Malliaid Sathyanarayana of Bunny and Dhee fame is now making a film with Mohan Babu. Malladi also produced the film 'Premalekha Raasa' with Mohan Babu's on as hero. The new film will be made with a senior director and will be launched in august. More details are awaited.

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    Mohan Babu takes first step towards congress

    2008/3/20 14:43:14 Actor Mohan Babu celebrated his birthday in style at his school in Tirupathi. Union minister Purandareshwari was the chief guest at the function. She heaped laurels and Mohan Babu and he in turn praised her sky high.

    The mutual admiration for each other by Mohan Babu and Purandareshwari surprised everyone. Mohan Babu gave some broad hints that he is joining the congress party. Purandareshwari is likely to take the lead in arranging for Mohan Babu’s entry into the congress party.

    Mohan Babu was in the Telugu Desam for some time. He later quit the party following some differences with Chandra Babu Naidu. Mohan Babu was major partner in Babu’s Heritage Foods. But Babu slowly eased Mohan Babu completely from the affairs of the company and also got Mohan Babu’s stake in Heritage foods down completely.

    Andhra News : Mohan Babu takes first step towards congress

    Mohan Babu with Rajni

    2011/10/17 9:08:21

    Mohan Babu and Rajnikanth are best friends and this is an open secret to everyone. Rajnikanth and Mohan Babu have maintained close family ties for more than 30 years.

    Mohan Babu went to Chennai on Sunday and called on his friend Rajnikanth. The two of them spent considerable time together. Mohan Babu is very happy to see his friend Rajni now back to good health.

    Ice 'n' Spice - Movies : Mohan Babu with Rajni

    Mohan Babu trying to steal the thunder from NTR?

    2007/8/14 22:29:00 This is the hottest topic of discussion in the film circles today. Mohan Babu is known to be very dominating on the sets and also in the films. He will not play second fiddle to anyone.

    Mohan Babu is playing Yama in the film Yamadonga. His craze for publicity was once again reveled when he put up huge posters of his Yama posters all overt he city. The posters show just Mohan Babu and there is no mention of NTR anywhere.

    It is being said that Mohan Babu wants people to know that the film is as much his as it is NTR’s.

    Mohan Babu also has a considerable fan following and his fans are readying a huge 45 Kg Gajamala to garland his portrait in Kakinada.

    Telugu Cinema News : Mohan Babu trying to steal the thunder from NTR?

    Mohan Babu calls on Rajashekar

    2008/1/28 10:30:09 Mohan Babu is a well-known critic of megastar Chiranjeevi. The two do not get along well and their rivalry is too well known to bear repetition.

    Mohan Babu once again raised many eyebrows when he rushed to the residence of Rajashekar this morning.

    He met Rajashekar and his wife Jeevitha and enquired about the attack on them. Mohan Babu has sent a strong signal to the people with his act. He has shown where his sympathies lie as far as this particular issue is concerned.

    Andhra News : Mohan Babu calls on Rajashekar

    All is well between Mohan Babu and Rajni

    2007/11/22 17:47:55 Some recent media reports had suggested that all was not well between Mohan Babu and Rajnikanth. The move gained currency when Rajnikanth choose to ignore Mohan Babu for the special show of Sivaji in Hyderabad. Rajnikanth did not invite Mohan Babu for the show.

    Now it is none other than the superstar himself who has put all this to rest. Rajnikanth made an appearance at the venue of the shooting of Mohan Babu’ son Vishnu’s new film with Nagarjuna. Rajnikanth watched the shooting for some time and offered his best wishes to Vishnu.

    Telugu Cinema News : All is well between Mohan Babu and Rajni

    Mohan Babu takes on Chiru

    2007/12/21 17:00:57 This could turn out into yet another Chiranjeevi vs. Mohan Babu tussle. We are talking about Mohan Babu’s 50th film on the Sri Lakshmi Prasanna Pictures banner. It is being said in film circles that Mohan Babu is now gearing up to act and produce a film based on the life and times of Uyyalawada Narasimha Reddy. Uyyalawada is a famous freedom fighter and humanist from Rayalaseema.

    The film was supposed to be Chiranjeevi’s 150 film is his own direction. But Mohan Babu is now making the film. He has also got the script prepared by Mallemala.

    The relations between megastar and Mohan Babu are not very cordial. Now will it take another turn with this film? Is Mohan Babu trying to provoke and anger Chiranjeevi with this film?

    Why else is he keen to do a film on Uyyalawada Narasimha Reddy when Chiranjeevi had shown his interest to make this as his 150th film?

    Telugu Cinema News : Mohan Babu takes on Chiru

    I am 32, says Mohan Babu

    2007/3/19 10:13:29

    Mohan Babu has always courts controversy. In a candid confession, he says that he is now not averse to working in films with other banners. Mohan Babu celebrates his birthday today. He says that he is just 32. Now don’t be surprised.

    He is just following the advice given by the late NT Rama Rao. NTR reportedly told Mohan Babu never to revel his age. According to NTR, for artists age does not matter. So Mohan Babu says that he is 32, which is the number of years he has spent in films. He has completed 32 years as an artist.

    Telugu Cinema News : I am 32, says Mohan Babu

    Puri praises Mohan Babu

    2008/4/12 12:03:17

    Director Puri Jagannath is all praise for Mohan Babu. Puri is directing the film 'Bujjigadu made in Chennai' with Prabhas and Trisha in the lead. Mohan Babu is playing the role of Trisha's brother in the film. Puri is amazed at the sincerity and dedication shown by Mohan Babu on the sets. He used to report for shooting right on the dot, never interfered in other's work.

    Mohan Babu even used to take the director's permission for making a phone call! Puri says that he herd many negative things about Mohan Babu and was a little apprehensive initially. But after working with him and gaining a firs hand experience, he has learnt how great a person Mohan Babu really was. Puris said that some of the young heroes could learn a thing or two from Mohan Babu about punctuality, discipline, dedication towards work etc.

    Telugu Cinema News : Puri praises Mohan Babu

    Mohan Babu in Raghavendra Rao direction

    2011/6/6 17:20:42

    Actor Mohan Babu has cut down on his films. He is now more keen to promote his two sons Manchu Vishnu and Manchu Manoj and his daughter Manchu Lakshmi.

    Mohan Babu is now all set to revive his dream project – a film on Ravana Brahma. Mohan Babu wanted to make the film and play the title role in the early eighties but the film did not materialize.

    Mohan Babu has now approached director Raghavendra Rao and asked him to direct the film. The groundwork for the film has already commenced.

    Telugu Cinema News : Mohan Babu in Raghavendra Rao direction

    Nag repays old debt!

    2007/8/2 21:08:08 Hero Nagarjuna is acting in Mohan Babu’s home production on the Lakshmi Prasanna picture banner. Mohan Babu’s son Manchu Vishnu is the hero. It is reliably learnt that Nagarjuna agreed to make a guest appearance.

    Nag is very busy with Don and other films which are in the pipeline. The only reason why he has accepted Mohan Babu’s request is that Mohan Babu is a dear friend and has also with him in Annamayya. So this is Nag’s way of saying thanks and also repaying an old debt. But Nag is doing the role on one condition; he is charging Mohan Babu based on his current market rate for doing the role. Business is business and friendship is friendship!

    Telugu Cinema News : Nag repays old debt!

    Mohan Babu with Prabhas

    2007/12/24 17:01:07 Mohan Babu will act along with Prabhas in the new film ‘Bujjigadu’ Made in Chennai. Noted producer K S Rama Rao is making the film. Puri Jagannath is the director. Puri was looking for a senior actor to fit the bill.

    The role is that of Trisha’s brother. Puri found Mohan Babu to be apt for the role. Mohan Babu immediately agreed and he will report for shooting shortly. The film is progressing briskly and the unit has just returned from Chennai after completing the first schedule.

    Telugu Cinema News : Mohan Babu with Prabhas

    Mohan Babu's double insurance for son!

    2008/2/25 14:18:57

    Mohan Babu is now struggling to make his son Manchu Manoj a hero. His earlier attempts have failed, but Mohan Babu is not one to give up so easily.

    Mohan Babu is now producing a film titled 'Neenu Meeku Telusa'. The film is a suspense thriller and it is based on a popular English film.

    Ajay Sastry is directing the film. The film hit the floors last week. Sneha Ullal, who is referred to, as Jr. Aishwarya Rai is the leading lady. Mohan Babu has now gone ahead and signed up Riya Sen as the second heroine. She is sort of a second insurance with the sexy Sneha Ullal as the first.

    Telugu Cinema News : Mohan Babu's double insurance for son!

    Mohan Babu to set up Music University

    2011/5/11 10:45:12

    Collection king Mohan Babu is planning to set up a music university. Mohan Babu along with maestro Ilayaraja are planning to set up the music university.

    There is no music university in the country and this will be the first. Ilayaraja will play an active role in the setting up of the university. Mohan Babu has proposed to set up the music university in Tirupathi.

    Telugu Cinema News : Mohan Babu to set up Music University

    Mohan Babu with Prince

    2008/4/18 0:34:20 Mohan Babu is now the much in demand actor. After his splendid show in the film Yamadonga, there has been a lot of craze for Mohan Babu among many producers and directors. Mohan Babu is playing a special role in Puri Jagnnath's film 'Bujjigadu made in Chennai'. Prabhas and Trisha are the lead actors.

    Mahesh Babu has now been signed up to play a negative role in a new film to be directed by Trivikram Srinivas. Prince Mahesh Babu is the hero. Till now, it was Prakash Raj who was the preferred choice in all Mahesh Babu's films. But Prakash Raj has been troubling producers and directors with his unprofessional and casual attitude. So now he is no longer the most favored villain in Tollywood. Work on the film is likely to commence on April 27.

    Telugu Cinema News : Mohan Babu with Prince

    Mohan Babu joining Congress?

    2008/3/15 21:18:44 Mohan Babu will celebrate his birthday in style on March 19. The birthday bash will be held at his school in Tirupathi. The who’s who of Tollywood and some big politicians are expected to grace the function.

    Union minster Daggubati Purandareshwari will be the chief guest at the function. With the talk of Chiranjeevi getting ready to launch his political party gaining currency, Mohan Babu, who is a bitter critic of Chiru, is also expected to come out with a big announcement.

    The speculation doing the runs in the industry and elsewhere is that Mohan Babu will announce his entry into congress party on March 19. Mohan Babu is quite close to many congress leaders and he always had his sympathies with the party. So it will not come as a big surprise if he announces that he is joining the congress party now.

    Andhra News : Mohan Babu joining Congress?

    Mohan Babu called Chiru ‘Daridrudu’?!

    2011/2/25 6:34:26

    There is no love lost between Chiranjeevi and Mohan Babu. While their rivalry dates back to years, it has reached a flashpoint during the film function when Mohan Babu objected to Chiranjeevi being conferred with the ‘Legend’ tag.

    Mohan Babu had rejected the proposal and said that at best Chiranjeevi can be called a celebrity but by no means can he be called a ‘Legend’.

    With Chiranjeevi merging his party with the congress, he has become a laughing stock among many sections of the people.

    Chiranjeevi had established the Praja Rajyam party to primarily fight against the congress and its misrule and he has merged his party with the same congress!

    Mohan Babu is said to be very angry with the move and he is reported to have commented that Chiranjeevi “Cinema valla paruvu teesadu ee daridrudu”. We have to see how Chiranjeevi will now react to this.

    Telugu Cinema News : Mohan Babu called Chiru ‘Daridrudu’?!

    Puri fears Mohan Babu

    2008/3/30 10:32:30

    Mohan Babu is one of the most clourful and equally controversial artists in Tollywood. But when it comes to work, none can match him in terms of dedication and hard work. Puri Jagannath is working with Mohan Babu for ‘Bujjigadu made in Chennai’. Puri is very much impressed with Mohan Babu’s dedication towards hi work. He is a thorough and a highly disciplined professional.

    Puri says that not just he but every technicians and artists treated him with both fear and respect. Even Rajamouli says the same thing. He experienced it first hand during the filming of ‘Yamadonga’.

    Rajamouli said that Mohan Babu was very punctual and came much early in order to be ready with full make up for the scheduled shooting time.

    Both Puri Jagannath and SS Rajamouli have expressed their keenness to cast Mohan Babu in their forthcoming films as well.

    Andhra News : Puri fears Mohan Babu

    Shilpa Shetty snubs Mohan Babu

    2007/3/14 14:53:09

    Mohan Babu had a bitter experience recently. The hero tried to call up Shilpa Shetty. But despite several attempts, he could not get through. However, he finally managed to get through to her secretary. When he asked to talk to her, her secretary bluntly said that 'madam is busy.' An embarrassed Mohan Babu had to swallow this biter insult silently.

    Shilpa Shetty had worked with Mohan Babu in a Telugu film some time back. It is said that he had pushed her around at that time and even insulted her publicly. Mohan Babu is famous in the industry for his acid tongue. He is known to treat junior artistes with scant respect, abusing them in filthy language. So, Shilpa Shetty who is basking in the success of her UK Television show finally got a chance to get even with Mohan Babu.

    Telugu Cinema News : Shilpa Shetty snubs Mohan Babu

    Mohan Babu @35 in Tollywood

    2010/11/22 13:44:49

    Villain turned hero turned character artist and producer Mohan Babu reached a milestone today. The versatile actor completes 35 years in the Telugu film industry.

    Mohan Babu’s first film was Swargam Narakam. The film released on November 22 1975. The rest as they say is history.

    Mohan Babu is popularly known as dialogue king and collection king. His dialogue deliver is legendary and he is next only to NT Rama Rao is dialogue delivery.

    Mohan Babu received the prestigious national award Padma Sri from the hands of President Abdul Kalam.

    Bharatwaves wishes the actor many more successful years in Tollywood.

    Telugu Cinema News : Mohan Babu @35 in Tollywood

    Mohanbabu grabbed assigned lands?

    2007/3/3 17:02:37

    Mohan Babu has been accused of possessing assigned lands belonging to a Dalit. The youth Govardhan from Chandragiri mandal has accused that Mohan Babu is in possession of assigned land, which is in his name. He said that the land is close to Mohan Babu’s school Sri Vidya Nikethan.

    Govardhan says that despite several appeals to the local administration, he has not got justice. He claims that Mohan Babu refuses to part with the land. Wait and see what Mohan Babu’s reaction is to this allegation. Will he rise up to the occasion and deliver justice like in Peddarayudu. Or will he say reel life and real life do not match.

    Andhra News : Mohanbabu grabbed assigned lands?

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